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Who Is Kevy Michaels

9 “And He said to me, “My grace is sufficient for you, for My strength is made perfect in weakness.” Therefore, most gladly I will rather boast in my infirmities, that the power of Christ may rest upon me. 10 Therefore I take pleasure in infirmities, in reproaches, in needs, in persecutions, in distresses, for Christ’s sake. For when I am weak, then I am strong.” – 2 Corinthians 12:9-10


I am a Baby Boomer, from New Orleans, Louisiana. Though I am a proud black man, I do have genealogy in Cuba, Europe, and other ethnicities. As with most African Americans, though, I know very little about the exact nature of my lineage.

But by God’s grace, through rediscovering my soul, I can feel the spirit of many ancestors speaking to me, most times without any words.

I was born in 1960 and can say that I have survived, and still do, nearly insurmountable obstacles. Not just turbulence caused by our laws, discrimination, and culture, but I survived turbulence I caused by the choices I made, the people I befriended, and the family & situation into which I was born.

I have been writing quietly for almost 20 years now. Writing started, as with many writers, as therapy. I’ve battled my share of demons, and in some cases, an army of demons, and often found myself alone, with God, as I do today, but in peace.

Through the practice of deep prayer and meditation, I connected with a God that I believe in, and that understand. In the US, and perhaps in other countries, it is not usual for a black man to embrace Christianity Metaphysically, but I do.

…Very deeply, so much so, that I have a strong ability to mentally transcend trials, problems, and adversities. This evolved into this ability and it has consistently led me to triumph over any obstacle that tried to steal my peace.

Daily connections with God through meditation and prayer are the inspirations behind most of my writings. Prayer, meditation, and writing inspired me through some of the toughest of life’s circumstances.

I became victorious on every battlefront that I fought with God’s grace close by my side, on my heart side. I was not always victorious because I won. In many cases, I was victorious because I did not win, but learned a priceless lesson. I learned to lose when it was wise to.

Later in life, after I had a few triumphs and victories under my belt, I began to see patterns between the questions and requests that I delivered to God and the optimal resolutions that never failed to manifest.

At first, I started writing poetry about it. That was back in 2001. These poems all rhymed and seemed a bit corny, even to me. I will share some of these songs and poems over time because I am proud when reviewing my evolution. I am also unashamed of my faults.

Because I am achievement oriented, I kept writing to get better. I was never pleased with what I shared with those around me. I also kept praying and meditating so that God’s will for me would be revealed.

I needed to know, but I am still unsure of my true-life purpose. I am glad that I don’t exactly know what it is because it forever keeps me seeking.

God delivered me through several trials, and in return, I began to feel obligated to deliver his word, as interpreted through my experiences, visions, poems, prose, and songs.

In taking on the Life Seasons As A Teacher blog project, I am not trying to present myself as a prophet of any sort.

But my conviction and oneness with God give me the confidence of a prophet or a disciple, and that’s good enough for me.

I am not an Evangelist either. I was raised as a Catholic and know very little about the bible. I learn more with each post, and body of work. I also research the bible and other religious doctrines to better understand the challenges and the things that people do.

I do believe, however, that the prophets and disciples of this time will come from those ‘in the world’. Jesus was ‘in the world’. They will be everyday people, who ended up victorious through trials, and who are more discerned after having made mistakes and accepted their faults. Like myself, these ‘new day’ influencers will propagate spirit through their own stories, and ultimate spiritual transformation.

These storytellers of spirit will become more convincing to social media audiences seeking spiritual guidance, but not evangelism.

I believe that our leaders and mentors have failed us, in the church, politics, equality, and in our quality of life, even for those closest to us. Every day we are seeing behind a curtain of deception and misinformation. Every day we are seeing these so-called “shining examples” violate God’s law more than the everyday man would ever consider. And, these imposters are supposed to be the holy and righteous ones. ….Bullshit!

My spiritual connection is earthier, more organic than most in my demographic. It grew through my life challenges and long to write about it.

I was once headstrong and successful, and later was broken down by my trials, until I surrendered to a God of my understanding. Each trial transformed me, bringing me closer to the spiritual presence in my life that I know as a friend. It has delivered miracles to me.

It is my intention to deliver several books, on October 2nd of some year. Writing the books is actively in progress. But I write to my own timeline, based on how I feel.

October 2nd is the Day of the Feast of the Guardian Angel. It is a 17th-century Catholic celebration of Angels believed to protect children and believers from harm.

It is also the day of my dear mother Eunice’s birth.

