Maybe Is The Theme – Maybe My Lessons Are Only For Me – Maybe I’m Having Delusions of Grandeur – Maybe I Should Just Keep It Between God & Me – Maybe Poetrimony

I stumbled on a couple of poems that I originally wrote years ago. One is entitled, ‘Maybe’, the other, ‘Audacious Wisdom’.

In these writings, I am questioning myself, and my purpose through God’s eyes. I wasn’t looking for the poems. I stumbled on them. I literally have close to a thousand or more bodies of work. But recently finding them was right on time for what’s going on in our world and with me, right now.

Recently, I have been again encouraged to author a book, memoir, or screenplay on my story. I really want to, and know that I can, but I haven’t completed several in-progress projects. Though I’ve started many and have created bits and pieces over the years, I’ve never compiled or finalized anything.

I’ve written a great deal, enough for more than just one book, maybe about six! But still, I have not assembled what has been written, never completing the projects. I have started several videos, much the same way. I want to complete them, but often I feel uncertain about doing so. Years ago, I vowed to never venture into anything new without really feeling it in my spirit. I feel these projects in my spirit, but not strong enough yet.

About writing, and about life in general, I have been asking myself, ’Maybe?’ quite often.

“Maybe God wants me to keep my story to myself.
Maybe, I am supposed to be modest about what I’ve learned.
Maybe, my lessons are only for me.”

Lately, I’ve even felt a bit arrogant about revealing my writings because they are so personal and heartfelt. I’ve been feeling that very few are worthy of me opening my heart so widely, let alone, publishing on a massive scale. …It’s ike, I’m too ‘special’ to show my vulnerabilities to strangers, through my writings.

I am still unsure how I will proceed, though I keep writing and creating, pretty much daily.

I go back and forth, questioning myself and God’s plan regularly. In my writing, I am as honest and forthcoming as I can be. But I wonder if God wants for me to reveal such spiritual intimacy in a memoir or screenplay adout my story.

Also, I wonder, if my story is important or if it would be helpful to others. This includes a caregiving and siblings tips book that I started years ago. Perhaps my experiences are so unique that others just wouldn’t understand them or benefit from me sharing them? I have been told that my story is hard to believe several times already.

When I started Seasons as My Teacher a few years ago, I foresaw where today’s tensions were headed. I mean, like how polarized we have become. A lot has subtly changed in just a few years. But when you reflect, even in 2019, it seems that drastic changes have occurred under our noses.

I have a post that I never published warning of Truth Decay, and now Truth Decay is an everyday thing. I wrote it and started the video over a year ago.

We are to the point around the world, where governments have a realistic potential of failing, just as US democracy seems to be headed in the opposite direction currently.

Everyone is argumentative about every subject, the vaccine, mask wearing, religion, politics, lifestyles, social programs, the environment, and everything under the sun.

Many friendships have ended in the past two years. Families have become divided. Religious congregations are dwindling, and everyone distrusts politicians and ministers. Many people are wounded, walking around with unaddressed mental health issues.

People, like me, have become loners, just staying to themselves.

But in spite of, in the midst of this spiritual storm, I have maintained an elevated existence through practicing repetitive rituals in nature, prayer, and meditation. …And, through a lot of isolation.

I am not on the plane where most people seem to be. I am not living in stress, worry, or fear. I am grateful every day, and ‘Every day, clean slate’.

I am not experiencing the Nocebo Effect relative to CV19. That’s for sure!

So, why would I want to open my spirit up to such a sensitive, often ignorant, and polarized audience? Why would I want to invite negativity into my simple and peaceful life? These are the questions I often ask myself. Given the circumstances, I can only say, ‘maybe.

I know that my beliefs are controversial for most. Come on now, I’m not a blind man! I realize that I am multidimensional in my beliefs, while most are not. I do not believe everything I see or read and independently research everything.

Added to that, I have lived an illustrious life, at the top, and at the bottom of society, having nearly died several times. Through these experiences and world travel, I’ve been spiritually transformed. I don’t rely much at all on religion to keep my vibration high and my spirit elevated. In many ways, I despise organized religion, but still, believe that in it there are some, but few, true believers. My mother was one in the Catholic religion.

Most distinctively, I am comfortable with not knowing. Not knowing does not cause me to worry or become fearful. I know how to trust God’s will whatever it may be. These things are what put me on another plane, weird even. I find solace in being considered weird.

With all of this going on inside of me, this is why I haven’t shared much as I did when I originally started the blog. It is also why I don’t try to increase subscribers or views on social media platforms.

“I simply post content when I want to, unattached to how it is received, and if I publish according to a schedule.”

Going viral’, requires that I open up to an often cruel and low-vibe public, feeding their insatiable appetite regularly. Why would I want to bring such stress into my life? Some have committed suicide trying to keep up with social media’s AI judgment system.

Maybe God doesn’t want me to go through that.

I am still unsure and continuing to ponder and create. Kevy

Kevy Michaels


I’ve been seeing

Things all wrong?


What I believe is a gift

Is meant only for me?


Not everything

Is meant for sharing


‘This gift’

Is a delusion

That only I can see?

But I know

How Real


Right now

My spirit is

Amazingly free!

…In chaos


Have I been

So immersed

In the spirit of Love

…Of myself

…Of God

Each day this feeling

Is transforming

Me into the Child of God

That’s what I once was

Inside of my mother’s wound

It excites me

To share

What’s making me

Feel this way

To reveal

…How this

Invincible power

Overcomes any resistance

I reflected on each step

I took

To get to this place

I wrote down

This recipe

For those wanting

A map

To magnificence


Some seem not to

Appreciate it

Certainly not

As I do

They don’t believe

In things

That they cannot see

They don’t realize

That we can read the wind

The truth’s written there


They fear that

They’ll become

Like me

It all makes me wonder

Does it make sense?

To expose

My spirit

…My fragile vibration

To such scrutiny?


God doesn’t want me

To go through such


Maybe I’m supposed

To keep our secrets

Between Him

And me?

After all

We all experience




This revelation

Is not mine

To give?


It’s meant to be

Our secret?


That I keep



And just me


Audacious Wisdom
Kevy Michaels

I’m gonna tone down my rhetoric

…Not flaunt my wisdom so much

Most people just don’t understand

And no one really cares

I’m gonna ‘lay in the cut’


Not reveal my battles

For this is my story

It is not theirs

I’m gonna stop being anxious

To answer questions

That no one ever asked

Stop my ego from playing savior

Stop it

Dead in its tracks

I’m gonna end impromptu classes

It takes audacity to think


Of all people

Has something to teach

Most don’t even know me

Others say I’m unworthy


I’ve been thinking…

God didn’t

Give me discernment

…Teach me these lessons

Just for me

To keep them secret



From time to time

I get a feeling that

He wants me

To be graceful with it

…Not so extravagant

So, I’m gonna start

Letting ‘them people’

Think I’m

Spiritually dumb

…Morally numb

I’m never gonna serve them

A dish

That they clearly

Don’t want

I will still spread the good news,


But only when I know

I’ll be effective

Before I extend

My energy to anyone else

I’ll already know

That they will be receptive

No longer will I try

To convince others

Of the power

Of God’s spirit

From now on

I will sit humbly

Without effort


Simply embody it

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    1. Warm Regards to you… I am slowly engaging more. Sometimes opening up can stir painful memories. But it seem that the only way to release them is to go there. Blessings Kevy

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