I Am Pissed! – To A Very High Level of Pisstivity

I’m pissed! I’m upset. I’m a bit angry. And I feel that I have every right to be.

I hope you can hear it in my voice. What I’m angry about is Black inequality and Black inequity. The way that Blacks have been treated in this country. It’s not fair. It’s not about morals. It’s not about God. It’s not about humanity. A

And this shit must stop. We must be made whole. We must honor our Constitution. We must honor God. We must honor humanity and Black people.

Most Black people piss me off. You should be angry like me. Some of you talk a good game and some of you even do things that appear to be helpful. But there are very few that are trying to uplift the spirits of our brothers and sisters, enable them to move forward. Most of your help is to make their poverty comfortable. Government cheese, food pantries, etc.

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SHARE – 10 Reasons Why Joe Biden Choosing Barack Obama As VP Would Be A Pimp-Ass Move – It’s Legal & Constitutional – Practical Too!

I am registered with Joe Biden’s campaign headquarters and therefore receive text messages and emails multiple times daily.

Today I realized that the messages and ads seem to flaunt Barack Obama more than in prior months. It makes sense. Though Barack is not running, “The Lobster” has made his campaign and administration about undoing Obama’s accomplishments and continually generates absurd conspiracies about him.

Obama was relatively low-key about “The Lobster’s” comments and only on occasion made public comments about him. But in recent commencement ceremonies and media appearances, Obama has been more vocal and critical, relative to “The Lobster’s” rhetoric.

It was clear that Barack would not stay out of this race for long. He laid low for a while but eventually heard duty calling and decided to step into the race to unify the Democratic party in hopes of securing the election. He is the person that nearly all party members view as the surrogate with the power to bring in the spirit of unity.

Photo - MSNBC

A few months ago Barack put his superpowers on full display when he endorsed Joe Biden, and praised Bernie (and his Millennial followers). He brought harmony to troubled relationships among the other presidential candidates, getting them to all bow out of the race to unite the party.

Though the Democratic party has internal differences, they are not stronger than their desire to put “The Lobster” in a boiling pot of water, like New Orleans crawfish. This endorsement dug Obama further in the race to beat, ‘what’s his name’. Now he is in it to win it, whether as an official candidate, or Messiah. This race, either way, is between “The Lobster” and Barack Obama.

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