If U Cared For UR Mother & Now She Is Gone – U Will Like This Post – If U Neglected Her or Conspired To – Go To Hell!

I finished this poem this morning while sitting on the grass in a park, reflecting.  I was Grounding in multiple ways.

I translated the poem in various languages based on website views, by country.   I used Google Translate to convert it from English.  Please let me know if the translation is correct, in any language.

I love my mother very much, in any language.

I wrote the poem in this post on my smartphone so there isn’t much glitz and glamor to offer. 

I don’t expect those who were not willing to be caregivers for their mother to understand why 6 years after my mother transcended, I continue to worship her like she is still here. 

I certainly don’t expect my fake-faithful siblings, family members, and New Orleans’ Metro non-profit deviously-operated senior agencies to appreciate this post.  This is not for them.  But, there is a slight possibility that one or two may be reflective on their deeds and surrender their sins against their mother (or someone else’s) to God.

They have the freedom to not receive these messages by asking me to not send them my post, or they can just ignore them.  Lately, they’ve said nothing and believe in their imaginary innocence. …for six years now.

This post is for those who really love their mothers, who cared for them in their final days, as I did with honor.  This is for those same beautiful children of God who believe that their mother is still with them, protecting and watching over them.

As for the other losers, who neglected their mother when she was near death, for greed, power, or resentment, or those who were complicit in the sabotage of a frail mother’s well-being, may you enjoy your day in hell.  You will meet a lot of your relatives and friends there.   

I am sure that my siblings, family members, and New Orleans agencies that participated in the Terror Against The Caregiver (Me or You) are destined for hell, if not already there on Earth.

I cannot see or talk directly to my mother today.  For that, I have no regrets.  She’s left me with a lot of fond memories.  I can feel her spirit in me, and around me. 

I believe that only those who have shown God’s love to their mothers, when they were frail and dying, get to gain such access to their spirit when they become Guardian Angels, as my mother did.  She was born on October 2, 1918, the day of the Feast of the Guardian Angels day

Thanks, Lil Eunice for granting me access to your spirit.  Thanks for your guidance and protection.  Thanks, God for allowing me to access you, through my dear Lil Eunice!

As for the ungodly ones, in my family circle, and outside of it, I hope it pains you, not having such access, but instead, having access to the pain you caused her before she ascended to heaven. 

I am not being cruel.  Everyone must pay someday for their deeds, I included. 

They too, however, do have access to God, but only in Truth & Surrender to his Truth.  May they open that door, I pray.

…May they change their wicked ways.  Ironically many of my siblings are mothers.  With regard to those for whom this post resonates, I am sure that your caregiving antagonizers are mothers too.  In fact, nearly all of my only siblings that remain on Earth today are mothers.  They all had a mother, a beautifully spiritual and strong one.   Their day of reckoning shall come. 

There is nothing that I must do to facilitate their future or present crisis moment.  God has got that covered.  I only need to remain Truthful and Faithful.  That I am.   Continue reading “If U Cared For UR Mother & Now She Is Gone – U Will Like This Post – If U Neglected Her or Conspired To – Go To Hell!”

The Law of Giving & Receiving – Notice No “S” – It’s One Law With 2 Parts – We Have 1 Hand For Giving & 1 Hand For Receiving – We Must Use Both Hands To Get The Law Right! – Let Me Explain

This post is on the Spiritual Law of Giving & Receiving, taken from Deepak Chopra’s book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, that I read over 20 years ago.

The principles presented in this short book are as dear to me as are the bible’s principles. I have distributed copies of this book to others around the world. I live by all seven of its principles.

If you read this book (less than 90 pages), you can get a good idea as to how my spiritual mind works. You will see its principles reflected in my posts and opinions. It is reflected in how I live. It especially influences how I give. It includes a chapter devoted to Giving & Receiving on which I will explain in this post.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

Deepak’s book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success was very instrumental in my spiritual transformation. It explains spiritual principles in multi-metaphysical dimensions. It presents spirituality scientifically, astrologically, psychologically, emotionally, and practically, while I perceive the bible as not being as multidimensional. The book does not contradict the bible, though, it expands it. Every principle can be associated with biblical principles. I suggest that you read it as I have many times.

I have wanted to write this post for months now, but could not muster up the creative energy to do so. I may appear to have it all together, based on the content that I create, but I have flaws and bad days just like everyone else. I practice and passionately believe wholeheartedly in the perspectives I share, but that does not mean that I do not experience seasons in my life like everyone else.

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Why Are ‘We’ So Loud? – U Know Who’s ‘We’ – Us! – 10 Reasons Why I’m Loud & Common – Other Reasons Why ‘We’ Annoy Other Races

This post was a lot of fun, for me. It digs into the controversy of why Whites are annoyed by Blacks and vice versa.

Most people avoid discussing such touchy topics; I live for those discussions. I tend to gravitate to most things that ‘normal people’ avoid, even Black people. It’s because I’m a wise and knowledgeable man that knows that the root of most problems, especially systemic ones, lies in the touchy areas that we avoid. …the areas that strike nerves. I aim to strike nerves with this post, and provide a prelude to you to better understanding issues and planning your strategy for resolving them.

Many Whites are also annoyed by my discussions and views, as evidenced by several White former friends who ‘drop-kicked’ me because I expressed pure emotions on racial discrimination. I have others who subtly avoid me because they fear I may talk about racism. They make nice as though I don’t realize that they are skating around all the while.

Photo – Glodi Miessi – Unsplash

In preparing this post about things that annoy White people about Blacks, and vice versa, as I always do, I will give you plenty of my opinions, but I will also provide the opinion of others. You are encouraged (as always) to discuss touchy topics like these. Don’t be like former friends who avoided discussing racism to the extent of ending friendships. If we are ever going to make significant progress, we must deal directly with any pressing humanitarian issues, especially with racism. …Okay Boomers, do you understand? I’m one too.

I’ve had enough of the superficial bullshit of pretending to resolve racial issues, but being overly careful to be politically correct. And, I won’t tolerate it for the good of humanity. That is total smoke and mirrors.

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U Receive Blood Lab Reports On The Regular But Don’t Know What Da Hell They Mean – 5 Ways To Better Understand & Prepare For Blood Lab Reports

In this post, as with every post, I have done research in advance, in this case, on blood labs and how to interpret the results. I have also provided recommendations, supported by the medical community, and ones based on my personal experience. You should complement this information with your own experiences and research.

With today’s increasing concerns about health, I recommend that you read this detailed post, and when you are ready, I suggest that you review your last blood lab reports again to see if you understand them better. If not, you should at least be well-equipped to ask your doctors intelligent questions.

I am not a doctor, but I should not have to be to understand my own blood lab reports. They are given to me by my doctor, to assess my health status. But had I not done the research; I would not understand how to properly interpret the reports.

In my experiences, only by exception are doctors willing to spend extra time with me to explain the full report. Also, often I have to make a follow-up appointment just to speak with the doctor in detail about my blood test results, and that’s if they are willing to do so.

Years ago, as part of my ‘Urban-Holistic-Rasta-Metaphysics’ approach to health, I felt that it was my responsibility to understand the reports, how seriously to take its results, and what things to do to ensure accurate tests in the future.

Too often the results were given to me as vital health information but often were never explained. I did not know what the various measurements meant, beyond the information I received about those numbers which were outside of ‘normal ranges’. Hell, they didn’t really explain what ‘normal ranges’ meant.

We are not adequately advised on how to prepare for our blood test to ensure that the results are not skewed by our lifestyle and habits days or hours prior to taking the tests. We are told to fast for lipid and glucose tests but are often unadvised on other factors that can skew blood results or cause false positives.

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SHARE – To Know More About African American Culture Start By Getting Jazzy – It Is Love Supreme! – One Step From Meditative New Age Music – Healthy Too!

This post is another mashup. The post is primarily about Jazz music.

I am sharing’s its history and variations as a way for you to become better acquainted with a major aspect of African American culture. It is a mashup because I have additional footage and photos of mural art to share and decided to create content using the images set to various styles of Jazz music. I also wanted to share poems that I wrote, as well as, poems from other poets, adding this all of this to jazz music of various tempos in a visually-enticing video.

As a result, this post is a mashup of Jazz Music, Mural Art & Poetry (by me and other poems from around the world). Not sure, but let’s see how this goes for you. Kevy

Before I go any further, I want to remind you that I am not immediately knowledgeable, off the top of my head, on all the topics on which I write.

I am inspired by life events, observations, relationships, family scenarios, web surfing, and National Public Radio (NPR) to create fresh content. In a sense, I provide a service with my posts. I perform the research, give my opinion, and provide you with references to do further research. You are always invited to respond and even share an entire post.

Though I am African American, and though I appreciate jazz music, I did not know as much about its history, variations, or health benefits until I did the research for this post. I learn something new with every post.

I grew up surrounded by jazz music in New Orleans as a child. My cousin was a DJ at a New Orleans jazz radio station WWOZ. I highly recommend that you download the app for 24 hours a day of free jazz music.

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Murals In Da House! – Denver’s Outdoor Art Galleries – Turn Up On This House Music Art Walk Mashup – Vibrant Artwork Blows Minds Like Mine

In my opinion, the city of Denver’s personality is very dynamically evolving before my eyes.

With the legalization of marijuana in 2013, the city is booming with new construction, progressive legislation, and appreciation for its natural beauty.  Nearly 39% of Denver’s population is under 30 years old.  The median age is 37 years!

Millennials really showed their true colors, passion, and creatively recently with the protests which are still active.  They let my old ass know who’s running the future, them!  The protests were filled with artists displaying their works.  Additionally, there were concurrent art festivals occurring, as the protests were going on in the background.  I have been changed by the art that I’ve seen.  I have an energized appreciation for, but not for art in a museum.  …Mural Art in the alleyways of the city. 

Prior to the coronavirus, I used to visit the Denver Museum of Art regularly.  Every first Saturday of the month it’s free.  Many of Colorado’s museums are free periodically throughout the year.  Due to the coronavirus, they are closed, without further notice.

Throughout the protest and pandemic, I have never been one to sit at home in fear, sickened by around-the-clock news.  I am still not regularly watching the news and am handling today’s crucial times optimistically.  I am out every day enjoying the scenes and sites of my beautiful city.

Photo – Juan Nino – Denver, Colorado, USA

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Share – A Salute To The Believer – I May Think Differently – But I’m A Believer Too

This post is simple.  All the effort was put into the poem and visuals.  As you know by now, I am still a novice videographer.  But someday I will be exquisite and well-known.

You see how that works.  I named and proclaimed my vision.
I can make such proclamations because I am a True Believer.

Photo – Jon Tyson

I continue believing even when no one in the room believes in me.  It does not bother me.  I love being the lone warrior.
Being on my own energizes me.  It’s just like someone telling me that I can’t do this or that.  I just tell them, “watch me“, though I am often clueless as to how.

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God’s Purpose For UR Life Is Imprinted On UR Heart – Deepak’s Spiritual Law of Dharma Shows U How To Discover UR True Self – UR True Purpose

In today’s turbulent times it would be prudent to go within to examine yourself.  There is something very beautifully unique about each of us that we must discover and share with the world.

Now is the time to calibrate our spirits, fine-tune our vibrations.  This is something over which we have complete control, unlike our uncertain future, given today’s racial protests and the coronavirus pandemic.

Tuning the spirit is the most that we can do to prepare ourselves for what may come, which is an unknown.  Though what awaits us is a mystery, we would be better prepared to rest on a strong identity of self and a fortified spiritual foundation than not.

I am basking in the joy of having elevated my spirit years ago.  During today’s Racial Revolution and COVID19 pandemic, I have not been fearful.  In fact, my creativity and energy have been elevated, as well.  For me, it is an exciting time.  In contrast, I see a correlation between those not in touch with their inner spirit and being fearful, worried, and physically unhealthy.

This post is based on the principles in the book The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, by Deepak Chopra.  Today we focus on the Spiritual Law of Dharma.  Dharma is your purpose in life.  This law requires that we find life’s purpose for the spiritual embryo within ourselves and pursue it with vigor.

When I first reintroduced the Seven Spiritual Laws series, I adapted it for the crisis of the day, which was only the coronavirus pandemic.  I only covered one of the spiritual laws so far, The Law of Detachment.  I took the liberty of rearranging the order of Deepak Chopra’s laws because they work in order, individually and in mixed order when you practice them regularly.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success Continue reading “God’s Purpose For UR Life Is Imprinted On UR Heart – Deepak’s Spiritual Law of Dharma Shows U How To Discover UR True Self – UR True Purpose”

SHARE – 10 Reasons Why Joe Biden Choosing Barack Obama As VP Would Be A Pimp-Ass Move – It’s Legal & Constitutional – Practical Too!

I am registered with Joe Biden’s campaign headquarters and therefore receive text messages and emails multiple times daily.

Today I realized that the messages and ads seem to flaunt Barack Obama more than in prior months. It makes sense. Though Barack is not running, “The Lobster” has made his campaign and administration about undoing Obama’s accomplishments and continually generates absurd conspiracies about him.

Obama was relatively low-key about “The Lobster’s” comments and only on occasion made public comments about him. But in recent commencement ceremonies and media appearances, Obama has been more vocal and critical, relative to “The Lobster’s” rhetoric.

It was clear that Barack would not stay out of this race for long. He laid low for a while but eventually heard duty calling and decided to step into the race to unify the Democratic party in hopes of securing the election. He is the person that nearly all party members view as the surrogate with the power to bring in the spirit of unity.

Photo - MSNBC

A few months ago Barack put his superpowers on full display when he endorsed Joe Biden, and praised Bernie (and his Millennial followers). He brought harmony to troubled relationships among the other presidential candidates, getting them to all bow out of the race to unite the party.

Though the Democratic party has internal differences, they are not stronger than their desire to put “The Lobster” in a boiling pot of water, like New Orleans crawfish. This endorsement dug Obama further in the race to beat, ‘what’s his name’. Now he is in it to win it, whether as an official candidate, or Messiah. This race, either way, is between “The Lobster” and Barack Obama.

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Today’s That Day – Juneteenth 2020 – Whatzup Wit Dat? – What Makes Denver Colorado’s Celebration So Special – The Mural Art Show Makes It Mo Betta

I was aware of the history of Juneteenth, but not until recent years.  That’s important to note for a few reasons. 

