Forgive & Forget The Past In God’s Time – But Hold On Its Wisdom -11 Tips On How To Roll With The Past – In 2022’s Energy Of Quantum Leaps, Fret Not!

“Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” – Dr. Seuss
“Brethren, I count not myself to have apprehended: but this one thing I do, forgetting those things which are behind, and reaching forth unto those things which are before,” – Philippians 3:13

Forgiving and forgetting are wise practices to exercise, as we are now in the new year of 2022.

Audio Comments On Forgiving & Forgetting The Past

This year promises to be a year of things moving extremely fast. Master Sri Akarshana refers to 2022 as the Quantum Leap year where everything, for and against our greatest good, will be moving rapidly, in health, wealth, and relationships.

So, we must be aware of the energies that surround us, and we, therefore, have no time to be absorbed into past pains. I say that we must forgive those pains, but remember, not forget, what caused them.

We must especially use lessons we learned from the past in the energy-dynamic environment that 2022 promises to be.

Master Sri Akarshana’s Predictions for 2022, explains that in 2022, things will be sped up and we will react in one of three ways, Quantum Leaping Forward, being the best:

  • Quantum Leap Backwards
  • Wait It Out – Hoping Only but doing nothing
  • Quantum Leaping Forward

Check out his video first, to understand the context in which I offer my reflections on Forgiving and Forgetting.

Predictions for 2022 That Can Change Everything!!! – Jan 4, 2022 – Master Sri Akarshana

Watch this video of major predictions! The year 2022 predictions include an infinite amount of rewards and possibilities, but you need to be prepared, you need to be ready to know how to face challenges and difficulties coming your way. 2022 is a big year of the quantum leap, everything is in alignment and will move very, very fast.

I can already feel the rapid intensity of 2022. Already, we are nearly 1/12th into the new year. From 2020 to 2021, in my opinion, we experienced ten years of, emotions, stress, financial challenges, relationships, religious, and political conflicts. We dare not get stuck in that mess of negativity. We must leave it and all that preceded it behind, for we may miss opportunities in the field of rapid energies, that is 2022.

Now is the time to accept what is, adapt to it, and to move forward wiser and discerned. Those stuck on the ‘old normal’ will be left behind, and caught up in the madness.

Learning how to effectively reconcile the past is crucial to vibrating higher during these times.

We all have things that we have forgiven, as well as things that we are still working on forgiving. In most cases, it involves others. But it could involve only ourselves too.

I agree with the principle of forgiving and forgetting. Though the forgiving part comes over time, I don’t totally agree that one should forget the past.

Remembering the past guides our future. I believe just as Bob Marley does. He says:

“In this bright future you can’t forget your past.” – Bob Marley

Most people would agree that we should not live in the past. I would double that advice in 2022. It makes no sense to hold on to something that is no longer occurring.

I’ve been told this many times. It has a nice ring to it. Even scripture supports this principle.

I must admit, however, that consistently people who I feel have betrayed me, or wronged me in the past, are often the main ones who say that I am ‘living in the past’ when I try to discuss what really occurred.

I guess I am too principled, but I feel the necessity to reconcile such wrongs before I can move on, in my mind. But in my spirit, I no longer get stuck in resentful places.

That would counter to my physical, spiritual, and mental well-being. …Can’t do that because it’s just not worth it to destroy the magnificence of my God-created existence.

I used to be resentful, especially with family members, specifically related to them abandoning me to solely care for my mother. …Also, with friends who were there when things were good, but who disappeared when they weren’t, and who contributed to putting me in compromising or unfortunate situations.

There is nothing in the past that we can change, therefore it is sensible to not waste energy dwelling in it!

Living in the past gives power to pain and makes us feel inadequate. Living in the past shuts doors to new opportunities and adventures for it distracts us from realizing that those doors are right before us.

Keep in mind that in this year, 2022, things will be moving very rapidly. Opportunities may come and go real fast. So, we must be alert to possibilities, instead of being stuck in a place where nothing will change.

“Remember ye not the former things, neither consider the things of old. Behold, I will do a new thing; now it shall spring forth; shall ye not know it? I will even make a way in the wilderness, [and] rivers in the desert.” – Isaiah 43:18-19

Clearly, I appreciate people sharing their feelings about the past, relative to forgiving and forgetting. When folks tell me to let go of the past, I get it! When I’m told about living in the past by those who’ve hurt me, they’re often misperceiving me, and my relationship with the past when they say so.

