Poetrimony – Oops, I Plain Forgot That I Write Poetry!

This post reflects on me not considering myself a poet or writer.
I am merely a person who’s had illustrious Life’s Ups & Downs, that writes poems and songs.
It shows how true I am with, and about myself. “The mask I wear, is one.” ~ Sting – Shape Of My Heart
I am real-deal about those topics that may seem embarrassing to most.
…I speak out on topics that most avoid or keep hidden. I say what other want to, but are fearful to.
I certainly don’t do it for fame; I get infamy instead. …Not for money either. That’s what buys other’s silence.
I write poems as what I coined ‘Poetrimony’….my personal poetic testimony.
In this post I share my spirit through battles, mistakes, and triumphs.
I wish that we were all more real-deal.
Wouldn’t that be cool? Kevy

Reconciling Creativity

I’m not sure if you realize how much work goes into my blog posts.

My fellow bloggers may understand. I can spend anywhere from 30 minutes to 6 hours on one post, including performing the necessary research.

Keeping my blog-spot fresh and active takes lots of work. It has pulled me away from poetry.

My poetry tends to be spontaneous. I write about what comes to mind, on any given day.

Since emotions and spirit constant change, I have been able to poetically express nearly every sentiment I’ve had. This is helpful for blog posts, because almost any topic I select, I can usually find a corresponding poem that I’ve written.

But, the blog has made it challenging to be loyal to creating new poems, though I have created a few.

I have regularly participated in writing workshops, in person, and on-line. Attending the workshops are helpful because I learn of new techniques and enjoy fellowship with other writers, most who are, like me, all too familiar with hard times, and enjoy writing about it. Often I use writing exercise poems, further developing and adding then to my collection.

The writing workshops catapulted me into starting a blog years ago.

In the workshops we are given a technique and topic, on which we are to write on, in a matter of minutes.

The talent that others share, in their exercise writings, is amazing! I too have created impressive works under the pressure of timed writings. Learning to write under pressure is just the skill I needed to succeed in blogging.

For years I have been trying to reconcile whether I am a poet or whether I just write poems. Writing workshops focus on genre, style, surroundings, voice, and technique. I may successfully convey these things, but I don’t focus on them. I just write from my spirit. My writing are a translation of what my spirit says to me, in the moment.

When I write, I don’t think about rules. I just write what I feel. I am chronicling my spiritual transformation!

My haphazard technique does not earn me the title of poet. I must reconcile my differences in this regard, and try to improve.

So, I say that I write poetry, just as I say that I am a writer, but not an author.

At a Gemini Ink writing workshop, in San Antonio, Texas, I learned of the importance of dating my work. I never thought that a suggestion so simple, would be so helpful. Now, almost 20 years since I began writing, I have a large collection of stories, narratives, poems, and songs, all dated, revealing what was occurring in my life at that time.

The date also allows me to reflect on the evolution of my spirit and personality.

When I started writing in 2001, my inspiration was a desire end elicit drug use. Well, I did, and have written through it, other victories, defeats, joy, and pain.

…It’s been like therapy. Many poets share this sentiment. Not implying that I’m a poet of course.

At the Core of My Creativity Conflict

I feel that what I create is at the very core of my creative conflict.

I know, or rather believe, which is knowing, that God gave me the ability to express myself, to humble myself, to admit to mistakes, and to praise him.

It is not me that generates my ideas or sentiments.

I convey the message, but God sends messages to me. After each trial, I have discovered that my craft improves.

During and after caring for my mother, which was one of my toughest challenges, my ideas soared.

I know this because I was never creative before. It just came to me during one of my lowest points.

When I hated myself for doing drugs, but could not containwriting creatively.

I’ve written myself paths out of many Circles. I would easily write 10 – 15 poems and songs a week, like Circles.


By Kevy Michaels

Verse 1

Walking in circles through my life

I’m so dizzy that I’m about to fall

As I reach crossroads in my heart

I turn right

The wind leads me wrong

As I cross over rivers of despair

Though I’m frail I find strength in my hope

As I turn to another lonely road

Will I find the place where I belong?