First, I want to make it clear to non-African Americans, as you may be actively trying to “relate” to the Black experience during Revolution 2020, that it is not only you who must become familiar with African American history, some Blacks are foreign to much of it as well. 


Secondly, Juneteenth may not be familiar to many Blacks (and most Americans) simply because, though it is a part of American History, it is really a direct part of Texas’ history. 

Its relevance may not be as appreciated by states other than Texas.  But during current times this celebration is becoming increasingly more important.  There are demands to make Juneteenth a national holiday in honor of African American slaves gaining freedom. Continue reading “Today’s That Day – Juneteenth 2020 – Whatzup Wit Dat? – What Makes Denver Colorado’s Celebration So Special – The Mural Art Show Makes It Mo Betta”

News On Corona Or The So-Called Riots – Will Get U ‘Stuck On Stupid’ – Corona Isn’t Affecting That Many – Protests Are A Love Fest – 9 Inspiring Things I Observed At The Revolution That Media Hides

News Is Misleading Many

The news media can be deceptive, in general.  It has been for a long time and will continue, given its eternal conflict between truth, and beholding to advertisers and government regulations.

They are not thoroughly presenting the protest rallies as they are actually occurring.  They are demonizing protesters at worse, or are not revealing how united and caring participants are, at the very least.

Rodney King Weaved In With BLM Violent Protests And Looting Rock Cities On The West Coast TODAY_Moment
Photo NBC News – Rodney King Footage Weaved In With BLM ent Protests

Protesters are unlike they are being perceived by the media, The Lobster’s administration, and those who subscribe to their stories, without doing any investigation.  For example,  I’ve attended over 10 protest rallies in the past two weeks.  I shed tears of joy and was inspired every time I saw how warm, passionate, creative, and ingenious the mainly Millennial protesters are.

The same is being done with the coronavirus.  I am not implying that COVID19 is not dangerous.  It is certainly more dangerous to some, more than others.  That says more about those individuals’ health status and lifestyle more than it says about the danger of the virus itself.

But being exposed to the coronavirus is usually not fatal, though.  Continue reading “News On Corona Or The So-Called Riots – Will Get U ‘Stuck On Stupid’ – Corona Isn’t Affecting That Many – Protests Are A Love Fest – 9 Inspiring Things I Observed At The Revolution That Media Hides”

Revolution 2020 – Ingredients For A Savory Pot of Rebellion Gumbo – 10 Key Ingredients For Today’s Boiling Pot Revolution

I consider myself to be rather introspective. I spend a great of time analyzing life and Life Seasons daily. I’m constantly searching for a deeper meaning. Sometimes it gets me in trouble, particularly when helping people, thinking that my service is a calling when it ends up becoming a curse.

Obviously, as an African American, I have been doing a lot of self-soul-searching and searching the soul of America, and the world. …The Joe Biden way. I’ve examined myself, friends, family strangers, and “leaders” to draw my own conclusions. I also do quite a bit of research to support my conclusions. I compliment my understanding with my spirituality, fortified through regular prayer and meditation. It is the best that I can do. I may still not always obtain the truth, but at least I don’t take any dish served to me without interrogation.

In this post, I thoughtfully examine why we are in Revolution 2020, right now. I’ll get all introspective with it too.

I have listed all of the ingredients that I believe contribute to today’s outrage. Some of my findings are strictly opinionated. But most are supported by fact and commonly accepted morals and beliefs. Common sense enters the room too in this evaluation.

I find that the fixings that created such an unprecedented outrage around the world were the perfect components for creating the toxic soup in which we now boil.

The New Orleans in me led me to see this recipe for Revolution 2020 as a metaphor for the ingredients that go into the perfect pot of New Orleans Creole gumbo. I included a reliable recipe at the end of this post. Remember, I am a New Orleans River Rat. I grew up 2 blocks from the river Tchoupitoulas Street
Tchoupitoulas Pronunciation

Photo - Leftover Turkey Gumbo - Amy In The Kitchen
Photo – Leftover Turkey Gumbo – Amy In The Kitchen

Like gumbo, adding only the right ingredients, letting them stew for hours, makes it pop.

America and the rest of the world have been stewing too, in a boiling pot of disparity, racism, and disregard for humanity. Adding George Floyd’s killing to the pot of other ingredients is now making this rebellion gumbo boil over.

“Revolution 2020 is an appropriate name because it is in this year 2020 that the world’s vision of humanity will become crystal clear to everyone”. – Kevy

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White Liberal Boomers – ‘White Silence’ Is Unacceptable In Revolution 2020 –Take Firm Action On Racism – ‘Feelings R Not Enough! – 5 Tips For White Liberal Boomers Based On Experience With Annie

White people, all people, prepare yourself for making significant changes in your approach to racism, Liberal White people especially. The world is fed-up! We’ve had enough! White Silence won’t work in the state we’re in today. We’re in the midst of a revolution.

It’s time for you to “get off the pot or shit”, a New Orleans saying. “Shit or get off the pot” – Make a decision. This phrase is most commonly used towards a person or group whom the speaker feels are behaving indecisively. Often occurs in tense situations where the speaker believes a quick decision is necessary or urgent. Sometimes delivered as life advice.” – Urban Dictionary – Deome June 24, 2015

Photo - Gallup Poll
Photo – Gallup Poll

White Liberal Boomers are at a fork in the road and must choose a side. They can no longer ride the middle line as they have for years.

A tsunami of change is already here, and they will be most negatively impacted and left behind if they continue to surf the wave of indifferent, with little action. They can no longer remain neutral, indifferent, or impassionate on racism. They will be held accountable in the aftermath.

If they do not change their ways, they may lose friends, as I lost my friend Annie, their peace of mind, morality will trouble them, and they will be criticized for their inaction, “when shit hits the fan”. Well…Shit has hit the fan!

I just lost my White Liberal Boomer friend Annie last week. Change is happening within our circles and in those around us.

“When your conscience begins to bother you about your past actions, that’s your Soul wanting you to wake up.”Andrea de Michaelis – Creating my own reality, one thought at a time

Another way of this statement is, White Liberals walk your talk. Stand up for the principals to which you have professed for years!

Photo – Kevy Michaels

There are many reasons why I feel this way, but let’s first look at population numbers to gain a greater perspective.

I direct the statements above specifically to White Liberal Boomers (Born between 1944 and 1964 (approximately, don’t try to escape), currently between 56-76 years old – 76 million in the U.S. (or so)Kasasa) because Generations X, Y, and Z are already on board and navigating this Revolution 2020. The Millennials are the ones igniting it. I admire their courage and determination. They won’t be stopped because it’s their future that they are fighting for in addition to fighting against racism.

I was told yesterday at a rally, by a young gay HIV-infected protester, “I know that it’s risky to protest with corona and all, but standing up against police violence and discrimination against Blacks is too important to ignore.”

At rallies this week, as I filmed tens of thousands of protestors, I had an epiphany that these young ‘rebel rouser’ are our future leaders. They dominate the population and demand change. …Look…

Video – Kevy Michaels

White Silence = Black Racial Violence – Jun 10, 2020 – Kevy Michaels

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The Legacy of Slavery in the US – Coloradopoet – Guest Blogger – I’m Excited To Hear Coloradopoet Share Her Perspective

I am exhausted physically and emotionally but continue to participate in rallies with the Black Lives Matter Revolution. 

I’ve cried often, both in joy and sorrow, lost my voice a few times, and have felt intense anger.  I’ve spent 9 days and nights at protests, rallies, and marches.  I have, as have nearly each of 10’s of thousands of participants in Denver, Colorado, USA, protested nonviolently.

I lost a white friend (Annie) who was infuriated by my expression of emotions about “white people” after I  repeatedly watched the George Floyd crucifixion to prepare the video Black People – All People Just Want To Live.  Her last words to me on the phone were ‘fuck you”, then she hung up. 

It’s like I went to an emotional amusement park, where only some of the rides are amusing.  But, I will return to blogging and vlogging this week as I regroup.

I am excited to share this post by Coloradopoet.  In the post-Black People – All People Just Want To Live, I invited others to share their perspectives on all things racial.  Coloradopoet answered.  I am hopeful that Coloradopoet will share more posts in the future.  I am hopeful that one day that you will be encouraged to share fresh or already published content, especially on racism.  Can we talk? 

Photo – Johannes Krupinski

We must not be like my friend Annie.  I will write about her in a coming post.

White people must not get so defensive and must be willing to talk about the realities of racism.  They must try to imagine how Blacks must feel in this revolution, then try to imagine again, on top of that.

Most of today’s Whites were born into the privilege of this hateful inhumanity, innocently.  Most of today’s Blacks were born into the barbarism and disparity of this hateful inhumanity, innocently.  But together we must change it, or it will destroy civilization as we ‘used to know it’.  It is not the same anymore.

I offer the warmest gratitude to Coloradopoet for choosing discussion and engagement, as opposed to denial and anger.  Kevy Continue reading “The Legacy of Slavery in the US – Coloradopoet – Guest Blogger – I’m Excited To Hear Coloradopoet Share Her Perspective”

People Just Want To Live! – We Should Feel Compelled To Do More Than Just Talk & Pray Or Get Out Of Way – The XYZ Revolution Is Here!

Here it is, in May of 2020 and my mind is confused.

I’m an educated black man. I’m a well-versed black man, and I know the feelings that I have are not wise. On one hand, I’m beginning to hate white people. I know that doesn’t make sense because there’s good and bad in every race. But I’m really beginning to hate white superiority and white indifference.

This is the reason that my mind is confused. It’s because I’m feeling opposing emotions at the same time.

I appreciate what I saw yesterday, the day before, and perhaps today at peaceful rallies against police killings. The majority of the participants were White, as well as other non-Black races. And, we all got along well as we fought for a common good cause. These were primarily young people. They hate White privilege, often to the dismay of family and friends, and they’re White! They were impressive too. They were kind and sincere in their concern and loyalty to the movement.


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Black People – U Sustain Racism 2! – Change Requires More Than Just Talk, Posting, Scriptures & Sitting On UR Azz – Do Sumthin Now!

Today (actually yesterday) was one of my usual days.

I went to Washington Park. I jogged. I was very proud of myself because I ran 7.51 miles, about two and a half months after being exposed to the Coronavirus. I feel like I’m living my truth. I’m actually living and experiencing what I claim about Coronavirus, Health, and Devirusizing. I had no problems. I actually ran an 8:24 mile, which for a 60-year-old man.

But what was different on this day is, obviously my having thoughts on the coronavirus, and recent police killings and police brutality against blacks.  I’m a black male, so I’m sort of like enemy number one to the world.

20200529_124418I noticed a bunch of policemen in the park and I wondered, what are they doing? They were handing out something. I didn’t know what they were handing out. Later found out they offering Denver Police Department stickers.  I guess they were doing like a little PR or something in light of their reputation.

On this run, two things became clearer to me.  I had a few epiphanies on this day and I want to share them with you, especially after attending the George Floyd protest march and rally in Denver, Colorado, USA. Continue reading “Black People – U Sustain Racism 2! – Change Requires More Than Just Talk, Posting, Scriptures & Sitting On UR Azz – Do Sumthin Now!”

Liberal White People – U Perpetuate Systematic Racism & May Not Realize It – I’ll Tell U How U Do – Ending Black Racism Goes Beyond Just Being Nice

We have a problem. And I say ‘We’ with a capital ‘W’ because all of us must own the problem of racism. We must resolve it before it destroys us.

This post may cause me to lose White followers and friends, especially those who identify as Liberal. They perpetuate institutionalized racism, and may not realize it. They perpetuate it simply by believing that the problem of racism is only about how you treat people.

But racism is institutionalized, and their kindness, though well-intentioned, ignores and perpetuates this vile stigma on society.

At the expense of losing many fine and well-meaning people, I am compelled to explain why White Liberals hold a large responsibility to change the inhumanity of racism.

Surely, there are other roles to fill, namely, Blacks and other minorities must clean their own houses too. Within our tribes, we must stop demonizing and killing each other. But they are just a minority of the folks who perpetuate racism in their performances and statements that the media picks up like vultures to make the images go viral.

Photo – Shamim Nakhaei-

We have the ear of White Liberals since they do show some compassion toward equality and equity. They are just a bit misguided and perhaps deceived on what racism is and how to eradicate it.

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In The Midst Of Fear & Worry This Just May Be UR Season – We Should Endure More Like Trees

“Spring passes and one remembers one’s innocence.
Summer passes and one remembers one’s exuberance.
Autumn passes and one remembers one’s reverence.
Winter passes and one remembers one’s perseverance.” Yoko Ono

“While the earth remaineth, seedtime and harvest, and cold and heat, and summer and winter, and day and night shall not cease” – Genesis 8:22

“If we had no winter, the spring would not be so pleasant: if we did not sometimes taste of adversity, prosperity would not be so welcome.”Anne Bradstreet, The Works of Anne Bradstreet
“1 To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose under the heaven:
2 A time to be born, and a time to die; a time to plant, and a time to pluck up that which is planted”Ecc 3:1-2

Coming to an understanding of how seasons work in my life has been one of my most profound discoveries.

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Deepak Don’t Throw Shade – I Just Gave UR 7 Spiritual Laws Swag! – Kevy’s 1st Law Of Detachment – The Corona Remix – Law On Not Letting Corona Freak U Out

“Action without attachment is the secret to a life without stress” – Deepak Chopra

I hope that Deepak doesn’t hate me for bastardizing the order and interpretation of the original Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.  Today I begin with the first of seven posts, one for each law. 

This post is on ‘my first’ law, The Law of Detachment.

I say ‘my first law’ because, this is not Deepak’s first law.  I chose the Law of Detachment first because it highlights a key virtue for enduring through the Coronavirus pandemic.  It is expressed in the quote above, being detached from outcomes, is the key to living a stress-free life.  With regard to the pandemic, we should simply trust God and be unattached to fear and worry about what will happen.  That is the Lord’s job, not ours.  The other six laws are equally important, but not as the first law, in my opinion.

I don’t believe that Deepak will be upset with me bedazzling the principles.  Hating is not his nature.  Besides, in this small life-transforming book Deepak asks readers to share the seven principles with others.  I am doing so now with you.

