Why Are ‘We’ So Loud? – U Know Who’s ‘We’ – Us! – 10 Reasons Why I’m Loud & Common – Other Reasons Why ‘We’ Annoy Other Races

This post was a lot of fun, for me. It digs into the controversy of why Whites are annoyed by Blacks and vice versa.

Most people avoid discussing such touchy topics; I live for those discussions. I tend to gravitate to most things that ‘normal people’ avoid, even Black people. It’s because I’m a wise and knowledgeable man that knows that the root of most problems, especially systemic ones, lies in the touchy areas that we avoid. …the areas that strike nerves. I aim to strike nerves with this post, and provide a prelude to you to better understanding issues and planning your strategy for resolving them.

Many Whites are also annoyed by my discussions and views, as evidenced by several White former friends who ‘drop-kicked’ me because I expressed pure emotions on racial discrimination. I have others who subtly avoid me because they fear I may talk about racism. They make nice as though I don’t realize that they are skating around all the while.

Photo – Glodi Miessi – Unsplash

In preparing this post about things that annoy White people about Blacks, and vice versa, as I always do, I will give you plenty of my opinions, but I will also provide the opinion of others. You are encouraged (as always) to discuss touchy topics like these. Don’t be like former friends who avoided discussing racism to the extent of ending friendships. If we are ever going to make significant progress, we must deal directly with any pressing humanitarian issues, especially with racism. …Okay Boomers, do you understand? I’m one too.

I’ve had enough of the superficial bullshit of pretending to resolve racial issues, but being overly careful to be politically correct. And, I won’t tolerate it for the good of humanity. That is total smoke and mirrors.

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Today’s That Day – Juneteenth 2020 – Whatzup Wit Dat? – What Makes Denver Colorado’s Celebration So Special – The Mural Art Show Makes It Mo Betta

I was aware of the history of Juneteenth, but not until recent years.  That’s important to note for a few reasons. 

First, I want to make it clear to non-African Americans, as you may be actively trying to “relate” to the Black experience during Revolution 2020, that it is not only you who must become familiar with African American history, some Blacks are foreign to much of it as well. 


Secondly, Juneteenth may not be familiar to many Blacks (and most Americans) simply because, though it is a part of American History, it is really a direct part of Texas’ history. 

Its relevance may not be as appreciated by states other than Texas.  But during current times this celebration is becoming increasingly more important.  There are demands to make Juneteenth a national holiday in honor of African American slaves gaining freedom. Continue reading “Today’s That Day – Juneteenth 2020 – Whatzup Wit Dat? – What Makes Denver Colorado’s Celebration So Special – The Mural Art Show Makes It Mo Betta”

We Gonna Go Back…Way Back – Guest Blogger Lady G – That’s My Jam! – My Jams 1971 & 1972 – ‘Catch Ya On The Flip Side’

Photo – Soul Train Logo

In this post, I am going back into time with Soul, R&B, and Funky music.  Music was so much better then, in my opinion, in artistry and message.  I am not a big fan of today’s music.  With music readily available on streaming services, and on the web, there is no reason not to be stuck in time with good old school music. 

Please join me and new guest blogger, Lady G, as we reflect on the music of 1971 & 1972

I encourage guest bloggers to post on my site.

I envision a day when all fellow bloggers will exchange posts that are befitting to their mission to propagate like-minded and contrasting stories, wisdom gained, and reflections to our collective audience.

These bloggers and content providers are becoming the new prophets, the new newscasters, and reporters.  They may not exactly usurp authority from, the church, networks, other artists, religious leaders, or clergy.  They will complement them.

In my opinion, Bloggers and content providers, like Lady G, will increasingly become an alternative source to mainstream media, televangelism, and the news.  We will give followers and readers an opportunity to hear what they want to hear, reflect on what they want to reflect on, and express what they want to, from a more organic, grassroots perspective.  Followers will have a more accessible two-way communication, than with mainstream platforms.

Myself, I have not watched a full broadcast, if any, of the news in nearly a month.  I have been reading quite a bit on WordPress and on other social media platforms instead.

