Today’s That Day – Juneteenth 2020 – Whatzup Wit Dat? – What Makes Denver Colorado’s Celebration So Special – The Mural Art Show Makes It Mo Betta

I was aware of the history of Juneteenth, but not until recent years.  That’s important to note for a few reasons. 

First, I want to make it clear to non-African Americans, as you may be actively trying to “relate” to the Black experience during Revolution 2020, that it is not only you who must become familiar with African American history, some Blacks are foreign to much of it as well. 


Secondly, Juneteenth may not be familiar to many Blacks (and most Americans) simply because, though it is a part of American History, it is really a direct part of Texas’ history. 

Its relevance may not be as appreciated by states other than Texas.  But during current times this celebration is becoming increasingly more important.  There are demands to make Juneteenth a national holiday in honor of African American slaves gaining freedom. Continue reading “Today’s That Day – Juneteenth 2020 – Whatzup Wit Dat? – What Makes Denver Colorado’s Celebration So Special – The Mural Art Show Makes It Mo Betta”


News On Corona Or The So-Called Riots – Will Get U ‘Stuck On Stupid’ – Corona Isn’t Affecting That Many – Protests Are A Love Fest – 9 Inspiring Things I Observed At The Revolution That Media Hides

News Is Misleading Many

The news media can be deceptive, in general.  It has been for a long time and will continue, given its eternal conflict between truth, and beholding to advertisers and government regulations.

They are not thoroughly presenting the protest rallies as they are actually occurring.  They are demonizing protesters at worse, or are not revealing how united and caring participants are, at the very least.

Rodney King Weaved In With BLM Violent Protests And Looting Rock Cities On The West Coast TODAY_Moment
Photo NBC News – Rodney King Footage Weaved In With BLM ent Protests

Protesters are unlike they are being perceived by the media, The Lobster’s administration, and those who subscribe to their stories, without doing any investigation.  For example,  I’ve attended over 10 protest rallies in the past two weeks.  I shed tears of joy and was inspired every time I saw how warm, passionate, creative, and ingenious the mainly Millennial protesters are.

The same is being done with the coronavirus.  I am not implying that COVID19 is not dangerous.  It is certainly more dangerous to some, more than others.  That says more about those individuals’ health status and lifestyle more than it says about the danger of the virus itself.

But being exposed to the coronavirus is usually not fatal, though.  Continue reading “News On Corona Or The So-Called Riots – Will Get U ‘Stuck On Stupid’ – Corona Isn’t Affecting That Many – Protests Are A Love Fest – 9 Inspiring Things I Observed At The Revolution That Media Hides”

Revolution 2020 – Ingredients For A Savory Pot of Rebellion Gumbo – 10 Key Ingredients For Today’s Boiling Pot Revolution

I consider myself to be rather introspective. I spend a great of time analyzing life and Life Seasons daily. I’m constantly searching for a deeper meaning. Sometimes it gets me in trouble, particularly when helping people, thinking that my service is a calling when it ends up becoming a curse.

Obviously, as an African American, I have been doing a lot of self-soul-searching and searching the soul of America, and the world. …The Joe Biden way. I’ve examined myself, friends, family strangers, and “leaders” to draw my own conclusions. I also do quite a bit of research to support my conclusions. I compliment my understanding with my spirituality, fortified through regular prayer and meditation. It is the best that I can do. I may still not always obtain the truth, but at least I don’t take any dish served to me without interrogation.

In this post, I thoughtfully examine why we are in Revolution 2020, right now. I’ll get all introspective with it too.

I have listed all of the ingredients that I believe contribute to today’s outrage. Some of my findings are strictly opinionated. But most are supported by fact and commonly accepted morals and beliefs. Common sense enters the room too in this evaluation.

I find that the fixings that created such an unprecedented outrage around the world were the perfect components for creating the toxic soup in which we now boil.

The New Orleans in me led me to see this recipe for Revolution 2020 as a metaphor for the ingredients that go into the perfect pot of New Orleans Creole gumbo. I included a reliable recipe at the end of this post. Remember, I am a New Orleans River Rat. I grew up 2 blocks from the river Tchoupitoulas Street
Tchoupitoulas Pronunciation

Photo - Leftover Turkey Gumbo - Amy In The Kitchen
Photo – Leftover Turkey Gumbo – Amy In The Kitchen

Like gumbo, adding only the right ingredients, letting them stew for hours, makes it pop.

America and the rest of the world have been stewing too, in a boiling pot of disparity, racism, and disregard for humanity. Adding George Floyd’s killing to the pot of other ingredients is now making this rebellion gumbo boil over.