The Seven Spiritual Laws of SuccessDeepak Chopra’s book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, resonated with me so well that I took heed to each of the laws as I started implementing them in my life over 20 years ago. I was so astonished by these simple laws of living, that I shared the “good news” with everyone who I felt would be receptive.

I’ve given copies of the book in Costa Rica, South Africa, Europe, and other countries, including here in the States. I’ve given the book to friends, family, and complete strangers, in person, and through the blog and on social media.

Needless to say, I am all but evangelically about the message in this less than a 100-page book. Continue reading “Deepak Don’t Throw Shade – I Just Gave UR 7 Spiritual Laws Swag! – Kevy’s 1st Law Of Detachment – The Corona Remix – Law On Not Letting Corona Freak U Out”

Lard Today, Grease Tomorrow! – Devirusize With Cooking Oils – 6 Ways To Evaluate Good & Bad Oils – Don’t Restock UR Oils Until U Read This!

The Devirusize posts are meant to reduce your chances of becoming ill from viruses and other pathogens. This is the third installment and it is on the oil that we consume in our diets.

In the first two posts, I presented the importance of the Sun, and Water and how it impacts our health and immunity. In this post, I present the importance of the quality of the oils that we consume.

Prior Devirusize Posts

  1. Devirusize – A New Word I Created – Protect Urself From Viruses
  2. “De-virusize” Using Da Lightbulb In The Sky – The Sun, Son! – Devirusize UR Health With Da Sun!
  3. De-Virusize With Water – Who Would A Thunk Dat Water Heals – De-Virusize Immunity With God’s Healing Waters

Oils have gotten a bomb rap from misinformation. Most of the misinformation is intended to boost corporate profits, product unnatural shelf life, and to sustain mass processed food production.

I hope to dispel rumors and urban legends about oils, the first of which is that all oils that we consume are bad. All oils or fats are not bad. We must consume certain in our diet because the body cannot produce them.

I am eager to also dispel that canola oil is not good. It’s trash for the body, due to all the techniques and chemicals used to refine it. Lard is better than canola, of course, when used modestly.

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Bluesy Praise Gospel Music Of The Canton Spirituals & I’m Not Uneasy About Dem Singing About ‘That Name’ Either

Who would have thought that one of my favorite gospel groups is the Canton Spirituals?  …Sam Cooke and the Soul Stirrers too. 

I guess I’m mixed-up that way, raised Catholic, don’t know the bible like my ABC’s, I’m not religious, but I’m spiritual, and I love the Canton Spirituals.  Let me try to explain.

I don’t know which reason prevails in my attraction to the good gospel music of the Canton Spirituals.

I know that since its Southern Gospel it appeals to me, off the back  I am from South Louisiana.  It also appeals to me because the group presents gospel music in a bluesy kind of way.  I get the blues too.  The songs tell stories of trials on Life’s Road and achieving victory through faith. Continue reading “Bluesy Praise Gospel Music Of The Canton Spirituals & I’m Not Uneasy About Dem Singing About ‘That Name’ Either”

My Mother’s Body Expired Yesterday – My Heart Was Ignited By Her Spirit – Caregivers & Empaths Will Understand Why I Am Not Sad

This post is a bit of a test.  I used Artificial Intelligence (AI) to prepare it because I needed it to be published on May 14th.

My true feelings are reflected in the post, but I needed to get this post out quickly before the day ended, so I used a bit of assistance.  Unfortunately and it is 1:00 am and I am still putting the finishing touches on this post and a rushed video.

Unlike many people, I embrace technology, simply because I cannot stop it.  I do my best to avoid its pitfalls while milking its benefits to reach others around the world, in a way unimaginable just a few years ago.

I used the Samsung Smartphone Voice Recorder’s speech to text feature to prepared this post.

It allowed me to capture thoughts and feelings, as they were occurring.  It converted my voice into words, based on how clearly I spoke.  It worked impressively well considering that it rained and hailed as I recorded while driving.

I used this audio for the attached video.  I used the text to record in my studio additional comments.  I can see many ways that we can embrace technology and AI, in particular, to propagate and fulfill our mission.

Wikipedia Mount_Olivet_Cemetery_Wheat_Ridge_sign
Photo – Wikipedia

Yesterday was a very special day.  May 14th is the day when my mother’s body died and was returned to the Earth as an offering to the continuous cycle of life. Continue reading “My Mother’s Body Expired Yesterday – My Heart Was Ignited By Her Spirit – Caregivers & Empaths Will Understand Why I Am Not Sad”

“Love Is Starving For Itself” – It Needs Love Today! – Send URs Right Away – Hate’s Going ‘Round – So Don’t Delay

I believe that God inspired my thought to post about Love today.  I am not being as self-important as this may sound. 

Most people do believe that God created the universe.  We may differ on exactly who God is, or if the name is really God, but most of us agree that man did not create the universe.  That is outstanding that most of us can surrender our egos to a higher power.

Most believe that some entity, character, energy, spirit, or vibration created the universe, and therefore created us.

So, if “God” created us, and if we believe in “God”, then we must believe that “God” guides us, inspires us, sends us messages and visions.

God sent me a vision to create this post.  It occurred, as it usually does when I was jogging the other day.  I listened to Stevie Wonder’s album Songs In The Key Of Life.  I was mesmerized by the song Love’s In Need of Love Today.  I was in awe over all of the songs on this album, but especially this song.

 “Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” – Lao Tzu

The lyrics and artistry deliver a compelling-needed message, in a most bone-chilling way.  I am sure that God gives Stevie Wonder such visions too.  Stevie said himself, on one of the video performances below the “Love is starving for itself”.  I liked it so much, I used in the title.

Love is starving for attention.  Fear, panic, and uncertainty is causing hate to go ‘round, breaking many hearts.  And, we must stop this, before it’s gone too far!    Continue reading ““Love Is Starving For Itself” – It Needs Love Today! – Send URs Right Away – Hate’s Going ‘Round – So Don’t Delay”

Mothers Are To Be Loved & Honored – They Have A Special Connection With God – How Else Could The Miracle Of Birth Occur?

This is what I call a freehand post. This is why I am posting it so late into the morning.

I am just typing it onto the webpage as thoughts come to mind. I did not have time to prepare for this post because I have been reflecting on my mother so intensely.

I was so focused on saying the right words that I just could not pull it together.

So, here I am on the morning of Mother’s Day, without a clue as to what to say. I am adlibbing y’all.

Photo – Kelly Sikkema

Mother’s Day, my mother’s birthday, and the day of her passing are always very introspective. I appreciate the beauty of having 3 official days on the calendar to reflect on how much I love my mother, the wisdom she passed on to me, and how much she loves me.

Sometimes I want to be apologetic about the closeness of our relationship, relative to my siblings, but I have nothing to apologize about. I simply loved her very much, and she had unshakable love and trust for me, entrusting me with solely caring for her, in the final 4+ years of her illustrious life.

I know that it is not good to think of mothers having favorites, but I may have been hers. She is certainly “my favorite girl in the world”.

I was her favorite namely because I was given additional pampering as an infant to compensate for my father dying when I was 8 months old. Those early years were formative because they cast an impenetrable bond between us.

Later, I would show my appreciation by treating her like a queen all of my adult life. Eventually, it was as if I was her mother because I cared for her until she transitioned at the ripe age of 96.

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Corona We Know Whatz Bad – So Whatz Good? – The Positive Side Of The Coronavirus – There’s Always Something Good

I have come to learn that nothing is totally bad in life.  This belief even applies to the Coronavirus.  I will show you its positive sides in a list of good things that will ultimately result from us enduring through this pandemic. 

We tend to see only the negative aspects of challenges because that is what we are dealing with in the present moment.  We have become accustomed not to expect the positive aspect, though it is inevitable.  We don’t see anything positive because we do not look beyond the surface.

But based on my life experiences, often my worse trials and challenges resulted in unforeseen good, which was ultimately realized many years later. 

  • Being very ill made me more conscious about taking better care of my health and lifestyle.
  • Being an insecure people-pleaser for years, through disappointment and pain, lead me to confidence, better self-worth, and self-love.
  • Losing nearly all of my material possessions, becoming bankrupt to care for my elderly mother, humbled me. Now I need less, have less, and am happier.

Experiences like these are what changed how I evaluate trials.  I am constantly looking for the good in bad or good situations.

“Any kind of crisis can be good. It wakes you up.” – Ryan Reynolds

God really is good, all the time. 

If you look for a silver lining in every situation, it will be there.  I believe that exemplifies the belief that God’s understanding is mightier than ours.  The infinity of God’s understanding goes far beyond whatever negative emotions that we may experience at the time.

“Great is our Lord, and mighty in power; His understanding is infinite.” – Psalm 147:5 – NKJV

We often focus on what we experience in the present never realizing that present pain ultimately leads to reward, discernment, and joy someday in the future.  Today’s rain will lead to blooming flowers. Continue reading “Corona We Know Whatz Bad – So Whatz Good? – The Positive Side Of The Coronavirus – There’s Always Something Good”

De-Virusize With Water – Who Would A Thunk Dat Water Heals – De-Virusize Immunity With God’s Healing Waters

The Devirusize posts are meant to reduce your chances of becoming ill from viruses and other pathogens.

In the last, and first post, I presented the importance of the Sun, and how it affects your health and immunity. The Sun can be a double-edged sword. It offers magnificent health benefits but can damage your health if we are not safe and prudent, while in the sun.

In this post, the second of the Devirusize series, I present the importance of water consumption, relative to your health. Everyone knows that drinking water benefits their health. Even I was surprised at all of the health benefits of water. Most of them, I knew about, but some I did not.

As with the Sun, too much water can harm you. I have had an experience, while caring for my elderly mother, with the harmful effects of drinking too much water. But this threat is not as likely or severe as harm from getting too much Sun.

I have written other posts on the health benefits of water. They are listed at the bottom of this post. I used very little material from those articles so that I would find updated information and research.

This post, along with the two prior ones will keep you busy for a while. It covers a lot of ground, therefore I leaned towards providing information in bullets. You may click on the links for greater details contained in research studies, articles, and videos. Kevy

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All Of This From Bob Marley Is Amazing! – Ziggy – Cedella – Damian – Stephen – Karen – Ky-Mani – Skip – Julian – Rohan – And Changing The World, On The Side

This post is dedicated to the legacy of Bob Marley.  …And the one that his children are creating today.

Bob Marley’s legacy is timeless and still resonates around the world.  That’s what some would refer to as a ‘baller’.  He lives on, even after his death.  His life-energy is stronger today than it was when he was here in flesh.  He has influenced the world, even in countries that do not understand English.

That is admirable.

I aspire to leave a legacy behind for the lives that I may touch.  This desire has ignited a flame to produce bodies of work in blog posts, poetry, short stories, recording, and videos. These works are for others to evaluate and perhaps become inspired by.

I leave this for others simply because, as life would have it, I am now too old to benefit from most of the wisdom that I’ve gained.  As they say, ‘if I knew then, what I know now’, I would have done many things differently and better.’ 

Such an impressive legacy is much the same as the ones left by my mother Eunice, as well as, the legacies of Martin Luther King, JFK, Michael Jackson, Aretha Franklin, Prince, Nelson Mandela, Albert Einstein, Mother Theresa, David Bowie, Tupac, and the list could go much longer. Continue reading “All Of This From Bob Marley Is Amazing! – Ziggy – Cedella – Damian – Stephen – Karen – Ky-Mani – Skip – Julian – Rohan – And Changing The World, On The Side”

“In This Corner, Religion” – “In This Corner, Spirituality” – Religion VS Spirituality – Yeah, I’m Gonna Go There!

The world is a kind of spiritual kindergarten where millions of bewildered infants are trying to spell “God” with the wrong blocks. – Edwin Arlington Robinson

I can no longer say that I am a religious man.  I am a spiritual man, with religion in my spirit, but I am not a regular participant in organized religion. 

I haven’t fancied being a part of any large organized groups in general, since high school.  Therefore, part of my reason for not being religious is that I do not like to be a part of large groups.

Being a religious man is like saying that you are an outdoorsman, a romantic man, or even a party man.  The driving words before ‘man’ implies regularly participating in that specific sort of activity, outdoor sports, romance, and partying, respectively.

I am not a religious man because I do not regularly go to church. 

Giphy - Catholic
Photo – Giphy – Catholic

I stopped going on a regular basis in 2014 after my mother passed.  When caring for her, I attended Catholic mass, our family religion, out of respect for her.  I have years prior moved away from the Catholic church.  I came back to respect your religion.  Though my mother was religious, she was also spiritual.  One does not have to negate the other though it often does. Continue reading ““In This Corner, Religion” – “In This Corner, Spirituality” – Religion VS Spirituality – Yeah, I’m Gonna Go There!”

“De-virusize” Using Da Lightbulb In The Sky – The Sun, Son! – Devirusize UR Health With Da Sun!

Devirusize Urself With Da Sun

In the first post of this series, I will discuss one aspect of Devirusizing, properly using the sun.

I spend time in the sun as much as I can.  Colorado has about 360 Days of sun each year, even when it snows.  After preparing this intensely researched post, I am much more educated about the sun.

The new information I gained was quite enlightening and will result in me adjusting my habits, as I hope will be the case for you.  You may just learn sumthin.

Photo – Stephen Leonardi

The sun is over 93 million miles, yet it is still essential to life. Continue reading ““De-virusize” Using Da Lightbulb In The Sky – The Sun, Son! – Devirusize UR Health With Da Sun!”

Devirusize – A New Word I Created – Protect Urself From Viruses

Over the past few days, my mind has been marinating on a catchy way to present holistic health protocols that I have found to be very successful, after over 30 years of personal practice.  I knew that the first one would be on The Sun since it has been really sunny here in Colorado.  Higher altitudes receive more intense sunlight.

The reason that it has been a challenge to come up with an angle is that holistic healing involves many facets and perspectives, and therefore has a lot of areas to cover.

I do not want to overwhelm those who may be interested in learning more with too much, even though it will still be too much.  I knew that I had to present it in pieces, though. 

