Fighting Over Momma – But Fam – You Said You Loved Me…Yeah Right

Real Talk On Family Betrayal – Don’t Believe Those Closest To You Won’t Deceive You

This post is deeply personal.

It made me the convicted man that I am today. The experience of solely caring for my mother to the disdainful evil undermining of my siblings, extended family, friends and their cohorts molded me.

It spiritually transformed me.

It revealed to me the existence of fake-faithful and evil in my inner circle. It revealed who I am, and who I’m not.

It taught me that race doesn’t really matter though we’ve built our civilization around this man-made invention.
“Only spirit matters.” ~ Kevy

Caring for my mother in the latter years of her 96 years on earth broke me, then rebuilt me.

Though it nearly killed me, and caused me to lose nearly everything I’d owned, I never relented in my obligation to my mother, and to God.

I created the Seasons As My Teacher blog after years of grieving and regaining my health. In response, I was led to write about how this experience changed me.
Betrayal and deception ultimately became wisdom and discernment. ~ Kevy
“It was like poison that turned to medicine.” – Tina Turner

To exemplify further that I give equal time to the races, I am open to say that the terror that I and my mother experienced was done by Black people.
There is plenty of evil in the Black race, and in my family. …In all races, though perhaps not institutionalized.
Ironically, nearly everyone who came to our aid during my mother and my trials wasn’t Black or family.
Repeatedly, God sent angels to us who were often White or Latino, some that we did not know.

This is a kick-start to old and new posts on Terror on the Caregiver, to be ultimately be retitled to Fighting Over Momma.
It will be presented in a series of posts over time, just as is 7 Days 7+ Quotes, Devirusize, Seven Spiritual Laws, and Poetrimony series.
“Lil Eunice, I still love you….even more.” ~ Kevy

Original Post – July 2018

I was raised Catholic. My mother was devout. As a result, I know a whole lot about the importance of prayer and faith, but not much about the bible.

I can’t recite stories or verses off of the top of my head, like holy rollers.

But that doesn’t bother me. I don’t need a facade of ‘the word‘ to deflect from my true spirit, my true essence.

My sincerity exudes on its own. My spirituality is more organic, gained through life’s trials.

I follow no rules because rules are written in a book. Those rules are written on my heart.

I simply follow the spirit of God within me, and later find that there was a spiritual law for that.

“We have to distrust each other. It is our only defense against betrayal.” – Tennessee Williams

But I still love the Bible. I get many things from it. There are some lessons that I abide by wholeheartedly, like the 10 commandments. …Especially about not lying or stealing, and honoring my mother.

There are other parts that give me hope, like psalms.

Some parts require that I personalize my interpretation.

And, other parts I make myself aware of, just to be prepared if its misinterpretation is attempted against me.

What I love most about the bible is that I see it as the genome map, the DNA, if you will, of human nature and emotions. It vividly displays in captivating stories how loving and ugly humans can be.

The bible exemplifies Faith, Hope, Steadfastness, Greed, Lust, and the ‘big B’, Betrayal.

“As they were eating, He said, “Truly I say to you that one of you will betray Me.” – Matthew 26:21-23

I am grateful for the many times that I have been betrayed. It led me to such wisdom that I feel betrayal-proof today.

I’ve had family members betray me, who said it was done in the name of Jesus when they were comforted.

I’ve been unfairly judged, behind my back, to fuel a false narrative on me, to impede my sincere determination to lovingly care for my mother. None of it worked though. It caused emotional and physical illness for me and my mother. The stress nearly killed us both. But, in the end, it didn’t work.

“For even your brothers and the household of your father, Even they have dealt treacherously with you, Even they have cried aloud after you Do not believe them, although they may say nice things to you.” – Jeremiah 12:6

“Yea, my own familiar friend, in whom I trusted, who did eat of my bread, has lifted up his heel against me.” – Psalm 41: 9

Friends were no exception to the betrayals I’ve experienced. Most smiled in my face when I earned six figures, and traveled the world, but dropped me like a hot potato when I became bankrupt and sick. Many called superficially when I was at my lowest, but only to get the latest gossip, never to help or support. Through my over 4 years of caregiving, it was only me, my mother, and God. But my mother was in her 90’s and could not help me much. She did what she could. She loved me, trusted me, had unshakable faith, and defended me to the bitter end.

