Gratitude – Another Aspect of Holistic Health – If You Are Unhappy & Unhealthy, Try Being More Grateful – In Spirit, Health & In How You’re Living – “The Science” Agrees!

I have these regular spontaneous moments, moments of deep Gratitude. Gratitude hits me deeply in my spirit and it hits me at random. I can never predict when it will happen. It doesn’t matter where I am. And, it has just hit me now, inspiring me to write this post!

I was just in the bank, and it hit me while I was in line waiting for the teller. I wanted to record the moment right on the spot, but I know when I get this feeling, I may seem strange to many people. …Sometimes…a bit off, hell, maybe even crazy. So, I didn’t record it when I was in the bank.

But now I’m sitting in my car, in the parking lot. Right now, I’m just trying to express the deep Gratitude that I feel. I am still in Gratitude, so I want to express the feeling I am experiencing now. But I don’t know what to say other than I feel especially grateful to God that I’m here! I feel grateful for the wisdom I’ve gained, the battles through which I’ve endured, and for my total comfort and surrender to God’s will over my life, however, he chooses to allow it to unfold.

This feeling just hits me, a feeling of total jubilation! At that very moment, I’m saying in silence, “God I am so grateful!” for no particular reason. That is how I feel right now.

A lot of times when it hits me, or after it does, I send messages, songs, quotes, or memes to express it in a few words to others. The other day I did so because I felt that feeling, then and I expressed that I’m so grateful to God because it’s a miracle that I’m still here and standing strong!

Because this comes to me at random, it affects me very profoundly. It just hit me again a couple of minutes ago, and I wanted to take this time to express this feeling, to express a deep part of me. Kevy

I generally awaken every morning with a feeling of Gratitude to God for another day. But when I feel Gratitude in this way, it is one that’s driven by my intention to be grateful every day. I influence the feeling intentionally every morning. But the random Gratitude that I’m speaking of is spontaneous; it’s unexpected. It happens when I am unprepared for it.

In an instant, it illuminates my spirit, my entire being, my vibration, and my aura. Then I feel encouraged to share this feeling with others. This act too is by intent, but with good intentions to encourage others. I share in the event that they might need encouragement.

But I also share it to let them know that this feeling, the feeling of spiritual glorification, is real. It’s real and I want to announce that I’ve attained it. In attaining such euphoria, I want to share the good news that we all have access to this feeling.

But sometimes I become discouraged when sharing this news. Often others don’t feel grateful as strongly as I do, are not feeling it at that moment, or have never felt this way. They, therefore, don’t understand.

After feeling spontaneous Gratitude, and having no one to converse with about it, I listen to gospel songs that expressed the feeling that I had just felt. I don’t really focus so much on the name of Jesus. Yahweh Yahushua, Allah, Krishna, Buddha, or whomever. I just focus on what God is, under the umbrella of all of those names. And the Gratitude that I feel in surrendering to God seems similar to what the gospel artists express in their songs.

After that, I usually meditate. I finished meditating just a few minutes, prior to recording this to audio that was later transcribed. My meditation is mindful meditation. At first, it consists of silently saying affirmations, then it becomes a prayerful meditation. I pray in silence, saying specific prayers of Gratitude, Healing, Increase, and Guidance, but praying in meditation, repeating them until the words seem to disappear on their own.

Eventually, I totally escape the place and time in which I’m in. I escape all thoughts, all problems, fears, or worries. I am in Bliss; I would imagine as a baby is.

Then from there I usually have a strong urge to create something. I usually start to author a poem, produce a video, write a blog post, or just record thoughts, as I am doing now.

Then spontaneously, it may occur once more. I feel incredibly Grateful again! It never stops. Describing this feeling is something that is personal, and extremely hard to describe. I hope I’ve given you at least an inkling of how I feel in this moment of deep Gratitude. Kevy


Why I Am Grateful – Kind of Testimonial

If my expression of Gratitude on this day sounds like a testimony, it is.

Audio Testimony On Gratitude For My Mother

I’m Grateful for my mother, my angel, my favorite girl in the world! I’m Grateful for the wisdom that she shared with me. I’m Grateful for having the honor of serving her.