Don’t take me back

To where I used to be

God please change my fate

So I can break free

My journey has been long

I’ve learned

Where I went wrong

But in this circle

No more, do I belong

Fighting drugs, depression, and health challenges at the time was nearly as tough as advocating and protecting my mother.

Interestingly, my siblings clearly knew of my prior battles then, but left me on my own to deal with them. With God, I conquered, and wrote about it.

But, years later, after I was not only not addicted, and had been spiritually transformed, they judged me for it, as though I was scarred for life.

…Oh how I love my ‘Good Christians’.

My endurance during these periods ignited my creativity because in the end, I felt exalted.

Another reason why I cannot call myself a poet or author is because I really don’t want to follow many writing rules or standards.

I am rebel in this and other regards. Though the techniques, and guidance are well-intended, I prefer that my writing is rough, organically from my heart. I am more interested in sharing my spirit, than I am interested in making money from writing. Many workshops focus on getting published and writing what sells.

I remember when I had a writing coach about 3 years ago. I would submit stories to him about me, my mother and my family, and consistently he told me that I had to make the stories more vivid.

He told me that my writing was preaching to the choir, meaning that those who already support my sentiments would be on board. But, I needed to be more vivid, and convincing to those who may not believe me.

Though he had good intentions, I felt a bit belittled because my writing is from my soul. It is not manufactured or formatted in any particular way. It is what my spirit tells me, and what God tells my soul.

I don’t know if I want to have to live up to standards of being a poet or an author for fear of diluting my feelings. I don’t want the weight of that responsibility imprisoning my expression.

There are some virtuous reasons that feel a creative conflict too.

I celebrate my imperfections. Getting to this point was a long battle with a well-trained ego. Humility won, though.

If I make mistakes or could develop an idea further, sometimes I make the necessary changes, but other times it does not matter to me. I rationalize that it shows my faults too, which is a part of me.

I also, maybe subconsciously, believe that if I name it, I must proclaim it. I don’t want to proclaim being an artist because I will have to become it.

The Law of Least Effort also enters the conflict as well. I don’t want to put a great deal of direct effort into becoming successful, because I’d rather that the universe or God delivers it to me, though spiritual connection.

All of these things stunt my creative growth, but none of it troubles me too much. I’ve learned to be patient, having to wait on God, like springtime, and he always came. …always.

As God has endowed me with some talents, I believe he will elevate me, but in his time.