I had to rely mainly on God, which taught me who I am, and who I wasn’t and would never be, in terms of my spirit.

My worse experience of Betrayal occurred in New Orleans, beginning in 2008 after I was catapulted into solely caring for my mother. On a visit to my mother’s home, after she had a stroke, my siblings walked out on me, leaving me, and never returning to her aid until it was too late, after she transcended.

It seemed to be to the chagrin of my siblings, and their cohorts, that my mother emphatically asked that I take care of her, in her final years. I accepted this responsibility as God inspired me to, but evil minds openly and secretly propagated a negative narrative of my intentions, fueled by jealousy, greed, judgment, and elitism. This was done out of envy, over money, and over false prophecy and judgment. I was Jobe and the Prodigal Son in this story.

Through this several-year-ordeal, I felt like a fugitive without guilt, was wrongfully investigated (and exonerated) by state eldercare agencies, intimated by police, senior services agencies, and government officials.

I was abandoned by family and friends, who I thought really loved me. This was like piercing a glow spiked iron through my heart.

But I endured, surviving off of me and my mother’s faith.

I am sure that I will write posts on this period, for immersed in this sea of betrayal, I rose spiritually and learned many lessons about myself, and others, relative to me.

Though it made me physically sick, bankrupt and nearly broke me down to my last compound, it rebuilt me with a more fortified infrastructure, tenfold.

Triumphing over what I refer to as an army of devils, which included family members, friends, and agencies influenced by them, all conspiring to undermine my sincerity, hurt me distressingly, but it gave me unimaginable discernment, not only about family and friends but about human nature in general.

I used to think that my tormentors would have remorse for their deeds. I reached out to them on this false hope, even apologizing when I felt I had no reason to.

In every case where I did, the betrayers felt that they did nothing wrong. I’m no longer that naive.

I now know that many insincere people don’t have morality, and will do evil things even in the name of Jesus. Some simply know not what they do.

At first, I resented them and addressed them as though I was having conversations with Satan himself. I evolved since then. That was a terrible waste of energy that blocked my blessings.

Now, I simply hit them with Love, sending encouraging news, information, poems, and photos, not to boast, but to say to them that God prevailed, through me. I hit them with Truth, their Truth juxtaposed with mine on this matter.

They run for a rock to hide, but God removed the rocks that they sought for cover.

They are all silent as I was as a child when hiding in the closet in terror of the ‘Hully Kully’ monster that I imagined.

I manage my resentments more effectively today by focusing more on my future, which looks bright, I might add.

But doing so is still bittersweet because God tells me that I must tell the story of my sibling rivalry war, fueled simply by my taking over caregiving duties for my mother, as she asked me to.

I also know that I must tell this story because since my mother became an angel, I am hearing about such hatred in other family caregiving situations. I support friends today who are in the midst of similar chaos.

I am only human. Being betrayed by people that I loved and trusted still hurts today.

I am in the midst of writing a book about the entire experience, with all of its horrific details, but my teardrops often smear the ink. I cried as I reflected on all that my mother and I endured, being treated like fugitives by tormentors, my family, and those in our inner circle.

I pray for my Judases nearly every day. I thank them and send them love. They showed me who I am by vividly showing themselves, who I am unequivocally not.

I can’t be in their energy anymore unless they too are spiritually transformed. If I were in their presence, after having experienced their betrayals, I would not notice them, because I’ve been elevated above them, …Because of them.

I accept that I my never see them again, and work very carefully to build another family, a spiritual one that includes any and all races. Ultimately, I learned that their are only two types of spirits, good or evil. I remember them as the latter.

There are many times I cried as I went through my New Orleans trials and listened to this specific song for inspiration.

“God Favored Me “HEZEKIAH WALKER LYRICS – 21,131,620 views – Praise and Worship – Published on Aug 21, 2013

Kat Kerr talks about the mysteries of Heaven click the link below to watch this powerful revelation

“Them People” was a phrase my mother used often when we discussed how my siblings and family were acting out and being unsupportive at best and evil at worst.

She would say, “you worry about ‘them people’.  I don’t worry about them; they don’t care about me.”  

