“For nearly the past 20 years, I have been writing, often daily, to express joy, pain, wisdom, trials, and triumphs.” – Kevy Michaels

Posted May 19, 2018

Roses In Morning Sun
By Kevy Michaels

Quiet footsteps
Crushing stems, leaves
And acorns
Attention crushed too
Sound is overshadowed
By my Intention

In a rare zone
Where neither empty nor full
Thankful for the new day
As it is
Overwhelming all other thoughts
Before they are imagined into existence

Sun’s reigning supreme
In the freshness of morning solitude
Beauty surrounds me
All surrenders to Light

Flowers are smiling
It is obvious
By how they pose for passers-by
Trees bow in exquisite Grace
Branches nearly touching the ground

Captivated by Roses for a moment
Red, white and pink
Adorning the park’s Colonial garden

Bringing tears of joy
…And grief to my eyes

My mother joins me
But as an angel
As I reflect on how my Eunice
Loved her roses

She would start new bushes from stems
And years later brag
On ‘raising’ them from a twig.

I raised new roses for her
When she could no longer
Planting them around her home

So that she could discover new ones
As she stood with her walker in delight
…Peeping on the side of her
Historic gallery home

The moment of tears
Then quickly leave

Eunice returns to paradise
New Joyous visions create new smiles

…And encouraging looks to the sky,
…Invites the presence of many angels

Who lead me to a matrix
Of Pansies and Petunias
In Orange, Lemon, and Blue Frost
Surrounded by Pigeon Purple Cabbage
Such decorative garden trimmings

Conspiring to lift me even higher
And it worked

Then to a mound of Lavender
With brilliant flower blossoms
Vibrant like fireworks!

Exciting a swarm of bees
Who suspend themselves as graceful as ballerinas

…The bees are truly Grateful in deed

…Just as I am

To savor in such brief moments
Of Joy


By Kevy Michaels

All by myself

Strolling on top of the world

God decided to shine a spotlight

On my exalted existence

My life is Surreal

….Awakened to Joyous living

Surrounded by nature’s 3D beauty

And even from thousands of feet

Above the valley

I am firmly grounded

Blanketed in 30 degree

Colorado Sunshine

…Smiling inside

Because I am grateful

That God guided me

This close to heaven

Posted May 18, 2018

These Ashes

By Kevy Michaels
Beneath Ashes
I sifted
Searching for the answer
I cut my heart
On random pieces of broken glass
It bled all night long
But healed the next day
Then, I sifted more
Still, to find my answer
Beneath Ashes
I sifted
And soiled my hands in toxic waste
…remnants of broken hearts, fear, loss, dis-ease
Seeing the ruins made me cry
But the tears cleared away poisons
And moisturized the ground
So I dug a bit deeper
Beneath Ashes
I sifted
And I sifted well
Searching for the answer
This time…
I found vibrant hope, joy, and healing
Sprouting from bountiful soil
Nurtured by Love
And the Sun piercing through cracks in the land
I felt so comfortable
That I rested there for a while
Dosing off before long
Now it’s here
That I’m planted
…Growing exquisitely in God’s filtered light
Thriving in fertile soil
…But hidden
Beneath ashes and ruins

What If…?

By Kevy Michaels
What if those who you considered ’backsliders’
Were the true spiritual ones?
What if former hookers, pimps, thieves, liars, and addicts
Were the ‘true’ believers in God?
What if those who you know are
Gay, Flamboyant, Self-Celebratory, Open-minded, and Giving
Made God smile more than you do?
What if the ones who
Do not go to church,
Do not know scriptures well, and
Pray to a different God, or pray differently than you
Did not bother HIM as much as you do?
Would you be able to get past your differences with them?
Would you be able to get past your judgments of them?
Could you become more accepting?
Could you surrender and become humble?
It is quite possible that ‘backsliders’ have felt pain and challenge beyond your wildest imagination.
It is possible that with nowhere to run to, but to God, they developed intimacy with HIM, far beyond where church and readings have lead you today.
It is possible that God is testing you, by placing them in your life, to evaluate your character and virtue, through your receptivity to them.
God may just have a sense of humor, playing hide-and-go-seek with you, wanting you to look in unlikely places for his presence.
It’s possible that you have a lot more to learn about God’s spirit
It’s possible that ‘backsliders’ could teach you something.
It’s possible that you are no more worthy, than they are.
It’s a fact, though
That you or no one has a real way of knowing what God’s spirit truly is, or
How he will reveal himself to you
All of these ‘What if’s’
Could very possibly be true

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