We Gonna Go Back…Way Back – Guest Blogger Lady G – That’s My Jam! – My Jams 1971 & 1972 – ‘Catch Ya On The Flip Side’

Photo – Soul Train Logo

In this post, I am going back into time with Soul, R&B, and Funky music.  Music was so much better then, in my opinion, in artistry and message.  I am not a big fan of today’s music.  With music readily available on streaming services, and on the web, there is no reason not to be stuck in time with good old school music. 

Please join me and new guest blogger, Lady G, as we reflect on the music of 1971 & 1972

I encourage guest bloggers to post on my site.

I envision a day when all fellow bloggers will exchange posts that are befitting to their mission to propagate like-minded and contrasting stories, wisdom gained, and reflections to our collective audience.

These bloggers and content providers are becoming the new prophets, the new newscasters, and reporters.  They may not exactly usurp authority from, the church, networks, other artists, religious leaders, or clergy.  They will complement them.

In my opinion, Bloggers and content providers, like Lady G, will increasingly become an alternative source to mainstream media, televangelism, and the news.  We will give followers and readers an opportunity to hear what they want to hear, reflect on what they want to reflect on, and express what they want to, from a more organic, grassroots perspective.  Followers will have a more accessible two-way communication, than with mainstream platforms.

Myself, I have not watched a full broadcast, if any, of the news in nearly a month.  I have been reading quite a bit on WordPress and on other social media platforms instead.

…And, it’s less depressing. Continue reading “We Gonna Go Back…Way Back – Guest Blogger Lady G – That’s My Jam! – My Jams 1971 & 1972 – ‘Catch Ya On The Flip Side’”