History Repeats – It’s Already Been Told – History, The Remix

“Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it.” – Spanish philosopher George Santaya

I am not shy about offering my opinion on diverse topics, offering my perspective, based on my journey.

Though my way of seeing life and spirit may differ from that of others, I feel it necessary to share mines with you. I share so openly to strengthen my own faith. I proclaim my convictions, sometimes audaciously. I also do so because I believe that most people, especially Black people only hear their arguments. They preach to each other, preaching to the choir, themselves.

History repeats itself. I provide several examples in this post. I present my perspective visually, and in Poetrimony, in a video that I produced.

History Repeats – It’s Already Been Told – History, The Remix | World Relations – Seasons As My Teacher – Kevy Michaels

This is a video about history repeating itself in many ways, including Genocide, Pandemics, School Shootings, Economic Crashes, Military Miscalculations, Mass Extinctions, Racism, Assassinations, etc. It’s Already Been Told is an original poem, cast to jazz music, and vivid visuals.

“History repeats itself, but in such cunning disguise that we never detect the resemblance until the damage is done.” – Sydney J. Harris

History repeats on various dimensions. As with most things in life, I tend to not restrict myself to a one-dimensional view.

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Inner Peace – Personally & Poetically – 2 Me – How To Attain Inner Peace – Part 1

I sincerely share this post to proclaim that Inner Peace is the most valuable gift that God has given us. 

In Inner Peace lies Acceptance, Surrender, Trust, Belief, and Patience.  These virtues are beneficial to the body, mind, and spirit.

Inner Peace was not always accessible to me.  At a time when I earned six figures, I stressed my mind and spirit to keep money flowing.  That was over 20 years ago before I became a new man.  Today, friends and colleagues attempt to entice me to return to ‘the game’, to be it in IT, bitcoin investments, small business adventures, or money-making ideas du jour. 

I have no plans to return to that noisy chaotic world again, though.  I fear what money and chasing after it would do to the Inner Peace that I now have.  I never want to lose this.  I have no interest in going viral or monetizing for profit.  Over a year ago, I deleted my Facebook, Linked In, and other social media accounts. 

I do wish to reach more people but to do so, unfortunately, costs money.  So, I reach who I can on my personal but limited budget.  But I do, therefore, maintain my Inner Peace. 

Achieving Inner Peace in the New World Order, in our new post coronavirus world, is essential.  There are many human challenges that can distract us from this gift, and worse can bring out the worse in us. 

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7 Days 7+ Quotes On Peacefulness – Having Access To Peace Of Mind – That’s God’s Greatest Gift To Us!

Many years ago, I recognized the importance of maintaining a peaceful state of mind. That’s likely because my life has always been dynamic, intense, and bursting with passion, since birth, I’ve experienced, and been told.

Photo – Burst On Spotify – person-faces-the-city-while-sitting-on-a-yoga-mat-on-a-balcony.jpg

Over 30 years ago, I began a ‘deep dive’ into my own spirituality. This exploration was a personal one, whereby I sought to establish a relationship between me and God. …A really close one, with no one in between, for no one seemed True. I did not want the layer of religion or the church between us, though.

I respect religion and the church, but I put them in proper perspective, with regard to spirituality. I’ve found that religions and churches often deviate from what should be their main focus, addressing other priorities, such as tiding, fundraising, televangelism, and social media. …popularity, materialism, etc.

They do a get deal of charity ministries as well. It’s not directly their fault, but the sources of their funding, contribute to making poverty and inequity comfortable, instead of working to totally eliminate it, making those that they help self-sufficient.

Generally speaking, they continue such ministries, foundations and governments keep funding their causes, people keep receiving, but their long-term status remains the same.

Though these efforts may be well-intentioned spiritually, they impeded the closeness that I needed to have with the God of my understanding. I seek, still today, enlightenment. Beyond wisdom and faith, I want to be immersed in the spirit of God.

Furthermore, I wanted to shape the image of the God of my understanding. God bestowed me with this free will. I wanted to use this blessing to see God as I wanted to based on my journey, failures, triumphs, and ever-evolving wisdom.

I longed to see the God in me, and in every living creature. I longed to experience a multidimensional sensee of God, not a one-dimensional one.

Photo – Burst On Spotify – hand-on-tree-bark.jpg

I remember, in early 2000, when participating in an exercise that Minister Rev. Barry Vennard, of Unity Church, asked participants, in a Unity Church spiritual workshop to do. This exercise still sticks with me today.

Minister Vennard asked all participants to close their eyes and imagine God as they would like him to be. He asked that we imagine how he would be towards us? Would he judge us? How would he treat us when we made mistakes? What would he say about our pain, mistakes, defeats, and victories? How would he encourage us through our trials? …And so on and so forth.

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