Deepak Chopra’s Spiritual Law of Giving & Receiving – It’s 1 Law With 2 Parts – We Have A Hand for Giving & A Hand for Receiving – Use Both Hands to Get the Law Right!

“The universe operates through a dynamic exchange…. Giving and Receiving are different aspects of the flow of energy in the universe. And in our willingness to give that which we seek, we keep the abundance of the universe circulating in our lives.” – Deepak Chopra – The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success

This post is on the Spiritual Law of Giving & Receiving, taken from Deepak Chopra’s book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success, that I read over 20 years ago.

The principles presented in this short book are as dear to me as are the bible’s principles. I have distributed copies of this book to others around the world. I live by all seven of its principles.

I had originally intended to publish this post on the Spiritual Law of Giving and Receiving before Christmas. I liked the idea of engraining this spiritual law during the so-called Season of Giving. Instead, I am settling for ending the year with this spiritual law.

I will end next year with this same spiritual law and will begin 2022 with an appropriate law from Deepak Chopra’s book, The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success. Throughout 2022, I will publish posts on each of the seven laws, as I have done for about 3 years now.

Deepak’s book, The Seven Spiritual Laws Of Success, changed my life, my entire perspective, and vibration. It elevated my existence. In gratitude, for over 20 years, I have distributed a copy of this book around the world, as consistently as I publish posts on the seven laws that I live by.

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Unfortunately, I did not get a chance to publish this post prior to Christmas. I am a born hustler but in a positive sense. Like my mother, I believe in hard work. I work with the public a good bit, do consulting, and do creative work, for pay, but mostly for free.

I will never be like my mother in the sense of working for as long as she did. She worked until she was 89 years of age! I won’t do that. It’s not so much that I’m getting tired at an earlier age. It’s that I’m simply enjoying the freedom of doing what I want to each day too much. The joy of retirement or semi-retirement freedom is not overrated!

I am to the point where I only make one or two commitments per week. By the end of the week, I may fulfill as many as six commitments, but I only commit to 1 – 2, and add the others as the week transpires, and as I feel up to it. This is a cool stage of life to enjoy. It explains why I don’t monetize on social media platforms. If I did, creating a blog and video content would become like a job, and I would have to create on a strict schedule. I may do so someday, but it is not in my immediate plans.

38 “Give, and it will be given to you: good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over will be put into your bosom. For with the same measure that you use, it will be measured back to you.” – Luke 6:38 – New King James Version

Allow me to preface this post by stating that I do not see myself as a minister, a preacher, or a prophet. …A messenger but not in the biblical sense. …A messenger simply because I have a message, and I’m very comfortable with sharing that message.

I only share information that I feel deeply in my spirit that is true, based on the seasons of life that I’ve endured through. …My trials, failures, victories, living at the top, and at the bottom have informed me. I’ve noticed that there are certain patterns in how my life has unfolded. And, because of my tendency to be analytical and introspective, I’ve begun a journey of desperately trying to find `the answer` many years ago.

You could say that I’m a seeker. I’m seeking and speaking. Currently, I wish to talk about The Law of Giving and Receiving. I’ve learned this law well, about over 20 years ago. It resonates deeply in my spirit. Here, I share what I’ve learned about giving and receiving, too.

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First, let’s get a few things straight from the onset, I believe that this is a spiritual law, meaning that we should never violate it, for we would be creating bad karma for ourselves. Giving and receiving is not just nice thing to do. It’s a virtue that we need to really strive to understand and discern, as I have over the years. I am still gaining clarity daily.

The second thing is that this law is not two laws. It’s one law with two sides, rather two seasons, or two aspects. It is not a law of giving and a law of receiving. It is The Law of Giving and Receiving. One thing that I learned well, is that to practice this law properly, we must do both. We must give, and we must receive.

It’s common for people to think that a person that always receives is always grabbing. And this is the obvious negative side of the law. But to not receive is also a negative act. This was a big lesson for me because when I used to have a lot of money and a lot of material things, I was always giving, but I was only giving. I still have a nature of giving today. But back then, I wouldn’t receive. I’d I would look at other people, who’d wanted to give to me, and didn’t realize that not accepting their gifts was being judgmental, yes judgmental!

I justified in my mind that I didn’t want them to have to go through the trouble, the expense, or time to do something for me. Well subconsciously, I was really elevating myself above them, as if I’m able to give but they’re not. I would say all the time, “you don’t have to give to me.” I was in error because in not receiving, I deprived The Giver of the joy of giving. I deprived The Giver of the opportunity to see the smile on my face when I received their gift.

