Master KG – Brought The World Out Of Uncertainty To Dancing In The Streets – 25 Years Old And Now He’s A Global Ambassador – I See Him As A Spiritual Messenger!

I have not posted lately for a reason. I have been so reflective lately on so many issues that surround us that I decided to take a break. Remember, since my writings are spirit deep, I only write when I feel the spirit.

I have also been faced with a challenge about following my passion (my Dharma) or following the money, based on what my corporate skills and expertise can attract. I decided against the latter. I refuse to chase money as most people that I know do. I am following with my perceived purpose because the freedom that it allows is priceless. I will write a post about choosing between Purpose vs. Money later.

With this post, I decided to return to music. The next few posts will be featuring some of my eclectic musical tastes. Not to worry, I will return to expressing many Life Seasons topics that I face, and that others may face. But for now, I choose to use music to bring our blog community together.

My range in musical tastes expands like my range in cultural appreciation of my own, and that of others. My go-to musical genres include 70s rock, Trap Gospel, Southern Gospel, Reggae, Ragga, Neo Soul, Afro Cuban, and nearly all music from Ghana, Nigeria, and South Africa.

South African music is my favorite genre right now. The rhythms are unmistakable and enticing. The message is generally joyous, humble, and honest

Master KG

At 24 years old, Master KG is sitting on top of the world! He is so young to have such power. He is making people dance all over the world. During these uncertain times, that is quite impressive. Master KG is amazing!

Master KG may not realize it, but he followed the Spiritual Law of Detachment. He never considered that he would be as successful as he has been. He simply followed his dream of creating a song that would make everyone dance. He followed his love of music, his passion. Master KG also followed the Spiritual Law of Dharma.

He never creates songs, as he did Jerusalema, with the mindset that the song must be big. He just follows his dream with passion, detached from the outcome. He asked God to help him, before creating the song Jerusalema, and look at what happened!

With this song, Master KG inspired young and old to follow their dreams, arguably more effectively than many religious leaders. This is a new and more enticing form of spirituality that is rapidly evolving since traditional methods have been laden with dishonesty, self-interest, and self-gain.

I am especially attached to the song. I can listen to it repeatedly and never get enough. I am also attached because Cape Town, South Africa is my favorite place in the world. I was fortunate to visit Cape Town years ago and hold it dearly.

At this stage in life, I find that I am more drawn to African music and culture than ever, a culture stolen from African Americans. Though stolen, the beat of African music resonates with me immediately.

The other day, after a long day of work, I went to a Mexican restaurant to purchase dinner. I love Mexican food, especially enchiladas. As I waited for my order to be prepared, I notice how the restaurant was filled with joy. Everyone savored over their dish, as they listened to a mariachi band in delight.

I reflected on this moment. I reflect often on nearly every moment and encounter. I thought about international friends who are proud of their cultures, rich cultures. Some go back thousands of years.

I reflected on non-African Americans who celebrate their cultures, especially Ethiopians, with over 80 ancient cultures.

But my culture was stolen from me. I understand that African Americans created an American culture, without an African one to claim. But it is not the ancient culture we deserve. By far, African American culture is one of the newest cultures, along with our African-plus cultures.

I am trying to regain my culture by discovering it daily and appreciating it more with each day.

I wondered how it would feel if African American culture wasn’t African American, but African. Mexican Americans, Italian Americans, Indian Americans, Ethiopian Americans, and a variety of other cultures celebrate and brandish their cultures with little or no American garnished.

I wonder how it feels, to be directly connected to your ancient history & culture? …I wonder?

Africans in America celebrate a culture that we part created in America, and that is still being created for us. I wonder how those other cultures would feel if they were in African American shoes? That, I wonder.

This post is not meant to be that deep. But I would feel that this post is incomplete if I did not mention this sentiment. I am quite open about all topics, and this one I chose not to avoid, as many African Americans do or ignore.

