Eat Bananas To Not Go…Well, Bananas! – You Can Eat The Peels Too

I try to eat 1 or 2 bananas each day. To me, bananas are one of God’s miracle foods, like garlic, turmeric, cinnamon, and goji berries.

I learned more about the benefits of eating bananas than I ever imagined a few years ago while working at Whole Foods Market. I really enjoyed this job, especially the residual benefits of becoming well-versed in healthy lifestyles and the health benefits of eating produce.

This only complemented what I learned from meticulously attending to my elderly mother’s health, as well as my own.

Gaining this knowledge was yet another example of how we can help each other by sharing such knowledge. Working at Whole Foods Market, I met many people who were deep into their wellness journey, who were eager to share information with me. It’s really interesting how we seemingly secretly exchange information about natural healing as if it is government classified information. That should not be so.

I had been on a holistic healing journey for many years but working in WFM’s produce department certainly elevated my health knowledge. Because customers were generally astute, I have to do my homework, research so that I knew what I was talking to others about. This included learning the benefits of exotic fruits and vegetables. ‘

Eventually, health and lifestyle became evangelistic for me. I strongly believe that living a healthy lifestyle is an aspect of Spirituality. When I learn of the uncommonly known benefits of fruits and vegetables, without man’s intervention, it confirmed that God wants us to live healthily and naturally.

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Devirusize – Our Microbiome – Our Body’s Ecosystem – We View Microbes (Bacteria, Yeast, Viruses) As Our Enemy & It’s What We’re Made Of – More So Than Human Cells! – Let’s Talk Human Immunity Science & COVID19

This is my chance to not appear as some sort of maniac who blindly bashes “medical and media science” with no regard for truth.

I am quite the contrary as this post, as well as all of the prior Devirusize posts, show. (See other recommended Devirusize poss listed below).

I do extensive research, analysis, and scrutiny of health information before formulating my conclusions. Furthermore, I follow protocols that I recommend that my followers at least investigate as I have, for some 30 years, no less!

It is important to note that those who blindly do what their doctors tell them to, and who take prescription drugs as well as vaccines without question, do little research, nor follow healthy lifestyles. So, who’s the foolish here?

Fairly methodically following alternative and natural protocols for over 30 years, I have experienced great success. My medical lab reports, including COVID19 testing, are very close to perfect, for a Black man of sixty-one years young. I can confidently say that I have defied several medical odds, without taking vaccines or medicine.

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DEVIRUSIZE – Janet, STOP! – Give Me A Beet! – Another Mashup Post – …My Mind Goes In All Directions Simultaneously Sometimes

Here I go again. This post is a mashup.

Those who follow my blog, Seasons As Our Teacher (KevyMichaels.Blog), know that I love to do mashups of totally unrelated topics. In this post, I mashup Janet Jackson and Beats, I mean Beets. Actually, I do a mashup of Janet with the veggie Beets, put to Beats contained in one of her most popular songs. The post emphasizes the health benefits of Beets in a catchy video that I created with help from other content creators. As a garnish, on the blog, I added a Janet photo slideshow, health beet recipes, including my mother’s simple New Orleans Beet Salad, and two of my favorite Janet song videos. Enjoy. Kevy

Janet Give Me A Beet! Kevy Michaels – Nov 19, 2020 – Kevy Michaels

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Devirusize – In This Corner, Juicing, In the Other, Smoothies – And the Champ Is?

Photo – Tuong -Dat – Unsplash
Photo – Nathan Dumlao Unsplash

I have been juicing and blending fruit and vegetables for at least 15 years now.  I do both actively, but prefer juicing.  I like to drink freshly prepared juices especially when I am fighting a minor illness or when detoxing, which is always since our environment and food supply is full of toxins.  My juicing and smoothie regiment is a critical aspect of my Devirusizing protocol.  But drinking freshly prepared juices is not equal to drinking smoothies.  One is clearly better than the other.  In this post, I will explain the differences as I see it, and have researched it.

When I worked at Whole Food Markets, I regularly asked customers, who were “strictly organic”, to consider a regiment for detoxing, daily, monthly, and quarterly.  Many who go “strictly organic” do not detox, seeming to imply that being “strictly organic” alleviates this need.  This is an illusion, in my opinion.

