Why Are ‘We’ So Loud? – U Know Who’s ‘We’ – Us! – 10 Reasons Why I’m Loud & Common – Other Reasons Why ‘We’ Annoy Other Races

This post was a lot of fun, for me. It digs into the controversy of why Whites are annoyed by Blacks and vice versa.

Most people avoid discussing such touchy topics; I live for those discussions. I tend to gravitate to most things that ‘normal people’ avoid, even Black people. It’s because I’m a wise and knowledgeable man that knows that the root of most problems, especially systemic ones, lies in the touchy areas that we avoid. …the areas that strike nerves. I aim to strike nerves with this post, and provide a prelude to you to better understanding issues and planning your strategy for resolving them.

Many Whites are also annoyed by my discussions and views, as evidenced by several White former friends who ‘drop-kicked’ me because I expressed pure emotions on racial discrimination. I have others who subtly avoid me because they fear I may talk about racism. They make nice as though I don’t realize that they are skating around all the while.

Photo – Glodi Miessi – Unsplash

In preparing this post about things that annoy White people about Blacks, and vice versa, as I always do, I will give you plenty of my opinions, but I will also provide the opinion of others. You are encouraged (as always) to discuss touchy topics like these. Don’t be like former friends who avoided discussing racism to the extent of ending friendships. If we are ever going to make significant progress, we must deal directly with any pressing humanitarian issues, especially with racism. …Okay Boomers, do you understand? I’m one too.

I’ve had enough of the superficial bullshit of pretending to resolve racial issues, but being overly careful to be politically correct. And, I won’t tolerate it for the good of humanity. That is total smoke and mirrors.

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