SHARE – Feel Good On A Stevie Wonder Vibe! – Dat’s Whazup! – Maybe U Can I See Like Stevie Wonder – I Can, Every Now & Then

“We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.” – Stevie Wonder

This is a Feel-Good post.  I hope that you want to feel better today.  I do.  We need it.  I will try my best with this post. 

The vibration in the atmosphere has been tense.  I believe that the Lord wants us to have more alone time to reflect and reconcile our differences with The World, to perhaps lead us to reconciliation, inner peace, and Love.  I have had to go inward and introspective on a daily to keep my vibe up high.

Today, my vibe is very elevated!  I am looking forward to the new life that begins each day.  I see sleep as dying each night and waking reborn.

But this moment, the new Season just before us, post-Lobster, post-COVID19, post-insurrection, post-everything 2020 is more eagerly anticipated by everyone.  The unknowns and adventure of it all can be absolutely exhilarating, if you are imaginatively creative, and are vibrating higher than most.  I am that way today.  Are you?

I am looking forward to a more discerned and refined me, blossoming in this new Springtime.  For I know that Spring always comes.  Always, period point-blank. 

We are on its horizon.  I listened to Stevie Wonder’s music and watched his videos today, and I feel mighty inspired.  I hope you enjoy it.  Kevy

I am singing about Tomorrow.  Let’s start singing of Love from our hearts.

Stevie Wonder – Ngiculela – Es Una Historia – I am Singing – Apr 18, 2007 –  Crustybrown

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Poetrimony – Celebrating Guest Blogger/Poet & Front-Line Worker Colorado Poet For Her Talents, Heart & Spirit – Show Love 2 Colorado Poet!

I am excited to feature COLORADO POET in this post, once again.

I regularly invite other bloggers to share their perspectives on any topic.  I invite you, right now.  We do not have to all agree but must be respectful of each other.

Colorado Poet answered, twice.  Kudos to you. 

I believe that we must regularly engage with each other, feature each other, as Colorado Poet and I do, if we are serious about healing as a civilization.

I am privileged to have a blogger like Colorado Poet who is sincerely open to sharing her talent in the interest of creating better relations, understanding each other, and for plain friendship.

Her brand appeals to me.  …A lot!  I searched her site and easily selected several poems that resonate with me.

I love how the brevity of her poems efficiently utilizes the writing landscape.  This is clearly not one of my strengths, as evidence by my lengthy posts that sometimes seem like novels.

She uses imagery quite effectively with her poems, identifying the picture’s location.  I can tell that she puts great effort into selecting the perfect picture.  So, with each poem, I included her chosen image for that poem.  I also included links to her site all over the place.  Check Colorado Poet out.

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Simply, Poetrimony! – My ‘Go-To’ For Encouragement – It’s My Word – (Poem + Testimony) – (Part Spirit + Part Life Seasons) – I Call It Poetrimony

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted on Seasons As Our Teacher. Well, it’s been maybe a few weeks. 

Well, like everyone else, I experience challenges, disappointments, opportunities, victories, and failures every day.  Let’s be real.  Look at the Season we’re in!  I was telling a good friend the other day that every week of my life could be a movie in itself.


I meet interesting people, encounter interesting situations, and try to always to look at them through a spiritual lens.  I find that when I look at people, places, and things through a spiritual lens, it makes it easier to discern.


Think about it, if you look at the person and look at their personality and the details of what they said, what you said, and what you did, it gets all complicated. But when I look at it as spirit, then you’re able to just decide if it’s a spirit that elevates or ignites you, or if it’s a spirit that doesn’t.  It’s just that simple.


I can apply the same thing to things such as addictions or cigarettes or eating disorders or whatever, or I can go through all of the analysis paralysis that I used to do.  Today, I simply say, Is it a good spirit or bad spirit? It makes life less complicated.

In my return, I decided to return to Poetrimony.  It is my go-to.  Often when I go to parks, I sit and write poetry or songs.

I started writing poetry actually about 20 years ago and. In my first poem; I can remember it clearly.  It was called Upside Down.  I was in a lot of pain at this time.  My poetry has been very therapeutic for me

I recommend that anyone who writes, actually I recommend that everyone writes, but I highly recommend that you date what you write.  Because I did that for about 20 years, and I can think about the things that were going on at the time that I wrote a particular poem or a particular story or narrative simply by looking at the date.

Photo – Randy Jacob – Unsplash

When I wrote this poem Upside Down, I was in pain, but at the same time that I was in pain, I had a lot of blessings before me that I was ignoring.  I could have turned that pain upside down. I remember the repeated stanza in that poem was:

I was looking from the upside-down.

I was putting the upside down

Only to realize that in this pain

My life would be turned around.

…The very first poem I wrote.  This was back in the year 2000 or early 2000.

Most of what I write, I just keep to myself. I have a lot of writings, songs and poems to share.

So, as I return from life’s road and seasons have been my teacher, I return with poetry, Poetrimony.  I have many, many stories to share behind these poems.  But I tend only to write about them when I feel in my spirit that I want to write and post them.  I feel that way today.

What I did below pick out some poems. They’re all random. There’s no hidden meaning or agenda. I won’t have the dates.  So, you won’t know exactly what was going on at that time. But I will give you a little glimpse into what occurred that motivated each poem. I return with Poetrimony.  Poetrimony kind of hard to say. Poetrimony is part poem, part testimony, part spirit, part life.

It embodies my journey on life’s road.  It embodies Seasons As My Teacher.

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