But “Them People” may refer to anyone you choose as they are depicted in this poem.

Poem – Them People

‘Them People’
By Kevy Michaels

‘Them People’ think

I’m always bragging

Always flossing

Always swaging

But all I’m really doing is sharing

What God can do for them too

They believe

That I’m crazy

My thinking’s warped

My clarity hazy

But their opinions never phase me

I don’t work for them

They don’t pay me

And I’ll never see life as they do

Then they feel I’m unworthy

Spiritually Filthy

Morally Dirty

Unstable Mentally?

…And not sturdy

Besides everyone knows

Only ‘they’ are worthy

…Cause they know bible verses

And pray every Sunday

They also see me as a fool

…Because they take, take, take

…While they think I give

Like a damn fool

I post on my blog daily

…To Them

Like a teacher in school

Living by golden rules

And not all that

‘Yakety Yak’ all the time

That must be

Why they don’t show me much love

Though we praise the same God above

Maybe they just need a hug

Or maybe a big shove

Off that high-horse

So that God

Guides me to catch their fall

Now I’m thinking

They may never get it

They can’t imagine

…Me…a heathen

…With the Holy Spirit?

As for scripture

They’ll surely spit it

Their God’s in print

…But not in their spirits

And they just don’t live

…The way they claim

But, Real Talk

I’ve been born again

Checked me out lately?

…A brand new man

God told me

Our chances are all the same

So I’ll pray that theirs come too


It’s just like mamma Eunice told me

Long ago

Never let ‘Them People‘ stop your flow

Pray that

One day

They’ll truly know

The spirit of God

In whoever

And wherever

He may appear.

Boyz II Men – A Song For Mama (Official Video) – Apr 11, 2019 – Janadrian Bettard

Psychology: What to do with anger, revenge and betrayal – 4,412 views – C. Connor – Published on Aug 6, 2014

Respond to Betrayal by Learning from It, with Joel Peterson – 28,486 views – Big Think – Published on Jun 13, 2016

Betrayal is part of giving trust, says JetBlue Chairman Joel Peterson. So the odds are you will be betrayed at some point in time. Still, recovery and healing are possible. Peterson’s book is “The 10 Laws of Trust: Building the Bonds That Make a Business Great” (

Psychology of Revenge – 24,971 views – Vanessa Van Edwards – Published on May 28, 2015

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Please consider commenting on this post regarding caregiving and family rivalry for others who may be in or have been in the grueling situation that I overcame by the grace of God. I will publish and reply to every comment.

As a sole caregiving under family pressure for years, it helped me to know of other’s similar stories. Kevy

Note: You may use Google Translate to copy and paste, then translate any posts on this website, to over 60 different languages.

Being cognizant of international visitors, I want to do all that I can to communicate wisdom globally for all.

5 thoughts on “Fighting Over Momma – But Fam – You Said You Loved Me…Yeah Right

  1. Kevy, thank you for this very moving statement. It has made you into a person instead of a name in my mind, and I’d like to welcome you into my global family as a son.

    1. I am so honored. I’m in the market for a new family. …A spiritual family.
      I haven’t spoken to anyone in my family since my mother’s funeral – 7 years ago. They are resilute in their resentment against me though I’ve done nothing other than honor the 10 Commandments honoring my mother…giving up everything for her. This covers over 40 family with members not one contact from anyone …7 years

      It hurts but I can feel God’s and my mothers love everyday.

      I am again honored by your comments

      I still would like to feature you in a post or two

  2. It’s sad our hearts are misconstrued, when they are pure in the moment we accept the call, the mantle, of becoming a caregiver… But other people’s opinions don’t change the Truth of who we are… The naysayers and mudslingers are blind and spiritually immature in their jealousy, envy, fear, pride, etc… I think of them as simply being ignorant, following The Ego, the spiritually immature inner child within, who is heavily influenced by both fear and pride, that tries to drown out the gentleness and beauty of Love within, of Christ within… I feel it is up to us as individuals to opt for true spiritual maturity by tuning and tapping into Christ within…, God within…, and Learning to Love as deeply, universally, peacefully and unconditionally as The Lord God, our Creator does, and did in Life as Jesus Christ… I too have an intuitive journey with Christ, rather than a religious one… I’ve researched the creation of the Bible and understand there are lessons to learn in everything, everyone and every experience… But for me, I needed a deeper personal relationship with The Lord and was given one, where everyday presents an opportunity to learn more, forgive more, love more, respect more, help more, encourage more and support more… And I want to do more… But in my heart I know it to be true, that simply “Being The Love”, is enough to change the world and remind people of their deepest, truest, purest nature that is Love… For if we are made by God, from God’s very essence and being, then how could we be otherwise…?

