It’s Protoje! – Pushing The Jamaican Music Envelope – He Just Wants To Be Righteous

One of several reasons why I don’t listen to current popular music, in addition to just being older, and not quite understanding its messages, is that there is such adventure in exploring music that I may have never heard before, whether new or old.   There’s just too much music out there to waste time.

Good music is timeless to me.  With music streaming services, Pandora, Spotify, YouTube Music & Videos, coupled with AI, I am exploring and enjoying new music all the time.  Some of the new music is not so new, but it doesn’t matter.

In a prior post, I mentioned the analogy of our personal lives being like a movie, and that each of us is certainly the star of that movie.  Everyone else is extras.  By the way, I got that from watching a YT video. 

Taking this analogy a bit further, the music that I listen to and discover becomes the theme music and soundtrack to my movie.  My life is filled with music every day.   I listen to music constantly, all kinds.  I especially love international music that moves me.  Often, I do not understand the language or dialects, but I can feel the rhythms and emotions.

I have shared music through my blog before, including gospel, reggae, South African, Senegalese, and even Depeche Mode.  These are the sounds of my life.  I also listen to jazz, especially Coltrane, and Miles.  I even recently discovered Shirley Bassey!

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Today, I introduce you to Protoje.  He is another artist in my eclectic taste that moves me in many ways.  His music pushes the envelope of the Jamaican music style.  His sound has hip hop, dancehall, culture, rock, and even pop influences. Continue reading “It’s Protoje! – Pushing The Jamaican Music Envelope – He Just Wants To Be Righteous”

History Repeats – It’s Already Been Told – History, The Remix

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – Spanish philosopher George Santaya

I am not shy about offering my opinion on diverse topics, offering my perspective, based on my journey.

Though my way of seeing life and spirit may differ from that of others, I feel it necessary to share mines with you. I share so openly to strengthen my own faith. I proclaim my convictions, sometimes audaciously. I also do so because I believe that most people, especially Black people only hear their arguments. They preach to each other, preaching to the choir, themselves.

History repeats itself. I provide several examples in this post. I present my perspective visually, and in Poetrimony, in a video that I produced.

History Repeats – It’s Already Been Told – History, The Remix | World Relations – Seasons As My Teacher – Kevy Michaels

This is a video about history repeating itself in many ways, including Genocide, Pandemics, School Shootings, Economic Crashes, Military Miscalculations, Mass Extinctions, Racism, Assassinations, etc. It’s Already Been Told is an original poem, cast to jazz music, and vivid visuals.

“History repeats itself, but in such cunning disguise that we never detect the resemblance until the damage is done.” – Sydney J. Harris

History repeats on various dimensions. As with most things in life, I tend to not restrict myself to a one-dimensional view.

Continue reading “History Repeats – It’s Already Been Told – History, The Remix”