  • I’m grateful for the sun. I can always count on the sun. I’m here in the Rocky Mountains, close to heaven, 15,000 feet above sea level. I can safely expect the sun at least 360 days a year. I appreciate the birds, the trees. I appreciate the ground where I now stand barefoot, receiving healing frequencies for my body, mind, and spirit. I am Grateful to God for these things.
  • I’m Grateful for my illustrious life experiences, good and bad.
  • I’m Grateful for the ducks that just flew over my head while grounding.
  • I’m Grateful for New Orleans, my hometown. It was a struggle at times. It was also a joy and was a celebration. It was all those things. But, from that experience, the lessons learned were priceless.
  • I’m Grateful for having traveled the world. Seeing the distinctions of other cultures, oddly showed me Who I Am.
  • I’m Grateful for my success, for my failures, my downfalls, my defeats, and victories.
  • I am Grateful that finally, I love and accept who I am, without conditions.
  • I am Grateful that I don’t aim to please others, but only God. I am Grateful that I love God and therefore love myself. I am Grateful to truly believe that God is within me.
  • I have so much for which I am Grateful, I haven’t even had breakfast yet!
  • I’m Grateful for the knowledge that I gained along the way, traveling on my life journey.
  • I am Grateful for wisdom, discernment, new understanding, and new paradigms. I am grateful that I believe in a power greater than I am. I am Grateful to be a believer! I am Grateful to know God.
  • I am Grateful to know what Love is and isn’t.
  • I am Grateful to know that there are an infinite number of truths. I no longer argue with others to defend my truth. We are both correct.
  • I am grateful to know The Seven Spiritual Laws, The Four Agreements, and The Three Questions: “Who am I, what is real, and What is Love?”, as well as many other spiritual principles from modern-day prophets, writers, artists, and creators.  
  • I am Grateful to have endured through COVID19, immersed in knowledge and faith, and not in propaganda and fear. I am Grateful for those who I helped through the pandemic, along the way.
  • I am Grateful to know that Giving & Receiving is but one law. I am happy with what I have given and received.
  • I am Grateful for knowing how my body functions. …Grateful that I can see God’s magnificence beyond the Rocky Mountains, the sky, and the sun, but seeing God’s magnificence as it exists in my body, and how it functions.
  • I’m Grateful that I know the importance of treating the gift of this body as the temple as God wants me to.
  • And, I am Grateful for knowing, now in my life, that simply being Grateful is healing my mind, body, and spirit in this testimony of Gratitude.

I am Grateful, indeed.



In the works below, I show a small sample of the times that the feeling of deep Gratitude overwhelmed me into writing about it. Some of the works are complete poems; Others are excerpts from poems or songs. Kevy


Oh, Heavenly Spirit

Your presence is always with


Your beauty emerges

When the world

Seeks to challenge


I am deeply grateful

For the signals

That you send to


In your way,

You’re showing

How much you love


When I struggled

It was you

That gave determination to


In hopelessness

I realized that

You provided

Unimaginable options for


When at the end of the road

It was you who

Laid unforeseen

Paths before


When frail and broken

I remember the very day

You shared

Your strength with


It seems like yesterday

I was tattered and scarred


You’ve cleaned and polished



Before I ask questions

Of Thee

You already know

Then whisper

Divine answers to


Oh, Holy spirit

I recognize

When you’re

Speaking to


I’ll forever live

In each moment

Never to miss

The next signal

You send to


I’m looking closely

At all that happens

Eyes wide open

Even while I


I will preserve

My burning desire

To share

How you reveal

Yourself to


Oh, Heavenly Spirit

Your presence

Is always with


Your beauty appears

Just when life

Seeks to challenge


And I’m

Deeply grateful

For the signals

That you send to


In your subtle way,

You’ve shown

Just how much

You love


Endured (Excerpt from A Song)

