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I’ve always loved Prince.

Audio Narrative

I have ever since high school. He was very popular in New Orleans, and when I went to college in San Francisco, he was very popular there. When I lived in London, he had a cult following. He had a shop there, in Camden Town. I visited his shop and I appreciated him even more because his shop was full of incense, candles, and was very metaphysical, the kind of stuff I love. I’ve actually met Prince in person as well, in San Francisco at a record store. He had quite a following of look-a-likes at the Studio West dance club, in Embarcadero, San Francisco.

Studio West San Francisco: In the early to mid-’80s, this was one of the best clubs. It was along the Embarcadero with beautiful views. People used to come from all over, the scene was mostly rap, with some techno, along with the favorites back then including Prince, Madonna, Michael Jackson, etc. …Lot of young folks, especially Asians, Mexicans, & Blacks.

I’ve always liked Prince; I was like a Prince’s-head. I followed him from the very beginning with the first album that I remember, Soft and Wet. I’ve seen him in concert as well. He is amazingly energetic and performs nonstop for 3 or more hours.

I sort of fell off a little bit with Prince because as he had issues with his record company and started putting out music that just fulfilled his contract, but not really displaying his true talent and his artistry.

But Prince is back! He’s back even after death, and that’s always been something that I admired, to live after you die. That’s what legacy is. Why live, if to not be remembered as an inspiration? Prince has left us a very Impressive legacy of music.

Now he’s released a posthumous album and it’s entitled Welcome 2 America.

You know, Michael Jackson and Prince have been compared quite a bit. It’s probably because they’re both Black male superstars. So, we always tend to compare them. I like both of them. But I have to say Prince is more like me. Because Prince is controversial, edgy, spiritual, hard-to-understand, political, raw, and vulgar. He’s nasty, funky, rock-n-roll, heavy metal, and jazz. He’s an incredible artist!

Michael Jackson was more pop. He was careful, made careful choices in his music, and made sure he had all the best in the industry on his projects. Prince did it alone or clear ran the show. He has a distinctive brand that is timeless.

But Prince he isn’t as careful. He expresses himself as he wants to.

He was many different things that confused people, that it also intrigued them.

In my opinion, with this album, Welcome 2 America, he really outdid himself!

The album is already on the top of the Billboard board charts. And, Prince, for 5 decades, has had a top twenty 10 album on the Billboard charts. He’s breaking records with this album, but with this album in particular, Oh my God, he shows that he’s ahead of his time. It was recorded maybe 10 years ago, but he sings about things that are relevant now. In this album, he deals with spirituality, religion, racism, greed, spiritual revelation, transformation, and sex, everything! He touches on every topic.

I’ve listened to it at least six or seven times. This past week, I listened to it while hiking, jogging, and working out. It’s like it could be a soundtrack to a Broadway musical. Every song fits in together really well. On some of the songs, he’s just reading or flowing to his own poetry. On others, he’s singing, but singing in various tones of voice. He sings in a falsetto persona, a base persona, and then in a tenor persona.

On several songs, Prince comes in and out with his own vocals, but often stands behind animated female singers, and his own voice harmonized in the background. Nonetheless, you can distinctly tell this is Prince’s signature sound.

In this album he does Sly Stone, Curtis Mayfield, and Michael Jackson riffs and voice runs. With regard to Prince and Michael Jackson, it’s kind of interesting how they had rivalry, while secretly admiring each other. I read that Prince was very touched By Michael Jackson’s death. After his passing, he finally admitted how much of a genius and how intelligent he felt that Michael was. After Michael Jackson died, Prince went into seclusion for 3 days. He did a lot of reflection during this period. I’ve noticed that on some of the YouTube videos, Prince actually performs one of Michael Jackson’s songs, in his later live performances.

This album is extraordinary in its message, talent, and instrumentation. Oh my God, Prince is such a brilliant musician and messenger! I do however acknowledge that Prince’s music and messages are not for everyone.

…The more eclectic, rebellious, and introspective types love him the most, those who celebrate themselves and God in nontraditional ways. Not everyone will like Prince as much as I do. Those same individuals most likely would not like me either.

Below, I have tried here to review each song on the album to give some of my feelings. I hope that you like it. I’m providing playlists and videos, as usual, of Prince’s music in this celebration of Prince, who still lives after he died, in Welcome 2 America.