It’s obvious that I am not ‘living’ in the past, as evidenced by the new life that I created in the completely new and beautiful state, Colorado. I am from New Orleans, far different, in climate, altitude, attitude, culture, and food. I moved here abruptly specifically to leave my mother’s and my horrific past in New Orleans, Louisiana.

My past ignited my spirituality, volunteerism, helping others, and creativity. In the past, I clearly was not as discerned and elevated as I am now.

Past wisdom gave me the ability to access tranquility on-demand, through meditation, prayer, and bonding with nature. It took me on an adventurous journey of creating and discovering my future, as I went along, without rigid expectations. My past revealed to me who I am, and who I’m not.

Today, I am well-prepared to take a Quantum Leap Forward in 2022, and I will. When the magic is ready to happen in my life, I will be present!

My past is not a dismal reflection anymore since I’ve learned from it, and how to use its lessons. As awful as parts of it may seem, it has become my inspiration.

‘Remembering’ the past and using it to navigate my truth in the present and future is ‘not living in it’. Don’t get things twisted. – Kevy Michaels

Those who may not reflect well on their past, seem to want others to not remember it when they say forget the past. They seem to imply erasing it. But remembering the past can be used to define the future and navigate our journey today.

My past molded me into becoming a more humbled, courageous, faithful, and creative man. I thank the past for its exquisite orchestration of these elements in my life today. I needed every one of those virtues.

I allow the remembrance of past lessons, minus the emotions, to guide me. Sad emotions associated with the past are what can weigh on me, but the wisdom has never hurt me. It has energized and inspired me.

Wisdom always resides in the past, so I draw from it. This thinking is consistent with ancient civilizations drawing from the wisdom of their ancestors.

17 Therefore if any man [be] in Christ, [he is] a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. 18 And all things [are] of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation; – 2 Corinthians 5:17 – 5:18

The past is sprinkled with both joy and pain. Resolving the latter is not easy and is a personal thing. My past is filled with many painful moments. No one can tell me how and when to get over this pain! That’s totally up to me, according to my plan. No one knows how deep my pain runs. Only I know that. Most importantly, no one knows how and if my past negatively impacts me today. Only I know that.

In my case, the stresses of solely caring for my mother, while exerting my body, mind, and spirit to unimaginable extremes, took a physical toll on me that I must contend with today. This is why I am so holistically healthy conscious

So, how do I get over past harms that affect me today? How do I forget something from my past that slaps me in the face every morning?

How does anyone have the audacity to tell a person ‘Don’t live in the past’, when they are clueless about how I’m being impacted today, or fail to acknowledge that they may have caused my pain?

This is a very tough dilemma that requires God’s intervention, in my opinion. Getting over a past that drains your present-day can’t be accomplished on your own. It requires a process, a plan, and spiritual guidance.

The best example of this dilemma is racism. As a black man, I’ve been told or overheard comments about blacks ‘living in the past’, with regard to slavery, discrimination, and racism. Well, I agree that we should not dwell in this ugly past, except to maybe inspire us to excel beyond it.

But it’s not easy to get over the pain of living in black skin while witnessing and experiencing racism today. Take a look to look at statistics on the black community in the United States, provided by the Center for American Progress. For a black person, it can be a bit discouraging to see that Blacks are the worse in class on nearly every standard of living. This is a good example of the past dwelling in the present.

My Best Practices On Forgiving & Forgetting

The best scenario when Forgiving and Forgetting is to include the practice of having regular quiet time with the Holy Spirit, conversations with God

Let God help you through the process of forgiving and forgetting by regularly practicing meditation, prayer, and becoming absorbed in peaceful moments in nature.  It works!  I did it and still do so today.

Over time, in God’s time, you will witness the pain, resentment, anger, and negative memories magnificently fade away, very slowly, like a breathtaking ending to an epic film.  Eventually, the past will dissolve from your conscious mind, and only treasures will remain to the likes of loving yourself, loving God, having gained wisdom, discernment, and living a spiritually elevated existence.