Now I celebrate the Sun

Yesterday there was Rain

I am filled with Happiness

I’ve felt the depths of Pain

There’s a smile on this face

It was once covered in tears

I am pleased with where I am

I struggled to get here

I am grateful for the clouds

On a sunshiny day

I cherish the storms of life

And I’m still calm today

Had not been for the pain

I wouldn’t be overjoyed

And I am delighted today

Because of what I endured


What I endured

What I endured

I’m so grateful for the trials

That I endured

In this world of complication

There is one thing I am sure

The prelude to wisdom

Is what I endured

The Voice

The voice of God

Calls out to me with recognizable clarity

It’s like singling out a single chirp

Within the melody of birds caroling in the morning

Though but a whisper

Amongst the chatter, I can feel His call

Deep within my spirit

He’s telling me to accept his grace

Just as the flowers do

When they smile in gratitude

To the sun each day

I am grateful to hear the call

Chosen from all those

Who couldn’t filter out the noise

I eagerly follow God’s voice

As though I were a flower

Having no other choice

But to bloom

In Grace

I live by the commands of

The Voice

The undeniable

Voice of God

Grateful (A chorus to a song never completed)


And I

Never dreamed

Until I accepted God

I began to hope

When I found that

I am loved

Now I cannot wait

For the beauty

Each day brings to me


I can laugh

When I used to cry

I’m stronger now

There’s nothing that

I can’t survive

And I’m ready to

Give love back

To show that

I’m deeply grateful

Thank You, Lord (Excerpt from a song)

I am happy for the path I’m on

And where you placed my feet

It all makes sense

The trials I’ve had

Lord, you were preparing me

I have no hate

Within my heart

Lord, you told me to forgive

I have no fear

My doubts are gone

You taught me to believe


I want to

Thank you, Lord,

Thank you, Lord,

Now I am at peace

My burdens gone

I will follow you

Use me as you wish

Greeting Card Concept


God rescued me

When I was drowning

Drowning in a sea of fear

God, was my lifesaver

I’m glad that he was near

I used to turn and walk away

He showed me how to forgive

He is merciful

For so long

I wanted a love just like this


That’s because I am

His loving child

I am his loving child

And I am so grateful

To have a father like this

You Did (Excerpt from a song)

Weak and all broken

I shouted out your name

Though I let you down before

You still gave me your hand

All I needed was a friend

Didn’t care about opinions

And I didn’t want to be fixed

Just needed understanding

Now I’m so grateful for the day

That you gave me one more chance

Then embraced me

And loved away my all pain


And you gave

And you loved

Then you touched me again

In an instant,

You erased away my shame

And you looked

Pass the scars

You looked deep inside of me

In just one touch

I am not the same

That’s just what you did

That’s just what you did

I’m forever strong

For what you did

Gratitude | Psychology Today – Thankfulness – Reviewed by Psychology Today Staff

Gratitude is the expression of appreciation for what one has. It is a recognition of value independent of monetary worth. Spontaneously generated from within, it is an affirmation of goodness and warmth. This social emotion strengthens relationships, and its roots run deep in evolutionary history—emanating from the survival value of helping others and being helped in return. Studies show that specific areas of the brain are involved in experiencing and expressing Gratitude. Brain scans of people assigned a task that stimulates the expression of Gratitude show lasting changes in the prefrontal cortex that heighten sensitivity to future experiences of Gratitude. Read More

The Science of Gratitude – How and why does Gratitude work?

Gratitude is an easy and effective way of retraining your brain. If you focus on the good, soon you will see more, enjoy more, appreciate more. Here are nine quick facts about the benefits of practicing Gratitude:

  1. Lights up the Brain’s Reward Pathway – Thinking about other people doing nice things floods the brain with positive chemicals and sparks brain activity critical to sleep, orgasms, mood regulation and metabolism.
  2. Shifts the Heart Rhythm – Increases coherence of body functions, which facilitates higher cognitive functions, creating emotional stability and facilitating states of calm.
  3. Increases Social Connection – You can feel greater connection and feel more satisfied with friends, family, school, community, and yourself.
  4. Lessens Anxiety & Depression Symptoms – Challenging negative thought patterns, helps to calm anxiety and boost the moods of those who are depressed.
  5. Increases Heart Variability – Heart patients who practice Gratitude show better moods, better sleep, less fatigue, and lower levels of inflammatory biomarkers related to cardiac health.
  6. Increases Empathy & Compassion – The more thankful we feel, the more likely we are to act pro-socially toward others, causing them to feel grateful and setting up a beautiful virtuous cascade.
  7. Improves Physical Health – Strengthens the immune system, lowers blood pressure, reduces symptoms of illness, and makes us less bothered by aches and pains.
  8. Increases Resilience – Helps you bounce back from stressful events and helps you deal with adversity by acting as a buffer against internalizing symptoms.
  9. Increases Productivity – Feeling grateful to others makes us inspired and uplifted—these feelings of elevation bolster motivation to become healthier, more generous people but also better, more productive workers.

