7 Days 7+ Quotes – Integrity – A Value We Impose On Ourselves – It Says Everything About Who We Are – 9 Tips to Help You Strengthen Your Integrity

“Lying lips [are] abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly [are] his delight.” – Proverbs 12:22

Integrity is one of my most valuable virtues.

Now that I am well on my spiritual journey, maintaining Integrity has become of greater importance in every choice that I make or action I take.

The reason I give Integrity such importance has to do partly with my age and experience.  And, having had many people in my life who were not “of their word”.  …Friends, Family, and Colleagues.

The choices and challenges that I face today are generally not new ones. As they say, ‘This is not my first rodeo’. It seems that most of the choices I face today are ones in which I am already well-experienced. On most challenges to my Integrity, I have made incorrect choices in the past, and am well aware of the consequences of not being true. So, I ensure that I am, no matter what the truth may bear.

It may not be easy for others to make the correct choices, and to be regarded as men or women of their my word.  …Not I!

Aging has also caused me to focus more on a legacy. My legacy is important to me. The reason it is of such importance is that when God comes for me, I want to be able to leave a message, purpose, and inspiration behind for others.

I am very serious about leaving a legacy. My tombstone is already engraved with: ‘His mission on Earth is complete’.

I simply do not see my life today as exclusively dedicated to myself. I do for others in daily deeds, but also for my best virtues to be reflected upon and be useful to others.

My poetry, stories, social media content, and blog posts reflect the legacy that I am creating. I practice what I preach, believe the things I write, eat the foods I recommend, and follow the health regimens that I write about. Continue reading “7 Days 7+ Quotes – Integrity – A Value We Impose On Ourselves – It Says Everything About Who We Are – 9 Tips to Help You Strengthen Your Integrity”

SHARE – Kevy’s Back – He’s Been Hanging With Corona Though – Now He’s Separating Wheat From Tares

As you get older, you find that often the wheat, disentangling itself from the chaff, comes out to meet you. – Gwendolyn Brooks

Friends, I am finally returning to Life Seasons As A Teacher, more passionate than ever! I have been on Life’s Road and have become more discerned, strengthened, and corrected. I have been tried many times, but never convicted. I have many stories to share in future posts.

But I must first present content on the matter at hand, Corona.

I am returning with an enemy whom I befriended for a bit. Her name is Corona. She’s left me now, stronger than I was before she came into my life. Corona had to move on from me. She is no longer amused with me and knew that there is a world of more suitable and submissive mates for her. I am a strong man. Maybe that’s why she left me.

I no longer wish Corona in my life, but I appreciate all that she revealed to me about me, and about ‘people’. …about our world. Her most powerful skill is in her ability to separate the wheat from the tares.

I will be sharing with you, what Corona revealed to me in the next several posts.

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And U! And U! You Will Respect Me! – 7 Days 7+ Quotes – On Respect

Less than a month ago, on January 5, 2019, I celebrated my 59th birthday.  I celebrated it alone because I chose to.  I rarely drink and don’t like bars, so that was out of the question.  Every time I drink, usually one drink, I just get cranky and sleepy.  And, I can feel even the slightest effect on my body.  I just don’t feel balanced the next morning.

I can’t remember how the weather was, but I don’t drive when there is snow or ice on the road.  I thought I’d just stay home instead.

Don’t go feeling sorry for me, though.  It was by choice and by the circumstance that I was alone on my birthday.   I just don’t vibrate the way I used to.  In the past, I would have partied hardy.

But in a spur of the moment, I treated myself to a Mexican feast.  I didn’t have to drive far because the restaurant is located virtually across the street.  When the staff got word that it was my birthday, they sent me a Margarita and a shot of tequila.  I ate well and drank both drinks.  I left joyful and tipsy.  It was a great night, nonetheless!

All week I had a burning desire to write about Respect and had planned to do it that night.  But by the time I got home, at about 8 pm, I could not write.  My head was not there.  It was a very funny thought of me even trying to because lately, I have been dictating my posts through a new Blue microphone that I recently purchased for video audio narrating, and maybe later for podcasts.

The way that I felt that night, this story would have come out all wrong.  The AI in Microsoft Word’s dictation functionality was not developed for slurred speech.  So, I put this post on the shelf.

Then before I knew it, about a month flew by.  I was inundated with tasks related to school scholarships, writing, attending workshops, copyediting, and feeling deeper that I needed a change in my life.  I felt that a major change was to occur in 2019.  I didn’t think hard enough to know exactly how, but I knew that it would.  I still don’t know how. Continue reading “And U! And U! You Will Respect Me! – 7 Days 7+ Quotes – On Respect”