“Revolution 2020 is an appropriate name because it is in this year 2020 that the world’s vision of humanity will become crystal clear to everyone”. – Kevy

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White Liberal Boomers – ‘White Silence’ Is Unacceptable In Revolution 2020 –Take Firm Action On Racism – ‘Feelings R Not Enough! – 5 Tips For White Liberal Boomers Based On Experience With Annie

White people, all people, prepare yourself for making significant changes in your approach to racism, Liberal White people especially. The world is fed-up! We’ve had enough! White Silence won’t work in the state we’re in today. We’re in the midst of a revolution.

It’s time for you to “get off the pot or shit”, a New Orleans saying. “Shit or get off the pot” – Make a decision. This phrase is most commonly used towards a person or group whom the speaker feels are behaving indecisively. Often occurs in tense situations where the speaker believes a quick decision is necessary or urgent. Sometimes delivered as life advice.” – Urban Dictionary – Deome June 24, 2015

Photo - Gallup Poll
Photo – Gallup Poll

White Liberal Boomers are at a fork in the road and must choose a side. They can no longer ride the middle line as they have for years.

A tsunami of change is already here, and they will be most negatively impacted and left behind if they continue to surf the wave of indifferent, with little action. They can no longer remain neutral, indifferent, or impassionate on racism. They will be held accountable in the aftermath.

If they do not change their ways, they may lose friends, as I lost my friend Annie, their peace of mind, morality will trouble them, and they will be criticized for their inaction, “when shit hits the fan”. Well…Shit has hit the fan!

I just lost my White Liberal Boomer friend Annie last week. Change is happening within our circles and in those around us.

“When your conscience begins to bother you about your past actions, that’s your Soul wanting you to wake up.”Andrea de Michaelis – Creating my own reality, one thought at a time

Another way of this statement is, White Liberals walk your talk. Stand up for the principals to which you have professed for years!

Photo – Kevy Michaels

There are many reasons why I feel this way, but let’s first look at population numbers to gain a greater perspective.

I direct the statements above specifically to White Liberal Boomers (Born between 1944 and 1964 (approximately, don’t try to escape), currently between 56-76 years old – 76 million in the U.S. (or so)Kasasa) because Generations X, Y, and Z are already on board and navigating this Revolution 2020. The Millennials are the ones igniting it. I admire their courage and determination. They won’t be stopped because it’s their future that they are fighting for in addition to fighting against racism.

I was told yesterday at a rally, by a young gay HIV-infected protester, “I know that it’s risky to protest with corona and all, but standing up against police violence and discrimination against Blacks is too important to ignore.”

At rallies this week, as I filmed tens of thousands of protestors, I had an epiphany that these young ‘rebel rouser’ are our future leaders. They dominate the population and demand change. …Look…

Video – Kevy Michaels

White Silence = Black Racial Violence – Jun 10, 2020 – Kevy Michaels

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The Legacy of Slavery in the US – Coloradopoet – Guest Blogger – I’m Excited To Hear Coloradopoet Share Her Perspective

I am exhausted physically and emotionally but continue to participate in rallies with the Black Lives Matter Revolution. 

I’ve cried often, both in joy and sorrow, lost my voice a few times, and have felt intense anger.  I’ve spent 9 days and nights at protests, rallies, and marches.  I have, as have nearly each of 10’s of thousands of participants in Denver, Colorado, USA, protested nonviolently.

I lost a white friend (Annie) who was infuriated by my expression of emotions about “white people” after I  repeatedly watched the George Floyd crucifixion to prepare the video Black People – All People Just Want To Live.  Her last words to me on the phone were ‘fuck you”, then she hung up. 

It’s like I went to an emotional amusement park, where only some of the rides are amusing.  But, I will return to blogging and vlogging this week as I regroup.

I am excited to share this post by Coloradopoet.  In the post-Black People – All People Just Want To Live, I invited others to share their perspectives on all things racial.  Coloradopoet answered.  I am hopeful that Coloradopoet will share more posts in the future.  I am hopeful that one day that you will be encouraged to share fresh or already published content, especially on racism.  Can we talk? 

Photo – Johannes Krupinski

We must not be like my friend Annie.  I will write about her in a coming post.

White people must not get so defensive and must be willing to talk about the realities of racism.  They must try to imagine how Blacks must feel in this revolution, then try to imagine again, on top of that.

Most of today’s Whites were born into the privilege of this hateful inhumanity, innocently.  Most of today’s Blacks were born into the barbarism and disparity of this hateful inhumanity, innocently.  But together we must change it, or it will destroy civilization as we ‘used to know it’.  It is not the same anymore.

I offer the warmest gratitude to Coloradopoet for choosing discussion and engagement, as opposed to denial and anger.  Kevy Continue reading “The Legacy of Slavery in the US – Coloradopoet – Guest Blogger – I’m Excited To Hear Coloradopoet Share Her Perspective”

People Just Want To Live! – We Should Feel Compelled To Do More Than Just Talk & Pray Or Get Out Of Way – The XYZ Revolution Is Here!

