Karma Is Not An Eye-For-An-Eye Girl, She’s Considerate, and Much Deeper Than That

The Spiritual Law of Karma

I believe in Karma. 

“I see the law of Karma the way I look at banking.  I make as many deposits as possible, and few withdrawals from the Karmic Bank.  Eventually, my balance increases, and I’m paid with dividends and interest.” – Kevy Michaels

I choose to believe in it because this belief steers my life’s journey in a divine direction. 

It reminds me that there is an effect to every cause, consequences to every action. 

Without this God-driven gauge, in some variation, I would always do whatever my egos tell me to, without regard.  Navigating towards divine wisdom is not a good job for my ego. 

I explained how I found a better job for my ego, in the post Unemployment’s Low! – Even My Ego Has A Job Now!  

The law of Karma is a better navigator for my life because Karma is driven by my soul, which naturally gravitates toward divine spirit.  The links and videos will explain this statement below.

For now, try to embrace the concept of Karma is being a divinely guided mechanism that corrects our lives.

Many people believe in Karma, but most don’t fully understand the concept, like me, until I did an analysis of this spiritual law, using various sources for guidance. 

I will attempt to present nuanced differences in how most people generally regard Karma, and what I found, and believe to be true today, after having done my analysis on the topic.  I’ve provided a good bit of links for you to dig deeper. Continue reading “Karma Is Not An Eye-For-An-Eye Girl, She’s Considerate, and Much Deeper Than That”