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“We all have ability. The difference is how we use it.” – Stevie Wonder

This is a Feel-Good post.  I hope that you want to feel better today.  I do.  We need it.  I will try my best with this post. 

The vibration in the atmosphere has been tense.  I believe that the Lord wants us to have more alone time to reflect and reconcile our differences with The World, to perhaps lead us to reconciliation, inner peace, and Love.  I have had to go inward and introspective on a daily to keep my vibe up high.

Today, my vibe is very elevated!  I am looking forward to the new life that begins each day.  I see sleep as dying each night and waking reborn.

But this moment, the new Season just before us, post-Lobster, post-COVID19, post-insurrection, post-everything 2020 is more eagerly anticipated by everyone.  The unknowns and adventure of it all can be absolutely exhilarating, if you are imaginatively creative, and are vibrating higher than most.  I am that way today.  Are you?

I am looking forward to a more discerned and refined me, blossoming in this new Springtime.  For I know that Spring always comes.  Always, period point-blank. 

We are on its horizon.  I listened to Stevie Wonder’s music and watched his videos today, and I feel mighty inspired.  I hope you enjoy it.  Kevy

I am singing about Tomorrow.  Let’s start singing of Love from our hearts.

Stevie Wonder – Ngiculela – Es Una Historia – I am Singing – Apr 18, 2007 –  Crustybrown

As I mentioned before, I often turn to music for refuge.  I often turn to Stevie Wonder for solace.  He is truly my idol, and an incredibly impressive example and messenger to humanity.  He is truly God’s messenger. 

Instead of religious leaders, I often get my spiritual guidance from and inspiration from icons like Stevie Wonder.  Wonder is a wonder.  And, from elders whether world leaders or ‘my favorite girl in the world’, my mother. 

Stevie’s talents put God’s magnificence on full display, just as the Grand Canyon did when I visited it in my twenties.  After at least 30 years of following Stevie Wonder, I am still amazed that he is outwardly visually blind.  But his inner visual capabilities are beyond space and time.

I try to get all inwardly visual as often as I can, namely through meditation, prayer, also while immersed in nature.  But Stevie does it all the time.  He is clearly on an out-of-this-world vibe!  He can’t see what most of us can.  But, not to worry.  He sees beyond what we see.

His music is international, just as is Bod Marley’s, Damian Marley’s, Prince’s, and Michael Jackson’s, all examples of God’s magnificence in their own right.  I get the holy spirit from these icons, as well.

“Eyes lie if you ever look into them for the character of the person.” – Stevie Wonder

I can’t imagine anyone not agreeing that Stevie Wonder is a remarkable talent, from God to the world. Even if you don’t particularly like his Soul/R&B genre, his message radiates clearly.  It’s all about Love.

I promise to explain within this post why I believe, “I Can See Like Stevie Wonder Y’all.”   I will do in Poetrimony, poetic testimony. 

I do believe that I can see things that aren’t clear or even visible to most.  But I am not special.  I accredit my ability to distancing myself from too much media, mediation, prayer, connecting with nature, and loving God.

I am nothing special because I believe that we all have the same capabilities, as  Stevie Wonder has.   In this post, I will show you examples of Stevie’s brilliance, and back it with science.  Science Is Whatzup!

“While we are accustomed to saying that we see with eyes, we actually see with the specialized cells in the occipital lobe located in the posterior region of the brain. As we know, blind individuals can learn to read, walk, talk, and recognize objects and people without using the retinal-cortical pathways. Sighted individuals can produce visual images in the brain through the sense of touch, where we use our minds, rather than our eyes, to visualize.” – Brain World – Brain-Sight: Can Touch Allow Us to “See” Better Than Sight? – Kenneth Wesson

The brain simply interprets signals that the eyes send it. And when the eyes don’t send messages, the other senses don’t just sit around idle. They compensate for the senses that are not doing their job, sending perception signals to brain cells to accommodate sight.

Maybe Stevie isn’t so amazing biologically since senses work much the same for us all. ...Me and you too. But he is still amazing for his talent. With all my senses functioning well, I could never and will never create the beauty that he already has.

But I can see like Stevie Wonder. You can too. For me, it’s because I am not distracted by what my eyes may see. Just because my eyes see things does not vindicate its truth. There are many illusions out there in people, situations, gifts, opportunities, trials, smiles & a pat on the back, and fears.

“We know the things that are not good and are right. Those things that we know are wrong, we’ve got to fix them.” – Stevie Wonder

Through regular meditation, prayer, and maintaining a positive vibration, I escape whatever my senses try to convince me is ‘real‘ or ‘truth‘. The ‘reset’ and clarity I get from my rituals of choice frees me from seeing things ordinarily, the way The American Public, friends, family, or my own ego may see them. It certainly helps me to decipher through all the BS.

And when I do, there’s no analysis involved in the process. ….I just receive a simple gut feeling. Well, the gut does communicate with the brain, but that’s another post, for another day.

Lately, I have been in a very trans-formative state of mind, seeing inwardly, just like Stevie. Now, let’s enjoy some Stevie Wonder, an original poem, and further information for you to review for yourself, as I have.


