I Try To Edumacate My People About Holistic Healing – And They React Like…

I have often said that health is spiritual.  And, it truly has been for me.

It is spiritual for many reasons, but most of all, it is spiritual because treating our bodies as a temple is the highest form of gratitude to display before God.  It is an easy display of gratitude if you can overcome lust and greed, which is unto itself, a spiritual exercise.

I came to realize that health was spiritual the more that I researched how the body so magnificently and intricately, in its hundreds of processes, interacts and communicates, body, mind, and spirit synchronized.  Health is spiritual because it requires absolute belief in miracles that cannot always be explained, like magic, God’s magic.

I experienced God’s magic and required no explanation.  Health is spiritual because it requires belief in God’s magnificence over men.  Science has discovered many breakthroughs in medicine and treatment, no doubt.  But science does not yet fully understand the human body and how it interacts with its environment.  Science cannot explain miracle cures, without prescribed treatments.  But they do happen.  …Only God can.  I am one such miracle.

Health is spiritual because it requires stern belief in what you and God can do together, before running straight to a doctor, pharmacist, or any entity outside of oneself. 

In the Black community, there are undoubtedly many who are holy rollers, ministers, pastors, exquisite scripture reciters, and who are all washed in the blood of Jesus.  But many of these same religious folks cannot see that Health is Spiritual, see that taking care of their body, their temple makes God smile.  They do not highly regard this personal show of gratitude, this dimension of faith.

Most, along with praising the Lord, and making a joyful noise, have horrible diets and lifestyles and take an extensive list of medicines for the extensive list of conditions, which are directly related to their not showing God this next level of spirituality.  I find it hypocritical.  Most can’t even see the spiritual conflict.

To an extent, I am judging them at this moment of writing.  But, in discussions in public, I instead aim to inform those in my community, the Black community.  I pull out all stops.  I use research, education, personal testimony, and the spirit of God’s grace to reach them, alert them, and perhaps encourage them to reflect on what they could do, and commit to.  I try to reveal to them Health as another dimension of Faith.  Most often, they don’t get it or want to.  They really would prefer that I’d just go away.

My Ranting Video

This video may seem controversial, but it is not my intention. 

It is a rant on how frustrating it is to encourage and educate people in my community, the African American community, on health.  They don’t want to hear it, while others, not directly in my demographic, are quite receptive.

The deeper message is that Color does Not Matter. 

It’s all about Energy, Spirit & Vibration.

Recorded in my car on a Galaxy S20 Ultra.  Kevy

I Try to Edumacate My People About Holistic Healing – And They Be Like…

African Americans are collectively unhealthy!  There is no argument about this.  We have among the worse statistics on virtually every CDC health condition list, including COVID19.

I try to educate my people about health.  But I’ve learned to be carefully discerned about who I approach.

I have learned a lot about health from subjective experiences, work experience, caring for the elderly, and doing extensive analysis for over 20 years.  But, when I try to talk about holistic health and living, African Americans tend to look at me like…“Nicca Pleeze”.  It’s sad. 

Most place their profit-motivated doctors next to or before Jesus.  They say Jesus gave doctors the knowledge to serve (and never cure, while making tons of money).  Well, that means that Jesus gave Putin the knowledge on how to kill and access to weapons of mass destruction.

They talk about their elders’ health 50 years ago, who likely lived on a farm, ate farm-to-table, and did not eat mass-produced foods, GMOs, drug-injected meat, and food commodities shipped from countries with lower food safety standards, though they may have eaten fried foods, pork, and even chitlins.

This is my rant about how Black people are harmful to Black people.  Not wanting to hear what I have to say about health, seems similar to our general problem of not wanting another African American to be an authority on anything.  I often get, “What makes you so smart about health; you’re not a doctor!” 

Black people are far from attaining unity and helping each other.  We don’t want to listen to those who share good news and information, armed with facts, experience, and science.

