Poetrimony – Seasons Are In The Air – I’m Melancholy – Marley, MJ, Ms. Bey, Lil Wayne & Others – Know What I’m Feeling In This Moment

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Today I woke up feeling melancholy again, with Seasons on my mind. 

Seasons are always on my mind.  The theme of this blog is Seasons As Our Teacher.  I gained discernment about Seasons from nature.  God’s breath rests comfortably within nature.  Therefore, I spend time in nature to gain God’s understanding.  In a sense, when nature speaks to me, God is speaking to me.

This post is another mashup.  I love doing mashups because they reveal how eclectic and complex, I’ve become.  But my complexity is not of my own doing.  I am complex because of complex times and experiences.  We’re in a complex Season.

We are in a revolution whether you recognize it or deny it.  We are in the midst of the New World Order and must adapt to the Season, just as nature does.

This post features poems related to Seasons and the melancholy spirit that I feel in this moment.  To accentuate my spirit, I’ve selected original poems, and songs from popular artists, who feel or have felt this same sentiment.

My song choices are also eclectic, spanning across eras, years, and perspectives.  These songs were artistically composed when these artists likely felt as I do today.  Kevy Continue reading “Poetrimony – Seasons Are In The Air – I’m Melancholy – Marley, MJ, Ms. Bey, Lil Wayne & Others – Know What I’m Feeling In This Moment”

White Liberal Boomers – ‘White Silence’ Is Unacceptable In Revolution 2020 –Take Firm Action On Racism – ‘Feelings R Not Enough! – 5 Tips For White Liberal Boomers Based On Experience With Annie

White people, all people, prepare yourself for making significant changes in your approach to racism, Liberal White people especially. The world is fed-up! We’ve had enough!

White Silence won’t work in the state we’re in today. We’re in the midst of a revolution.  Blacks recognize that you are benefiting from an unpaid humanitarian debt every day that you enjoy your privilege.

Instead of approaching Racism, Inequality, and Inequity as though it’s awful, and that you must help these poor Blacks, approach your dilemma as though you have a spiritual debt that must be paid.  You do. 

Approach Black racism as though it impacts you, or a family member.  It does.  We are all brothers and sisters, under the God in which we supposedly believe. 

Many Black are screwed up on racism too.  I will post separately on this side of the equation.

But Blacks clearly contribute to their own demise, by not using their most powerful weapons, money, and action.   Black leaders often give the appearance of action, but just talk about the problem.  This is money to be made in just talk.  It keeps the Racism Industry vibrant and self-sustaining.  Taking tangible ction could eliminate it.

Others superficially wait on the Lord to do the work, though He gave us minds, free will, and discernment.  Why put on The Lord what you can do yourselves?  Still, others pretend to do the work but are simply sustaining their existence to keep grant and foundation funds coming into their coffers.

I know what I’m talking about.  I’ve experienced each of these types, and I’ve had enough!  I will write vigorously about it, but I will not write alone.  I help people…many people, giving them tangibles from which they can benefit.  …measurable and tangible benefits, not just talk and showcasing.

These two groups are more damaging to Black Inequity & Inequality than outright racists.  The latter are resolute and clear.  They take action.  The former is deceptive and keeps Blacks, in the aggregate bound and tied.

For this reason, I have decided to vote for Trump, or not vote at all.  I will also explain my reasoning in a separate post.  Kevy

It’s time for you to “get off the pot or shit”, a New Orleans saying. “Shit or get off the pot” – Make a decision. This phrase is most commonly used towards a person or group whom the speaker feels are behaving indecisively. Often occurs in tense situations where the speaker believes a quick decision is necessary or urgent. Sometimes delivered as life advice.” – Urban Dictionary – Deome June 24, 2015

Photo - Gallup Poll
Photo – Gallup Poll

White Liberal Boomers are at a fork in the road and must choose a side. They can no longer ride the middle line as they have for years.

A tsunami of change is already here, and they will be most negatively impacted and left behind if they continue to surf the wave of indifferent, with little action. They can no longer remain neutral, indifferent, or impassionate on racism. They will be held accountable in the aftermath.

If they do not change their ways, they may lose friends, as I lost my friend Annie, their peace of mind, morality will trouble them, and they will be criticized for their inaction, “when shit hits the fan”. Well…Shit has hit the fan!

I just lost my White Liberal Boomer friend Annie last week. Change is happening within our circles and in those around us.

“When your conscience begins to bother you about your past actions, that’s your Soul wanting you to wake up.”Andrea de Michaelis – Creating my own reality, one thought at a time

Another way of this statement is, White Liberals walk your talk. Stand up for the principals to which you have professed for years!

Photo – Kevy Michaels

There are many reasons why I feel this way, but let’s first look at population numbers to gain a greater perspective.

I direct the statements above specifically to White Liberal Boomers (Born between 1944 and 1964 (approximately, don’t try to escape), currently between 56-76 years old – 76 million in the U.S. (or so)Kasasa) because Generations X, Y, and Z are already on board and navigating this Revolution 2020. The Millennials are the ones igniting it. I admire their courage and determination. They won’t be stopped because it’s their future that they are fighting for in addition to fighting against racism.

I was told yesterday at a rally, by a young gay HIV-infected protester, “I know that it’s risky to protest with corona and all, but standing up against police violence and discrimination against Blacks is too important to ignore.”

At rallies this week, as I filmed tens of thousands of protestors, I had an epiphany that these young ‘rebel rouser’ are our future leaders. They dominate the population and demand change. …Look…

Video – Kevy Michaels

White Silence = Black Racial Violence – Jun 10, 2020 – Kevy Michaels

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