Guest Blogger – God Created Everything – Evil Too? – Are We His Puppets? – Distinguished Dr. Bob Rich Answers These Questions

I apologize to Dr. Bob Rich (Bob) for the delay in posting this article. It was submitted to me weeks ago, and outside of a busy schedule, my spirit has been a bit fragile.

Like many I would suppose, I have been emotionally and spiritually impacted by the whirlwind of challenges and changes that planet Earth and civilization have been catapulted into enduring over the past year. I have been significantly enlightened by how your challenges have separated us along many fronts including racially, politically, spiritually, and “vaccine vs. no vaccine”.

Today’s divisions seem to pale in comparison with historical ones. I have separated from many spirits vibes, and energies that no longer serve me, some in my family, some close friends. In today’s times, I find it necessary.

Gaining a better understanding of God, Life, and Myself is an undeniable blessing. But it is also a challenging responsibility. It can be draining at times and requires an escape from it all, as well as regular metaphysical practices. Kevy

Furthermore, while in this fragile state, I read Bob’s essay on God’s Puppets. It really threw me off track for weeks. I read it about four times. I used AI to convert it to Australian speech so that I could listen to it and pause it occasionally to reflect and absorb. By the way, Dr. Bob Rich is Australian.

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Fighting Over Momma – But Fam – You Said You Loved Me…Yeah Right

Real Talk On Family Betrayal – Don’t Believe Those Closest To You Won’t Deceive You

This post is deeply personal.

It made me the convicted man that I am today. The experience of solely caring for my mother to the disdainful evil undermining of my siblings, extended family, friends and their cohorts molded me.

It spiritually transformed me.

It revealed to me the existence of fake-faithful and evil in my inner circle. It revealed who I am, and who I’m not.

It taught me that race doesn’t really matter though we’ve built our civilization around this man-made invention.
“Only spirit matters.” ~ Kevy

Caring for my mother in the latter years of her 96 years on earth broke me, then rebuilt me.

Though it nearly killed me, and caused me to lose nearly everything I’d owned, I never relented in my obligation to my mother, and to God.

I created the Seasons As My Teacher blog after years of grieving and regaining my health. In response, I was led to write about how this experience changed me.
Betrayal and deception ultimately became wisdom and discernment. ~ Kevy
“It was like poison that turned to medicine.” – Tina Turner

To exemplify further that I give equal time to the races, I am open to say that the terror that I and my mother experienced was done by Black people.
There is plenty of evil in the Black race, and in my family. …In all races, though perhaps not institutionalized.
Ironically, nearly everyone who came to our aid during my mother and my trials wasn’t Black or family.
Repeatedly, God sent angels to us who were often White or Latino, some that we did not know.

This is a kick-start to old and new posts on Terror on the Caregiver, to be ultimately be retitled to Fighting Over Momma.
It will be presented in a series of posts over time, just as is 7 Days 7+ Quotes, Devirusize, Seven Spiritual Laws, and Poetrimony series.
“Lil Eunice, I still love you….even more.” ~ Kevy

Original Post – July 2018

I was raised Catholic. My mother was devout. As a result, I know a whole lot about the importance of prayer and faith, but not much about the bible.

I can’t recite stories or verses off of the top of my head, like holy rollers.

But that doesn’t bother me. I don’t need a facade of ‘the word‘ to deflect from my true spirit, my true essence.

My sincerity exudes on its own. My spirituality is more organic, gained through life’s trials.

I follow no rules because rules are written in a book. Those rules are written on my heart.

I simply follow the spirit of God within me, and later find that there was a spiritual law for that.

“We have to distrust each other. It is our only defense against betrayal.” – Tennessee Williams

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I Am Gifted! – We All Become Gifted By Doing 1 Thing – Accepting That We Are – 50+ Tips On Being Gifted

This is another one of those deep, heartfelt posts.  I hope that you take the time to review it in its entirety.  This is real talk.  If it is not inviting to you, that is fine too.  It is about being gifted.  I Am.  You can be too, by doing one thing.  The gift has already been given to you by The Most High.  Accepting it, and God’s desire for your use of this gift transforms you from merely being a gift recipient into being Gifted.  I Am Gifted.

I’m gifted, I can now say! 

How arrogant, narcissistic, and egotistical you may first say.  But I believe that we all have a spiritual gift.  God has endowed us all with a spiritual gift that cannot be taken away.  It can’t be reversed.  It’s in us all.  It’s like death.   Death is certain.  There’s nothing that can reverse it.  Our endowed gift from God in within us.  Whether we accept it or not, it is still in us.

I know that I’m gifted.  My confidence dwells in my willingness to accept the gift that God has given me.  Proclaiming this is not based on any superior intentions.   Many of us have gifts.  We all have gifts that God has given us all.  It is our dharma, a purpose, a mission.  What makes us gifted, as opposed to just having a gift, is our willingness to acknowledge and accept that gift.

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SHARE PLEASE! – Stevie Wonder’s Call To Action On TRUTH DECAY – To Biden, Harris & US – It’s Making Him Sick – Me Too! – January 18, 2021

This is a very short post that I just had to get out immediately. This is a calling.

I am moved by Stevie Wonder’s CALL TO ACTION yesterday, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, on January 18, 2021.

If you believe in God, Humanity, and Healing, you should be moved too.

We just cannot go on as we have. Whether you can spit scriptures or not, regardless of the “book” you read, the message is one word:


Tomorrow, or late today, I will post a tribute to Stevie Wonder. He is of God if a man ever was. In this post, I will celebrate his incredible talent, brilliance, and elevated vibration. Stevie is a prophet to me. Against, popularity, profit, or fame, I can see as he sees, and express that which I witness, when most see nothing there.

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Spiritual Vs Religious – Oh Yea I’m Going There – Religious Drama – They Should Have Listened To Their Momma – 15+ Reasons Why I Question Religious Drama

If you have reviewed at least a few of my over 200 blog posts (and now podcasts) you would clearly know that I am not a big fan of organized religion.

Like many people, I have adopted the position of being spiritual, but not religious. At times, I despise religion. …Too much drama. I am amazingly comfortable with my position until I am changed in mind (through experience and research) and spirit (through God’s intervention).

In this post, I reveal 15+ reasons why I shy away from Religion and Religious Drama. Some of the most negative experiences that I’ve had were with Religious people. …Ones who judge about what I would call minor sins such as using profanity, eating pork, or being too proud, while they blatantly violate in worst ways.

As I am judged by them, I could think of a plethora of violations that they make, “In the name of Jesus/Allah”. I don’t tell them directly. I tell them in general through my creative, written, and media works. But I admit that it is a bit frustrating.

I try my best to stay clear of these types of people, though they seem to be drawn to me. I simply respect their beliefs (for them) but fully exercise my right to free will and thought. They spit on me with scripture, while I realize that the bible has 900 versions, and the Quran has 30. I consider that there are missing books, slavery’s influence, and man’s interpretation, depriving me of mine. I am not sure that they realize this.

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‘That Guy’ Is Forever Gone

Forever Gone (Excerpt)

By Kevy Michaels

I can’t describe my feelings for you
I know that those feelings are strong

I can’t describe where I am right now
But where I was…
I will never return

…Feeling my soul vividly right now
…Been cleansed and transformed

The places where I tried to fit in
…Just don’t appeal to me anymore

I will forever have fond memories of you
Even of the man that I once was

But ‘that guy’ who escorted you
On a part of your journey

Is now
The man who’s

… Forever Gone