Keeping Your Vibration High Is the Only Defense Against Today’s Offenses – Vibe High Poetrimony and Video

I don’t watch the news regularly. That ended years ago. But I do keep current on what’s going on. My primary approach is to read the post headlines on CNN, FOX, MSNBC, and Aljazeera websites. I also pop in and out of AM talk radio shows. Their discussions are frightening.

But, in spite of these things, I am not addicted to the news. Too much of it will influence my mind, spirit, and vibe. I check headlines because I feel that something is going to give. Every day it seems there’s more dismal news. I just want to be prepared.

The poem and video, Vibe High, is about the best way to be prepared for today’s challenges, raise your vibration. Don’t get caught in the weeds of the daily news. Connect more with your spiritual self for immunity against disaster du jour.


Vibe High

Kevy Michaels

Vibe high

…Sky high

Above where

Stuff flies

Don’t Cry





Bat An eye?

Cause Every Day

They gonna try


Elevate your mind

Let your spirit


Peace over today’s



…A beautiful thing

To find

Don’t believe


First off

Don’t be blind!

You won’t survive

If the system gets in

Your mind


Won’t get a

Second try

Your only

Defense is to

See it

And don’t see it

Then go


Above the noise

Above the fray
Don’t give in easily

Don’t give your
Mind away

Elevate high

Above the line

Of confusion

For Peace’s

On the other side

Soar high


Written on the sky

See Auras

Surrounding everything

But you’ll have to




Keep your head up


To the Sun

Illuminating the sky

Don’t let stuff

Get to you

Your Defense

Against Offense

is to



Keep Your Vibe High to Survive in This Time – Vibe High – Video Poetrimony – Kevy Michaels

Though the video Vibe High includes police bodycam footage that could be viewed as offensive to some viewers, it is only to contrast the message of elevating our spirit above the confusion of the world.

It does not endorse violence but recognizes that it exists, and therefore is more of a reason to keep our vibes high.

Vibe High is a video created from an original poem that examines the overwhelming and seemingly bad news that is propagated in politics, religion, and the media, and suggests that we must connect with the Holy Spirit through creativity, nature, meditation, yoga, prayer or whatever elevates us above the fray.

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Life As Concentric Circles

I see life as concentric circles of energy. And, on every circle there’s a certain amount of noise, and a certain amount of peace.

My goal is to vibe high, to elevate to that frequency where I can rise above the confusion and fray of today. Kevy

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