Partnering with God assures that you will Forgive and Forget by ultimately erasing past memories and leaving you with radar-accurate instinctive wisdom.  You will not have to reflect on the hurtful experiences to know when a life lesson is being presented to you.  You will feel it in your spirit, never referring to the incident that gave you such wisdom, therefore avoiding its pain.

11 Realistic Tips For Managing & Extracting Wisdom From The Past

Below I’ve attempted to not just tell you to ‘stop living in the past.  I’m suggesting how to do it when it affects you today.
Here goes:

  1. Acknowledge the joys and pains of the past. Do not deny them and keep them trapped within.
  2. Forgive your perpetrators, and yourself, but don’t forget your past.
    • Note: I have found it easier to start out by just praying for the tormentors in your past first, then eventually forgiveness will come. Praying for them implies that they require God’s assistance, which implies that they too are victims.
  3. Acknowledge that the past has seeds of inspiration in them that can define and guide your present and future. Discover them, ask God for guidance. There will always be treasures buried, beneath the ashes. I will share a poem and video on sifting through ashes very soon.
  4. Meditate and pray to erase bad memories of the past…reset your mind and emotions. Remember, ‘Everyday, clean slate’.
  5. Define your own time for getting over the past. There is no standard, but your own. Don’t let others pressure you. They are not you!
  6. Assess and eliminate what wisdom tells you has contributed to your past mistakes and pains. Eliminate those people, places, and things from your life, until you feel they are worthy of your time, if ever.
  7. Develop a plan and strategy for moving forward from the past. A plan will not appear on its own, and without a plan, you won’t know where you’re headed.
  8. Establish a defining milestone or event for ‘closing the chapter’. For example, in my case, exposing my vulnerabilities through the blog, testimonials, and writings are closing the chapter on some of my past pains.
  9. Piece-by-piece, like completing a puzzle, create a new life, different in every way from the life that brought you pain, but more accentuated in the ways that life has brought joy. Don’t do this too quickly though. Remember, God likes order.
  10. Share your story, including lessons, wisdom, mistakes, and victories with others. This act of proclamation may help others and may fulfill God’s reason for leading you to triumph through your past tests. Doing so also puts your ego on full alert, letting it know passionately that you have turned life’s lemons into Strawberry Lavender Lemonade.
  11. Get over the past in your time, feeling no guilt if it takes a long or short time. Get over the past when you feel so in your mind, body, spirit, and soul, and do not feel driven by outside pressure.

    Below, I am sharing various articles and videos on getting past….the pain of your past.

    How to Let Go of The Past (The Secret Guide to Moving Forward) *MUST SEE* – Jun 3, 2015 – Infinite Waters (Diving Deep)

    LET GO of Your Past and Start Living in The Present (Amazing speech by Rafael Eliassen) – Jul 1, 2016 – Motivation Grid

    How to Forgive and Let Go of Your Past – Joyce Meyer – Aug 15, 2014 – 100 Huntley

    Bible teacher and New York Times best-selling author Joyce Meyer shows us the biblical and Godly way to move past your pain and hurts.

Leave The Past Behind So You Can Focus On Your Future (Motivational Video) – Dec 5, 2016 – Team Fearless

You should be grateful for your past. The good times and especially the challenging times, because all of it formed who you are today. Be grateful for the hard times in your past, grateful for the lessons, grateful for the strength it gave you. Then, DECIDE that your FUTURE is more important than holding on. Let go of any negativity towards your past, people or events, and FOCUS on building your greatest ever future.

How to Leave the Past Behind – Expert Reviewed – WikiHow

Troubling memories from the past make it hard to live in the present. If you are having a hard time moving on from something that happened to you, you can begin to heal by accepting how your past has shaped you into the person you are today. Read More

To Grow as a Person, Selectively Forget the Past – Harvard Business Review – Vijay Govindarajan – MAY 12, 2016

For 35 years, I have used the Three Box Solution framework in my work with corporations. This practical approach integrates (Box 1) current business performance with (Box 2) selective forgetting of the past and (Box 3) creating the future. But it’s not only business issues that can be solved with the three-box approach — some executives with whom I’ve used the framework tell me that it applies equally well to personal transformation.