It is much wiser to eat organic when it matters.  Refer to the 2020 Dirty Dozen & Clean 15 Lists to determine when it matters.  On this list released each spring, the Environmental Working Group (also known as the EWG) publishes a list of fruits and vegetables that experts at the nonprofit say contain elevated levels of pesticides that may be concerning. Now known as the Dirty Dozen list to health experts and in-the-know shoppers, the list has long called conventional farming methods into question, especially as the EWG also publishes a competing list called the Clean Fifteen that highlights produce containing little to no pesticides when grown conventionally.

It is better to eat organic when it matters, and wiser to not assume that there is no need to detox periodically.  For in spite of going organic, we must accept that we are still living in a toxic world on many levels.  We should include detoxing in our health practices.  It is much wiser to complement healthy food choices, with detoxing.  Juicing (and drinking plenty of distilled water) is a great practice for detoxing.  This is a smarter way to Devirusize.

I also meet many people who sing the praises of juicing or blending (smoothies).  Most people choose one over the other.  Most that I’ve met, prefer smoothies over juices.  They state obvious pros for smoothies, and cons for juicing, but leave out many pertinent facts when making this comparison.  This is consistent with how most people practice being “healthy”, without pertinent facts.

I liken drinking fresh juices to drinking medicine, because it goes into the bloodstream within minutes, not requiring much digestion.  Think about drinking a cocktail.  After a few minutes, you feel it, because the alcohol goes into your bloodstream rather quickly. The same happens with juices, but not with smoothies. Continue reading “Devirusize – In This Corner, Juicing, In the Other, Smoothies – And the Champ Is?”

Devirusize – Take Off Your Shoes! – You Should Hit The Ground After Reading This Post! – It Will Give U Access To Calm, Healing & Love – When U Need It Most – Practice Grounding & Earthing


I am back with a new post and this is a really important one.

This represents a new element to the Devirusize protocol.  “Devirusize” is a word I that invented in order categorize my suggestions for making your body optimally healthy.  On my blog, search the word “Devirusize” to find other related posts.

This element of optimal wellness is on Earthing or Grounding.  I am unsure, but I would imagine that Earthing’s distinction is that in addition to grounding, it includes hugging trees, sitting, or standing in water, or on rocks.  Grounding involves intimate contact with the ground, preferably while barefoot.

It has taken me quite some time to pull this post together because, as with all my posts, I include a lot of content.  And I research and dig into each subject, reviewing all of the included videos.  This process is not just a labor of love, because I become well-versed in many areas of living from doing so.

This grounding thing is amazing!  I want everybody to look into!  It doesn’t cost you anything and if you really get into it, even if you spend money on devices, you’ll find that it’s not extremely expensive compared to the benefit that you get from grounding.

First of all, I ground all the time.  I’ll do it today.  I am doing it frequently because I am expecting Colorado’s winter.  Believe it or not, it snowed here about two weeks ago.  Three days later, it was 85°.

This the post includes me recording myself while grounding, just to give you an idea of how I feel when I am grounding.  …To let you see what I am seeing.  In addition to my own video, I include other videos on grounding from experts, with supporting scientific evidence.  In fact, there’s US government research that says grounding helps with inflammation and cancer and all sorts of diseases and dis-ease.  It is unbelievable that enough people don’t know about grounding and practice it regularly! Continue reading “Devirusize – Take Off Your Shoes! – You Should Hit The Ground After Reading This Post! – It Will Give U Access To Calm, Healing & Love – When U Need It Most – Practice Grounding & Earthing”

De-Virusize With Water – Who Would A Thunk Dat Water Heals – De-Virusize Immunity With God’s Healing Waters

The Devirusize posts are meant to reduce your chances of becoming ill from viruses and other pathogens.

In the last, and first post, I presented the importance of the Sun, and how it affects your health and immunity. The Sun can be a double-edged sword. It offers magnificent health benefits but can damage your health if we are not safe and prudent, while in the sun.