At first, I had ideas like The Ten Commandments of Health, The Holistic Health Bible, Holistic Health Verses & Scriptures.  I then thought, ahh, no, I may offend even more people.

So, I invented a new word. Continue reading “Devirusize – A New Word I Created – Protect Urself From Viruses”

We Gonna Go Back…Way Back – Guest Blogger Lady G – That’s My Jam! – My Jams 1971 & 1972 – ‘Catch Ya On The Flip Side’

Photo – Soul Train Logo

In this post, I am going back into time with Soul, R&B, and Funky music.  Music was so much better then, in my opinion, in artistry and message.  I am not a big fan of today’s music.  With music readily available on streaming services, and on the web, there is no reason not to be stuck in time with good old school music. 

Please join me and new guest blogger, Lady G, as we reflect on the music of 1971 & 1972

I encourage guest bloggers to post on my site.

I envision a day when all fellow bloggers will exchange posts that are befitting to their mission to propagate like-minded and contrasting stories, wisdom gained, and reflections to our collective audience.

These bloggers and content providers are becoming the new prophets, the new newscasters, and reporters.  They may not exactly usurp authority from, the church, networks, other artists, religious leaders, or clergy.  They will complement them.

In my opinion, Bloggers and content providers, like Lady G, will increasingly become an alternative source to mainstream media, televangelism, and the news.  We will give followers and readers an opportunity to hear what they want to hear, reflect on what they want to reflect on, and express what they want to, from a more organic, grassroots perspective.  Followers will have a more accessible two-way communication, than with mainstream platforms.

Myself, I have not watched a full broadcast, if any, of the news in nearly a month.  I have been reading quite a bit on WordPress and on other social media platforms instead.

…And, it’s less depressing. Continue reading “We Gonna Go Back…Way Back – Guest Blogger Lady G – That’s My Jam! – My Jams 1971 & 1972 – ‘Catch Ya On The Flip Side’”

People’s Opinions On Life’s Road During Crisis – I’m Talking About ‘Some People’ & ‘Them People’

“I am as convicted, as passionate, and as certain as I am today because of the trials I’ve endured, conquered, and failed.
I thought that I was only whistling and walking down this road called Life.” – Kevy Michaels

Kevy Tying To Take A Peaceful Stroll Down Life’s Road

I’ve walked on many of life’s roads which led me through the uptown side of town. I’ve also strolled ‘Backatown‘, tripping over a few street ditches.

Ursulines at N. Villere - Treme Fall Color - New Orleans, LA
Photo – Ursulines at N. Villere – Treme Fall Color – New Orleans, LA

“Back of town,” said by many locals as “Backatown,” is a term that asks one to visualize New Orleans as front and back. The “front” would be the streets and neighborhoods directly along the Mississippi River, starting with the Vieux Carré (the Old Square) aka the French Quarter. – Nov 4, 2013 -Go NOLA – Back of Town

I am what New Orleanians refer to as a “river rat“. I grew up two blocks from the Mississippi River. In other words, I lived ‘offa Tchoupitoulas Street’.

Tchoupitoulas Street (CHOP-i-TOO-ləs) is a street in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA that runs through uptown (where I grew up). It is the through street closest to the Mississippi River. Formerly, the street was heavily devoted to river-shipping commerce; but as shipping concerns gravitated to other locations in the latter part of the 20th century, more of the street has been utilized for residential and other business purposes. – Tchoupitoulas Street – Wikipedia

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I Got My Government Cheddar! – Moolah, Baby – 10 Healthy Ways To Spend That Cheese & Put UR Intentions Into Motion

“This is about that Cheddar, not about that Feta. Cheddar…the one that comes in slices.” ~ Kevy

I received my cheddar, my stimulus payment this week. I damn near spent it before the ink dried on the check.

cheddar – cheddar= money, riches, wealth, ballin
usually found in rap songs – “He has a fat bank account, drives a BMW or Mercedes, and wears the finest clothes, he has THE CHEDDAR” – JeffFo – September 12, 2006

I am so comfortable with spending money, seemingly frivolously to set my goal and intentions into motion. I have been living vicariously when it comes to fulfilling visions for over 20 years and this approach has served me well, leading to many successes.

American Cheddar Cheese Mike Mozart Flickr
Photo – That Cheddar – Mike Mozart Flickr

You will find several common themes running through my postings, poetry, songs, and writings. With regard to Spending That Government Cheese, the principles are at work here. If you share these principles with me, it will not be difficult to set your plans into motion, using the government stimulus money to do it.

  • Faith
  • Lack of Fear
  • Believing in your vision
  • Investing in you

I repeatedly have tried to convince friends to do the same, but they are so cautious and full of fear, especially during ‘this plague’. They save nearly everything, ‘to see whatz gon happen’. They cannot see the logic in vicariously making dreams manifest. …In taking a leap of faith, knowing that everything will be alright.

This is the only way I live. Faith, Courage, Believing in myself and Trusting. God has a lot to do with this sentiment.

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” – Matthew 6:21

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Black People Get Healthy! – U Created That Back-Porch-Booty, Front-Porch-Belly & UR Poor Health –Take Responsibility – From UR Brother Kevy!

This is not a fat-shaming post. Let’s make that clear.

I am not opposed to big booties. Some are nice and shapely, like onion or bubble butts. These are the way God made them. Some, however, are big and out of shape from not getting exercise and not eating properly. Some folks don’t even try to exercise, as much as they consume. These are the ones I wish to reach with this post. I am not shaming, though.

As for ‘front-porch-bellies’, that may be a different story.

Our digestive system is the foundation of our immune system, with the gut playing the largest role. Excessive weight causes inflammation adversely affects immune cells, and can even impair cognition. Having a big belly may be a sign of more significant health issues.
“A huge proportion of your immune system is actually in your GI tract,” says Dan Peterson, assistant professor of pathology at the Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine.’ – John Hopkins Medical Research

Everyone can benefit from this post. It is especially aimed at Black people. But it would be nice for all people to understand what I have to say about Health & Lifestyle.

This post is also a scolding of my peeps. But it is a scolding based in love. It’s like a father chastising his son for misbehaving. I want the best for you but have to ‘lay down the law’ to let you know that I’m serious, but I do care.

Black people (and all people, of course) with unhealthy lifestyles lets be real with each other, okay?

Photo Youtube - TLC - latin post black-women-are-more-likely-to-have-diabetes-due-to-their-lifestyle
Photo – YouTube – TLC

You are a large part of the problem when it comes to the status of your health and the health of your community! I can say this. I am an African American man. That gives me street creds.

You are a large part of the blame for the disproportional impact of the Coronavirus on the African American community.

Before Coronavirus many of you were already unhealthy. Admit it.

Don’t play with me.

Continue reading “Black People Get Healthy! – U Created That Back-Porch-Booty, Front-Porch-Belly & UR Poor Health –Take Responsibility – From UR Brother Kevy!”

I Listen To Afrobeats – Get Shizzo Offa My Mind – Not ‘Afrobeat’ – The ‘S’ Makes A Huge Difference – 2020 Top Afrobeats Mixes & Artists

I don’t just rant when I blog. Most of the time, I’m absorbed in the music. Certainly, not pop music, as you would guess. I like exotic music of all kinds.

I do quite a bit of ranting about this or that, but these are very provocative times and I justify there is a place for people like me to present fact and experienced-based arguments with passion and vigor.

I believe that there is a place in the world for Michael Moores, Van Jones, Bernies, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortezes, Bill Mahers, other figures around the world, and that we may know personally who attempt to provoke discussion about history, politics, environment, religion, spirituality, health, medicine, racism, and anything controversial.

I learned a long time ago in corporate group settings, and in recent race group discussions that the outspoken person (usually me), though despised by other group members, does get the conversations going and get decisions solidified.

In groups, it is difficult to get members to contribute, but just put something out there, then they get to talking, attacking even. That’s kind of what I am doing. I provoke conversations and solidifying decisions. I like that.

But I don’t do that shizzo all the time. Come on now. Don’t play with me.

It can get very stressful ranting all the time. I need to regularly break away. I do it through fitness, reading, praying, meditating, and creating. I nearly listen to music in every setting.

I need ‘theme’ music for nearly every task or event. I have computers, earbuds, wireless speakers, automobile Bluetooth, and nearly every possible gadget (multiple brands) to include music in my day. Some I test and recommend some. My smartwatch even has Spotify and Pandora!

Flikr – BOPST – Afro Pop Dance

As I am writing this post, I am listening to music. I’m listening to Afrobeats. Not Afrobeat. There is a difference which I will explain later.

There are many reasons why I enjoy Afrobeats music. First of all, it is a new international music sensation that is taking over Africa and Europe, especially in the UK, Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa. It is becoming popular in the United States, as well. Many say that Drake made Afrobeats popular in the US when he collaborated with Wizkid, a top Afrobeats artist, with the songs ‘One Dance’ and ‘Come Closer’.

It gets me absorbed. It makes me dance. …jog, and workout too. It reminds me of Africa.

One Dance-Drake (feat. Wizkid & Kyla) – Oct 30, 2018

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YEREVAN – Shared Post – Immunity and Personal Responsibility —

Immunity is commonly defined as the condition of being automatically resistant or insusceptible to any number of diseases, whether they are believed to be contagious or acquired otherwise. The concept of immunity is something that apparently many people don’t understand. This is why they are so easily misled in terms of treatment by corrupt Big […]

The full on force of Pluto recently activated in 2020 by Saturn, Mars and Jupiter has been revealing so much corruption in the world and it’s been overwhelming for us to process the cold hard truth of what we are witnessing. This is a purification process. It’s a kind of hell that must be passed through before the heavenly aspects of Pluto are attained.

Contrary to popular opinion and the current global fear-mongering psyops, the most important way to protect the body from viruses is not through constantly sanitizing of the hands and staying indoors but through boosting its overall immunity. Hygiene is only one aspect of maintaining health and immunity. It is not even the first in priority on the list. I’m not suggesting that people don’t wash their hands or use caution but urging them to look beyond mainstream media for answers to what’s going on in our world. Continue reading “YEREVAN – Shared Post – Immunity and Personal Responsibility —”

‘Corona Casandra’ Is Something Else – Kevy’s Earth, Wind & Fire Method To Put Her In Check!

My mind is weird.

I attribute it to being spiritually elated repeatedly through life’s seasons. It’s as if after each trial, I was rewarded with a strong, yet lighter armor.

You see, through the trials I endured, in addition to losing a part of my old self, I practically lost everyone around me, including my immediate family and closest friends. Through my trials, they abandoned me. This, I’m sure, is a familiar story. It was partly my fault because my tests were devastating ones. They devastated me.

Finding myself alone from most people in the aftermath for years, several of which were with my elderly mother as her caregiver, I learned to go within, pray, and meditate. I didn’t practice like a normal person, though. I don’t do anything like a normal person. I kinda celebrate being different. I practiced more like my devout Creole Catholic mother, like an old Catholic novena mass-attending Latina, morning, noon, and at night.

But, I prayed even more than that! And, I meditated heavily, while my mother Eunice did not. I tried to teach her and caught her watching me, when her eyes were supposed to be closed. It didn’t work. She was too old school and that was just weird to her.

I spent hours praying and meditating, even while working, exercising, jogging, and writing. Over time, I got really good at it. I still practice this way today. After over 30 years of regular practice, it has elevated my vibration. Today, I see all sorts of visions, epiphanies, and creative ideas. Sometimes having these regular inner visions alienates me from others. I take that as part of the responsibility for these gifts.

“Through devotion, blessed are the children. Praise the teacher, that brings true love to many.” – Devotion – Earth, Wind & Fire

Anyway, the way that it relates to my mind being weird is that I was jogging just yesterday, and all kinds of ideas were popping into my head. I was using my new Fitbit Versa 2 for the first time, listening to the soul music group Earth, Wind & Fire. The music stopped for a mile or so, so I jogged and prayed, as more ideas would pop into my head.

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SHARE – Kevy’s Back – He’s Been Hanging With Corona Though – Now He’s Separating Wheat From Tares

As you get older, you find that often the wheat, disentangling itself from the chaff, comes out to meet you. – Gwendolyn Brooks

Friends, I am finally returning to Life Seasons As A Teacher, more passionate than ever! I have been on Life’s Road and have become more discerned, strengthened, and corrected. I have been tried many times, but never convicted. I have many stories to share in future posts.

But I must first present content on the matter at hand, Corona.

I am returning with an enemy whom I befriended for a bit. Her name is Corona. She’s left me now, stronger than I was before she came into my life. Corona had to move on from me. She is no longer amused with me and knew that there is a world of more suitable and submissive mates for her. I am a strong man. Maybe that’s why she left me.

I no longer wish Corona in my life, but I appreciate all that she revealed to me about me, and about ‘people’. …about our world. Her most powerful skill is in her ability to separate the wheat from the tares.

I will be sharing with you, what Corona revealed to me in the next several posts.

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SHARE – Let’s Talk About Racism! – Not To Heighten Pisstivity – We Need ‘Real Talk’ To Figure This Shizzo Out!

I have been inundated with racially related news, discussions, and incidents lately.

I have been on a bit of a sabbatical from blogging, for some months now. Not to worry. I shall be returning soon.

In the background, I have conquered a few battles, engaged in new endeavors, and experienced some very amazing epiphanies in the past several months. Life’s Road has blessed me with a myriad of opportunities to gain knowledge of myself, spirit, and our world. I have lots of knowledge and visions to share. I am still prioritizing and formulating future posts, but in the background. “I can play the background”.

Because racial tensions are piping hot, like water drops on hot Crisco, I had to repost this article for now, until I can blog more extensively. The content remains relevant, unfortunately.

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Just Weeks Ago I Feared A Boulder Headed Straight Towards Me! – Didn’t Realize I Had Asked For It

At the seeming climax of many of my trials, I tend to experience vivid emotions of worry and fear, just like the next person.  I am not immune to any human emotions.  I have been an emotional animal at times, that an insensitive person couldn’t tolerate.

But, big but, I pride myself in managing human disappointment, pain, grieving, anger, and resentment.

I credit my abilities to manage the things that human go through to mediation, prayer also.  But I do tend to meditate more than I pray.  I practice a form of Prayer-Meditation, whereby I put the intention of my prayers in the air by merely thinking about them.  And, in so doing, I am praying much the same as speaking them.