Here it is, in May of 2020 and my mind is confused.

I’m an educated black man. I’m a well-versed black man, and I know the feelings that I have are not wise. On one hand, I’m beginning to hate white people. I know that doesn’t make sense because there’s good and bad in every race. But I’m really beginning to hate white superiority and white indifference.

This is the reason that my mind is confused. It’s because I’m feeling opposing emotions at the same time.

I appreciate what I saw yesterday, the day before, and perhaps today at peaceful rallies against police killings. The majority of the participants were White, as well as other non-Black races. And, we all got along well as we fought for a common good cause. These were primarily young people. They hate White privilege, often to the dismay of family and friends, and they’re White! They were impressive too. They were kind and sincere in their concern and loyalty to the movement.


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Black People – U Sustain Racism 2! – Change Requires More Than Just Talk, Posting, Scriptures & Sitting On UR Azz – Do Sumthin Now!

Today (actually yesterday) was one of my usual days.

I went to Washington Park. I jogged. I was very proud of myself because I ran 7.51 miles, about two and a half months after being exposed to the Coronavirus. I feel like I’m living my truth. I’m actually living and experiencing what I claim about Coronavirus, Health, and Devirusizing. I had no problems. I actually ran an 8:24 mile, which for a 60-year-old man.

But what was different on this day is, obviously my having thoughts on the coronavirus, and recent police killings and police brutality against blacks.  I’m a black male, so I’m sort of like enemy number one to the world.

20200529_124418I noticed a bunch of policemen in the park and I wondered, what are they doing? They were handing out something. I didn’t know what they were handing out. Later found out they offering Denver Police Department stickers.  I guess they were doing like a little PR or something in light of their reputation.

On this run, two things became clearer to me.  I had a few epiphanies on this day and I want to share them with you, especially after attending the George Floyd protest march and rally in Denver, Colorado, USA. Continue reading “Black People – U Sustain Racism 2! – Change Requires More Than Just Talk, Posting, Scriptures & Sitting On UR Azz – Do Sumthin Now!”

Liberal White People – U Perpetuate Systematic Racism & May Not Realize It – I’ll Tell U How U Do – Ending Black Racism Goes Beyond Just Being Nice

We have a problem. And I say ‘We’ with a capital ‘W’ because all of us must own the problem of racism. We must resolve it before it destroys us.

This post may cause me to lose White followers and friends, especially those who identify as Liberal. They perpetuate institutionalized racism, and may not realize it. They perpetuate it simply by believing that the problem of racism is only about how you treat people.

But racism is institutionalized, and their kindness, though well-intentioned, ignores and perpetuates this vile stigma on society.

At the expense of losing many fine and well-meaning people, I am compelled to explain why White Liberals hold a large responsibility to change the inhumanity of racism.

Surely, there are other roles to fill, namely, Blacks and other minorities must clean their own houses too. Within our tribes, we must stop demonizing and killing each other. But they are just a minority of the folks who perpetuate racism in their performances and statements that the media picks up like vultures to make the images go viral.

Photo – Shamim Nakhaei-

We have the ear of White Liberals since they do show some compassion toward equality and equity. They are just a bit misguided and perhaps deceived on what racism is and how to eradicate it.

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Calling All New Orleanians – It Is Gumbo Season! – Filé Gumbo Is In The Air

“Humility is the solid foundation of all virtues.” – Confucius

Just as in Thanksgiving kicking off the mirliton season, the Christmas holidays kick off the gumbo season in New Orleans, especially for Black Creole families.

Mirliton is also referred to as chayote squash.  It is a summer squash that has a taste of melon and pecan.  During the holidays traditional creole families half, boil, scrape the fiber out of the shell, thensauté it with onion, garlic, bell pepper, celery, parsley, and spices, then adding Italian breadcrumbs, ham, and shrimp.  We then stuff the mixture into the hollow mirliton shells and bake, topped with butter.  This is very delicious and one of my all-time favorite Creole dishes.  

Gumbo is New Orleans’ most popular dish.  This is a traditional meal all over the state of Louisiana but is especially popular among black families, especially roles.  The ingredients may vary from family to family, neighborhood to neighborhood, and in various parts of the state.  But we do tend to agree that either the gumbo is going to be filé Gumbo or Okra Gumbo.

Filé Gumbo is thickened by filé (dried and ground sassafras leaves) and pan-roasted flour, called a roux.  Okra Gumbo is more popular among roles.  It obviously contains okra, tomatoes, ham, shrimp, and crab, but typically does not contain the variety of ingredients that file gumbo does.