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I Listen To Afrobeats – Get Shizzo Offa My Mind – Not ‘Afrobeat’ – The ‘S’ Makes A Huge Difference – 2020 Top Afrobeats Mixes & Artists

I don’t just rant when I blog. Most of the time, I’m absorbed in the music. Certainly, not pop music, as you would guess. I like exotic music of all kinds.

I do quite a bit of ranting about this or that, but these are very provocative times and I justify there is a place for people like me to present fact and experienced-based arguments with passion and vigor.

I believe that there is a place in the world for Michael Moores, Van Jones, Bernies, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezes, Bill Mahers, other figures around the world, and that we may know personally who attempt to provoke discussion about history, politics, environment, religion, spirituality, health, medicine, racism, and anything controversial.

I learned a long time ago in corporate group settings, and in recent race group discussions that the outspoken person (usually me), though despised by other group members, does get the conversations going and get decisions solidified.

In groups, it is difficult to get members to contribute, but just put something out there, then they get to talking, attacking even. That’s kind of what I am doing. I provoke conversations and solidifying decisions. I like that.

But I don’t do that shizzo all the time. Come on now. Don’t play with me.

It can get very stressful ranting all the time. I need to regularly break away. I do it through fitness, reading, praying, meditating, and creating. I nearly listen to music in every setting.

I need ‘theme’ music for nearly every task or event. I have computers, earbuds, wireless speakers, automobile Bluetooth, and nearly every possible gadget (multiple brands) to include music in my day. Some I test and recommend some. My smartwatch even has Spotify and Pandora!

Flikr – BOPST – Afro Pop Dance

As I am writing this post, I am listening to music. I’m listening to Afrobeats. Not Afrobeat. There is a difference which I will explain later.

There are many reasons why I enjoy Afrobeats music. First of all, it is a new international music sensation that is taking over Africa and Europe, especially in the UK, Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa. It is becoming popular in the United States, as well. Many say that Drake made Afrobeats popular in the US when he collaborated with Wizkid, a top Afrobeats artist, with the songs ‘One Dance’ and ‘Come Closer’.

It gets me absorbed. It makes me dance. …jog, and workout too. It reminds me of Africa.

One Dance-Drake (feat. Wizkid & Kyla) – Oct 30, 2018

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‘Corona Casandra’ Is Something Else – Kevy’s Earth, Wind & Fire Method To Put Her In Check!

My mind is weird.

I attribute it to being spiritually elated repeatedly through life’s seasons. It’s as if after each trial, I was rewarded with a strong, yet lighter armor.

You see, through the trials I endured, in addition to losing a part of my old self, I practically lost everyone around me, including my immediate family and closest friends. Through my trials, they abandoned me. This, I’m sure, is a familiar story. It was partly my fault because my tests were devastating ones. They devastated me.

Finding myself alone from most people in the aftermath for years, several of which were with my elderly mother as her caregiver, I learned to go within, pray, and meditate. I didn’t practice like a normal person, though. I don’t do anything like a normal person. I kinda celebrate being different. I practiced more like my devout Creole Catholic mother, like an old Catholic novena mass-attending Latina, morning, noon, and at night.

But, I prayed even more than that! And, I meditated heavily, while my mother Eunice did not. I tried to teach her and caught her watching me, when her eyes were supposed to be closed. It didn’t work. She was too old school and that was just weird to her.

I spent hours praying and meditating, even while working, exercising, jogging, and writing. Over time, I got really good at it. I still practice this way today. After over 30 years of regular practice, it has elevated my vibration. Today, I see all sorts of visions, epiphanies, and creative ideas. Sometimes having these regular inner visions alienates me from others. I take that as part of the responsibility for these gifts.

“Through devotion, blessed are the children. Praise the teacher, that brings true love to many.” – Devotion – Earth, Wind & Fire

Anyway, the way that it relates to my mind being weird is that I was jogging just yesterday, and all kinds of ideas were popping into my head. I was using my new Fitbit Versa 2 for the first time, listening to the soul music group Earth, Wind & Fire. The music stopped for a mile or so, so I jogged and prayed, as more ideas would pop into my head.

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