Since repeated reflection on this law, I learned that The Law of Giving and Receiving is a blessing for both The Giver and for The Receiver. Think about it, when you give a gift, it makes you feel good that you were able to make another person happy, that you put effort into doing something for them, and that you put thought into figuring out what would make them smile. And in essence, when we are on target with giving, and see their smile, we’re receiving a gift back from giving. I’ve concluded that we subconsciously give for that very reason, to make ourselves feel good, by making someone else feel good.

The Receiver obviously appreciates that someone thought about and considered them. …That they took the time to figure out what size they wear, what styles they like, or their favorite colors. The Receiver must feel very special and honored, especially when they did not expect to receive.

What happens with The Law of Giving and Receiving is that both The Receiver and The Giver go away from the exchange Illuminated, enlightened, and energized. I am certain, based on my life experiences, that they both give and receive again. And the law replicates and this generous and considerate energy connects with the vibration of abundance that flows over our universe.

The Law of Giving and Receiving is a beautiful thing! But it’s not a tit-for-tat exercise! It doesn’t say, “Oh he gave me this, so I’ll give him that”, or “She did this for me, so I need to do something for her”. It doesn’t work that way at all. When you give, as they say, give without expectation. When you are giving, see it as though you’re really giving to the universe. See your gift as a contribution to the universal flow of abundance.

“See Giving as though you’re making a deposit into a Karmic Bank, and that someday the universe is going to give random dividends to you. And see the process of Giving & Receiving as keeping loving energy circulating, and therefore making our world and relations with each other better.” – Kevy Michaels

What Is Reciprocity? – Kendra Cherry – May 26, 2020 – Fact checked by Sean Blackburn – Very Well Mind – Theories Social Psychology

Reciprocity and Persuasion

There are also a number of persuasion techniques that employ the tactic of reciprocity. These strategies are used by people who are trying to persuade you to act or conform with a request, such as salespeople or politicians. Read More

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Young women helping each other

‘Receiving, in the sense of the law, does not include asking, suggesting, or demanding gifts or favors. No, it doesn’t work that way either. The Law of Giving & Receiving seems to work most intensely when we give and receive unexpectedly. For example, when receiving unexpectedly, the happiness and smiles generated feel more intense because they are spontaneous and organic. It also enlightens the heart of The Giver even more than it would if The Receiver expected the gift. Spontaneous giving is quite illuminating for the Giver and Receiver.

During the holiday season, people are giving a lot. This is the season of giving. And, giving it looks good; it’s a nice thing to do. Working part-time in retail, I see it happening as if giving is a competition. I don’t accentuate giving especially during the holidays. First, I cannot afford to keep up with Jones. Secondly, I feel that giving in an excessive way, just during the holidays is a bit superficial. I tend to give in small ways throughout the year. I try to give something to someone every day.

Photo – Joyful man opening the present box – Envato
time gifts. gift box with a red ribbon in the hands of a little girl

I’m not against giving during the holiday season. I just don’t have much of a traditional holiday ceremony and haven’t really celebrated Christmas since my mother passed away. This was about 8 years ago. Instead, I have personal spiritual moments of reflection with God. I feel that I have an obligation to make these karmic deposits, giving to the universe simply because every single day that I open my eyes, breathe air, or absorb the sun, I am receiving! And that’s only scratching the surface of the blessings that I inherit.

I’m constantly receiving. God, the universe, is constantly giving me dividends and deposits. So, I must reciprocate. This is a huge revelation of The Law of Giving & Receiving. It is most certainly a spiritual law because it is imprinted in nature, human nature, and in the nature of spirit. There are reciprocal interactions going on all around us and within us.

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“We are immersed in a universal reciprocal process. We must strive to participate in this divine exchange spiritually and mentally, as both a Giver and as a Receiver. “– Kevy Michaels

I feel an urge to reciprocate with the universe. But I don’t have the money or the material things that I used to have. So, I give my time. I give my energy. I do give small tokens and gifts to people but most of the time my giving is in volunteering my services and my time to others and helping people in any way that I can. That is my way of giving back to the universe.

I’m only human as is everyone. I must still discipline myself not to expect anything, and not to look at giving as giving to any one individual. Because I’m giving to the universe when I give. I’m giving my love energy and my loving abundance to the universe. When I give, I see it as though I’m giving to God.

