Shake Shizzo Up! – Blacks, Minorities, Liberals, Millenials – Vote For Howie Hawkins. Trump, Kanye, Or Not At All – I Am Not Crazy – 11 Good Reasons Why

This is a quick and short post by my standards. …Yeah, right.

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Shake Shizzo Up – Don’t Be Taken For Granted – Blacks, Minorities, Liberals, Millenials – Vote For Trump, Kanye Or Not At All

I’ve learned to never say never.

I never would have imagined that I would skip my vote in a presidential election, or would vote for Howie Hawkins, The Lobster, or even Kanye West. Now, I am poised to do either as soon as my ballot arrives. I urge Blacks and Minorities especially to do the same. But I also encourage everyone to give Trump a second term. I will explain why later.

By doing so, shizzo may get crazy, but with Trump, we will know what we are dealing with and our efforts will not be deceptively taken for granted; we won’t be disillusioned in yet one more election.

It seems that for Americans to take Racial Inequity and Inequality seriously, they must be slapped upside theirs heads to become unstuck on Stupid.

When you really think about it, Dems, Liberals, Nonprofits, and fake prophets instigate fear, just as The Lobster does. They tell us that our lives depend on voting for Biden, that Democracy will end if The Lobster wins, Social Security will be cut, as well as, healthcare. Maybe they are correct, but so what?

What is of greater relevance to me as a Black man in America is that Black Inequity and Inequality is the lifeline (money line) for outdated Democratic policies, bandaid-applying nonprofits, and strategies that simply appear to heal Blacks, that really just helps “them” justify their existence.

These entities, along with lazy and ignorant Blacks, as well as, White Liberal (racists in disguise) need to feel the fire…the burn. This may be the only thing that gets them off of their ass from following the status quo that has undisputedly been ineffective.

They need their lifelines severed to make them listen to people’s concerns above their own self-interest, grants, foundation money, and comfortable White Privilege. Their problem and concerns must become the same as that of improverished, downtrodden Blacks.

A Trump win will deliver that. Shit will hit the fan, and maybe real revolution and change will occur.

White Liberal Democrats are in denial. They do little, are silent, or believe that Racism is about being nice to minorities. Fcuk being nice. Show us the money!

Coincidently, being this way does not cause them to change anything to secure their privelege, other than to smile at Black people, read Black theme books, watch Black movies, and learn to appreciate rap music. That’s not a costly price for their protection.

White Liberals, if they were sincere to our constitution, God, and their conscience would treat resolving Racism as if they are paying their own unpaid debt. They really are.

They must realize that their privilege today, perpetuates Black oppression. They are deceptive in their inaction and in just thinking and talking racism away, as though they are trying to appear like they are really doing something.

Sense must be knocked into their heads. Problems must knock on their doors. Trump will make that happen if reelected. I want this scenario more than for Biden to win.

Blacks tend to fall into two categories:

  1. Many think that they are letting Jesus handle things. That type of thinking is what has us F’ed up today! It is unfair to Jesus or God, depending on if you think they are different entities. They justify their laziness by making Jesus/God the answer to their inaction. I believe God expects us to use discernment, and judgment to make decisions and perform good deeds, sometimes radical, under His guidance and protection. They think they know God, but still have a lot to learn about their own lack of passion and inaction.
  2. Other Blacks profit from racism. Racism actually has an industry behind it, complete with funding, and grants supporting superficial efforts to address that which is never really addressed. Needless to say, racism never disappears, and they continue to get paid. They are generally paid by big corporate interests who don’t give two fucks about Black plight. They simply want the PR of saying they gave to a Black organization or nonprofits targeting Black plight. Often the “Black” organizations, just need to appear to be helpful, “to get paid”. This mess needs to be dismantled.

The irony of the matter is that most who keep us stuck on stupid are old farts like myself. We shouldn’t even have a dog in this hunt!

We will be dead in 10 – 20 years! Most political leaders at every level will be dead in 10 – 20 years, because, by and large, old people are running shit at the municipal, state and federal levels. Our old asses should follow the lead of Millenials. They are two-thirds of the population and must live in the mess that we allowed to fester.

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Today’s That Day – Juneteenth 2020 – Whatzup Wit Dat? – What Makes Denver Colorado’s Celebration So Special – The Mural Art Show Makes It Mo Betta

I was aware of the history of Juneteenth, but not until recent years.  That’s important to note for a few reasons. 

First, I want to make it clear to non-African Americans, as you may be actively trying to “relate” to the Black experience during Revolution 2020, that it is not only you who must become familiar with African American history, some Blacks are foreign to much of it as well. 


Secondly, Juneteenth may not be familiar to many Blacks (and most Americans) simply because, though it is a part of American History, it is really a direct part of Texas’ history. 

