5 Ways to Use Technology to Improve Seniors Life Quality & 6 Benefits Of Doing So – Tips From Senior Lifestyle & Care Devotee – Andrea Gibbs

Andrea Gibbs is an exemplary example of a caring spirit, devoted to improving the lives and care of seniors.  One of her several callings is to post articles and other content on making the task of senior caregiving efficient, effective, and pleasing to the elderly.  Her tips are a godsend for those feeling their way through the caregiving process.

In this post, Andrea shares great eldercare tips, once again.  In this case, she shows how technology can aid in caregiving.

When I cared for my mother, these tools were not readily available or were not as stable as they are today.  And, since I cared for my mother in her nineties, I am not sure how adaptable she would have been to the tools.  She was not computer literate and had no need to be.  I was there to serve her in the final years of her life.

Nonetheless, if available, I do believe that the Entertainment, Communication, and Exercise apps would have been helpful even in our case.

I featured Andrea Gibbs in a prior post, namely in 8 Ways To Spend More Quality Time With Aging Parents.   I am always honored to feature her posts as I am now.  I invite Andrea to share information in the future, especially on topics such as eldercare that I hold so dearly.  Kevy

“It is not a hindrance or a curse, but it is a blessing that makes life easier for seniors to achieve their dreams, goals, and beliefs.” – Andrea Gibbs

You grow up and start to become a senior citizen.  You experience the daily tests of life in terms of your body and brain’s health.  It becomes harder to live comfortably and independently due to developing memory problems like Alzheimer’s disease or dementia. 

Your life is not as it used to be as you feel you are losing your mental capacity, to make decisions, and remember tasks.  You find it very difficult to concentrate at work and at home.  You experience a decline in your memory and awareness quality, how you relate to others at home or are dependent on others for help.

Most seniors do not want to take medications that may cause side effects like depression or severe headaches.  They want to age freely from their beds and chairs with all their heart.

There are new ways to help you live a better quality of life in this modern time.

Many people are under the impression that technology is only for the young or teenagers.  Technology is available to anyone wishing to live independently.  The most important aspect of technology that helps senior citizens is the modern smartphone and the applications created for seniors who want to stay in shape and live an active lifestyle.

6 Benefits of Using Technology to Improve Senior’s Life Quality

You need to embrace technology to improve the quality of your life.  These are the main benefits of using technology to help improve your quality of life. 

  1. Socialization 

Social media can stimulate the brain and make it work more functionally.  It allows you to follow your passions, and favorite teams and meet new people.  You will feel a great sense of fulfillment when using technology, as it will enable you to stay active even if you are alone or have no one available to hang out with.

Social media enables you to stay connected with family and friends and post pictures or memories for only them to see.  This will allow you to feel good and valued.

2.  Convenience

Technology makes tasks easier; you will be able to shop from your home, order food, and pay your bills using technology.  It is a gift from God created to make your life easier. 
In some cases, technology can help people with physical conditions that make it difficult to move around.  Many seniors can regain their lives without losing any muscle or strength with modern technology tools.
Also, people with mobility issues or seniors at risk of falls can use technology to create remote home healthcare. They can make their homes feel like they are a part of their living rooms by having the services come to them when they do not have the energy or strength to move around.

3. Safe Lifestyle  

Technology can make living independently from your home a lot safer. It is not a secret that the elderly community is at higher risk of crimes and violence mainly because they live alone, are physically weak, and are easily manipulated. 


Technology helps you stay safe in your home by monitoring your physical location through a GPS tracker. The location tracker lets others know where you are in case of an emergency or to make sure you are okay. Also, by using it, you can track your health condition and discover if there is something wrong with you. 


The technology can also help you feel safe as it gives alarms to alert and notify others about any changes in your physical location. It will also allow caregivers to have control of all the devices inside your home any time they need access to them. 

4. Entertainment  

Entertainment is another benefit that comes with technology. Technology has become a significant way people get to know about a certain thing, for example, gaming. 

Games enable people to improve their brain function, focus, concentration, and motor skills. With the help of technology, you could be able to play video games on your tablet or laptop. 

Technology comes in handy, especially when you are traveling. It provides entertainment and information on your way from one place to another. Being a senior citizen, you would not want to sit around bored at home but can watch your favorite programs and movies that keep you busy and entertained. 

5. Educational Opportunities

Technology is one of the most important tools to help people gain knowledge. Technology has opened many doors for people eager to learn from it or use it to increase their knowledge. 

You can now find courses online that help people learn new skills, such as online writing courses and other online tutorials that teach you how to write a resume and other important things. 

Some websites will push you to commit yourself to the learning process by giving you chances to take tests that would help measure your improvement in knowledge. 

  1. Exercise

Technology is also a great way to stay healthy. You can exercise or work out without leaving your home with technology. With the help of technology, you can listen to music as you move around your home.

Technology is a great way to stay fit and active, and it can even motivate someone who was never passionate about exercise before. With technology, you can also keep track of your calories, how often you work out, and what exercises you perform to improve your physique and stay healthy.