But A Seed

Kevy Michaels

I am but a Seed

Minute in stature

…Magnificent in potential

Unconscionable brilliance dwells in me

Meditative calm completes me

I know how to do but one thing

…But I do it amazingly well

In nourished soil

I can transform myself into a Beautiful

Indescribable divine creation

From acidic and poisonous soils

I still emerge into

A Breathtaking Wonder

It is not me who chooses

Where to reveal the

Beautiful Potential

That I am

I am sowed carefully

Wherever I am meant to Grow

But it’s never at my discretion

I am unqualified and unable

To choose where I can best absorb

The Sun

…I cannot plant myself

So I do the one thing

That I can do well

….I Grow

Even if planted in the crack

Of concrete

I will blossom into a testimony

Illuminating how

Holy tranquility

Transforms me


I can do just one thing

That’s okay by me

Because I do it unbelievably well

Besides, after all

…I am but a seed

My Principles
By Kevy Michaels

Make your grandest Wish
Then pray as if you were a child

Dream your most vivid Dream
Then meditate on it for a long while

Ask God to bless you exceedingly
Put others before yourself

Baptize your faith in Love
Give to the world nothing else

Ask for Forgiveness

As you want to be Forgiven

Read the Word for wisdom
Learn to evolve

As you are Living

Don’t shelter away

From the world

Like a vase on a shelf

Express who you are Vividly!
Keep sacred truths

Between God and yourself


To the Holy Spirit

Those things that you can’t change


Rest assured

That lives can be rearranged

Turn your fears over to God
Take a big leap

…The first step of faith


Him to change your situation
Then get out

Of your own way


By Kevy Michaels


…Bowing to the sun

Nearly touching its own roots

In Honor


Accepting its inability

To touch the sky

…Just Like me

In my surrender

To trials


To God’s invincibility


To my greatest source

…Just Like me


To His Divine Law


To my Most High

I render

My existence too

Like Branches

Enthralled by a mere glimpse

Of Eternal Love

And Eternal Light


I’m just like the Branches

That our God created


Kevy Michaels

The Rain is fertile

It nourishes the earth

God’s creatures appreciate

The gift of the Rain

They understand from where

Their blessings come…

…Who God is…

…And whose they are

They are comfortable

With where and how

The creator has placed them

They are joyful in his will

They surrender

And leave their Existence

In God’s hands

Knowing of his sustaining power

The Tears that I cry

They too are fertile

Though they stain my face

They encourage my Spirit

They release

Into the same soil

Poisons that separate me

From Thee

Those innocent droplets of liquid

Clear away the barriers

That disconnect me

From the Holy Spirit

They nourish me

Just as the rain nourishes

The soil for creatures of the Earth

Allowing the birth of a Beginning

A surrender to The Creator

Humility of accepting

Where and how God

Placed me

And how much I have grown


By Kevy Michaels

I was ungrateful

I thought everything had left me

It took standing alone

In the emptiness of what remained

To experience

A glimpse of God’s beauty

Now I am happy

And, I am free!

Though left here

In an empty space

The sun remained

Here with me

My soul was ecstatic!