It is a sad situation.  I feel empathy when they look at me like…” Nicca Pleeze”, not knowing how they are harming themselves.  Kevy. 

It gets quite exhausting.  It gets exhausting because, I am, I guess, a messenger, or an advocate of healthy living and having a healthy lifestyle.  It gets exhausting trying to convince others of the connection between diet, nutrition, lifestyle, stress management, spirituality, and optimal health.

It is especially draining trying to convince my community of the importance of improving our way of living.  We do not see the connection between the Black community’s comorbidities, mortality, and fatalities from Covid19, relative to how poorly we live.  It is hard for me to breakthrough.

Maybe it’s because I do not subscribe to automatically taking prescription drugs, or do not subscribe to getting vaccines.  I haven’t had a vaccine in many years, over thirty, I’m sure.

But not a foolish objector.  I’m well versed in how the body works and in nutrition.  I gained my experience from successfully conquering chronic illness myself.  And I’m a cancer survivor.  I actually had a form of blood cancer, thrombocytopenia.  It made it very difficult for me to not spontaneously bleed internally, in the brain even, without puncture or wound.  Even if I had a puncture or wound, I could not stop bleeding because I had nearly no platelets (for clotting).  My bone marrow platelet production was low, while my body destroyed the few platelets that it produced.

I recovered from thrombocytopenia following a holistic diet, lifestyle, and several alternative health protocols, but not from using prescription drugs.

Instead, I researched health and the science of the body.  I’d done business-related research for some of the largest corporations in the world as an analyst, a senior consultant, and a project manager for huge corporations.  So, I lent myself to the practice of being analytical and researching everything quite well.   I’m still that way.

As I became very ill at one point, I was no longer researching for corporations.  So, I used those same skills to research my own health.  I looked at different medical reports. Research papers, how lab numbers are calculated, etc.  I looked at a lot of different alternative regimens, many of which I tried over the years, which is like, for twenty to thirty years now.  I have maybe a thousand different research papers, medical documents, and posts on medical research and how the body, prescription medicines, nutrition, herbs, and supplements work.  Over time, I had compiled a reputable list of science and truth-based sources of information.

I became familiar with how clinical trials work, as well as the demographics of those trials, which often include very small African American representative sample patients, even for the Covid19 vaccine trials.

And on top of it all, I followed multiple alternative health protocols which really worked for me and have for several years.  And I started connecting with communities including health-conscious people from around the world.  I was actually buying herbs from doctors in South Africa.  Over the years, I was connecting with a whole movement, making connections with scientists and doctors gaining permission to republish their articles on my blog.

I worked for Whole Foods Market for several years.  I worked in the produce department, so I learned a great deal about fruits, vegetables, exotic mushrooms, international produce, and its health properties.  I learn about the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15, organics, GMOs, gluten, protein, dairy, soy, how food is mass-produced, and how toxic it can be, over time.

I learned how to detox my body and practiced fasting periodically.  I regularly practiced prayer and meditation as a health regimen and often did so while listening to binaural beats.   I later learned about the electromagnetic field in the body and how to manipulate it through Earthing and using health devices.  …I did all of this stuff!  I lived it.  I still do.  Health is my life.

I know health and the body, particularly my own, quite well.  The cherry on the top of this knowledge and experience was that I took care of my mother from the ages of 91- 92 until she transitioned at the ripe age of 96 years old.  I had to totally change her diet and lifestyle and wean her off of too many unnecessary prescription medicines that were expediting her demise.  Her doctors had her on about 15 prescriptions in her nineties!

So, I’ve learned a lot and I became a strong advocate.  I’ve never gotten the COVID vaccine.  I’ve tested negative maybe ten times.  I originally had exposure to COVID before it was ever popular, in December of 2019.  I worked through it naturally.  Doctors diagnosed me as having ‘flu-like symptoms”.  It was like the bad flu, but I was not hospitalized.