Its relevance may not be as appreciated by states other than Texas.  But during current times this celebration is becoming increasingly more important.  There are demands to make Juneteenth a national holiday in honor of African American slaves gaining freedom. Continue reading “Today’s That Day – Juneteenth 2020 – Whatzup Wit Dat? – What Makes Denver Colorado’s Celebration So Special – The Mural Art Show Makes It Mo Betta”

Law of Pure Potentiality – Kevy’s Experience In The Field of Pure Potentiality – Fighting The Gravity Of Life – Part 2

“The experience the Self or “self-referral”, means that our internal reference point is our own spirit, and not the objects of our experience. – Deepak Chopra – Washington Post

7 Laws of Spiritual SuccessThe spiritual Law of Pure Potentiality requires that we reach our essential state of pure consciousness.  The field of pure potentiality is an abundant spiritual influence, and in our essential state, we become our spiritual selves and are therefore granted access to God’s horn of plenty.

The law of Pure Potentiality recognizes that there is one divine spirit that connects us all, including nature, in spite of our seemingly infinite diversity. The only thing that separates us from the field is not knowing or experiencing our true nature, not embracing God in us all.

Discovering our soul should be our greatest desire for in this discovery, we are granted access to healing, wisdom, virtue, and many blessings, in the field of pure potentiality.

Experiencing and knowing our true self is critical to the law.  Our reference point must be on our own spirit, not anything external to us.  This is important because it requires relinquishing control from our egos, and seeking God within us.  This lens connects us to the God of the universe.

This means that our life experiences should never be influenced by objects outside the Self, such situations, circumstances, people, and things, seeking approval of others, or response to our every action.  Living this way fear-based.  Living in fear never has beneficial consequences.  Living in fear is like living without trusting God.

In self-referral, we become unfearful of any challenge, have respect for all people, but feel beneath no one. Self-power is therefore true power.  Power based on object-referral (external things), however, is false power.

Self-power is eternal because it is based on the knowledge of the Self.  It will draw people to you, as well as the things that you desire. It magnetizes people, situations, and circumstances to support your desires.

“This is also called support from the laws of nature. It is the support of divinity; it is the support that comes from being in the state of grace. Your power is such that you enjoy a bond with people, and people enjoy a bond with you. Your power is that of bonding – a bonding that comes from true love.” – Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra’s Seven Laws of Spiritual Success

I held off for some time before completing the series on The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, a life-changing book by Deepak Chopra that I first read about 20 years ago.  This book is my favorite spiritual guidance go-to!  I have read it several times and have distributed copies to people around the world.  I can say that I strive to live by each of the seven principles in this book. Continue reading “Law of Pure Potentiality – Kevy’s Experience In The Field of Pure Potentiality – Fighting The Gravity Of Life – Part 2”

That Thing U Do Is Like No Other – Karma Must Have Led U To UR Dharma

The Spiritual Law of Dharma

dharma I am finding greater happiness each day now that I am pursuing my passion for writing. 

I know that writing, creative communications, as well as, seeking and propagating what I see as truth are my passions.  I know because I can’t stop thinking about them.  Ideas pop into my head throughout the day, and in the middle of the night.  I spend hours each day at the computer posting and researching, often not getting much sleep, and letting eating totally skip my mind.

One of the biggest indicators that I am pursuing my purpose, is when I lose all senses of space and time.  This happens when I’m are deep into an effort, and look at my watch and surprisingly notice that 6 hours have passed, when it seemed like only an hour.

Another indicator is not being able to pull away from a project of passion.  Like everyone, I have hundreds of items to get to on my task list.  But I always gravitate to that same ole task, diligently working it, ignoring the others.  No matter how far behind I may get on other ‘to do’s’, I repeatedly go back to the one task that gives me the most joy.

These repeated escapes from reality into manifesting my vision is an indicator that I may have discovered or am discovering my Dharma. 

Dharma is our purpose in life, with the belief that we were all created with a unique talent or ability to offer to the world. 

But it’s not a passion that is pursued blindly.  It is pursuit while adhering to other spiritual laws, and doing so with a sincere intention to help others, with this special talent or ability.

The reason that finding your purpose in life is so important, is that finding your purpose is synonymous with finding happiness.  We’re all meant to be happy, and finding our Dharma is the only path to lasting happiness.

So, follow your Dharma no matter what it is, no matter how much you may get discouraged.

Remember, living your Dharma is the only way to optimal and permanent happiness.

My good friend Dale is a culinary arts extraordinaire.

He has been this way since we were roommates in Dayton, Ohio, back in the 1980s.  He is quite talented and creates everything from scratch.  The cakes that he bakes for clients are imaginative and breathtaking.

Here are some of the pictures of his creations: Continue reading “That Thing U Do Is Like No Other – Karma Must Have Led U To UR Dharma”