Welcome 2 America Review

Audio – Welcome 2 America

Lyrics – Welcome 2 America

  • The bass line reminds me of the Stylistics – People Make The World Go Round
  • Also, there are hints of Parliament- P Funk
  • Controversial line in the time of critical race theory – Land of the Free, Home Of The Slave
  • Monotone Jazzy Rap Narration by Prince
  • Prince Signature Tone – Condescending, Elite, Snobbish
  • Compelling Statement:
  • Truth is the new minority – Message: Beware Of Truth Decay – Stay Woke
  • There is No Arguing With The Book
Audio – Running Game (Son of A Slavemaster)

Lyrics – Running Game (Son Of A Slave master)
  • Song has 70s Feel – Acoustic, With A Strong Drumbeat
  • Females Lead Vocals – Sound Like Wendy & Lisa – Monotone Female Harmonizing
  • Prince solos, but only near the end
  • Prince in one of his voices sounds like Sly Stone
  • Son of a Slavemaster – Keeping the same shit going, going, going
  • This has to be about the record industry – His favorite villain
  • Hollywood parties
  • Notable Lyrics:
    • Black on Black Crime – Able & Cain – You’d think High Yellow would be ashamed
    • How much do you want for that beat? – Is he referring to record companies?
    • Son of the slave master meet and greet ­– Is he referring to industry parties?
    • Somebody call 911 and leave his name Son of a Slave Master – He still runnin game y’all
  • Jazzy & Funk
  • Ends with “that hustle was strong”

Audio – Born 2 Die

Lyrics – Born 2 Die
  • Sounds like a 70s Black Exploitation Movie Soundtrack
  • Prince harmonizing beautifully, with Prince
  • Curtis Mayfield Superfly Type Sound & life Story Song
  • About a drug dealer drifter who lives on the edge
  • Conveying that dying is simply consequential
  • The instrumental portion reminds me of the group War
  • So, So High repeating over and over is like psychedelics
  • This song seems like a sound score, especially when conversations come in at the end

Audio – 1000 Light Years Away

Lyrics – 1000 Light Years Away
  • Starts like Soft & Wet
  • Prince – Different variation of his voice in tenor
  • Prince repeated background voices harmonize – Like Wendy & Lisa
  • Moral – Heaven is the only Peace
  • Instrumental is divine!
  • Guitar solo by Prince
  • Notable Lyrics:
    • Salvation is where you want it to be
    • Stop thinking outside of yourself
    • Having nightmares about the New World Order
    • Why did God make heaven so far away?
  • Prince gets emotional
  • Gives an MJ scream never heard by Prince

Audio – Hot Summer

Lyrics – Hot Summer
  • Like Uptown, Dirty Mind, Raspberry Beret Sounds like Prince & The Revolution or The NPG
  • Pop-ish song
  • Repetitive but catchy
  • But surprising shift near the end
  • Heavy keyboards like the Time
  • I see that it’s gonna be a hot summer “Hot Summer” Prince sings sedately
  • He surrenders the lead to animated female singers for much of the song

Audio – Got 2 Be Strong

Lyrics – Got 2 Be Strong
  • Starts only completely Different than it ends – Starts out slow – Slow then up-tempo rock and roll
  • Ends as an Anthem song of inspiration
  • Also, a bit Folk-pop
  • Singing about the need to be strong through these times
  • The instrumental breakdown is theatrical
  • Compelling Lyrics:
    • When they lie to your face put them in their place stand up and be strong
    • If your life is a mess live like your blessed
    • Stand up and be strong
  • I could see a Broadway musical scene to this song
  • Prince has an exquisite guitar solo near the end

  • Funky from the start – Hard Rock & Funk Fusion
  • This is a playful song
  • Compelling Lyrics:
    • This sounds like drama, Nah whatcha gone do…I love how he repeats this line
  • Strong drumbeats – Little Nikki like
  • Like The Revolution or The NPG background vocals
  • Dum dum dum dum dum at the end of the song is like George Clinton

Audio – Same Page, Different Book

Lyrics – Same Page, Different Book
  • About religion and religious differences
  • Funky Funky Beat Drives the song
  • Prince voice multiplied and harmonizing with itself – And doing solo call and response
  • Beat like a Quincy Jones beat – The Dude
  • Nice Female flow – But not a hard rap
  • Nostalgic Guitar and wah wah sounds
  • Catchy Lyric – Same page Different book So much more in common If we only look
  • Stop, start, and the repeated hook gets funkier each time around
  • Compelling Lyrics:
    • It only matters when it comes to war is what are we fighting for
    • Watch out for the sinister minister
    • Better chillin Until the world ends
    • Scripture – Galatians Chapter 3 says
    • The law was as good as dead
    • Have faith in the life, death, and resurrection of the second Adam instead
    • Would bring our souls’ salvation
    • If there’s works in the faith we choose
    • But if you’re all alone throwin’ stones
    • Who do you think’s gonna lose,
    • who do you think’s gonna lose?

