Inner Peace – Personally & Poetically – 2 Me – How To Attain Inner Peace – Part 1

I sincerely share this post to proclaim that Inner Peace is the most valuable gift that God has given us. 

In Inner Peace lies Acceptance, Surrender, Trust, Belief, and Patience.  These virtues are beneficial to the body, mind, and spirit.

Inner Peace was not always accessible to me.  At a time when I earned six figures, I stressed my mind and spirit to keep money flowing.  That was over 20 years ago before I became a new man.  Today, friends and colleagues attempt to entice me to return to ‘the game’, to be it in IT, bitcoin investments, small business adventures, or money-making ideas du jour. 

I have no plans to return to that noisy chaotic world again, though.  I fear what money and chasing after it would do to the Inner Peace that I now have.  I never want to lose this.  I have no interest in going viral or monetizing for profit.  Over a year ago, I deleted my Facebook, Linked In, and other social media accounts. 

I do wish to reach more people but to do so, unfortunately, costs money.  So, I reach who I can on my personal but limited budget.  But I do, therefore, maintain my Inner Peace. 

Achieving Inner Peace in the New World Order, in our new post coronavirus world, is essential.  There are many human challenges that can distract us from this gift, and worse can bring out the worse in us. 

I recommend attempting to attain Inner Peace, in your chosen way, as a regular part of your Physical, Spiritual, and Mental Health, especially today.  In this post, I share how I maintain Inner Peace.  Kevy

I will take this time to explain what Inner Peace means to me.  In this post, I will try to describe it and explain how to attain it. 

This is no attempt to explain my perspective with grandiose intentions of convincing or converting anyone who is not a believer.  I simply explain such things, so that maybe someone may realize that there’s at least one person explaining an experience or perspective to which they may not be able to relate but may be curious.  I am the one person with such an experience to share.

Those with whom I may resonate may hear my perspective again later in life.  I only hold small hopes that they may someday seek to understand why I hold such passionate perspectives.  But it does give me a glimmer of hope that maybe someone will.

Expressing myself is not done to self-validate.  I feel validated before I open my mouth.  I am analytical by nature and professionally.  This applies to health, history, and even spirituality.  I am open to all persuasions that resonate with me.  I am seeking new information and seek to gain new talents daily. 

I do research before I speak or write.  The most startling information that I find has been published by government agencies.  I often find scientific, historical, and spiritual support for the opinions that I express.  That too validates me. 

But most of all, just the fact that I sincerely feel in my spirit what I say is strong enough validation.

My mother used to try to explain Faith to me.  She was passionate about it too.  She was feeling it!  She shared many life stories to support her passion.  She motivated me to strive later in life to experience the same Faith that she had.  Just her mere passion for Faith intrigued me.

It took an unbelievable struggle for me to get there.  But now I am there!  I reflect on her Faith often.  Her spirit of Faith now lives in me.

From memories of our conversations, I later realized that true Faith really does require an absolute lack of worry and wagering on totally trusting God.  I would eventually have to live in Faith.  I had no other choice at a time when it seemed that no one was there for me, but God.

Just as faith was so real to my mother, many others, and to me, Inner Peace is very attainable in this crazy world.  It is real to me.   I’ve attained it, but still work hard to maintain it.

Poetrimony – Priceless

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By Kevy Michaels

I held gold in my very hands

Gold around my wrist

Never did I appreciate

The golden-orange morning sun

I was handcuffed to another man

His name was


Oblivious to the light in the sky

That sustained

Who I Am

But not ‘Me’

My life was plated in silver

Everyone was enamored by my glow

I marveled at my own reflection

But never at the illumination

Embellishing clouds that decorated the sky

Until I became tarnished

I was once placed on a pedestal

They had no choice

But to look up to see me

Never, did I appreciate

The perfect alignment of majestic mountains

That stood prouder than I ever could

Until my pedestal tumbled to the ground

…I had everything I could imagine

My show was impressive

Never did I realize

What nature was trying to tell me

In songs that birds sang each morning

In the chatter of squirrels

They were telling me

To break free

…That God is amazing

For a moment

I thought that I was happy

…I wanted everyone to know

…Celebrated in the grandest of fashions

Never did I express Gratitude

For the Joy that God

Had placed in my heart

…I was happy

But I was not Joyous

Then life’s journey led me

To my ultimate destiny

No one was there for me

I had nothing before me


The walls that surrounded me

But I remembered

The most precious jewel

That my Creator

Placed inside of me

So, I dove in

And it was there!