Gumbo is New Orleans’s melting pot dish.  The name is derived from a West African word for okra.  Filé comes from the Choctaw NativeAmerican Indians.  And roux is a much darker version of the French sauce base.

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Gumbo in the Air (Part 1)

May 19, 2018

“Humility is the solid foundation of all virtues.” – Confucius

Gumbo in the Air (Part 1) – In memory of my dear mother – 10/2/1918 – 5/14/2014

She and our close-knit family knew when the first cold draft blew through the floorboards of her historic home, gumbo season had arrived. Though a modest home, you could sense from the gallery-side rose garden that she kept, the hallway piano and furniture aligned with photos of grandchildren, to the floors clean enough to eat from, her home and family reigned supreme, even above herself. She delighted now in beginning to prepare the season’s first Creole file gumbo. With the opportunity for her to illuminate much brighter stolen from her as a domestic servant, she gladly surrendered to servitude to please everyone, especially her family. She had surrendered and accepted her humble station in life with pride.

Eunice had a hard life but somehow sustained through unimaginable challenges. Her Black Catholic faith gave her determination and kept her going. Having endured through the black plague as a child, the Great Depression, the birth of 11 children, the death of 2, as well as, marriage to my violent and alcoholic father, she proudly told her survival stories as family members attentively listened. With certainty this occurred as she worked on one of her many tedious seasonal projects, such as when preparing crayfish bisque, washing and changing curtains on her home’s 35 windows, and at gumbo time.

Though she led most work on these major undertakings, she made use of having such a large family, and carefully took advantage of the free labor, but only on simple tasks. Maybe tasks like peeling shrimp, but never deveining them. Chopping the ‘holy trinity’ seasoning (onion, celery, and bell pepper), but never browning the roux. There were details in this recipe that only she knew how to ‘do right’. As kids, she told us many times that if she wanted something ‘done right’ she’d do it her damn self. We would hear this line often, especially when we didn’t make our beds to perfection.

A feisty woman with passions for Catholic saints, especially for St. Anthony, ‘for he’s never failed her’, hard work, and her gumbo recipe. Though her determination seemed special, she was not the only one. Many humble New Orleans Creole women also felt the gumbo breeze of each season.

Before surrendering her passion for preparing gumbo to old age and frailty, she once again prepared this culinary delight to the attraction of her family, friends, and neighbors for weeks to come. She grew up during The Depression and told stories to us as she went through this methodical and lengthy process. At a vibrant 80 years young, she had prepared nearly 150 batches. I calculated it for she prepared gumbo only at Thanksgiving, Christmas, and perhaps on one additional special Sunday, say for a birthday or even for a funeral. …About 3-4 times a year. She started cooking at age 10. Now you do the math.

She actually started preparing the dish months in advance, storing ham bones, turkey parts, crabs, and shrimp in preparation for this day. She never bought the frozen seafood, no siree! She only used the fresh shrimp from the fisherman on the side of Claiborne Avenue, where most black mothers did bargain shopping at neighborhood meat, super, and dollar store markets. Sometimes when the timing synchronized, the Seafood man or ‘Okra Man’ rode through the impoverished Uptown neighborhood in an old pickup and parked it on a corner with his wares to sell. From his megaphone he shouted, “I got, Okra, Blue Crabs, Shrimp, and anything else gumbo, which is nearly everything, until Eunice and many black mothers sent their kids out to the street corner to get a pound of ‘this or that’.

She carefully pulled bite-sized meat from thawed carcasses and placed them in bowls, boiling the bones for broth. Shrimps and crabs were cleaned and prepared, but put in the fridge, for they were added last. She used to add oysters but stopped altogether because they could spoil the gumbo, not allowing her to freeze some for future Sunday dinner surprises. Frugality ran through her veins. She did not believe in waste. She knew how to stretch a dollar; she could ‘make it holla’ too.

We had limited tasks to perform, such as bringing items to her or cleaning up after her, and of course eating 2-3 bowls when ready. By the time Eunice brought all the preparation together, bowls covered the kitchen table and inside the fridge. With the ‘trinity’, seafood, chopped meats, sausages, broths all prepped, she stood over the stove with a cup of all-purpose flour in her hand aimed and ready to start the roux.

As the roux browned everyone took a bit of a breather, namely her. We all knew that after the roux, broth, spices, and other ingredients were combined, the gumbo would make itself, and only required stirring and an attentive eye on the stove. We could not mistake the nutty smell of roux browning to the color of perfection. That smell signaled to me, and the rest of the household, that we could go out and play. To her, it called her to the next domestic chore, likely already in the making. She would say, ‘a man can work from sun to sun, but a woman’s work is never done.’ Her work never seemed to end.

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