She was and will always be my sacred angel. She’s protected me many times, even in my adult life, and most impressively when I served as her sole caregiver.

Coincidentally, my mother intentionally gave me a saint middle name, Michael, in honor of Michael the Archangel. I have honored and protected her as well, again most impressively when I served as her sole caregiver.

Our bond was so strong that I believe that she intercedes to God, on my behalf today. As I reflect on my Lil Eunice, I see so many similarities in her life and mine.

Now she is an angel. But, just like my ancestors of generations past, she too is a large part of the composition of my spirit, my choices, and therefore my writing.

My blog is entitled Life Seasons As A Teacher because I have been changed by my experiences. Many experiences, which will be revealed in my works, were quite remarkable. Through the trials and victories, I have been transformed.

I am not the same man that I once was. I am now better and new!

This trans-formative process left many people, family, places, and things behind. It made my surname obsolete, for I am no longer that person. My life has been transformed into a subtle and peaceful adventure, where I am forever gaining wisdom.

I celebrate my new existence proudly with this blog and writings, no longer bound to the identity that pushed me to this plateau of understanding God and Self, through joy, sadness, trials, and triumphs.

Now, I am living peacefully As Kevy Michaels.


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The Life Seasons As A Teacher blog is an expression of where I am today, after having been spiritually transformed through trials, defeats, and victories.

It is an account of how Kevy Michaels sees Life, Love, Healing, and Spirit. It is a passage of my truth, but not everyone’s truth.

Though posts may seem unrelated, to the contrary, everything is connected.

My posts can be categorized into the following departments: Spirituality, Healing, Inspiration, Virtues, Wisdom, Creativity, and Culture.

It is my life, as Kevy Michaels that connects the stories. In each post, including in my independent creative work, I share the truth, as I see it, based on the illustrious good and bad experiences that I’ve had.

For example, with regard to Health posts, I share those topics that I know, practice, or strongly support, based on my own healing history.

The same applies to Spirituality, Inspiration, Virtues, Wisdom, Creativity, and Culture. I speak my truth, with support and sentiments from other sources, to help readers better understand it.

Again, I recognize that my truth is not everyone’s, but certainly, it is someones.

But the receptivity that I receive from readers has no impact on whether I honestly share what I truly believe.

I am opinionated. I know.

I feel that I deserve to be. Based on what I’ve endured and witnessed, my passion runs ocean-deep.

Please appreciate that I am a strong believer, and I’m displaying passion, not arrogance. I am strong, courageous, and insistently protect myself.

My opinions are raw. I focus on telling the truth, even if it hurts. …About me included. I reveal my mistakes and shortcomings, as a balance against conveying accomplishments and wisdom that I’ve gained.

I focus on describing my opinion because the website is about my life, people I admire, those who have disappointed me, my health, creativity, and various other areas.

Remember, it is not just any life that I share. It’s mine.

I believe that I have the wisdom to share, nonetheless. Sometimes I don’t understand from where this wisdom comes. Maybe it’s from God, ancestors, or my mother.

I don’t believe that I am special because I am becoming wiser. Everyone has the wisdom to share on various lessons learned through living life. This is why from time to time I may feature other bloggers and everyday people.

I encourage other bloggers and writers to contribute compatible content.

I will also feature a series of posts. These are like cliffs notes to future spinoff projects, namely books, and perhaps film.

The first in the series, entitled Terror on the Caregiver, helps me to offload grief, resentments, pain, and the faithfulness experienced while caregiving, in the midst of a sibling rival.

It also allows me to sincerely share what I’ve learned from this journey. I believe that someone will appreciate me baring my soul, for their hopeful benefit.

I really want to close this chapter of my life. This is why it’s the first series that I post. Closing it with blog posts and in a book will do just that.

After this series ends, I will start another. I have 5 series already in progress so far.

Though without theological credentials, I feel as qualified to preach the gospel, if not more qualified.

I know several members, of various religions, and their followers, who are attached to the words in The Book but have never really had a God-experience. …The exultation of feeling pain, joy, and triumphs, once allowing God to intercede in their lives.

Many don’t live as they preach. And, they’ve done dirty deeds, as ‘Good Christians’, that I could never stoop so low do to anyone.

Through trials, I’ve become familiar with nearly every emotion in the spectrum. …Intimately.

I was born into a bit of turmoil, with my father dying 8 months after my birth, leaving my unemployed mother with 9 children struggling, while managing her grieving through raising me and providing me with special affection.

I believe that this event is what initiated vicious sibling battles that I would later face as my mother’s caregiver, in her final years.