…Inner Peace

Now I am


It took me over three weeks to prepare this post and video on Inner Peace.

It was intentionally done because I wanted this post to be authentic.  I recorded the video narrative and most of the words in this post before and after experiencing Inner Peace, in nature.  Additionally, I know that it is difficult to describe the state of meditation, the state of peaceful bliss, and the state of connectivity with God and nature.  I had to put a lot into this post to try to make the oblivious seem obvious.

This state is most intense when I am in the state of meditation with nature.  What I did to prepare this post was I attain Inner Peace every day, for three weeks.  I took pictures, recorded videos, and audio.

I created this post to let you know that this state does exist, at least for me it does.  I believe in it, and I’ll proclaim it.  I believe in it!

Most people may find this a bit too weird, too hard to attain.  It wasn’t easy for me either.  It took several years of peeling away many layers in my life that blocked my access.

Eventually, I realized that Inner Peace wasn’t something that I need to get to.  It was always there all the time!

Inner Peace is something that you have to see, but you can only see after you remove the blinders, the calluses from your eyes.  Those blinders may come in many forms.

But once you reach it, you want to do it again.  And you’ll get better at it.

With regular practice, it has a magical way of regulating the blinders that you allow to return to block you from it.

I am hopeful that with this post I am able to give you a bit of an impression of how it feels.  Through the surroundings that I show you, I try to also depict the visuals that I see when I’m in this state.

As I normally do, I compliment my post with videos, and in this case, also with science.  That’s because it has many beneficial properties.  Our body, mind, and spirit are enhanced by being peaceful.

If this post resonates with you, if you’ve achieved a state of peacefulness, be proud of it.  Proclaim it!

I proclaim that Inner Peace is the most valuable blessing that we have.  Only if we learn to access it, will it become real.  Kevy

How Inner Peace  Feels To Me

Now, I will explain Inner Peace.

For me, Inner Peace is separation, separation from the world, separation from thought, separation from fears, outcomes, or worries.  Inner Peace is unequivocal acceptance.

Inner Peace is on a different vibration than that which the world operates.  Inner Peace is connecting with God, though you may have no real image of God.

It’s connecting with the spirit of God, the spirit of God in nature, in trees, in the Earth, and animals.  It is connecting with the air all around us.   Inner Peace is at a frequency where all of these beautiful things are accessible.

But there is a cost.  To access this frequency, and therefore Inner Peace, you must surrender all thoughts and with all of your being trying to become one in silence with peaceful surroundings.

I find that initially acquainting myself with God’s beauty in nature, prayer, and then finally meditation works best for me.  When I achieve Inner Peace in nature, it is most intense.  I have experienced peace while jogging, hiking, gardening, and even working on crafts or art.  But silence, prayer, and meditation in nature work best when I am absolutely alone.

How I Attain Inner Peace During These Times – Jun 8, 2021 – Kevy Michaels

I have fared quite well through life trials; therefore, today’s times don’t frighten me. 

I did have to do my share of suffering, as a prelude to Enlightenment.  Now I have Inner Peace, but I must work on it every day, in nature, prayer, and meditation.  In this video, I explain what Inner Peace means to me, Kevy

Inner Peace is more valuable than silver, gold, money, or power.  It is more valuable than material things.  Inner Peace is priceless.

It is a vibration where I have no thoughts.  Imagine that?

Imagine having the ability to dissolve all the things that consume your mind today?  …The coronavirus, politics, police violence, war all over the world, the economy, financial problems, relationship problems, addiction, poof, and it’s gone.  The feeling goes on and on; everything is unimportant but the moment, each moment.

Inner Peace is like spirituality in that you’ll never reach total nirvana.

You’ll never have Inner Peace all the time.  Because even though Inner Peace may be attained frequently, you still must live in a world full of noise, confusion, illusion, delusion, deception, fear, anger, and hate.  We are only human.  This constant bombardment of negativity lowers our vibration.  The spiritual maintenance of Inner Peace is crucial to enduring it all.

Constantly weaving in-and-out of these contrasting vibrations, is almost like changing a radio station from one channel to the next repeatedly, say from heavy metal to classical.

Inner Peace is a joy that you can only experience with your inner-self, and with God.  …With no one else.  It’s yours, your secret sanctuary, in your secret way to access it.