Birds sang gracefully too

I worked hard to see

The vision

Of the Sun

Through murky clouds,

Sneakily peer through

The Fears

That I imagined

Can’t obstruct

What I now see

And no one

Mighty enough

To take the faithful Sun

Away from me



Pero una semilla

Kevy Michaels

No soy más que una semilla

Minuto en estatura

… Magnífico en potencial

La brillantez incontenible habita en mí

La calma meditativa me completa

Sé cómo hacer solo una cosa

… Pero lo hago increíblemente bien

En suelo nutrido

Puedo transformarme en una Hermosa

Creación divina indescriptible

De suelos ácidos y venenosos

Todavía emerjo en

Una maravilla impresionante

No soy yo quien elige

Donde revelar el

Potencial hermoso

Eso soy

Soy sembrado cuidadosamente

Donde sea que esté destinado a crecer

Pero nunca es a mi discreción

No estoy calificado y no puedo

Para elegir dónde puedo absorber mejor

El sol

… No puedo plantarme

Así que hago una cosa

Que puedo hacerlo bien


Incluso si se planta en la grieta

De hormigón

Voy a florecer en un testimonio

Iluminando cómo

Santa tranquilidad

Me transforma


Solo puedo hacer una cosa

Eso está bien por mí

Porque lo hago increíblemente bien

Además, después de todo

… No soy más que una semilla


Por Kevy Michaels

Ramas …

… Inclinándose al sol

Casi tocando sus propias raíces

En honor

…. Humillado

Aceptando su incapacidad

Tocar el cielo

…Tal como yo

En mi rendición

Para las pruebas


Para la invencibilidad de Dios


Para mi mejor fuente

…Tal como yo


A su ley divina


Para mi más alto

Yo renderizo

Mi existencia también

Como ramas

Enthralled por una mera vislumbre

De amor eterno

Y luz eterna


Yo soy como las Ramas

Que nuestro Dios creado


Kevy Michaels

La lluvia es fértil

Nutre la tierra

Las criaturas de Dios aprecian

El regalo de la lluvia

Ellos entienden de donde

Sus bendiciones vienen …

… Quién es Dios …

… Y de quién son

Son cómodos

Con dónde y cómo

El creador los ha colocado

Son alegres en su voluntad

Ellos se rinden

Y deja su existencia

En las manos de Dios

Sabiendo de su poder sustentador

Las lágrimas que lloro

Ellos también son fértiles

Aunque manchan mi cara

Alientan a mi Espíritu


En el mismo suelo

Venenos que me separan

De ti

Esas inocentes gotas de líquido

Elimina las barreras

Eso me desconecta

Del Espíritu Santo

Ellos me nutren

Así como la lluvia nutre

El suelo para las criaturas de la Tierra

Permitiendo el nacimiento de un Principio

Una rendición al Creador

Humildad de aceptar

Dónde y cómo Dios

Me colocó

Y cuánto he crecido


लेकिन एक बीज

केवी माइकल्स

मैं एक बीज हूँ

कद में मिनट

… संभावित में शानदार

अनगिनत प्रतिभा मेरे अंदर रहती है

ध्यान देने योग्य शांत मुझे पूरा करता है

मुझे पता है कि कैसे करना है लेकिन एक बात है

… लेकिन मैं इसे आश्चर्यजनक रूप से अच्छी तरह से करता हूं

पोषित मिट्टी में

मैं खुद को एक सुंदर में बदल सकता हूं

अविभाज्य दिव्य सृजन

अम्लीय और जहरीले मिट्टी से

मैं अभी भी उभरा हूं

एक सांस लेने वाला आश्चर्य

यह वह नहीं है जो चुनता है

कहां प्रकट करना है

सुंदर संभावित

वो तो मैं हूँ

मुझे सावधानी से बोया गया है

जहां भी मैं बढ़ने के लिए मतलब हूँ

लेकिन यह मेरे विवेकाधिकार पर कभी नहीं है

मैं अयोग्य और असमर्थ हूं

यह चुनने के लिए कि मैं सबसे अच्छा अवशोषित कर सकता हूं


… मैं खुद को रोका नहीं सकता

तो मैं एक काम करता हूँ

मैं अच्छा कर सकता हूँ

…।मैं बढ़ता हूं

यहां तक कि अगर दरार में लगाया जाता है

कंक्रीट का