Audio – When She Comes

Lyrics – When she comes.
  • Falsetto Prince
  • Slow and sexy Bedroom Song – Slow bump & grind song
  • Multiplies of Prince’s voice on key lyrics going low and deep, then high voice
  • Smooth Prince harmonizing with Prince
  • Lil humor included
  • Hypnotic slow drum roll – Like a metronome
  • Compelling Lyrics:
    • She walks around like she’s all this and all that
    • Like her ish don’t stank
    • Y’all know what I’m talkin’ ’bout
    • I think you do
    • Some people might think it’s rude
    • But she’s more comfortable in the nude
    • At first, I thought she was a prude
    • (At first, I thought she was a prude)
    • But now she’s the first and last thing I ever wanna do
    • Shootin’ stars every day and night
  • A jazzy ending like Ella Fitzgerald

Audio – 1010 (Rin Tin Tin)

Lyrics – 1010 (Rin Tin Tin)
  • My Favorite Song
  • Strong keyboard electric start
  • Beat like Sign of the Times
  • Compelling Lyrics:
    • What could be stranger than the times we’re in
    • Got to let the Funk Unwind
  • Funky and Jazz fusions – With Prince Signature Funky fingerprint
  • Breaks down several times because – We need to let the funk unwind
  • Sings about Judgement Day
  • Prince harmonizes his voice with his guitar
  • Also, about the angelical number 1010
  • Compelling Lyrics:
    • Here come the jury
    • Talkin’ about good and bad
    • Wrapped up in their eyes
    • From the power they had
    • Check, check the watches
    • Can somebody please
    • Tell me the real-time
    • (“Man, what time is it?”)
    • They got to let the funk unwind

Angelic number 1010, in particular, is unique and is all about reaching your potential and purpose in life. It’s a sign that comes into your life when you’re ready for spiritual awakening, and to finally begin growing, working on your personal development and enlightenment to reach your higher purpose in life.

Audio – One Day We’ll All Be Free

Lyrics – One Day We’ll All Be Free
  • Second favorite song
  • Notable Lyrics:
    • Go to bed just to learn it was all a dream
    • Kneeling besides your bed Praying for a sign
    • But one day we’ll all be free
    • You go to church just to be sold
    • Why do you deserve to die
    • It’s just like having your fortune told
    • But never asking why
    • Or more like having one of God’s creations
    • Tied up on a leash (Uh-uh)
    • Makes you wonder who controls the nations
    • If we never had peace
    • Fake history – It’s better to resist it
    • If George Washington never told a lie, maybe we would all be saved
  • Tenor voice
  • Prince Rebellious
  • Jazzy guitar solo
  • Smooth vocals and background
  • About slavery oppression lies
  • Hand dance or electric slide beat
  • Prince also does falsetto background

Audio – Yes

Lyrics – Yes

Prince Performances

P. Live In Berlin 2010 Hot Summer – Nov 13, 2019 – Mad Cat

PRINCE Live Welcome 2 America Tour 2011 Inglewood USA – Jun 2, 2021- Namirha Ahriman

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This list purposely doesn’t include the following categories of songs that are not reputed as having being written or co-written by Prince:

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A little over five years ago, the funk-rock icon Prince died, at the age of 57, from an accidental overdose of fentanyl. Much of the music he had been putting out was uneventful, though tickets to his concerts were prized (especially after an unforgettable 2007 Super Bowl halftime show, where he serendipitously performed “Purple Rain” amid a relentless downpour). His studio albums had been uneven for quite some time — which makes the latest posthumous release from Prince’s estate all the more stunning.

“Welcome 2 America,” released on July 30, is the first posthumous album by Prince made up entirely of unreleased material. The 12-song set was retrieved from the singer’s prodigious (and literal) vault of never-released music. Recorded in 2010, the album delivers some of Prince’s catchiest music in decades, while exploring big questions. It is an invigorating fusion of multiple genres, but also of two realms that Prince was not particularly known for mixing — faith and politics. Read More

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Prince’s stock as a recording artist was low in 2010, so it makes weird sense for this work to appear in 2021, getting the posthumous attention it deserves

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