We all have access to it.  It’s been bestowed on us by our creator.  But at the same time, distractions from that which we have so plentifully are not easy to maintain constantly.  Achieving Inner Peace is challenging because we have both a necessity to weave in and out of the world and a necessity to experience spiritual blissfulness to endure in it.

It can be exceedingly difficult to maintain Inner Peace once you’ve achieved it because it changes you.  Oh yeah, it will change you.

It makes it more challenging for you to be understood by others because it intensified your perception.  …Your perceptions of people’s spirit, energy, and situations.  It ultimately ends up becoming a blessing because you become more attached to Inner Peace and more detached from being accepted by others.

Inner Peace is pure bliss.

It is making a connection with the divine golden thread of God that flows through nature, and in all that surrounds us.  It is acknowledging God’s presence and being engulfed in His divine spiritual vibration and connection.  Not many people can achieve this experience.

Inner Peace leads to enlightenment.  Enlightenment is often the result of suffering.

I suffered a lot, but I am grateful for what I learned.  I am grateful that suffering and trials led me to Inner Peace.

As I said, I explain what Inner Peace means to me, not to convince not to convert, only to state that there is a person that you know, who described this vibration, this perspective that you have yet to attain.

I also want to make you aware that it is available to everyone.  God has endowed that beautiful gift on us.  We can always go to this inner sanctuary.  It takes practice, and like spirituality, you never get there totally.  But you keep trying, and you keep enjoying until you get to the point, as I am now, where you long for Inner Peace.

And I achieve it almost every day before sunrise, in nature, in meditation, prayer, and grounding.  It is a beautiful experience that one day I hope you can experience.  Kevy

Attaining Inner Peace  Revealed The Purpose Of Struggle

Attaining Inner Peace revealed to me the purpose of a struggle.  As I said, I’ve had many struggles, many trials.  Through those trials, I wondered for a time why me?  But attaining Inner Peace revealed that struggle was the prelude to enlightenment.  And enlightenment was the prelude to Inner Peace.

This is a belief that Buddhists share, but only recently did I learn of the similarities in perspectives I’ve lived for many years now and those of the Buddhists.  I feel vindicated in finding this.  But for me, the struggle was the prelude to surrender.

Surrender was the prelude to trust.

Trust was the prelude to enlightenment.

Enlightenment was the prelude to Inner Peace.

Still the same as the Buddhist belief, struggle and trials are necessary ingredients.

Once I attained Inner Peace, once I experienced no thought, and connectivity to the mere energy of God, then I wanted to do it again, and again.  I got better at it over time, but never perfected it.

Today, it keeps me at a higher vibration as I enter the noise, the fear, the freaking out, the worry, the doubt of today’s world.

Trying to gain Inner Peace amongst these things that distract us from ever achieving it is no easy task.  But because we must interact with these things, because this is the world that we live in, finding that sanctuary of solitude within ourselves, that God has given us, can elevate us above it all.

I am not trying to convince or convert.  I am simply telling you what Inner Peace is to me.  Kevy

Being cognizant of international visitors, I want to do all that I can to communicate wisdom globally for all.

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5 thoughts on “Inner Peace – Personally & Poetically – 2 Me – How To Attain Inner Peace – Part 1

    1. I will publish Part 2 tomorrow or Friday.

      It will focus on Inner Peace with Science & Spirituality videos, incluing Deepak Chopra, as well as quotes on Inner Peace. I may add another related poem.

      I have received adverse reactions to the post as well.

      Part of the recipe for Inner Peace is to be immune to acceptance from others. I definitely am.

      Seems I ruined a life trying to please others. The Suffering too was an ingredient to Inner Peace.

      Now I am in the awareness phase.

      It is my wish that you can appreciate the context in which I am grateful for your comment.

      May God )In All Forms Bless) You

      1. I recently began digging back into creative art, after much, it lead me to silence, just visual creative process churning within, you have to turn off the noise, need for acceptance, and turn inward, sometimes facing, sometimes journeying to that stillness that for me comes from God, Peace be still! In order to obtain Peace I feel you must allow your soul to be still, connecting with God. Your post is a kind gesture to teach others, it is a beautiful Post! Keep forward! Thank you for writing!

          1. I’m 50 plus, and I only learned this wisdom. I was very busy helping others and I lost me. Self care is important in so that you have plenty to give, you can’t serve from an empty platter. Thank you for perceiving me as young ,as I am in heart. Blessings to you! 😊

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