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Today we are going to talk about the most urgent problems; atherosclerosis, hypertonic diseases, varicose (widening and hardening of the veins)
Atherosclerosis, Is cholesterol good or bad? The fact is that cholesterol is the building material for our brain cells and for the sexual hormones oestrogen. Women today are that attractive and beautiful because of that hormone. Men also have it, but only to a lesser degree. And it is cholesterol that splits fatty acids, which participates in the digestion of fat in our body. If we do not eat cholesterols, then we deprive our brain of a building material; sexual hormones begin to suffer less bile acid is produced, digestion of fat is disturbed and we begin to gather fat (obese).

This is why cholesterol is very necessary for us.

And so when cholesterol enters the organism three types of bonds pick it up; triglycerides (TG), low –density lipoproteins (LDL), High density lipoproteins (HDL).
Low lipids
high lipids.
Carry cholesterol in the blood, carry cholesterol in the liver, i.e.Vessels i.e. form atherosclerotic plaque on building material and bile acids.

Usually, it is not the cholesterol that needs to be lowered but to increase that which carries it (cholesterol) in the vessels. That is the first cause of the development of atherosclerosis. The second cause is that free radicals like oxygen atoms with
unpaired electrons are constantly forming in our bodies. They are in the blood and at dangerously high levels. Free radicals damage the cells membranes which result in a disorder in their functions. Scientists have found out that; free radicals, bombarding the cells etc. changes them thereby leading to the occurrence of oncological (tumour)related) diseases; and by changing T-Lymphocytes, they disturb the production of stomach acids; and the synthesis of hormones which goes to show that free radicals are responsible for many problems in the human body.

The solution is antioxidants. Usually, we get antioxidants from plants. And how can you analyze what you had for breakfast? A sausage burger with tea simply means you ate cholesterols. The cholesterols were picked by the low-density lipoproteins and go to the vessels, the vessels have got pores through which exchange process take place. They are protected by vitamin C, and their
width depends on their quantity. Free radicals form under the influence of oncology and stress. An organism, that has not been given antioxidants, destroys free radicals with vitamin C, which is located in the vessels. As a result, the pores widen,
because vitamin C can no longer hold them, and through these pores, the cholesterol enters the vessel’s walls.

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