I see Master KG as a spiritual messenger. That may sound a bit strange, but I really do. I believe that The Lord is seeking and illuminating many messengers like him, to gravitate civilization back to Love. I am such a messenger. You may be too if you take a spiritual (not religious) stance on humanity, follow your passion, be yourself, and become detached from the outcome. Just follow your vision (it may be Gods’), and say what you feel and honestly believe, as I do.

“Master KG has inspired Joy in more people on this planet than any minister I know of. That’s my very point. Times are dramatically changing. Therefore we must reach others in more creative and progressive ways.” – Kevy

Master KG Videos

African Perspective | Master KG talks Jerusalema and his musical journey – Jul 29, 2020 – SABC News

A song that has captured the hearts of many people around the world, at the time where there is doom and gloom because of COVID-19, in homes, in the and in the hospital, many danced to Jerusalema…it is the dance that has also united the world. To unpack this, we are joined by Master KG himself.

Master KG – Jerusalema [Feat. Nomcebo] (Official Music Video) – Dec 12, 2019 – Open Mic Productions

Masaka Kids Africana Dancing Jerusalema By Master KG [Feat. Nomcebo] – Nov 27, 2020 – Masaka Kids Afrikana

Jerusalema Dance Challenge | Austrian Airlines – Dec 30, 2020

Jerusalema – Aug 1, 2020 – Padre Manolo

Jerusalema Challenge from the catholic Cathedral of Montreal

Dancing Jerusalema all over the World 30min mix – Oct 16, 2020 – Rob Bulder

The whole world is dancing on Jerusalema. Here a few examples in a 30 minutes-clip

Nomcebo Zikode Performing Jerusalema In Burkina Faso – Nov 7, 2020 – Comfort

Jerusalema – Acoutic Version – DAUDIA

Additional Master KG Videos – All Inspiring

Superstar – Master KG Featuring Mr. Brown

Master KG – Superstar [Feat. Mr. Brown] (Official Music Video) – May 22, 2020 – Open Mic Productions

After the success of Skeleton Move, Wayawaya, and Jerusalem (amongst others), Master kg is back with Another smash-hit Ft the super talented vocalist Mr. Brown. This time the song was inspired by Zozi (Zozibini Tunzi) the current Miss Universe and dedicated to all the Superstars in the world. Is amazing what you can achieve if you put your mind to it. Everyone is born a Superstar despite your unfortunate circumstances; all you have to do is ‘BELIEVE IN YOURSELF’.

Master KG – Skeleton Move [Feat. Zanda Zakuza] (Official Music Video) – Mar 19, 2018 – Open Mic Productions

MASTER KG-SITUATION (Official Video) – Jul 26, 2017 – Open Mic Productions

Master KG- Qinisela ft Indlovukaz (Dance Video By Penene Ponono and Banyana) – 838,886 views•Jan 9, 2020 – Jack Bohloko

MASTER KG- Tshinada Feat. Khoisan Maxy and Makhadzi (OfficialCalculation) – Jan 5, 2020 – Jack Bohloko

Jerusalem Hitmaker Master KG joins forces with Khoisan Maxy from Botswana and Makhadzi the queen behind the Matorokisi Fame. Music Video shot in Botswana at the end of 2019 by Jack Bohloko.

Jerusalema (Jerusalem) Lyrics Sung By Master KG ft. Nomcebo – Sung In Zulu

Jerusalema ikhaya lami (Jerusalem is my home)

Ngilondoloze, uhambe nami (Save me, and walk with me)

Zungangishiyi lana (Do not leave me here) (Repeat)

Ndawo yami, ayikho lana (My place, is not here)

Mbuso wami, awukho lana (My kingdom, is not here)

Ngilondoloze, uhambe nami (Preserve me, and go with me) (Repeat)

Ngilondoloze (Save me)

Ngilondoloze (Preserve me)

Ngilondoloze (Guard me)

Zungangishiyi lana (Do not leave me here) (Repeat)

Ndawo yami, ayikho lana (My place, is not here)

Mbuso wami, awukho lana (My kingdom, is not here)