    People have forgotten who they really are… And we act as the reminders…

    It reminds me of quote written in The Gnostic Gospel of Thomas… “Yeshua said,
    I took my stand in the midst of the world,
    and I appeared to them in flesh.
    I found them all drunk
    yet none of them thirsty.
    My soul ached for the children of Humanity
    because they are blind in their hearts
    and do not see.
    They came into the world empty
    and seek to depart from the world empty.
    But meanwhile they are drunk.
    When they shake off their wine, they will change their ways”…

    And this quote gives me hope and reminds me that Jesus did see us as children making mistakes intoxicated by the perceptions of The Ego, and yet acknowledges there will be a day inevitably, when clarity, understanding, perspective, insight, will be given to all…

    I’m not sure if you are familiar with The Gospel of Thomas and The Nag Hammadi scriptures that predate the advent of the Bible… But they are beautiful in their simplicity, free of religion and are simply quotes from Jesus… They aren’t censored, although translated differently from one scholar to the next…

    Thank you for following my blog… I plan to read more on your site as well… And I really do appreciate you sharing your experiences and your social & spiritual insights… I’ve been contemplative of the issue of race, and agree with you it is a manmade construct… It is man’s perception that is the problem, not God’s… And we need change… I am grateful for the conversation and insight you provide into these issues… Thank you.

    1. I am deeply grateful for your inspiring comment and the time you took to prepare them.  Through the trials that my mother and I endured, I was spiritually transformed and ultimately elevated beyond religious fanfare.  Interestingly I learned that the call to serve my mother and God, for which I eagerly answered, was a blessing but more importantly, it bears with it an eternal responsibility.  I now bear the responsibility as a result of this spiritual illumination to be less humanly affected by what others say or do, being betrayed, or simply being hurt.  In a sense, the more spiritual I become, the less humanly weak I can become.  Illumination hurts because it often attracts actions and people who may hurt you. I see myself as a brave messenger, addressing matters directly that do not agree with God’s spirit in me.  I can not close my eyes or shut my mouth to expressing views on things which are inherently wrong in my spirit. This was the case with experiencing the evil that my family and others inflicted when caring for my dear mother. This is also the case with Racism. In such instances, I must observe methodically, and and speak with wisdom.

      My blog facilitates this in a sense, but I do so in everyday life. Because this fire inside of my only seems to increase, I must learn to be more stoic. Therefore, I must become more spiritual to gain immunity. I have resolved not trust too quickly and staying to myself. I find alternative joy in spreading love through volunteerism and with people I regularly meet performing daily activities (i. e., grocery shopping, post office, etc.) Otherwise I spend the remaining time free from relationships in meditation, prayer, and in nature. This is beginning to seem similar to most messegers, and especially prophets. They are loners as I’ve somewhat become. I am on an adventure in this aftermath eager to go higher.

      Please post links to The Gospel of Thomas and The Nag Hammadi for all to enjoy.

      I feel your spirit through your comments, and therefore trust your recommendation.

      Please check this post tomorrow. I will add 10 minutes of audio that I recorded early this morning. It explains what motivated me re-publish this post and several on Race Relations today.

      I thank God for you. We’ve got work to do!


      1. I will check back in the morning as suggested… The Gospel of Thomas is available for free at… I personally like the Marvin Meyer translations, as he is plain spoken…

        Only people from your experience and perspective can speak from first hand experience on race relations in Life in America and abroad… I have not had your same experiences, but am interested in learning from someone who is not so polarized who has… We need spiritually inclusive messengers who seek to heal and offer solutions & awakening to these struggles… If you are called to speak on it, then you must… I respect and welcome that…

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