In this post, the second of the Devirusize series, I present the importance of water consumption, relative to your health. Everyone knows that drinking water benefits their health. Even I was surprised at all of the health benefits of water. Most of them, I knew about, but some I did not.

As with the Sun, too much water can harm you. I have had an experience, while caring for my elderly mother, with the harmful effects of drinking too much water. But this threat is not as likely or severe as harm from getting too much Sun.

I have written other posts on the health benefits of water. They are listed at the bottom of this post. I used very little material from those articles so that I would find updated information and research.

This post, along with the two prior ones will keep you busy for a while. It covers a lot of ground, therefore I leaned towards providing information in bullets. You may click on the links for greater details contained in research studies, articles, and videos. Kevy

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“De-virusize” Using Da Lightbulb In The Sky – The Sun, Son! – Devirusize UR Health With Da Sun!

Devirusize Urself With Da Sun

In the first post of this series, I will discuss one aspect of Devirusizing, properly using the sun.

I spend time in the sun as much as I can.  Colorado has about 360 Days of sun each year, even when it snows.  After preparing this intensely researched post, I am much more educated about the sun.

The new information I gained was quite enlightening and will result in me adjusting my habits, as I hope will be the case for you.  You may just learn sumthin.

Photo – Stephen Leonardi

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Devirusize – A New Word I Created – Protect Urself From Viruses

Over the past few days, my mind has been marinating on a catchy way to present holistic health protocols that I have found to be very successful, after over 30 years of personal practice.  I knew that the first one would be on The Sun since it has been really sunny here in Colorado.  Higher altitudes receive more intense sunlight.

The reason that it has been a challenge to come up with an angle is that holistic healing involves many facets and perspectives, and therefore has a lot of areas to cover.

I do not want to overwhelm those who may be interested in learning more with too much, even though it will still be too much.  I knew that I had to present it in pieces, though. 

At first, I had ideas like The Ten Commandments of Health, The Holistic Health Bible, Holistic Health Verses & Scriptures.  I then thought, ahh, no, I may offend even more people.

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Don’t Cha Know About Kombucha – Here Is The 411 On Kombuchamacallit?

I used to drink Kombucha every day, when I could afford to.  It can get very expensive, when you buy it in a store.  I have fermented veggies for probiotics, but I have never taken on making my own Kombucha.  It is quite involved and can be a bit of a nuance, so I’ve heard. 

I have a friend in Atlanta, whose husband grew Kombucha back in the 1990’s.  He did it quite well, but could not stop, leading to tension in the house.

He had it growing everywhere, specifically in every closet.  He was fanatical about Kombucha.  Many years later, I now know why.

I follow so many different health regiments, all requiring time, preparation, and coordination, therefore I don’t have the bandwidth to take on making my own Komboucha.  Maybe you do.  I provide a recipe in the links below.

“Kombucha is a unique, fermented tea that has Kombuchabeen used for millennia to lower blood pressure, improve digestion, and boost the immune system. It is alkaline-forming, simple to brew, and extremely inexpensive.” – Ty Bollinger – The Truth About Cancer

Based on a most reputable source, Ty Bollinger, of The Truth About Cancer website, here is the history and the benefits that he emphasizes in his post. 

Kombucha Tea – History, Health Benefits & Insanity – The Truth About Cancer – By Ty Bollinger – 43,401 Facebook Shares


  • Kombucha has been used for thousands of years dating back to the Tsin-Dynasty in 221 B.C. – a Chinese Empire – where they called it “the remedy for immortality.” It was later brought to Japan by Dr. Kombu to treat the Japanese emperor, Inkyo, for digestive problems.
  • Numerous scientific studies have shown that kombucha tea helps populate the intestines with probiotics (beneficial bacteria), enhances the immune system, fights off deadly pathogens and protects vital organs.
  • A 2011 study published in the journal “Pathophysiology” found that kombucha protects liver cells, while another study from the June 2012 issue of Food Science and Technology asserts that kombucha “has prophylactic and therapeutic properties” including anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and anti-fungal effects.

Here are the combined benefits of Komboucha, from very reputable and researched sources, including from my personal experience.  Continue reading “Don’t Cha Know About Kombucha – Here Is The 411 On Kombuchamacallit?”