Ngilondoloze, uhambe nami (Save me, and walk with me) (Repeat)

Jerusalema ikhaya lami (Jerusalem is my home)

Ngilondoloze, uhambe nami (Preserve me, and go with me)

Zungangishiyi lana (Do not leave me here) (Repeat)

Ngilondoloze (Save me)

Ngilondoloze (Preserve me)

Ngilondoloze (Guard me)

Zungangishiyi lana (Do not leave me here) (Repeat)

Taking the Jerusalema Dance Challenge at Brussels South Charleroi Airport – Martin Moodie – The Moodie Davitt Report

South Africa’s Jerusalema dance challenge has provided rare moments of joy for many people worldwide during the COVID-19 crisis. And now the various teams at Brussels South Charleroi Airport in Belgium have become the first in the airport world to take up the call – and the moves.

The global challenge (see sidebar below) features the 2019 hit ‘Jerusalema’ by Master KG and Nomcebo Zikode. The song has now attracted over 282 million views on YouTube and is a smash hit on Spotify and other social media platforms.

Jerusalema: dance craze brings hope from Africa to the world amid COVID-19

South African music track and dance steps created in Angola have caught the imagination of politicians, priests, and millions more.

Jerusalema sparks global dance craze – 20 July 2020 – 08:28 – Emmanuel Tjiya

Master KG’s Jerusalema has sparked a global dance craze the size of “Ayy Macarena”.

The general public – from Italy to Spain, France, Jamaica, and Canada – are moving to the groove of Master KG’s hit anthem first released late last year.

Not just praise dancing at churches but the hypnotic choreography has people moving as they burn lockdown fat in gyms and blow out candles at birthday parties. “It reminds me of the song called Macarena in the 90s when I was still young,” Master KG told Sowetan yesterday. “Now it is happening to my song and it’s a blessing indeed.”

The original version of the song features female vocalist Nomcebo Zikode. The music video has over 43-million views of YouTube.

JERUSALEMA: More than just a dance craze, hits a high note in Jerusalem – SEPTEMBER 16, 2020 – Vanguard – Suraya Dadoo

“Master KG played the beat three or four times, and the words that came to me were ‘Jerusalema, ikhaya lami’ [Jerusalem is my home],” says the 32-year old songstress who has now released her own full-length album titled ‘Xola Moya Wam’ Read more

Jerusalema: The dance sweeping the world – from Angolans to Israeli monks and Irish police – Wednesday 3 February 2021 – ITV News

Devised in Angola, a single dance craze has swept the globe and given us something to smile about during the pandemic.

Jerusalema is a song by South African house musician Master KG. Friends in Angola filmed themselves dancing to the hit – the moves have since been recreated the world over. From health workers to nuns to children, everyone is getting involved.

When the Swiss Police took up the challenge, it sparked a virtual dance-off with the Irish Garda.

Can you dance to it? The world takes on the ‘Jerusalema’ challenge – Ryan Lenora Brown – Johannesburg – October 9, 2020 – The Christian Science Monitor

It began in December, and at first, it was isolated. You probably didn’t know about it if you didn’t live nearby, or if you didn’t know someone who did.

But by February, it had begun to jump borders – first regionally, then around the world. By summer, it had become a feature of daily life from Angola to Hungary to Canada. World leaders spoke of it on national television. Health care workers rallied around it.

“It,” of course, was the “Jerusalema” dance challenge.

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  1. THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL…THE POWER IN YOUR WORDS RESONATE DEEP IN MY SOUL BC WE SPEAK FROM OUR GOD CENTER! Spirituality NOT religion. Jesus warns countless times to be weary of the false teachers and prophets. We’re surrounded by them now but the tide is turning.

    1. Denise, connecting with like-minded spirits like yours is essential for my life going forward. There are a lot of disingenuous people out there, in churches, in friends, and even family. I see everyone as the spirit that they truly are, with no roles or titles interfering. If their spirit is not holy, I stay clear.

      Connecting with a few, like you, is why I share. Kevy

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