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I Knew This Day Would Come But Didn’t Expect It To Be Today – It Must Be The Grounding!

I knew that after taking as much time off as I needed, I would one day return to posting on the blog. 

I never stop writing, but most of it is personal or pieces I share in writing workshops.  Otherwise, I’ve been very private about my writing.  I have a great deal that I have yet to share.

This is why I often say that I write when I want to.  My writing tends to reveal my deepest feelings and in opening up that much, I must ‘feel’ doing so in my spirit before I really can.

Well, today is one such day! I think I may have mustered up the courage to write again.

I recently endured through a very challenging life trial, the first of its kind for me.  I went from worry, to fear, to awakening, and breakthrough, over the past few months.  Nonetheless, I held true to writing.  Most of it was written in private on my smartphone as draft emails that were never sent.

Until I get into the full swing of blogging regularly, I ask that you bear with me. 

I really have been through a great deal, really.  I am, though, once again changed.

I feel spiritually transformed in an even greater way.  The primary reason is that during my trials, as with this recent one, I found myself coping alone, after disappointedly expecting at least a small entourage of support from those around me.

And it each of these trials, I ultimately surrendered to The Lord, totally.  In every case, I was victorious, even when it appeared that I really wasn’t.

I have yet again been vibrationally elevated!  I can feel it but have not yet discerned how the universe wants me to use it.  I am awaiting the answer in a whispered message, at the most unexpected time.

Bear with my blogging because it may seem random.  I will start by sharing some private poetry and try to build full posts around it.


Kevy Continue reading “I Knew This Day Would Come But Didn’t Expect It To Be Today – It Must Be The Grounding!”

All Arithmetic- Smartphone Post

….fooling around on my smartphone

…A creative introspection…


All Arithmetic
Kevy Michaels
Carressed by
Slapped in the face by
Attacked by

But I

Clapped Back with

…With my friend
And on the other side
Of the
Here I stand
Still a Positive
Prime number

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I Don’t ‘Look to the Hills’ Anymore – Now I Look To My Feet and To The Ground – ማናቸውንም ‘ወደ ኮረብታዎች ዞር አልልም’ – አሁን የእኔን እግር እና ወደ መሬት እመለከታለሁ

The Hills deceived me. – Kevy Michaels

My friends, I realize that I have not been blogging lately. Perhaps a few of you who are loyal followers noticed. With this short post, I hope to assure you that I’m still ticking quite vigorously, but in the background.

Friends, I am in the midst of yet another epic battle. …Another spiritual war.

I am not fearing this one simply because I am a warrior, having been spiritually elevated by each of my past triumphs. Just as all the rest have, this war will end in me gaining another honorable metal to pin on my lapel.

I believe that every story has already been told. This is why in movieland there are so many remakes. I find myself as a star character in the story of David & Goliath. I am David. This battle is spiritual simply because it challenges how loyal I am to The Lord, and Truth, two topics that I have blogged on, almost evangelistically.

I assure you that both Spirit and Truth are non-negotiable for me.

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I’ve Been Going 2 The Well Lately

The Well
By Kevy Michaels

I was parched
Drained from battling
…All day long

I went to
The Well

…To quench my Spirit
…To rest
For a little while

But a spiritual war
Was ongoing
…I had to return to

I partook of
Another cup

…Of Knowledge
That seemed to
Lift me Up

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This Is For My Friends – This Is For My Lord – Valentine’s Day!

This is for my friends. May you have the best Valentine’s Day ever! – Kevy Michaels

Love You

By Kevy Michaels
February 14, 2019

I’m celebrating
Valentine’s Day this year
…But in honor of You
zachary-young-43854-unsplashFirst, I want to say
…Lord, I love You
I know You know that I do
But, hear me out
It is therapeutic
For me to explain to You
…Especially, on this day

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U Have Digestive Issues – U May Be ‘Kray Kray’ Too – The Gut’s Brain Connection & To Other Organs and Diseases

Kray Kray Slang – JayZ

I see myself as very astute with regard to heal and healing naturally. I am not a doctor, but in many areas, I feel that I know more than doctors, as it relates to my body. I have defied their recommendations many times over the past 30 years, successfully.

I am not quick to take prescription medicines without doing research and knowing how the body functions. Laziness and detachment are the main reasons most people are submissive to doctors’ whims.


I try to avoid doctors and prescription drugs like the plague. My view of Western medicine is perhaps too simplistic for most but has worked well for me. To sum up my philosophy, I have five main reasons that cause me to be pragmatic about Western medicine.

  1. It’s For Profit: Western medicine is not always a humanitarian endeavor. It is mainly an entrepreneurial endeavor. Though doctors want to treat your conditions, they never claim to heal them, and their recommendations and diagnoses are influenced by profit. Many doctors no longer practice and are becoming Hospitalist. Their incentives and bonuses are impacted by institutional revenues. They do not get bonuses for the effectiveness of their treatments. They are not penalized for bad medical advice.
  2. It Excludes Spirituality: I trust The Lord. Western medicine does not include spirituality’s benefits to healing. I do. When I consider all of the intricacies of the human body, I am confident that The Lord is amazing and that man will never comprehend how hundreds of bodily processes work, nor understand how the trillions of cells, molecules, bacteria, fungi, and parasites impact health and healing. Trying to do so would be similar to man trying to defeat global warming without addressing lifestyle causes. And, don’t get me started on how the fake-faithful dismiss true spirituality in health. Many of my ‘holiest’ family members, who spit scripture on a dime, are obese, have cardiovascular issues, and other types of serious health issues, simply because they fail to honor the body temple to which they were endowed.
  3. It Does Not Emphasize Lifestyle: Western medicine dedicates little attention to lifestyle and nutrition. They will quickly prescribe medications, often to be taken for the rest of your life, and give a brief blurb on corrective lifestyle and nutrition changes that might actually cure. They tend to say what the patient wants to hear which often does not require that they make any significant changes in how they live. Our ‘free will to choose’ leads us to do as we please. This is yet another instance of free will fucking us up.
  4. Doctors Never Heal: Doctors never heal. They never make such claims not only because they don’t, but for liability purposes. I believe that Diet, Lifestyle, Stress Management, and Spirituality has the potential to heal.
  5. Doctors Are Not Holistic: Doctors do not take a holistic approach to healing. Nearly every doctor is a specialist. Family Practice and Internal Medicine doctors are dwindling because these are the least profitable types of practices. In focusing on specialties, they tend to relieve what is in their specialty, without paying much attention to root causes. The body, on the other hand, is all interconnected and relational. These two facts are polar opposites.

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If U’ve Been Lonely – 360° That! – The Truth Is That U May Be In The Room Of Knowledge

Lately, I have been having incidences where I am in the midst of negative energy.  I say lately, but it has been a trend with me for over ten years.  It is just that now I understand it because I’ve successfully endured it.  I know it well and can recognize its characteristics. 

One characteristic of this feeling that I phrase often is feeling is that it’s as if the devil’s army is against me.  I felt that way when I struggled to care for my mother.  I’ve also felt it when I was opposed and resisted for my natural health and healing choices.

When this energy is happening around me, it seems that situations and people, who are totally unrelated or aware of one another, unknowingly conspire against me.  Some people refer to it as bad luck, or bad karma, when everything seems to go wrong.  But, in this case, everyone seems to go wrong.

I’ve come to learn that this is a phase of the spiritual transformation process.  To make it to the other side, you must be triumphant in a few spiritual wars.  I seem in then every day.

During this process, I’ve also experienced sickness and exhaustion  One positive aspect of the transition, though, is that I’ve experienced an astounding creative boost.  Ideas pop into my head by the second!

My aura shines brilliantly!  And though others may not see it, they know that it is there.  They sense something strange, yet effervescing about me.  Complete strangers may resist me and cause a confrontation with me just to break me and get to the bottom of what makes you tick.

Those in my immediate circle watch in disbelief, though I’m metamorphosizing before their very eyes.  Family and friends, as mine did, would say that I’m crazy at worst, and hard to take, at best. Continue reading “If U’ve Been Lonely – 360° That! – The Truth Is That U May Be In The Room Of Knowledge”

I Apologize But I Got Sucked In By Social Media – The Gratification Is Rather Instantaneous

My dear friends, I apologize for not posting much lately.  There are many reasons. 

I don’t need to tell you how busy I have been.  I’m sure you are too.  You may have never noticed.

Though not on the blog, on almost every post.  Lately, I haven’t been much time into my creative tasks, though I have written a few poems and other works.  I’ve just been busy with life.  Well, I guess you could also consider that creative since I regularly turn my trials into poems and into songs.

But I have been primarily busy because I’ve been sucked in by social media. 

I started Instagram, Pinterest, Google+, and Facebook accounts at the same time that I started blogging.  I remember the date well, May 19, 2018.  I started out with a bang!  I can remember writing up to six posts in one day.  I was on pure adrenaline back then because of the excitement of being appreciated by folks literally from around the world.  I slept very little, too anxious to share my spirit with you.  Your comments inspired me to write even more. Continue reading “I Apologize But I Got Sucked In By Social Media – The Gratification Is Rather Instantaneous”

And U! And U! You Will Respect Me! – 7 Days 7+ Quotes – On Respect

Less than a month ago, on January 5, 2019, I celebrated my 59th birthday.  I celebrated it alone because I chose to.  I rarely drink and don’t like bars, so that was out of the question.  Every time I drink, usually one drink, I just get cranky and sleepy.  And, I can feel even the slightest effect on my body.  I just don’t feel balanced the next morning.

I can’t remember how the weather was, but I don’t drive when there is snow or ice on the road.  I thought I’d just stay home instead.

Don’t go feeling sorry for me, though.  It was by choice and by the circumstance that I was alone on my birthday.   I just don’t vibrate the way I used to.  In the past, I would have partied hardy.

But in a spur of the moment, I treated myself to a Mexican feast.  I didn’t have to drive far because the restaurant is located virtually across the street.  When the staff got word that it was my birthday, they sent me a Margarita and a shot of tequila.  I ate well and drank both drinks.  I left joyful and tipsy.  It was a great night, nonetheless!

All week I had a burning desire to write about Respect and had planned to do it that night.  But by the time I got home, at about 8 pm, I could not write.  My head was not there.  It was a very funny thought of me even trying to because lately, I have been dictating my posts through a new Blue microphone that I recently purchased for video audio narrating, and maybe later for podcasts.

The way that I felt that night, this story would have come out all wrong.  The AI in Microsoft Word’s dictation functionality was not developed for slurred speech.  So, I put this post on the shelf.

Then before I knew it, about a month flew by.  I was inundated with tasks related to school scholarships, writing, attending workshops, copyediting, and feeling deeper that I needed a change in my life.  I felt that a major change was to occur in 2019.  I didn’t think hard enough to know exactly how, but I knew that it would.  I still don’t know how. Continue reading “And U! And U! You Will Respect Me! – 7 Days 7+ Quotes – On Respect”

Not Much Of A Drinker But I’m Enamored For Hours In This One Bar – The Buddha Bar’s Zen Chill Music

Music has always been a major influence in my life, even as a child. 

When I was not much older than 6 or 7 years old, I used to listen to the Motown Sound.  My sister’s husband was a deejay, on the most popular black AM radio station in New Orleans, WYLD, and he’d bring free copies of virtually every 45 that was released.  Since the Motown Sound was most popular, we ended up having nearly every song released.

Along with my brothers and sisters, we would pantomime performances of the Temptations, the Four Tops, and the Supremes to name a few.  I still remember the words to songs that were released when I was a young child.

Back then, my sister Annette, and my brother Ulysses had the strangest music tastes, considering that they were fairly young and products of the ghetto.  My sister would have days where she would play Johnny Mathis albums it seems for the whole day.  Her go-to song was Chances Are.  

My brother was in love with Nancy Wilson.  He would do pretty much the same, often playing Guess Who I Saw TodayMusic was so integral in our ghetto lives that we embraced everyone’s choices, and even me, at a very young age, would eventually learn to appreciate Johnny Mathis and Nancy Wilson.

Perfect old record player cabinet For 1960s Mid Century Modern Stereo Console SYLVANIA RecordMy family, as most black families did back then, had two very elegant phonograph consoles, build with craftmanship into very nice solid wood cabinets that looked like an elegant piece of furniture.  It served as the foundation of our modest entertainment endeavors.  When the top was closed, and my mother placed a lace dolly and a vase of plastic flowers on top, and polish it with that weird-smelling furniture oil.  One would never know that it was a record player until it was opened, and guest would say, ‘Oh I didn’t realize that was a record player.’  For a moment, we would feel white-privileged.  It was a big bulky piece of furniture that only housed two speakers, a turntable, and storage area for 45s and LPs, but it was nearly the center of our lives back then.

gpo-bermuda_05_bIn addition, either I or my sisters would get a portable record player for Christmas.  …Sort of the Easy Bake Over of record players, allowing us to listen to music in our rooms upstairs.  It did not have a big sound because the speakers were transistor-radio-sized, but we enjoyed listening to the latest music just the same.  Upstairs we would sing, dance and listen in private, well almost.

Music is also a significant aspect of New Orleans’ culture.  It’s about ‘what-n-what’ with our food.  New Orleanians hold deep pride in both.  We have our own style of music, and that tradition continues today with new styles like New Orleans bounce music.  I’m not that crazy about New Orleans bounce music.  But our most popular music back then was New Orleans blues, soul, jazz, Mardi Gras, and second line music. Continue reading “Not Much Of A Drinker But I’m Enamored For Hours In This One Bar – The Buddha Bar’s Zen Chill Music”

Sometimes in 2019 U May Find UR Self Missing In Action – And, It’s All Good!

I know it may seem like I’ve been missing in action, but I’ve actually been quite busy.  With the new year here it’s always a very cathartic and reflective time for me because I spent the last few holiday seasons with my mother and caring for her.  Now that she’s in heaven, I still go through a bit of grieving, and then it gets a little sentimental, and also reflective because my birthday is right at the beginning of the year.

So during this time of year, I’m always thinking about those things that I wish to change about myself.  I’m on a constant effort to improve myself.  So, I’ve been reflecting a lot lately, thinking about what I don’t want to repeat in 2019.