These are just some of the benefits that technology has provided for seniors.

5 Ways to Use Technology to Improve Senior’s Life Quality

There are many ways that seniors can use technology to improve their quality of life, but these are the main ways.

  1. Stay connected to your family

Technology has made it easier for people to stay in touch with their loved ones. You can call your family and talk things over with them through the use of technology.

They could even send you pictures and comments about what is happening worldwide, making it possible for you to stay updated on your surroundings and what is happening in the world.

 2.  Can work online

Online applications are a great way to make money. You could be able to create your own business through the use of technology by creating apps or online courses that can help people learn new skills.

You can even go online and do surveys that would give you cash. So, seniors can use technology to increase their income and save up for their old age days when they need to go without working because there is no longer work for them to do. 

Some have been hired to write for online magazines and tutor others through technology. There are a lot of work opportunities that you can use the internet to earn money and save up for your retirement.

Technology is great when it comes to making a living more accessible. But there are times when some seniors feel uncomfortable with technology and how it works. The technology could sometimes be a little complex for seniors to understand, but with the right help, they would be able to use it correctly.

3.  Monitor health conditions

Technology can help monitor your health and keep you from going to the hospital unnecessarily. You can learn more about your health through technology and know if there is something wrong with you or if you need medical attention.

The best way for you to do this is by having someone who loves and cares about your well-being, such as a friend or family member, to give you advice on what is wrong with your health if there are any changes. The good thing about this is that it puts the responsibility to check on your health on someone else; thus, you won’t have to worry if they are not doing it.

Seniors could go online and use their smartphones and laptops to gain access to information that would have been hard for them to understand previously.

4.  Enjoy Playing Games 

Technology has also made it possible for people to play games no matter where they are. You can now play games on your phones, tablets, or computers. And you would never have to worry about not having a proper internet connection when you travel, as technology provides you with the fast connection you need, and that is needed for gaming.

You could go online and enjoy different games, such as playing match-3 and card games. You could be able to play games with your loved ones online and have a great time doing it. If you had the right skills, you could even create your own game and sell it or donate it to the community.

Technology is essential, and seniors should embrace it rather than rejecting it because there are so many benefits, they can get out of this. Seniors should be able to use technology to make their lives better and happier.


5.  Learn new things

Technology is also a great way for seniors to learn new things. There are many places where you can go online to look for tutorials and information about different things. You would be able to learn new skills by reading articles and watching videos that would help you improve your life.

There are so many benefits once you start connecting with the internet, starting with volunteering or tutoring, in which you can help those less fortunate and teach them about technology.


Technology can be an excellent way for you to improve your life. You can use it to improve every aspect of your life, from health to business to socializing to education. Technology is a barrier for people to make real connections with each other and get into the world that we are living in using the internet and social media.

Technology has made it possible to learn about the world without going out there. Even if you’re a Senior or not, you should use it because it can be very beneficial for you.


“The digital life or the age of technology is helping seniors stay independent and healthy while living at home with family.  Technology can help improve lives by making simple devices and programs to help people get quality information, shop, connect with friends, and feel like they are not aging.” – Andrea Gibbs


I have a strong affinity for children and the elderly.  The common trait that I find most attractive is their innocence.  I am most challenged when interacting with the ages in between those.

When greeting or interacting with seniors, my spirit is especially ignited.  My number one objective is to get them to smile.  I respect seniors because they tend to have a wealth of wisdom and experience to share if only, we’d take the time to listen.  They also are honest, sometimes seemingly brutally.  But I prefer their honesty over disingenuous sugar coding.

Caring for my mother for about five years greatly influenced my love for the elderly.  During this period, our connection was so intimate that I could feel her spirit, the spirit of the elderly in general.  My mother entrusted her care, well-being, and life to me!  She was generally scared of the challenges that faced her in her nineties and found solace in my dedication to serving her in this vulnerable period of life.

Unfortunately, I also witnessed seniors, who were publicly neglected or mistreated by their families too, as we visited doctor’s offices, hospitals, and adult daycare centers.  Witnessing elder abuse and neglect deeply pains me.  I don’t understand anyone having such a lack of compassion for such innocent spirits.  Seniors sometimes lash out innocently, due to their having to witness their physical and mental decline, as they lose their once prided independence, friends and relatives around them.  That is a daunting experience for anyone.  I zone right into their needs, putting myself in their shoes, and doing all that I can to comfort them and generate their smiles.

I have come to accept that there is a dividing line between those who have compassion for the elderly and those who do not.  It is innate.  Since caring for my mother, I encounter numerous caregivers.  They all seem to have compassion for their loved ones that surpasses any inconveniences or challenges.  They take the challenges in stride because they generally view their service, as service to God, as I did with my mother.  Compassionate senior caregivers are ‘chosen ones’.   I was a ‘chosen one’, and therefore answered my mother’s and God’s call, without hesitation.  Kevy

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