This is my interpretation of The Law of Giving and Receiving, based on my journey, but it’s based on the reading and living the principles in Deepak Chopra’s book, The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success. Kevy

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Eunice Says Don’t Ask Nobody for Nothing!

This is a short video containing old footage of my mother giving me advice on helping and giving. This was my first exposure to Deepak Chopra’s Spiritual Law of Giving & Receiving, through my mother’s hard-knocks wisdom.

Man giving a helping hand

My mother drilled helping others into me, Giving. I gave a significant part of my life in her in honor. Deepak taught me about the Receiving part, and that it is just one law, with interdependent parts. Following this law has served my life well. Kevy

Momma Said Don’t Ask Nobody for Nothing! – Seasons As My Teacher – Kevy Michaels

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The Spiritual Law of Giving and Receiving

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Attendants of psychological course comforting one of groupmates

“Here are helpful articles and videos that dive deeper into this subject.” – Kevy

Habits for Wellbeing – The Gift of Giving and Receiving

Main Points
  • The universe is in a constant state of exchange and flow
  • Giving and Receiving works within this constant state of exchange.
  • They depend on the outward flow of each other.
  • Giving and receiving are contrasting aspects of the same energy flow.
  • One should not be separated from the other.
  • There are 3 types of givers
  • Ask yourself, why I give to others to find out your type.
  • Always ask yourself, what you can give to others. Then watch carefully what you receive

Read More

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Quotes on Giving & Receiving

“It’s not how much we give but how much love we put into giving.” ― Mother Teresa

“No one is useless in this world who lightens the burdens of another.” ― Charles Dickens

“For it is in giving that we receive.” ― St. Francis of Assisi

“No one has ever become poor by giving.” ― Anne Frank

“Kindness in words creates confidence. Kindness in thinking creates profoundness. Kindness in giving creates love.” ― Lao Tzu

Man giving a helping hand

Bible Verses about Giving and Receiving

“The wicked borrows but does not pay back, but the righteous is generous and gives.” – Psalm 37:21

“There is that scattereth, and yet increaseth; and [there is] that withholdeth more than is meet, but [it tendeth] to poverty. The liberal soul shall be made fat: and he that watereth shall be watered also himself.” – Proverbs 11:24 – 11:25

“Therefore, to him that knoweth to do good, and doeth [it] not, to him it is sin.” – James 4:17

16 “But do not forget to do good and to share, for with such sacrifices God is well pleased.” – Hebrews 13:16 – New King James Version

7 “So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of [a]necessity; for God loves a cheerful giver.” – 2 Corinthians 9:7 – New King James Version
“Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, [so let him give]; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver.” – 2 Corinthians 9:7 Read More


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Three Simple Points on Giving & Receiving

Here are three simple points on the Law of Giving and Receiving that I have learned well.

  • If you give, you must humble yourself to receive.
  • You cannot take, take, take, without regard to giving. If you do, your life’s mission will be to continually find the next person to take from. You will never receive unexpected blessings from the bank that one receives by giving in proportion to receiving.
  • You cannot just give, without receiving. If you do, you will find yourself always feeling used and unappreciated. You will give, again and again, just to get the subconscious joy of complaining about how much you gave, without ever being appreciated. You too will never receive an unexpected blessing from the bank, proportional to your giving.

The nature of Giving and Receiving –

Like the symbol for infinity, giving and receiving are one thing with polarized or dualistic aspects. When you look at the symbol for infinity and imagine energy flowing through it from one side to the other and back again, which side can you say is the giver? Which side is the receiver?

The answer is – they both are!

Giving cannot occur without a receiver. Receiving, therefore, is an act of giving. Receiving gives the act of giving someplace to go.

In truth, only giving exists. In the physical Universe, where we experience the illusion of separation, it appears that one person can give an object, such as money, and receive something in exchange, such as clothing or food.

If you examine this “exchange” closely, you will notice that the only action that occurs is giving. One gives money, and the other gives the money someplace to go. The other gives food or clothing, and the other gives the food and clothes someplace to go.

The need for an exchange is created by the mind which believes in the illusion of separation. Read More

Giving & Receiving Verses from Virtually Every Faith – World Scripture – GIVING AND RECEIVING – Unification.Net

Passages in this section express the general spiritual principle of giving and receiving. When we give to one another, freely and without conditions, sharing our blessings with others and bearing each other’s burdens, the giving multiplies, and we receive far more than what was given. Even when there is no immediate prospect of return, Heaven keeps accounts of giving, and in the end, blessing will return to the giver, multiplied manyfold. We must give first; to expect to receive without having given is to violate the universal law. On the other hand, giving to receive–with strings attached, with the intention of currying favor, or to make a name for oneself–is condemned. See also The Golden Rule, pp. 172-74.