As an example of how to think about the framework’s application to an individual’s struggles and challenges, consider the remarkable transformation of a single individual, the late Nelson Mandela, who went from embodying black South Africans’ armed resistance to apartheid to becoming a dominant force for racial reconciliation and national unification. During his 27 years in prison, Mandela thought about and discussed the future with his fellow prisoners. He came to see that the nation’s future could not be built on anger and recrimination — no matter how justified — over the brutalities of the past. Instead, it needed a foundation built on forgiveness and reconciliation. Mandela embraced a new identity, embodying change by becoming a man who, at his 1994 inauguration as South Africa’s president, invited his white prison guards to stand with him. Read More

I  Saw The Light On Forgiving & Forgetting

A Late Epiphany on Forgetting Just Hit Me!

I spend hours behind the scenes preparing the best that I can for you.  …For any visitor who is receptive.  The hours are intensive, though.  I awake in the wee hours of the morning to have posts published by the time you rise.  That does not always work out because visitors to the blog span over 150 countries.  I am grateful for the response I’m receiving.  …Had to say that.

I work hard to churn out new content, nearly every day, not only on this platform but on others.  As of today, I am in my third year of blogging through Seasons As My Teacher.

Counting these posts, prior ones, and site pages, I have posted over 200 articles!  I can’t believe that my one-man operation has been so productive.  I have been working my butt off, as evidenced by the typos that I miss, for which I apologize.

The blog is a labor of love.

I get rewarded from this undertaking with increased knowledge and spiritual elevation.  Reviewing so many different points of view, relating them to my life, and finding complimentary songs or poetry, is making me wiser.  I am gaining new information on health, culture, history, and spirituality every single day that I write a post.  I have found that prior to the research, I had been believing in myths, in many areas, including following cliches about Forgiving and Forgetting.

Blogging is almost like being in school!

There isn’t a post that I’ve created that doesn’t teach me something.  And the joy of ‘a lightbulb going off is better than receiving silver or gold!

Today I received such a gift of understanding.  ‘A lightbulb went off after I wrote this post.

Well, because of this post and related research, I am enlightened in a new way on the concept of Forgiving and Forgetting.  I want to share it with you.

The revelation is that Forgiving is easy but forgetting is hard.  Forgiving is an action that we must take; no one can take it on our behalf.

This is the easy part of the equation.  But we must be working with the correct definition of Forgiveness.

This is the definition of Forgiveness that I like best:

 “The intentional and voluntary process by which a victim undergoes a change in feelings and attitude regarding an offense, lets go of negative emotions such as vengefulness, with an increased ability to wish the offender well.”

Forgiving is easy, for at the end of the day, through our pain, we will realize that our tormentors need love too.  They are wounded too.  And, when we Forgive, we are actually giving up on the expectation that the situation will change.  But we still wish them well.  In this sense, Forgiveness is Acceptance.

Forgiveness is easy because The Lord’s Prayer has ingrained in our heads to forgive us, as we forgive others.  So, there you go, Forgiving in a nutshell.

Forgetting is difficult to impossible for most people. …Particularly, forgetting where you are no longer stuck in the past.  I have been trying for years, with little success.  But the joke has been on me, now after reading and gaining heightened understanding.

“My job is only to Forgive.  It is God’s job to erase my memories completely.  God gives me Forgetfulness.” – Kevy Michaels

The reason I’ve had so much trouble with forgetting in the past is that it wasn’t an action that I was supposed to take all the while.  It was God’s work, on my behalf.  …And it’s in God’s time.  I may not be able to forget until I have learned what The Lord wants me to learn from the experience.

That’s why getting rid of painful memories was so hard to get rid of.  I am not as skilled as God is in making me new again.  When I tried to Forget on my own, I was actually trying to play God and didn’t know it.

This is Good News!

Today’s revelation clarified that there are actions that we must take in order for God to receive our request to make us new.  In making us new, we Forget old pain.

  1. We should get closer to God and immerse our pain in Him.
  2. We should reflect on how his grace saved us through past experiences before.
  3. When we bring our pains to Him, we should ask him to teach us the lesson we needed from the experience.  Be receptive to learning something new.  Be receptive to possibly be wrong.
  4. By bringing our painful memories under God, and humbly requesting his mercy, we will no longer feel alone, knowing that He is with us.
  5. In his grace, we will be made new, with new memories, and as a new person.