The part of my health journey that gets frustrating is now that I work with the public, I must share information on health that many people do not want to hear.  Some are actually rude about it.  I’m not a real religious person.  I’m not religious at all.  But I am pretty evangelical about health and trying to share health information, particularly with the black community, my community is the most annoying.

It’s annoying because our national statistics are horrible, in terms of our common diseases, mortality rate, lack of access to health care, comorbidities, poor diets, and even problems with childbirth.  In addition to nearly being represented at the bottom of every standard of living list, African Americans have virtually worse health than other races.

The extremely frustrating part is when I try to educate Black people.  For the most part, what happens initially is that they ignore me.  If I am speaking to them about seeking optimal health, they walk by, saying nothing to me, often never looking at me.

Then, they typically tell me about their grandmother who ate pork, fried chicken, chitlins, and many “unhealthy foods”, but she lived to be 106.  And what they don’t realize is the difference between today, and just 30 years ago.

First of all, in almost every case, I’m dealing with people who are speaking folklore, fake news, and just talking plain stupidness.

They are not well-research.  Their arguments are feelings, stubbornness, and don’t-want-to-be-wronged-based.  Their minds clearly are not open to change, though their health status screams out, “Help me!”.

I am well-researched and vetted.  They haven’t had the experience that I have.  I’m living in the vision that I am propagating.  I’m a living example of living well, especially given all of the challenges that I’ve survived.

But they tell me about their grandmother who live to 106 years old.  …And, how she’s used to eat this, that, and another.  But what they don’t realize is that their grandmother probably even knew the name of the cow and the pig that she was eating.  They went straight from the farm to her table, unlike today.  Her vegetables, they came out of the ground where she planted them.

Today, we’re dealing with a whole different phenomenon in terms of food.  It is mass-produced.  It is shipped all over the world to our table.  I had a friend who worked in a factory where they would package frozen foods, fruits, and vegetables.  He told me a lot of those vegetables are as old as three years old!  Things are manufactured and mass-produced, and in the process, toxins creep in.  Many fresh foods come from other countries that may not have the food safety standards that we do in the United States.

It’s not the same as it was when grandma used to eat as she wished to.  But they don’t want to hear it!  They don’t want to hear it.  It gets frustrating because they look at me like, “Nigga, please”.

I’m going to be real with you on this because, you know, I’m very direct.  You probably know that from my writings.  But I just want to say I’m very direct because I call it out what is bad whether it’s Black, White, Latino, Asian, Indian, or whatever it is.  I’m not exclusive to thinking that everyone is against the Black man, Black woman, or Black people.  Because in actuality, Black people are against black people, too.

I simply look at good versus evil.  Now, I only deal with spirits…energies.  Color is does not matter to me, really.  But in Black people, we don’t want to change.  And if I try to tell them about health, based on my real experiences, research, connections with doctors, and even I show them medical reports from our federal government, and from other governments around the world, it’s almost like I’m saying to them, “Jesus doesn’t exist”.

They are very steadfast and very devout in their resistance.  …Evangelical about it.

And if I ask them how many medicines they’re taking.  They recite a list of 5 – 9 prescriptions, and close with, “But my lab numbers look good; My doctor says I’m doing good”.  They don’t even know what the lab numbers mean.  They may not mean that they’re doing well.  They are simply referring to what is called a reference range.  It’s a reference of all the people, who took that test, conducted by that lab.  And, that range is what the normal range is for all of those people.  It may not have anything to directly do with you.  Those in the reference range could all primarily be of another race, sex, or age group.

I can’t explain things like this to my people.  Now, I am in a situation where I’m regularly sharing information about health and nutrition.  I’m selling a superfood product that’s a really good product.  There’s nothing artificial in it, having 64 super nutrients.  It focuses on feeding our cells and improving our health at a molecular level, a cellular level.