Read More

Say “Thank You” – A Motivational Video On The Importance Of Gratitude – Dec 14, 2017 – Fearless Soul

How Gratitude Can Change Your Life | Weekly Wisdom Episode 13 – Jan 8, 2018 – Jay Shetty

Gratitude Quotes

“I cannot tell you anything that, in a few minutes, will tell you how to be rich. But I can tell you how to feel rich, which is far better, let me tell you firsthand, than being rich. Be grateful. . .. It’s the only totally reliable get-rich-quick scheme.” – Ben Stein

“The universe operates through dynamic exchange . . . giving and receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe. And in our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep the abundance of the universe circulating in our lives.” – Deepak Chopra

“We keep blessings circulating in our life simply by being Grateful.” – Kevy Michaels

“Gratitude is one of the most effective ways of getting in touch with your soul.” – Deepak Chopra

“Enough’ is a feast.” – Buddhist proverb

“This [is] the day [which] the LORD hath made; we will rejoice and be glad in it.” – Psalms 118:24

“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.” – William Arthur Ward

“For where your treasure is, there will your heart be also.” – Matthew 6:21

A person however learned and qualified in his life’s work in whom gratitude is absent, is devoid of that beauty of character which makes personality fragrant. – Hazrat Inayat Khan

“As we express our Gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” – John F. Kennedy

“He is a wise man who does not grieve for the things which he has not but rejoices for those which he has.” – Epictetus

“When thou hast eaten and art full, then thou shalt bless the Lord thy God for the good land which he hath given thee.” – Deuteronomy 8:10 (KJV)

“Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues but the parent of all others.” – Marcus Tullius Cicero

Everything we do should be a result of our gratitude for what God has done for us. – Lauryn Hill

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Gratitude Praise Songs

Grateful – Hezekiah Walker – Feb 26, 2010 – Mr. Gospel Music

Gratitude – Brandon Lake | Moment – Dec 28, 2020 – Bethel Music

Thank You (feat. Steffany Gretzinger & Chandler Moore) | Maverick City | TRIBL – Mar 3, 2020 – TRIBL

Gratitude – Nov 7, 2014 – UCLA Gospel Choir (feat. Gospel Gangstaz)

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Marvin Sapp – Thank You for It All (2020 Stellar Awards Performance) – Oct 26, 2020 – Marvin Sapp

“Be Grateful” (Original) (1978) Walter Hawkins – Jun 18, 2015 – Gospel Nostalgia

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4 thoughts on “Gratitude – Another Aspect of Holistic Health – If You Are Unhappy & Unhealthy, Try Being More Grateful – In Spirit, Health & In How You’re Living – “The Science” Agrees!

  1. This is beautifully expressed and clearly from a grateful heart. As one of my fav artists puts it: “gratitude is a mus’!” (Singing in my Koffee voice)

    1. I am familiar with the artist Koffee and with that lyric! If we were all more Grateful then there would be greater world peace. The best thing that we can do for humanity begins with ourselves and working from within. Gratitude is foundational to spiritual healing. Blessings Kevy

  2. I hear you and totally relate. The surge of Gratitude is such gift of Grace. It brings pure life energy pulsating, makin gthe entire existence an amazing testimony of miracles that we can count on, poetry flows as if fro a river within, thoughts becoime prayers that lead in to a meditaion. Gratitude is that gift of peace and joy. It comes as it comes or then can be reached from a consious choice – either way a treasured experience.

    1. You clearly have experienced this spontaneous glorious feeling, not for any particular reason at the moment….Just because. The way you described it is the way that it comes to me as well. Kevy

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