“Therefore, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation. The old has passed away; behold, the new has come.” – 2 Corinthians 5:17 King James Version (KJV)

Paul tells us that all believers have died with Christ and no longer live for themselves.  They were buried with Him, and just as He was raised up by the Father, so are we raised up to “walk in newness of life”, no longer in pain, no longer filled with old memories, for God will erase them, through this communion.

As he disarms our hearts, he gently pours Truth over our memories.

Yes I!  Kevy

We do not have to forget at all so don’t pressure yourself.  Through communion with God, he erases our memories.  Allow forgetting to occur as part of a spiritual transformation process.    It’s no wonder why I could not Forget but could Forgive.

I am certain that there are similar principles in most other religions because everyone’s God transforms.  In the transformation process, pain and memories are erased, because we are not who we were before.  We are a new person, with a new mind.

The concept of Forgetting is similar to the Spiritual Law of Least Effort.

In the Law of Least Effort, we put the least effort into what we ultimately desire.  Instead, we send our intentions into a divine field (God) and through our intention alone, our desires manifest.  The Spiritual Law of Least Effort is similar to the principle of Forgetting:

We bring our painful memories under God, requesting mercy (Put our intentions into the Divine field)  God makes us new (The universe responds to our intention).  We Forget.

Since I was not able to translate the concept of becoming ‘a new creature’ to that of other religions of the world, I decided to provide music that praises God in various religions and cultures of the world.

I love all religions for all believers desire the same thing from our respective prophets and Gods:  Happiness.  Many of the foundational principles are all the same too.  One common principle that spans all religions is there is one God, and we are all from the same essence.

God’s love, power, and will are pretty universal.  We are the ones that draw the divisions and conflicts into spirituality.

15 Great Principles Shared By All Religions – By Joran Slane Oppelt – July 10, 2012
15 Great Principles Shared by All Religions
  1. The Golden Rule / Law of Reciprocity – The cornerstone of religious understanding. “Do unto others what you would have them do unto you.” – Christianity
  2. Honor Thy Father and Mother – Knowing them is the key to knowing ourselves. The day will come when we shall wish we had known them better.
  3. Speak the Truth – “Sincerity is the way of heaven, and to think how to be sincere is the way of a man.” – Confucius
  4. It’s More Blessed to Give than to Receive – Generosity, charity and kindness will open an individual to an unbounded reservoir of riches.
  5. Heaven is Within – “Even as the scent dwells within the flower, so God within thine own heart forever abides.” – Sikhism
  6. Love Thy Neighbor / Conquer With Love / All You Need is Love – Acts of faith, prayer and deep meditation provide us with the strength that allows love for our fellow man to become an abiding part of our lives. Love is a unifying force.
  7. Blessed Are the Peacemakers – When people live in the awareness that there is a close kinship between all individuals and nations, peace is the natural result.
  8. You Reap What You Sow – This is the great mystery of human life. Aware or unaware, all are ruled by this inevitable law of nature.
  9. Man Does Not Live by Bread Alone – The blessings of life are deeper than what can be appreciated by the senses.
  10. Do No Harm – If someone tries to hurt another, it means that she is perceiving that person as something separate and foreign from herself.
  11. Forgiveness – The most beautiful thing a man can do is to forgive wrong. – Judaism
  12. Judge Not, Lest Ye Be Judged – This principle is an expression of the underlying truth that mankind is one great family, and that we all spring from a common source.
  13. Be Slow to Anger – Anger clouds the mind in the very moments that clarity and objectivity are needed most. “He who holds back rising anger like a rolling chariot, him I call a real driver; others only hold the reins.” – Buddha
  14. There is But One God / God is Love – Nature, Being, The Absolute. Whatever name man chooses, there is but one God. All people and all things are of one essence.
  15. Follow the Spirit of the Scriptures, Not the Words – “Study the words, no doubt, but look behind them to the thought they indicate; And having found it, throw the words away, as chaff when you have sifted out the grain.” – Hinduism

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Being cognizant of international visitors, I want to do all that I can to communicate wisdom globally for all.

When one experiences Transformation, as I have, they will experience the virtues of Inspiration, Hopefulness, Spirituality, Determination, Patience, Creativity, Healing, Prayer & Meditation, Self-Love, Communion With Nature, and Courage. – Kevy Michaels

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