So, I try to explain to others how free radicals and antioxidants work, and how antioxidants neutralize free radicals, which are basically trying to destroy our cells.  Free radicals are electrons that don’t have a mate.  Electric charge is negative and positive electrons within an atom.  Our cells have electrons and protons, a negative and positive charge.  That’s when they’re healthy.  But free radicals travel alone and they try to invade our cells so that they can kill them, and they can replicate.  This same thing happens with bacteria.  You try to invade our cells.

I try to explain this to people.  There’s just nothing that’s controversial or political about it.  They don’t want to hear.  They look at me like, “Nigga, please!”.  And it is really frustrating.

I did a post that was about Maybe…’.  In it, I was asking, “maybe I should, maybe I shouldn’t, maybe I should write, maybe I shouldn’t write”.  It kind of had to do with sharing information about health, as well.  Maybe I shouldn’t say much because it’s very frustrating.

I’ve learned from Deepak.  I mean, I learned from life, but he made it really clear that energy is finite. It’s not like forever.  So, whatever we exhaust our energy on, we’ll have less energy for other things, like creativity, serving others, sharing information, knowledge, and wisdom.  Since I learned this principle, I often think, that maybe I shouldn’t even try.  And I really don’t try as much.

But it’s still very frustrating when I’m dealing with resistance to health and healing.  If I were dealing with intelligence to intelligence, or experience to wisdom, and it was on an equal plane, the objection would be fine.  It would be based on a real position.  But when you’re dealing with people who are ignorant on the topic on which they argue, who just like to be followers, who only like to be told, without having to research or change a damn thing, that’s just an unbelievable psyche to get to.

And another thing about black people that I can say because I too am Black, is that when they look at me and say, “Nigga, please”, we have this thing about ourselves that makes us say to each other, “What makes you so smart”?  What makes you think you know so much?”.  ….” My doctor says” this or that.

We have a real problem with any of us being an authority, over anything.  But they don’t know the fire that I’ve walked through to be here!  They don’t know the times that I faced near dead and naturally recovered, without any of the things that they think they require to live.

They don’t want to hear it.  It’s part Black self-hatred.  That is part of what it is.  Gladly, I’m an energy man.  I am becoming more discerned.  I now know when even to open my mouth.  Until then, I sit back in the cut.

I wish to thank some beautiful White people because after all, I said that race doesn’t matter and that it’s really more about our spirit. That way, there is just one line that divides one from the other, good or bad, negative or positive.  So, I say thanks to the good white people because, when I’m trying to educate, they were the ones who were most receptive.  I would say Whites in the X generation, like in their forties or something like that, that have kids.  They’re very health-conscientious, about what they feed their kids, and what their kids consume.  Most of them tell me that their kids, even as young as eight years old, are not on sodas, and don’t do sugar.  They’re already healthy and they want to receive more health information.  They want to know how negative and positive electrons work in our bodies.  They want to know what free radicals do.  I share with them, as a preacher to his congregation.  They usually purchase the product that I sell, and they appreciate me, telling me so.  Some international people, from Ethiopia, Africa, various parts of Africa, and East Europe are receptive.  I meet a lot of people.  I work in a very international community.  They are more receptive than are African Americans.

This is our issue!  This is directly on us.  We need to get our shit together too.  It’s not only about the white man and racism.  Sure, there’s oppression and we recognize that.  But we’re not all good to ourselves either.  And maybe that’s the way that God wants it to be.  Maybe he wants it to dispel the notion that Black necessarily means good.  It doesn’t necessarily mean bad either.  The same and vice versa applies to Whites.

It is about our spirit?  Whether it’s good or bad, it’s not about your color.  I won’t be get frustrated much more.  I’m just going to become more discerned, wiser.  I’ll start by reading the wind.  I’m going to read people’s air before they arrive.  I will know up front where their vibration and their spirit are.  Even before I open my mouth, probably even before our eyes ever see each other.  Blessings, Kevy

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  1. Hi there, nice to meet you … most people are intolerant of anything that takes their time and energy … if they could pop a quick pill to fix it they will! But healthy diet, regular exercise, reasonable sleep and a stable mind are the basis of a good life 🙂

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