God’s Purpose For UR Life Is Imprinted On UR Heart – Deepak’s Spiritual Law of Dharma Shows U How To Discover UR True Self – UR True Purpose

In today’s turbulent times it would be prudent to go within to examine yourself.  There is something very beautifully unique about each of us that we must discover and share with the world.

Now is the time to calibrate our spirits, fine-tune our vibrations.  This is something over which we have complete control, unlike our uncertain future, given today’s racial protests and the coronavirus pandemic.

Tuning the spirit is the most that we can do to prepare ourselves for what may come, which is an unknown.  Though what awaits us is a mystery, we would be better prepared to rest on a strong identity of self and a fortified spiritual foundation than not.

I am basking in the joy of having elevated my spirit years ago.  During today’s Racial Revolution and COVID19 pandemic, I have not been fearful.  In fact, my creativity and energy have been elevated, as well.  For me, it is an exciting time.  In contrast, I see a correlation between those not in touch with their inner spirit and being fearful, worried, and physically unhealthy.

This post is based on the principles in the book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, by Deepak Chopra.  Today we focus on the Spiritual Law of Dharma.  Dharma is your purpose in life.  This law requires that we find life’s purpose for the spiritual embryo within ourselves and pursue it with vigor.

When I first reintroduced the Seven Spiritual Laws series, I adapted it for the crisis of the day, which was only the coronavirus pandemic.  I only covered one of the spiritual laws so far, The Law of Detachment.  I took the liberty of rearranging the order of Deepak Chopra’s laws because they work in order, individually and in mixed order when you practice them regularly.

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Law of Pure Potentiality – Kevy’s Experience In The Field of Pure Potentiality – Fighting The Gravity Of Life – Part 2

“The experience the Self or “self-referral”, means that our internal reference point is our own spirit, and not the objects of our experience. – Deepak Chopra – Washington Post

7 Laws of Spiritual SuccessThe spiritual Law of Pure Potentiality requires that we reach our essential state of pure consciousness.  The field of pure potentiality is an abundant spiritual influence, and in our essential state, we become our spiritual selves and are therefore granted access to God’s horn of plenty.

The law of Pure Potentiality recognizes that there is one divine spirit that connects us all, including nature, in spite of our seemingly infinite diversity. The only thing that separates us from the field is not knowing or experiencing our true nature, not embracing God in us all.

Discovering our soul should be our greatest desire for in this discovery, we are granted access to healing, wisdom, virtue, and many blessings, in the field of pure potentiality.

Experiencing and knowing our true self is critical to the law.  Our reference point must be on our own spirit, not anything external to us.  This is important because it requires relinquishing control from our egos, and seeking God within us.  This lens connects us to the God of the universe.

This means that our life experiences should never be influenced by objects outside the Self, such situations, circumstances, people, and things, seeking approval of others, or response to our every action.  Living this way fear-based.  Living in fear never has beneficial consequences.  Living in fear is like living without trusting God.

In self-referral, we become unfearful of any challenge, have respect for all people, but feel beneath no one. Self-power is therefore true power.  Power based on object-referral (external things), however, is false power.

Self-power is eternal because it is based on the knowledge of the Self.  It will draw people to you, as well as the things that you desire. It magnetizes people, situations, and circumstances to support your desires.

“This is also called support from the laws of nature. It is the support of divinity; it is the support that comes from being in the state of grace. Your power is such that you enjoy a bond with people, and people enjoy a bond with you. Your power is that of bonding – a bonding that comes from true love.” – Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra’s Seven Laws of Spiritual Success

I held off for some time before completing the series on The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, a life-changing book by Deepak Chopra that I first read about 20 years ago.  This book is my favorite spiritual guidance go-to!  I have read it several times and have distributed copies to people around the world.  I can say that I strive to live by each of the seven principles in this book. Continue reading “Law of Pure Potentiality – Kevy’s Experience In The Field of Pure Potentiality – Fighting The Gravity Of Life – Part 2”

The Spiritual Law Of Detachment – Is Not Detachment From Life – You’re Just Detached from Outcomes

“In detachment lies the wisdom of uncertainty . . . in the wisdom of uncertainty lies the freedom from our past, from the known, which is the prison of past conditioning.

And in our willingness to step into the unknown, the field of all possibilities, we surrender ourselves to the creative mind that orchestrates the dance of the universe.” – Deepak Chopra

7 Laws of Spiritual Success

Please keep in mind, as you read my posts, that I only share those things that I sincerely believe in, and/or practice. Some posts on life virtues, spirituality, and health are topics on which I believe and plan to practice or am getting better at practicing.

In every case, what I post, relates to my life as Kevy Michaels. I have practiced the Law of Detachment for over 20 years and passionately believe in it.

Deepak Chopra’s book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, resonated with me so well that I took heed to each of the laws as I started implementing them in my life over 20 years ago. I was so astonished by these simple laws of living, that I shared the “good news” with everyone who I felt would be receptive.

I’ve given a copy of the book in Costa Rica, South Africa, Europe, and many other countries, including here in the states. I’ve given the book to friends, family, and complete strangers.

Needless to say, I am all but evangelically about the messages contained in this short 100-page or so book.

I share it with you now because I care, and I am of a loving and generous nature. I will share these principles until the day that I leave this earth, with the hope that some or all of the laws will resonate with you, and perhaps lead you towards your spiritual transformation.

Please note that The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success is not the kind of book you read once, and ‘get it’. It will take reading it multiple times, over many years to come. I have read it umpteen times. I just read the chapter on Detachment twice, in preparation for this post.

The Law of Detachment is very powerful! It simply states that with good intentions and desires, we should pursue our dreams, but must be detached from the outcome.

This law requires the ultimate in trust. ….Trusting God to deliver the rest.

I know that this law works, as I have experienced many examples in my life.

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