I’ve been reflecting on my growth in spirituality, health, discernment, and wisdom.  I like focusing on the lessons I’ve learned, deciding what I want to leave behind in the passing year.   I don’t put as much emphasis on what I want to accomplish in the new year.  I find it to be a lot more effective focusing on what has passed simply because I’ve already lived out the past year.  It is tangible.  I have concrete proof and evidence in support for making the decisions on what works for my greater good and what doesn’t.

If I focus only on New Year’s goals, it becomes a bit of a fantasy.

There’s so much uncertainty in goals for the future.  Don’t get me wrong it’s always good to have goals because they do motivate movement.  But I don’t want to be goal-oriented to the point of having the audacity to think that I’m in control.  The ego is cunning and tries us this way.  I’m not in control though, God is.  Many times New Year’s plans just don’t work out the way I plan them, and as a result, I set myself up for big disappointments.  These often lead to even bigger setbacks. Continue reading “Sometimes in 2019 U May Find UR Self Missing In Action – And, It’s All Good!”

Crying and Being Alone – Poetrimony – By Me – KEV-ee MY-kelz, A Grown Man

“If I cry, it’s because I’m very angry and I can’t do anything about it because I’ve run into a dead end. That’s when the tears would come down.” – Rihanna

Babies are smarter than we think. They have not been inhibited by ‘the world’ and are more in touch with their God-given emotions than we are. Generally speaking, society, on the other hand, is not as smart as babies are. Society views crying as weak. Most people shun it. This is especially true for men.

As they say, Real Men Don’t Cry’. You may follow that adage if you want to, but I think that it is pure bullshit. Crying is healthy. Take it from someone who has cried rivers as wide as the Mississippi River.

Today, I freely cry whenever I want to. I find that since getting closer to God, I cry even more. Unlike yesterday, I cry more out of joy, than out of pain. But I also allow myself to cry when in pain. I do it because I know that letting it out just feels better. And, research has revealed that crying is a healthy thing to do.

A key requisite to crying is surrender. You must surrender, whether in public or private, to cry, especially in painful instances. Surrendering happens to be the gateway to God. Crying is a spiritual act.

“And God shall wipe away all tears from their eyes; and there shall be no more death, neither sorrow, nor crying, neither shall there be any more pain: for the former things are passed away.” – Revelation 21:4

We should have figured this out a long time ago, though. Think about it. Crying is our natural emotional reaction. There are few natural reactions that I know of that are not good for us. Crying is the body and mind’s reaction to internal or external stimuli, that is as cleansing just as eliminating waste.

Inspiring Gospel Song

This song, the one below will deeply resonate with someone.  I really feel that it will.  It certainly does with me.  It seems appropriate for this post.

Ok, my Friends don’t beat me up for what I’m about to say in the last part of this thought.

If you are going through or have experienced trials and pain beyond what anyone can even comprehend, listen to this song to inspire you.

When you do, see God as you see HIM, not the way any man dictates. ..even the singers in this song. …As U see HIM! It’s your right. Now listen. Kevy Michaels

Hold Out – NEW DIRECTION – 581,712 views – Karen Proctor – Published on Sep 10, 2012

Poems & Song

Still standingWhat I love most about my poetry, outside of the fact that words come to me sporadically, almost magically.  I see the fluidity of my poetry as God sending messages to me. 

What makes writing my poems so fulfilling is that I write from my heart, based on what I am feeling at the moment of creating.  I have dated the poems that I’ve written for the past 20 or so years and can pinpoint what experience life was introducing me to at the time. 

 I call it Poetrimony, a poetic testimony.  Kevy Continue reading “Crying and Being Alone – Poetrimony – By Me – KEV-ee MY-kelz, A Grown Man”

Some Don’t Like Me Because They Misunderstand Me – Hell, I Thought It Was Because I Walk Like A Pimp! – But It’s Deeper Than That

I feel that it is necessary that I explain myself from time to time.

I do attempt to on my About Kevy Michaels page.  But because I am often misunderstood, I really want you to understand the man that I am.

I accept that people often don’t get me, of this, I am certain.  I have had countless experiences of being characterized as a narcissist, aggressive, arrogant, “up to something”, as a show-off, dishonesty, and everything else, BUT A Child of God. 

I experienced being misjudged very obviously when I cared for my mother in New Orleans.  I was just ‘too many things’ for the Big Easy’s very contained static existence.  I was simply too dynamic.  I must have seemed like an alien to most.  My intentions have often been mischaracterized especially in my generous gestures, and also when volunteering my services and talents, free of charge.

Recently, I was misunderstood by a non-profit agency when I volunteered to deliver Christmas gifts to seniors.  I was extremely excited about serving with the purest of intentions.  But, I really felt that the agency turned me away because they did not trust that I wouldn’t steal gifts and gift cards.  I don’t steal.  I never have.

My spiritual awakening has made me better at managing my emotions when I am misjudged, though.

I now realize that it is my spiritual awareness and how it is changing me that perhaps causes confusion in others who attempt to understand me.

Nonetheless, I’ve evolved to actually find empathy for those who wrongful assess me.  I am not an easy-to-understand guy.  …Poor ‘normal people’. Continue reading “Some Don’t Like Me Because They Misunderstand Me – Hell, I Thought It Was Because I Walk Like A Pimp! – But It’s Deeper Than That”

My Intention Is To Inspire U With Random Music I Selected – Gratitude Dance To Celebrate U!

Here is a collection of songs and videos that I selected for my friends to clear your mind and set you off confidently to complete the rest of this week.  I personally selected these songs for that purpose and attempted to eliminate any deflating messages and images, as best I could.

As I mentioned, I am very protective of what I allow into my psyche.  You should find that these songs are psyche-safe.  Some of the artists may be familiar, while others may be relatively new.  They cover various genres, but I have an affinity to reggae and trap gospel, so it is well represented.

The selection is varied enough that everyone should at least find one song (or more) that inspires their day.

We must work at maintaining focus, strength, and clarity in today’s times.  It won’t just come unless we put in the work, as is in this case, with theme music.  I believe that new era prophets will use music, poetry, rhyme, and creativity to combat human disregard and destruction. 

Listen and Dance Because It’s good for the Body Mind & Soul

 “A time to weep, and a time to laugh; a time to mourn, and a time to dance;” – Ecclesiastes 3:4

To make it a spiritual experience, let us all dance in celebration of feeling Gratitude and Love For Yourself.

Why not? There’s an endless list of things for which we are grateful.  The list of what makes you beautiful should be nearly endless, as well.   Think up your lists while you listen and dance. Dance to these inspiring songs will lead you along.

Dancing 1While listening, also reflect on the year that is nearly at its end, and visualize the future that you desire in 2019 and beyond.  What will not make the cut in 2019?  What will you ignite in 2019?  This music provided animated music for listening reflection and celebration dancing.

“The dance is a poem of which each movement is a word.” – Mata Hari Continue reading “My Intention Is To Inspire U With Random Music I Selected – Gratitude Dance To Celebrate U!”

My Mother’s Laminated Prayers – The Power Of Prayer & Faith In Spite Of The Image

With the season changing, I went through my closet the other day to get a coat.  Here in Colorado many of us have several coats from which to choose.  I chose an old double-breasted black, white and grey vintage coat.  It’s one of my favorites, but only wish to wear it occasionally.

When I put the coat on, I dug in the pockets, one with a big hole in it, and I discovered my mother’s laminated prayers.  It touched me suddenly with sentimental memories.  We used to pray together extensively during our caregiving trials and the laminated prayers, bound together with a metal key ring placed on the corner, kept our praying organized.

Though the cards were tattered, I reflected on times we purchased them at Catholic gift shops in San Antonio, New Orleans, and Denver.  We prayed passionately as part of each day.  I have never prayed so hard as I did with my mother.  For her, she prayed this way since I was a child, and perhaps since she was.

This short video shows how attached she was to her laminated prayer cards.  Though we prayed unscripted prayers, we never prayed without the laminated prayers.  Here we are praying in San Antonio, Texas at The Oblate Grotto and Shrine to Our Lady of Guadalupe.  When living in San Antonio, we would wake up at about 6:00 am each day to attend 7:00 am mass, then pray and light candles.  This ritual kept us hopeful and faithful.

Lil Eunice Praying At The Grotto San Antonio Texas – Kevy Michaels – Published on Dec 17, 2018

My Current Ritual

Today I pray many of the same prayers.  Some I have memorized, but I also pray close to ten specific prayers where I petition to God for his will in my life in areas including Healing, Clarity, Cleansing, Bad Habits, Forgiveness, Reconciliation, and Discernment. Continue reading “My Mother’s Laminated Prayers – The Power Of Prayer & Faith In Spite Of The Image”

Calling All New Orleanians – It Is Gumbo Season! – Filé Gumbo Is In The Air

“Humility is the solid foundation of all virtues.” – Confucius

Just as in Thanksgiving kicking off the mirliton season, the Christmas holidays kick off the gumbo season in New Orleans, especially for Black Creole families.

Mirliton is also referred to as chayote squash.  It is a summer squash that has a taste of melon and pecan.  During the holidays traditional creole families half, boil, scrape the fiber out of the shell, thensauté it with onion, garlic, bell pepper, celery, parsley, and spices, then adding Italian breadcrumbs, ham, and shrimp.  We then stuff the mixture into the hollow mirliton shells and bake, topped with butter.  This is very delicious and one of my all-time favorite Creole dishes.  

Gumbo is New Orleans’ most popular dish.  This is a traditional meal all over the state of Louisiana but is especially popular among black families, especially roles.  The ingredients may vary from family to family, neighborhood to neighborhood, and in various parts of the state.  But we do tend to agree that either the gumbo is going to be filé Gumbo or Okra Gumbo.

Filé Gumbo is thickened by filé (dried and ground sassafras leaves) and pan-roasted flour, called a roux.  Okra Gumbo is more popular among roles.  It obviously contains okra, tomatoes, ham, shrimp, and crab, but typically does not contain the variety of ingredients that file gumbo does.

Gumbo is New Orleans’s melting pot dish.  The name is derived from a West African word for okra.  Filé comes from the Choctaw NativeAmerican Indians.  And roux is a much darker version of the French sauce base.

Continue reading “Calling All New Orleanians – It Is Gumbo Season! – Filé Gumbo Is In The Air”

Alexa Read 2 Blogs & A Podcast That Will Inspire Me – Then Play 2 Uplifting Videos on My Smart TV After The Coffee Finishes Brewing

“One would have to live in a cave to not sense that we are in a very unusual period of civilization as it relates to news, information, and media.” – Kevy Michaels 

The obvious stigma that lurks is that of so-called ‘faked news’.  Whether a valid concern or not, it has taken a toll on our appetite and trust in media and news sources.

We are in an age where facts don’t seem as important as they once were, simply because we don’t have a reliable way to discern what is fact and what is fiction.  Additionally, the delivery of information by TV, Streaming, Smartphones, Alexa, and other devices have become more aggressive leaving us very few routes of escape from it. 

Many are becoming sick of news and the media monsters and just shut it down.  I am now to the point that I only watch the news occasionally.  I like being informed but found that the news was depressing my day, especially during the elections. 

Though I am a bit frustrated with the pace, inaccuracy, propaganda, and aggressiveness that media and information are shoved in my face, I am no fool, I am not resistant to it.  The latest trends in media and news are larger than I am.  I could never fight this monster and win.  So, I must embrace it, and I will.  You should too.

I find that folks are resistant to many things over which they have no control. 

They waste tremendous amounts of energy and cause undue stress, fighting giants over an issue for which they will never be victorious. This happened with the introduction of calculators, rap music, realityTV, and now news and social media. Anyone who engaged in those fights has long since surrendered.  They will surrender on this front too.

I don’t suggest that we necessarily surrender to ‘fake’ aggressive news.  I suggest that we are receptive to it, simply because we don’t really have any other choice but to be.  In being receptive to it, we may find ourselves accessible to new opportunities for disseminating and absorbing counter-mainstream information in the future.  Perhaps inspiring messages and creativity will have an opportunity to board the aggressiveness and social media train.

I have had friends and acquaintances tell me point-blank, “I don’t do social media”.  Others were reluctant to do much of anything on their $ 1000 smartphones, other than text, receive and make calls.   Some are totally resistant to executing business transactions via apps, smartphones or the internet, and prefer to do things ‘the old fashion way’.  To them, I say, ‘see ya’.  You will be left behind.

Our new way of doing business and communicating will proceed with or without you, surely it won’t stop for you.  Trends are that social media will become more integrated with business, and therefore our every day lives.  We may get to the point whereby we will beable to pay bills, file complaints, search for jobs, and become educated throughFacebook.  This is already in place, but it may become the more common way in the future. 

Our social media footprint influences career opportunities today.  …incarceration too!  In the future, we may actually apply for jobs via social media and apps as a common practice. Learning has already been dramatically changed due to social media, aswell.  Personally, my learning has been strengthened by social media, Google, and YouTube.  On issues I used log support incident tickets, I now solve myself.  Besides, human customer support is already nearly nonexistent. Instead of hiring a carpenter, electrician, or plumber, I do it myself, after watching YouTube DIV videos.

So, I say, get with the program or you will be left behind.  There is too much money driving these changes, more money than we could ever fight.  But what is more important is that there are certainly opportunities abound in this new paradigm, and we should seek to take advantage of them.  Hidden opportunities always exist when there is change.  We, however, waste time fighting the change and miss sight of new opportunities.

This is actually the case with personal trials and struggles. We fight and fight and fight until we realize that the trials made us stronger, wiser, and more equipped to strategically work with or around them.  This is the mode that we need to be in with regard to the future of communications. But we need to become better equipped strategically, without having to put up much of a fight.

Here is an example of how I am benefiting from the tentacles of social media.  I am approaching 4000 Friends on Facebook, and 900 on WordPress.  As a result, I am connecting with Friends from around the world, from different cultures, and who speak different languages.  Google translate allows me to communicate with them in over sixty different languages.  It allows me to share content, poems, and songs with them, translated. 

elephant in the room\’ I am virtually able to travel the world and get ground-level information from others, not ‘big-news that are supported by video, pictures, and personal accounts.  Just 10 years ago, I could never imagine having this reach as an ordinary world citizen. This is a blessing for connecting with like-minded people worldwide.  As a result, I am becoming very enriched intellectually in a 3-dimensional way, not 1-dimensionally.