I became well-educated, financially successful, and well-traveled, going to many parts of the world, living in London, England for a few years, working for CNN, and for some of the largest international corporations.

Though I traveled to learn about other cultures, I learned of my own uniqueness instead, while I was simultaneously getting to know God.

Success brought its share of negativity, jealousy, and physical threats to my life. I had close brushes with death about 5 times but left each situation, unscathed. I battled functional illegal drug use for a period, but never crossed the ‘rock bottom’ line because my spirituality flooded me with guilty. I never became addicted.

And, to be right by God was, and remains, the most important thing in my life.

Traveling 100% of the time as a consultant for many years took its toll on me physically, and led to my becoming gravely ill, and alone.

It seems everyone abandoned me then. But I was able to bounce back using alternative and spiritual medicine. I returned more faithful and vivacious.

One of the most difficult periods in my life, most likely affected by early childhood jealousies, was when I found myself in the midst of unimaginably vicious sibling rivalry. It erupted when I took over care of my elderly mother, in accordance with her request. My siblings were not pleased. Enduring through this trial was extraordinary!

My intimacy with God became strongest during this period, and it seems I examined every graceful virtue that he desired in me. I tried to correct each of my flaws to please my creator. I am still working on that. It is a process that will extend to my final day, and beyond.

But during the tumultuous period that I was abandoned with caring for my mother, my character and sanity were attacked. I was betrayed, cheated, and otherwise treated like a mortal enemy of my family, friends, the fake-faithful, government agencies, and extended family members, they surprisingly, convinced to work against me.

As a result, I was investigated (but exonerated), intimated, and ‘cut-off’ from resources that would make the sincere care of my mother better.

This began an almost 5-year struggle of providing the best care that I could to my mother, even while ill, and feeling like a fugitive, especially when traveling regularly to and from Texas, Louisiana, and Colorado.

I clapped back at this evil out of being shocked that people who I thought loved me would do this to me, but also out of anger and resentment.

At its most climactic period, the devil formed an army and attacked my good intentions from every possible angle, simultaneously. The attacks nearly broke me down to surrender to what I knew was clearly evil, in my opinion, my mother’s, and most importantly God’s.

This made me tougher, as you may recognize in my writing style.

With no one to turn to, but a couple of friends, who happened to live in other countries, I turned to God, as I understand him.

This was a most exhilarating experience and an organic one. It was not a storybook holy experience, but rather, ‘the real deal’, through life experiences.

Through disciplined prayer and meditation, often with my mother, I began to see things around me sort themselves out, angels appearing in our lives, odds being defied, and miraculous healing occurring.

This was confirmation of God’s grace in our lives. My mother was not a bit surprised. She’d always been a true believer. I was becoming one.

Until this day, I continue to strive to please God for I know that he is unequivocally real.

My experiences, going all the way back to my being born into my father’s suicide, to triumphing over an army of evil has catapulted my Courage, Confidence, and Faith. It also elevated my Creativity.

As a part of my legacy, I wish to share with you, my mistakes, successes, and lessons.

I can’t contain this wisdom because I am astonished by the extent of the illusions, lies, and deceptions that my journey has identified and exposed.

On my blog, I want to reveal ‘real life’ wisdom often that will be contrary to conventional wisdom, with regard to Family Unity & Values, Black Culture, Religious Sincerity, Health & Healing, and Money & Greed.

I can no longer contribute to a false narrative of God, my story, or of myself. And I will not.

In response, given my access to the social media superhighway, I created Life Seasons As A Teacher to offer a new understanding of life, post-transformation, to those who may be receptive to what I have to say.



PS – You may conclude, after reading my posts, that I must enjoy writing. I do love it!

Anxiously I write rather lengthy posts, which are vetted, and well-researched.

I write each post without much re-editing or writing preparation, only based on what I feel in my heart at the time of the 30 minutes-to-8-hour writing session. I consider every post a rough draft for future projects.

I’ve received permission to link to and repost content from other sites that I find reputable.

I do this all as a labor of love.

I am not rewarded for my posts. The repetitive reflections, surrendering, creative expressions, and expert analysis, is making me wiser, smarter, and bringing me closer to God.

I share with honest intent and am rewarded with priceless knowledge in return.

That’s a pretty good deal!

Note: You may use Google Translate to copy and paste, then translate any posts on this website, to over 60 different languages.

Being cognizant of international visitors, I want to do all that I can to communicate wisdom globally for all.

Contact us at: kevymichaelscontent@gmail.com