“Those who act kindly in this world will have kindness.” – Islam. Qur’an 39.10

“One must pour cold water on the ground before he can tread on soft soil.” – African Traditional Religions. Yoruba Proverb (Nigeria)

“Giving simply because it is right to give, without thought of return, at a proper time, in proper circumstances, and to a worthy person, is enlightened giving. Giving with regrets or in the expectation of receiving some favor or of getting something in return, is selfish giving.” – Hinduism. Bhagavad Gita 17.20-21 Read More

Photo – Zach Lucero – Unsplash

RETURNING THE GIFT – Robin Wall Kimmerer

Men and women help plant trees in the ground to conserve nature.

We are showered every day with the gifts of the Earth, gifts we have neither earned nor paid for: air to breathe, nurturing rain, black soil, berries and honeybees, the tree that became this page, a bag of rice, and the exuberance of a field of goldenrod and asters at full bloom.

Though the Earth provides us with all that we need, we have created a consumption-driven economy that asks, “What more can we take from the Earth?” and almost never “What does the Earth ask of us in return?”

The premise of Earth asking something of me—of me! —makes my heart swell. I celebrate the implicit recognition of the Earth’s animacy, that the living planet has the capacity to ask something of us and that we have the capacity to respond. We are not passive recipients of her gifts, but active participants in her well-being. We are honored by the request. It lets us know that we belong. Read More

Questions for a Resilient Future: Robin Wall Kimmerer – Jan 14, 2014 –

Photo – Matt Collamer – Unsplash

Traditions of giving in Hinduism – Sharada Sugirtharajah – Alliance – Global Philanthropy

Different types of giving

The well-known Hindu text the Bhagavadgita speaks of three types of giving (Bhagavadgita 17.20-22):

  • A gift that is given without any expectation of appreciation or reward is beneficial to both the giver and recipient.
  • A gift that is given reluctantly and with the expectation of some advantage is harmful to both the giver and recipient.
  • A gift that is given without any regard for the feelings of the recipient and at the wrong time, so causing embarrassment to the recipient, is again harmful to both the giver and recipient.

Any giving that is motivated by selfish considerations loses its value from the spiritual point of view.

“For Hindus, dana (giving) is an important part of one’s dharma (religious duty). Dharma has a wide variety of meanings such as eternal law, duty, conduct, behavior, morality, and righteousness. Each person has a dharma towards family, society, the world and all living things.” Read More

The law of Giving and Receiving by Deepak Chopra – 296 views – Bilal Arif – Published on Jul 5, 2016

The Laws of Giving & Receiving – The Power of The Seed – David D. Ireland, Ph.D. – 18,958 views – Christ Church – Published on Dec 12, 2013

This is a highlight moment from the sermon “The Power of The Seed” by David D. Ireland, Ph.D.

GIVING IS RECEIVING – 593 views – ishare programme – Published on Sep 9, 2014

“This video uses an analogy of giving and receiving that I used for years. I see giving and receiving as making deposits and withdrawals from a Karmic bank. We build up our balance, and eventually received interest and dividends.” – Kevy

Understanding the concept of sharing.

Rev. Ike Teaches the ‘LAW of GIVING and RECEIVING’ (Law of Prosperity) – Sep 12, 2015 –
Rev. Ike Legacy

Friends – Joey giving and receiving!! – 254,788 views – katezzzz – Published on Oct 12, 2011

“Here’s a little humor on the subject!” – Kevy

My favorite Joey!!! Just hilarious!!!!


Give You

By Kevy Michaels

I could give you a new car

But eventually, it will break down

I could adorn you like royalty

But the stones may fall from your crown

I could give you a cute puppy

But he may have to be put to sleep

What about a flat-screen TV?

Nowadays I can get ‘em cheap

But I’d rather give the most valuable gift

That I could ever give to you

You will never have to fix it

It’ll always shine and remain like new

It will forever be with you

…Even after I’m gone

Anybody can give those other things

What I’m offering to you, I offer alone

Even if I gave you a bunch of money

You and the money will surely part

So I’ll give a gift that will never leave you

The vibration of Love

It’s coming straight from

My Heart

Question: What have you learned about the Law of Giving and Receiving? Please share your comments. Kevy

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