Content creators will be and are being dramatically impacted by this shifting paradigm.  For one, the information pipeline moves much more rapidly than before.  Therefore, it seems that content will have to be shorter for easy and quick absorption.  Ohshit!  Houston, we have a problem!  Brevity is not one of my strengths.  I realize that I will have to present posts in a much shorter form.  I’ve always realized that.

My blog was initially intended to be a draft for future books. From the over 150 articles that I’ve posted, I will extract the content, by subject matter, and use it to draft books.  In the future, however, my posts may have to be shortened by at least 50%.

Or maybe blog content should not be shorter. There are predictions that blog post will become longer because they will replace novels presenting a relatively short story on a webpage or smartphone.  There are also predictions that followers will read the post twice, once quickly on their smart device, then later at home on their desktop or notepad.

Additionally, bloggers will have to offer audio versions of content. That is because of Alexa.  She’s going to be asked to read content to followers, instead of them reading it for themselves.  Fortunately, Google already has text to voice technology that can translate any web page into audio.  I don’t know much about it, but I do know that it exists.  See the video below on adding Alexa to your blog.

The same applies with regard to vlogs.  Bloggers will have to place greater emphasis on video blogging. This area of media is growing substantially each year, outpacing other forms. 

I am studying video, film, and media currently, but don’t know if I can keep up with the rapid progression of this form of communication. I cannot magically accelerate years of video and film creative experience.  That takes time.  But I will try so that I am not left behind.  I suggest that fellow bloggers embrace doing the same.  The opportunity here, though, is for writers and videographers to collaborate.  Writers are challenged by vlogging and videographers are challenged by blogging.

Because of the rapid pace of the news cycle and attention spans, bloggers will be challenged to produce content faster.  This is a huge challenge for me because I write from my soul and only write when my soul tells me to.  I can write otherwise, but it becomes quite laborious and stressful. 

This challenge, though, is an opportunity in disguise. As a result, we may see a trend of bloggers collaborating more as well, sharing content with like-minded bloggers. …working on posts together.  I love the thought of it!  I believe that there is an opportunity to create consortiums of like-minded bloggers and conquer greater goals.  Though we may love to hate media and news, keep in mind that its rapid proliferation will give us an opportunity to thrive on a larger scale if we just come to together….’right now’!

It will become commonplace that Alexa is asked to read and play blog posts, play videos by topic, and start the coffee maker, and shower each morning. 

The pace will be so rapid that all of these things will happen within an hour-long morning ritual, and if it runs over, we will just finish the ritual in our smart-cars or on our smartphones. 

We must adapt to the new paradigm and not resistant to it, and perhaps be left behind.

How to add blog or website in Alexa – 802 views – Online Info Studio – Published on Oct 22, 2015

In this video, we talk about that how you can add your blog in Alexa. Add your site in Alexa and learn how to verify it free. There are three methods to verify your site. You can also add a blog on Alexa. So watch the video and learn it. Hope you like the video… How to add a blog in Alexa | add a blog in Alexa | blog Alexa | Alexa website | free directory submission | directory submission list | search engine optimization | increase Alexa rank | submit a site to Alexa | improve Alexa ranking size=2 width=”100%”align=center>

Being Receptive To Change

“Depending on how you want to see it, no, better yet, depending on which reality you choose to live by, social change can be viewed as a destruction of humanity, or a magnificent opportunity to reinvent the world.” -Kevy Michaels

Social media has served political movements by amplifying its voice worldwide.  Rap music, for example, has given urban youth voice and has also become the voice of Walmart and Pharmaceutical commercials.  Even Gospel music is embracing rap in TrapGospel and is effectively anointing urban youth who would normally careless about God.  Writers, like myself, and many of you, are given a platform with blogging and vlogging. 

Hell, I am just a regular weird guy, who has developed a voice and an audience…a mere nobody. 

I use social media to travel the world.  I read and view content on other cultures extensively. Once, when I could afford international travel, I traveled the world.  Now, thanks to FB and YouTube, I travel virtually.  We are able to educate each other about our respective cultures. I am familiarizing you with NewOrleans in my content. 

It is undeniable that the rapidity in the advancement of information, news, and media is unstoppable!  It is powerful, treacherous in the wrong hands and minds, world-changing in the hands and minds of the virtuous. 

“Since I can not stop the information revolution, I am obligated to see it as a magnificent opportunity to reinvent the world.” – Kevy Michaels 

One thing that we should all agree on is that media today has amplification power.  In other words, there is the potential of going viral and reaching millions, exponentially propagating a message, if the presentation formula is right.  That never existed even 10 years ago!  Today, we all have this possibility in the palm of our hands….In the field of pure potentiality, I might add. Now imagine conveying your message, your vision, your creativity on this speeding bullet. You could make your contribution to reinventing the world you want to see.  This is happening now, especially in politics, as in Paris, where social media coverage is resulting in legislative changes.

Community Media Is Changing

For the past few months, I have been faced with the possibility that funding for the community media non-profit institute, where I take media classes, will lose its funding.  We are now at the ‘eve of destruction’.  Funding is slated to end in a few days. 

We have been vigilantly resisting this change in our meetings, organizing, communications, videos, and letters presented to the city of Denver. It is quite admirable how solid a front we have presented.  We are energized by pure passion for expression, art, advocacy, and inspiration. Our cause is very honorable.

But, meanwhile back at the ranch, we too are in the midst of a revolution in public access and community media that may be larger than we are.  Our revolutionary changes are the residual of another more significant change in cable media…viewers’ changing TV habits, which impact funding, are dramatically changing. 

Public, Education, and Government (PEG) Funding for community media is shrinking because it is based on a percentage of cable revenue.  Fewer people are subscribing to cable each year.  More are canceling subscriptions.  Streaming and social media are taking viewers away.  And, cable TV viewing does not generate funds for community media funding.  The larger ‘elephant in the room‘ seems to be that the paradigm has already changed, but we are just not being very receptive to it. 

PEG Fund laws is not likely to change for the how PEG Funds are used is at the discretion of the city.  The city’s objectives are braoader in focus, than those of our rather autonomous community nonprofit.  The city has to serve a variety of municipal interests.

Though many who fight the city of Denver believe that the city is trying to snuff out  advocacy, equality, anti-political, environmental, and human rights voices and access to media, the city may just be making a very practical financial move. 

…But we fight on with vigilance nonetheless, ‘not seeing the forest for the trees’.

Meanwhile, back at the other ranch, the one across the lake, we, a community of hundreds of very talented content creators and media production specialists, are not seeing the unlimited potential of the media revolution in which we are now immersed, because we are steadfast in our fight. 

We may very well be resisting changes that we cannot impact, at the expense of ignoring a field of pure potentiality in social media, podcasts, and streaming.  We too have tremendous power in the palm of our hands, if only we embrace the change before us, and seize the opportunities that it creates.

To put this power into perspective, here is the reach of the top social media outlets: 

Social networks

In contrast, Fox was the number 1 television network in Q1 of 2018, number one.  Here are the numbers of FoxNews’s average live+ same day viewers for Q1 2018, a mere pittance when compared to social media:

Reaching .001 of Facebook’s 2.23 billion users means reaching 2.23 million people.  Whether into community/public access media, blogging, or vlogging none of us have ever had access to this many potential followers, not even close. 

Therefore, I rest my case for embracing this change.  Instead of wasting energy fighting a battle that you will never win, spend time figuring out ‘the formula’ for propagating your works to the masses more efficiently and effectively.

Technology and Social Change – 38,588 views – Ian Dela Cruz– Published on Mar 1, 2014

Next Social Media Trends

Social Media in 2020: 11 Data-Backed Predictions – Hootsuite – April 10, 2018 – James Mulvey
  • #1 –Social’s growth continues – 1 million per day in 2017
  • #2 –Product discovery becomes more visual (and social) – buying based on social media research, online chats, messaging, and voice command searches
  • #3 –Social video saturation—and evolution – 56% of internet users watch videos on Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram each month, 81% of 55 to 64-year-olds are watching videos online each month.
  • #4 –Social commerce makes a new push – Social media’s role in e-commerce will grow –Digital Storefronts
  • #5 –Gen Z drives Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality adoption – we’ll see more practical uses of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) in marketing.
  • #6 –Social CEOs become the new normal – As social channels continue to grow as the dominant communication channels both within and outside of company walls, CEOs who ignore these channels will be at a disadvantage.

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7 Digital Marketing Trends That Will Own 2019 – Social Report – August 14, 2018
  • TheRise of Smart Speakers
  • internet will Catch Up To Television
  • SocialMedia Will Be More Deeply Integrated Into Other Services
  • LiveVideo Will Keep Growing
  • Video(And Video Ads) Will Keep Growing, Too
  • ChatbotsWill Become A Normal Thing
  • TheRise of The Social CEO – CEOs and other top executives to be social

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Next Blogging/Vlogging Trends

How to Make Your Blog Ready for 2019? – September 8, 2018
  • Optimize your blog for voice search
  • Add a log to your blog
  • Make social media a part of your blog

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September 24, 2018 – Blogging Trends You Need to Follow in 2018-2019 – By Harry Southworth in Blogs & Podcasts Business Writing/Content –
  • Don’tdiscuss popular topics – The only way to stand out is to make it very specific
  • Add Video Content With Text & Illustrations
  • Be personal, run live videos
  • Longer and deeper Content – Blogs Will Become the Alternative to Novels (Surprising) -New trends in blogging dictate the rule: the longer, the better. People are tired of kitsch content, short messages they read while taking a taxi waiting in a line.
  • Storytelling- People love stories.

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Next Publishing Trends

  • Publishers will consolidate
  • Price pressures will ease, but prices will still come down
  • Big publishers will print more trash … and micro-publishers will take a larger share of literary prizes
  • ebooks will dominate various niches and be almost irrelevant in others
  • The old channels of acclaim still matter
  • More‘traditional’ authors will go hybrid; successful indie authors will also team with traditional publishers
  • Indie authors will go on professionalizing
  • The number of books sold will remain broadly flat; the average cost of a book will drop a little; Amazon will get more, publishers less; authors’ share may improve

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Future uncertain for Denver service that runs public-access media for thousands – By Alex Burness – November 27, 2018

Next month Denver will shake up its public-access resource for media production and training.

What that shake-up looks like, and the next location of the service — which allows for more than 2,000 citizen- and nonprofit-produced shows and podcasts a year to be broadcast over local channels — aren’t yet clear.

What is clear: The city’s contract with Denver’s Open Media Foundation, which runs public access, expires Dec. 19 and is not being renewed.

The city is working on a “transition” plan away from Open Media and toward an as-yet-unknown solution that Jenny Schiavone, the city’s marketing director, said will ensure the existing level of service for public-access clients — something OpenMedia’s director, Tony Shawcross, doubts is possible, at this point.

“We are working on an interim transition plan so we can make sure we’re not disrupting service to the community,” Schiavone said. “We’re putting in every stopgap that we can.”

Schiavone said she did not know yet where the services would be housed as of Dec. 20. There is some chance, she said, that those services would go dark for a time Read More

Adapt or Die: The Future of Media is digital | Aduratomi Bolade | TEDxPortHarcourt – 3,015views – TEDx Talks– Published on Jan 12, 2017

Media has changed drastically in the past five years and it continues to change; in platforms and the way we experience and consume content on the ever-changing platforms. Are we prepared to take advantage of the coming changes? With over 15 years of experience in the broadcasting business,

Aduratomi Blade started out as a radio Disc Jockey and moved on to full-time presentation, which he did for 8 years before he became a pioneer member of the now defunctNN24. He worked as a TV reporter and producer and in 2011, was appointed theHead of Stations Cool FM & Wazobia FM, Port Harcourt. Nigeria Info andWazobia Max TV was added to the bouquet of stations in 2012 and 2016respectively and with his wealth of experience and exceptional leadership skills, he steered the radio stations to become the top 3 most listened to radio stations in Rivers State. He holds a National Diploma in MassCommunication from the Moshood Abiola Polytechnic, Ogun State and a bachelors degree in English & Literary Studies from the University of Lagos. He is a member of professional organizations including the Advertising PractitionersCouncil of Nigeria (APCON) and Nigeria Institute of Public Relations (NIPR). This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx

What Is The Future Of Blogging? WillIt Continue To Grow, Or Die? – 5,285 views – 2957SHARE– SAVE – Hursh Agrawal – Published on Jun 15, 2018

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Note: You may use Google Translate to copy and paste, then translate any posts on this website, to over 60 different languages.

Being cognizant of international visitors, I want to do all that I can to communicate wisdom globally for all.

Law of Pure Potentiality – Kevy’s Experience In The Field of Pure Potentiality – Fighting The Gravity Of Life – Part 2

“The experience the Self or “self-referral”, means that our internal reference point is our own spirit, and not the objects of our experience. – Deepak Chopra – Washington Post

7 Laws of Spiritual SuccessThe spiritual Law of Pure Potentiality requires that we reach our essential state of pure consciousness.  The field of pure potentiality is an abundant spiritual influence, and in our essential state, we become our spiritual selves and are therefore granted access to God’s horn of plenty.

The law of Pure Potentiality recognizes that there is one divine spirit that connects us all, including nature, in spite of our seemingly infinite diversity. The only thing that separates us from the field is not knowing or experiencing our true nature, not embracing God in us all.

Discovering our soul should be our greatest desire for in this discovery, we are granted access to healing, wisdom, virtue, and many blessings, in the field of pure potentiality.

Experiencing and knowing our true self is critical to the law.  Our reference point must be on our own spirit, not anything external to us.  This is important because it requires relinquishing control from our egos, and seeking God within us.  This lens connects us to the God of the universe.

This means that our life experiences should never be influenced by objects outside the Self, such situations, circumstances, people, and things, seeking approval of others, or response to our every action.  Living this way fear-based.  Living in fear never has beneficial consequences.  Living in fear is like living without trusting God.

In self-referral, we become unfearful of any challenge, have respect for all people, but feel beneath no one. Self-power is therefore true power.  Power based on object-referral (external things), however, is false power.