मैं एक गवाही में खिल जाऊंगा

कैसे रोशनी

पवित्र शांति

मुझे बदलता है

फिर भी

मैं सिर्फ एक चीज कर सकता हूँ

यह मेरे द्वारा ठीक है

क्योंकि मैं इसे अविश्वसनीय रूप से अच्छी तरह से करता हूं

इसके अलावा, सब के बाद

… मैं एक बीज हूँ


केवी माइकल्स द्वारा

शाखाओं …

… सूरज के लिए बोइंग

अपनी जड़ें लगभग छू रही है

के सम्मान में

…. दीन

इसकी अक्षमता को स्वीकार करना

आकाश को छूने के लिए

…मेरी तरह

मेरे आत्मसमर्पण में

परीक्षण करने के लिए


भगवान की अजेयता के लिए


मेरे सबसे महान स्रोत के लिए

…मेरी तरह


अपने दिव्य कानून के लिए


मेरे उच्चतम के लिए

मैं प्रस्तुत करता हूँ

मेरा अस्तित्व भी

शाखाओं की तरह

केवल एक झलक से उत्साहित

अनन्त प्यार का

और अनंत प्रकाश

… मेरे

मैं सिर्फ शाखाओं की तरह हूँ

हमारे भगवान ने बनाया है


केवी माइकल्स

वर्षा उपजाऊ है

यह पृथ्वी को पोषण देता है

भगवान के प्राणियों की सराहना करते हैं

वर्षा का उपहार

वे कहां से समझते हैं

उनके आशीर्वाद आते हैं …

… भगवान कौन है …

… और जिनके वे हैं

वे आराम से है

कहां और कैसे के साथ

निर्माता ने उन्हें रखा है

वे अपनी इच्छा में खुश हैं

वे आत्मसमर्पण करते हैं

और अपने अस्तित्व छोड़ दें

भगवान के हाथो में

अपनी सतत शक्ति को जानना

आँसू जो मैं रोता हूँ

वे भी उपजाऊ हैं

हालांकि वे मेरा चेहरा दागते हैं

वे मेरी आत्मा को प्रोत्साहित करते हैं

वे रिलीज करते हैं

एक ही मिट्टी में

जहर जो मुझे अलग करते हैं

आप से

तरल की उन निर्दोष बूंदों

बाधाओं को दूर करें

वह मुझे डिस्कनेक्ट करता है

पवित्र आत्मा से

वे मुझे पोषण देते हैं

जैसे बारिश पोषण करती है

पृथ्वी के जीवों के लिए मिट्टी

शुरुआत के जन्म की अनुमति

निर्माता को आत्मसमर्पण

स्वीकार करने की विनम्रता

कहाँ और कैसे भगवान

मुझे रखा

और मैं कितना बड़ा हो गया है


لكن البذور

كيفي مايكلز

أنا لست سوى البذور

دقيقة في مكانه

… رائعة في الإمكانات

تألق لا نهاية له يسكن في داخلي

الهدوء تأملي يكمل لي

أنا أعرف كيف أفعل ولكن شيء واحد

… لكنني أفعل ذلك بشكل مثير للدهشة

في التربة المغذية

أستطيع أن أحول نفسي إلى جميلة

خلق إلهي لا يوصف

من التربة الحمضية والسامة

ما زلت أخرج

عجب لالتقاط الأنفاس

ليس أنا من يختار

أين تكشف

إمكانات جميلة

هذا أنا

أنا أزرع بعناية

أينما يقصد أن ينمو

لكن ذلك ليس أبداً حسب تقديري

أنا غير مؤهل وغير قادر

لاختيار المكان الذي يمكنني استيعابه بشكل أفضل


… لا أستطيع أن أغرس نفسي

لذلك أفعل الشيء الوحيد

أنني أستطيع القيام بعمل جيد

… أنا

حتى لو زرعت في الكراك

من الخرسانة

سوف أزهر في شهادة

تضيء كيف

الهدوء المقدس


ما يزال

أستطيع أن أفعل شيئًا واحدًا فقط

هذا بخير من قبلي

لأنني أفعل ذلك بشكل لا يصدق جيدًا

الى جانب ذلك ، بعد كل شيء

… أنا مجرد بذرة


بقلم كيفي مايكلز

فروع …

… الانحناء لأشعة الشمس

لمس تقريبا جذوره الخاصة

في شرف

…. مذل

قبول عدم قدرتها

لمس السماء

…فقط مثلي

في استسلامي



إلى الله لا يقهر


إلى أعظم مصدر

…فقط مثلي


لقانونه الإلهي


إلى أعلى مستوى

أنا أعرض

وجودي أيضا

مثل الفروع

أسطورة بمشاهدة بسيطة

الحب الأبدي

والضوء الخالدة


أنا فقط أحب الفروع

أن الله خلقنا


كيفي مايكلز

المطر خصب

يغذي الأرض

مخلوقات الله تقدر

هبة المطر

يفهمون من أين

بركاتهم تأتي …

… من هو الله …

… والذين هم

انهم مرتاحون

مع أين وكيف

وضعه الخالق

انهم فرحين في ارادته


واترك وجودهم

بين يدي الله

معرفة سلطته

الدموع التي أبكي بها

هم أيضا خصب

على الرغم من أنها لطخة وجهي

يشجعون روحي

يطلقون سراحهم

في نفس التربة

السموم التي تفصلني

من اليك

تلك قطرات من السائل البريء

إخلاء الحواجز

هذا فصل لي

من الروح القدس


كما يغذي المطر

التربة لمخلوقات الأرض

السماح بميلاد من البداية

استسلام للخالق

تواضع القبول

أين وكيف الله

وضعت لي

وكم كنت قد نمت

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