Self-power is eternal because it is based on the knowledge of the Self.  It will draw people to you, as well as the things that you desire. It magnetizes people, situations, and circumstances to support your desires.

“This is also called support from the laws of nature. It is the support of divinity; it is the support that comes from being in the state of grace. Your power is such that you enjoy a bond with people, and people enjoy a bond with you. Your power is that of bonding – a bonding that comes from true love.” – Deepak Chopra

Deepak Chopra’s Seven Laws of Spiritual Success

I held off for some time before completing the series on The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, a life-changing book by Deepak Chopra that I first read about 20 years ago.  This book is my favorite spiritual guidance go-to!  I have read it several times and have distributed copies to people around the world.  I can say that I strive to live by each of the seven principles in this book. Continue reading “Law of Pure Potentiality – Kevy’s Experience In The Field of Pure Potentiality – Fighting The Gravity Of Life – Part 2”

The 1st Law of Spiritual Success – Pure Potentiality – We’re In An Abundant Vibration – How To Access It! – Part 1

“You are what your deep, driving desire is. As your desire is, so is your will. As your will is, so is your deed. As your deed is, so is your destiny.” – Brihadaranyaka Upanishad 

Today I am moved to complete the series of posts on Deepak Chopra’s magnificent 82-page book, entitled The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, climaxing with my interpretation of the Law of Pure Potentiality. 

I am both so moved by this principle that I have more content than I can share in one post.  I, therefore, have divided the post on The Spiritual Law of Pure Potentiality into two parts.

The posts will complete my discussion of The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success.  Just as I have reread Deepak’s book for many years, I have no doubt that I will revisit these laws in future posts.  Outside of being an honor student in ‘the school of hard knocks’, reading this book had the greatest positive impact on my spiritual growth and self-actualization.

I highly recommend that you read or reread this book!

9 Characteristics of Self-Actualized People – By Kendra Cherry – Updated November 27, 2018

In psychology, self-actualization is achieved when you’re able to reach your full potential. Being truly self-actualized is considered the exception rather than the rule since most people are working to meet more pressing needs.

  1. They Have Peak Experiences – They Have feelings of limitless horizons
  2. They Possess Self-Acceptance and a Democratic World View – They fully accept themselves. They also embrace other people for who they are
  3. They Are Realistic
  4. They Tend to Be Problem-Centered – They are motivated by a strong sense of personal ethics and responsibility.
  5. The Self-Actualized Person Is Autonomous – They don’t conform to other people’s ideas of happiness or contentment
  6. They Enjoy Solitude and Privacy – Taking time to themselves is essential for their personal discovery and cultivating their potential.
  7. They Have a Philosophical Sense of Humor – They have a thoughtful sense of humor.
  8. Self-Actualized People Are Spontaneous – They tend to be open, unconventional, and spontaneous.
  9. They Fully Enjoy the Journey, Not Just the Destination

Read More

Justin7LawsI have been writing and speaking about the truths described in this book for about 20 years.  I passionately embrace its spiritual philosophy and strive to live closer to embodying perfection in it every day.

Here is a photo of the inside cover of my tattered version of the book.  This copy was meant for my nephew who was in jail at the time, and who had repeatedly made bad decisions.  He was in his 20’s at the time.

I remember explaining the principles to him, but I guess I forgot to give him the book.  I found it one day when packing to relocate, either from San Antonio, Texas to New Orleans, Louisiana or from New Orleans to Denver, Colorado.

Just as sincerely as I intended to present this book to him, I now present it to you with the same message, typed below.

But I will only break down my interpretation of this spiritual law after explaining my process for writing poems, songs, stories, or posts.  Armed with an understanding of my creative process, my words may become more vivid to you.

“If you read this book very carefully, word by word, and read it until you understand it, your life can be changed positively, forever.  Try to be open and receptive to the message.  It will begin the transformation process.  You can do this!  Just choose to turn your life around!” – Luv Kevy

My Process For Turning My Emotions Into A Poem, Song, Story or Post Continue reading “The 1st Law of Spiritual Success – Pure Potentiality – We’re In An Abundant Vibration – How To Access It! – Part 1”

I Played With Moxa – At First I Got Burned – But Found That TCM Moxibustion Is Da Bomb!

I am proud that I have remained consistently open to alternative health protocols.

I have practiced many and still do. Most alternative regiments are based on ancient healing practices that date back thousands of years, while Western Medicine is only a few hundred years old. I can’t disregard human history in my pursuit of optimal health.

I like that Traditional Chinese Medicine(TCM) practitioners never dictate that I avoid Western Medicine all together, and I haven’t. They generally believe that there is good in both disciplines, depending on the ailment. They lean more towards TCM than to Western Medicine, as I do, but do recognize Western Medicine’s superiority in treating specific medical issues.

Following alternative regiments and avoiding serious side-effects from prescription medicine has worked well for me. I have better-than-normal vitals and take no prescription meds regularly, including cholesterol, pressure, sugar, fluid, If there was a common theme to my approach to health and healing, it would be detoxification. In my diet, relationships, medicine, supplements, and incidents, I strive to avoid toxicity. Therefore, I take very little prescription medicine. The most common prescription drug that I take is prescription-grade vitamin D. In Colorado, though we get sunlight year-round, in the winter months, we are generally homebound.

I have taken antibiotics, sterols, and antifungal prescription meds, but only for a short while, often halving the recommended dosage, and detoxing before and after. I have not totally eliminated prescription medicine, but rarely take it, and when I do, I exercise extreme caution.

Unlike most Americans, I do not take any prescription drugs on a daily or regular basis. Having to do so is one of my biggest fears. Certainly, after being on a drug for months or years, our DNA changes and we often develop other conditions from the side-effects. I fear ever being caught in a prescription drug vicious cycle, whereby I must take additional drugs to offset side-effects. I know a few people who take prescription drugs regularly who take only one. I take none.

Here are the top-selling drugs, according to MedMD, Tony Brown, RN – May 2015. Chances are that today these numbers are much higher.

There is great profit to be made in prescription medicine.

There is a great amount of responsibility and belief in choosing alternative medicine practices.

Humira (adalimumab), which treats conditions including arthritis and Crohn’s disease, overtook last year’s best-seller, Abilify (aripiprazole).

The top 10 medications by the number of monthly prescriptions are:

  1. Thyroid – Synthroid (levothyroxine), 21.5 million
  2. Cholesterol – Crestor (rosuvastatin), 21.4 million
  3. Breathing – Ventolin HFA (albuterol), 18.2 million
  4. Reflux – Nexium (esomeprazole), 15.2 million
  5. Asthma and Bronchitis – Advair Diskus (fluticasone), 13.7 million
  6. Diabetes – Lantus Solostar (insulin glargine), 10.9 million
  7. Anxiety/Psyche – Vyvanse (lisdexamfetamine), 10.4 million
  8. Diabetes – Lyrica (pregabalin), 10.0 million
  9. Asthma and Bronchitis – Spiriva Handihaler (tiotropium), 9.6 million
  10. Diabetes – Januvia (sitagliptin), 9.1 million

The top 10 meds by sales are:

  1. Liver – Humira (adalimumab), $8.2 billion
  2. Anxiety/Psyche – Abilify (aripiprazole), $7.9 billion
  3. Hepatitis C – Sovaldi (sofosbuvir), $6.9 billion
  4. Cholesterol – Crestor (rosuvastatin), $5.9 billion
  5. Arthritis – Enbrel (etanercept), $5.9 billion
  6. Hepatitis C – Harvoni (ledipasvir and sofosbuvir), $5.3 billion
  7. Reflux – Nexium (esomeprazole), $5.3 billion
  8. Asthma and Bronchitis – Advair Diskus (fluticasone), $4.7 billion
  9. Diabetes – Lantus Solostar (insulin glargine), $4.7 billion
  10. Crohn’s/Immunity – Remicade (infliximab), $4.6 billion

Even more important than following alternative methods is my ability to draw a mind-body connection in my healing practices. I believe that prayer, meditation, and visualization are critical elements to healing more naturally. I see that if my mind, body, spirit, and soul are receptive to healing, I will receive it.

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7 Days 7+ Quotes – Integrity – A Value We Impose On Ourselves – It Says Everything About Who We Are

“Lying lips [are] abomination to the LORD: but they that deal truly [are] his delight.” – Proverbs 12:22

Integrity is one of my most valuable virtues. Now that I am well on my spiritual journey, maintaining Integrity has become of greater importance in every choice that I make or action I take. The reason I give Integrity such importance has to do partly with my age and experience.

The choices and challenges that I face today are generally not new ones. As they say, ‘This is not my first rodeo’. It seems that most of the choices I face today are ones in which I am already well-experienced. On most challenges to my Integrity, I have made incorrect choices in the past, and am well aware of the consequences of not being true. So, it is rather easy to make the correct choices today and to be regarded as a man of my word.

Aging has also caused me to focus more on my legacy. My legacy is important to me. The reason it is of such importance is that when God comes to get me, I want to be able to leave a message, purpose, and inspiration behind for others. I am very serious about leaving a legacy. My tombstone is already engraved with: ‘His mission on Earth is complete’.

I simply do not see my life today as exclusively dedicated to myself. I do for others in daily deeds, but also for my best virtues to be reflected upon and be useful to others. My poetry, stories, and social media and blog posts reflect the legacy that I am creating. I practice what I preach, believe the things I write, eat the foods I recommend, and follow the health regiments that I write about. I reveal my flaws to the world, without question. My blog is a revelation of my life, no less. I hold Integrity as a very high priority and live my life accordingly, so that my legacy may be rich.

My mother is the best example of a legacy that I know. Though she has been gone for over four years now, I clearly remember what she represented, not only by her words but by her deeds. My mother represents the following virtues: Integrity, Diligence, Faith, Humility and Commitment.

I am not sure how others may regard me, once I am gone, but I strive to be a man of Integrity. I will strive for this until I die. I am also a man of Courage, Faithfulness, Diligence, Commitment, and Vision.

“The greatness of a man is not in how much wealth he acquires, but in his integrity and his ability to affect those around him positively.” – Bob Marley

Embodying Integrity means having a firm adherence to a code of moral values.

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Being Too Woke Can Seem Like A Burden In Today’s World –You See Too Much!

“For in much wisdom is much grief: and he that increaseth knowledge increaseth sorrow.” – Ecclesiastes 1:18

Over 15 years ago when I used drugs, I was oblivious to what was going on in my life.  Events were moving rapidly before my eyes.  I traveled Monday through Friday, often set up for vending events, once I arrived back in town, and headed out on a flight on Sundays or Mondays.

In the midst of this stressful life, blinded by the money I that made, I didn’t realize that I was slowly killing myself.  I was under constant stress, not eating, or sleeping properly.  I did not realize that my friends may not have had my best interest in mind.  I was only interested in fitting in and not seeming snobbish because I was clearly better off financially than they were.

I did not follow the news at all.  Today, I only follow it at a safe distance.  But back then I did not know or care what was going on.  I had my hands in so many pots that I did not have time to take on anything else.  I was distracted by money.

I was not woke.

I had no worries, no opinions, and avoided controversial conversations.  Life was good!  I thought that I was happy.  But eventually, I found that a life of sleepwalking was not sustainable.  Living this way posed a deep strain on me because my heart was pulling me in a different direction.  The pull was a strong pull.

The inconsistencies in how I lived with what I believed in my heart caused so much guilt that it woke me.

Definition of Woke – Merriam Webster

Words We’re Watching – Stay Woke – The new sense of ‘woke’ is gaining popularity – This word was added to Merriam Webster in September 2017.

If you frequent social media, you may well have seen posts or tweets about current events that are tagged #staywoke. Woke is a slang term that is easing into the mainstream from some varieties of a dialect called African American Vernacular English (sometimes called AAVE). In AAVE, awake is often rendered as woke, as in, “I was sleeping, but now I’m woke.” – Merriam Webster Continue reading “Being Too Woke Can Seem Like A Burden In Today’s World –You See Too Much!”

Congregants …Welcome To The Nondenominational Ministry Of Facebook With Reverend Kevy Michaels

After I started the Life Is A Teacher blog, I began to dibble and dabble in social media.  Though I have accounts on Google+, Pinterest, YouTube, and Instagram, I am most active on Facebook.

Please ‘Friend’, a brother with a loving heart, and lots of friends.  I promise to call things as I see them while maintaining a commitment to Self-Empowerment, Love, Peace, and Spirit.

Though my posts in the social media world, and on the blog cover events and discernment that I evolved into through my life experiences, I attempt to extract the wisdom and virtue of those experiences and share them with you.  I do my best to make the virtue of each post generic, but usually, have to personalize them with details of my life to make the messages vivid and relatable.

I hope that focusing so much on my life is not annoying, but this is what my blog and coming books are about.  …my interpretation of life.

This is not an easy task for I must ‘put myself out there’ for literally the world to judge.  I am not trying to present myself with such bravery and as solely contributing with humanitarian efforts and intentions.  I benefit greatly from my posts.

I am gaining ‘my voice’ in writing through this process.  I may one day get to the point of being typo-free.  I am becoming increasingly more enlightened, especially since my posts require tremendous research and open me up to other cultures, religions, health regiments, and political opinions.  This has to be where I draw the greatest benefit from my efforts.

I celebrate who I am and evaluate myself (at the depths of my soul) relative to the messages that I convey, as well as, in relation to the opinion of others.

This is what I mean by the phrase, ‘Who I’m Not Tells Who I am’, and ‘Life Is A Teacher’.  Reviewing my life experiences and that of others as a gauge to reflect and find the man that I am has virtually elevated an already elevated vibration.

I don’t see social media as all bad.  There are clearly negative aspects of social media including:

  • It’s time-consuming nature
  • Deception, Fake News, and Fake Profiles rampant, if not selective
  • It can agitate one’s emotions. It can cause you to put too much emotion into likes, shares, and the images you present to others
  • Putin and Russia laden too

But guess what, dudes and dudettes?  Such is life.  Everything in media, print, and entertainment are trying to provoke your emotions.  Get over it.  Trump’s a master at it.  This too is our new paradigm. Continue reading “Congregants …Welcome To The Nondenominational Ministry Of Facebook With Reverend Kevy Michaels”