Poem – Poetrimony

Like Stevie Wonder

By Kevy Michaels

Maybe if I were a blind man

There would be things I couldn’t see

…Like the state of my condition

Or the destruction of humanity

But God made me like Stevie Wonder

My visions are vivid and deep

In silent meditation

My mind is undistracted

By what my eyes may have seen

If I weren’t a sensitive man

I would be too selfish to really care

I wouldn’t sense the spirits

Or see seasons’ changes

When written in the air

But I even cry to my TV

As if it really cared about me

I used to run out to help everyone

Now I find hope in my own misery

If I weren’t an introspective man

This journey would be much easier for me

I wouldn’t stop at every landmark

Thinking I’d reached my final destiny

But since God gave me in-sight

Invisible things seem to come to me

Now I take the responsibility

Like a messenger

To share these epiphanies

With visions in my mind

Even, my very soul, I can see

Now on a daily

I’m writing my beautiful legacy

…Each day

Evolving into whoever God

Wants me to be

Kind of like Stevie Wonder

…Once blind

Now I can see

“Do you know, it’s funny, but I never thought of being blind as a disadvantage, and I never thought of being black as a disadvantage.” – Stevie Wonder

My Favorite Stevie Wonder Songs

To state ‘my favorite’ is a misnomer.  It is nearly impossible for me to pick a favorite Stevie Wonder song, for nearly everything he creates is a favorite.  So, I select some of my favorite songs that I share below. 

This song was appropriate in 1976, and in even more appropriate in 2021.  I was 16 years old then.  Flip the number.  I am 61 years young today.

“Without accountability, we cannot have forgiveness” – Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder ~ Love’s In Need Of Love Today – Sep 2, 2011 – Chris McCreedy

“I am what I am. I love me! And I don’t mean that egotistically – I love that God has allowed me to take whatever it was that I had and to make something out of it.” – Stevie Wonder

I always thought that this song was a good ‘New Beginning Song’.  You could interpret it romantically or spiritually.  Try interpreting as though you are singing to God in praise.  Then interpret it as though you are singing to someone you Love.  Kevy

Stevie Wonder “For Once In My Life” My Extended Version! – Apr 26, 2014 – mosogotam

“I am sick that truth is struggling to be heard and defended. Those who promote lies and false truth must be held accountable.”  “It is the only way we can move forward.” – Stevie Wonder

This song is a masterpiece.  Stevie plays every instrument.  My affinity to it is the subject matter, Trees.  I want to be like a Tree.  I wrote a poem about it.  See below.

Stevie Wonder – Tree – Sep 19, 2012 – Gruvelocity

Poem – Poetrimony

Like A Tree

Kevy Michaels

I want to be Like a Tree

Grounded to the soil

Nurtured by the Sun


Because God has chosen my Station

I want to be non-resistant

Bendable, but only when necessary

Seasonally losing everything that defines my Identity

But always returning to a greater Exquisite Magnificence

I want to be welcoming to all who find refuge

In my Tranquility

…Like I do

With trees

…Always standing firm

Even through ferocious storms

And when I can’t endure

Fighting the Battle any longer

I want to surrender

But do so gracefully

Like a tree

Not without planting a seed first

So that my spirit lingers until time ends

Thank You, God

For giving me the Tree

Thanks for showing me

Just how you want me to be


I want to be like a Tree

“Why must my color, Black, make me a lesser man.  I thought this world was made for every man.  He loves us all.  That’s what my God tells me.” – Stevie Wonder

This song is from the album Innervisions.  I like it especially because it has a very unique Stevie Wonder sound and vibe that is unmistakable from any other artist.  For me, Too High references how I feel when I have a really deep mediation.

Stevie Wonder – Living for the City – Nov 23, 2007 – johnniewalker23

Often, I wake up each day feeling Overjoyed.  That’s become my motto is, “Every day, clean slate”.  Then I thank the Lord for another day.

Stevie Wonder – Overjoyed – Mar 29, 2008 – johnniewalker23

I see visions in my mind.  I vision nearly everything before I execute, even the new day upon me.

Stevie Wonder – Visions – Feb 18, 2008 – johnniewalker23

I know that HE loves me. 

Stevie Wonder – Jesus Children Of America – Sep 29, 2007 – johnniewalker23


It once seemed that heaven was 10 zillion light-years away.  But now I find heaven in my Mind & Spirit. 

Heaven Is 10 Zillion Light Years Away – Aug 24, 2018 – Stevie Wonder

It once seemed that heaven was 10 zillion light years away.  But now I find heaven in my Mind & Spirit. 

Heaven Is 10 Zillion Light Years Away – Aug 24, 2018 – Stevie Wonder

I shared this song with friends and family during Hurricane Katrina in New Orleans.

Shelter In The Rain – Jul 28, 2018 – Stevie Wonder

Master Blaster (Jammin’) – Jul 26, 2018 – Stevie Wonder

Do I Do – Nov 7, 2019 – Stevie Wonder

Stevie Wonder Greatest Hits – Best Songs Of Stevie Wonder – Stevie Wonder Collection 2020 – Feb 5, 2020 – Soul – Jazz – Blues Music

A bit of humor and good vibes.

Stevie Wonder Carpool Karaoke – The Late Show with James Corden – Published on Sep 15, 2015

Stevie Wonder Surprises Sir Tom Jones! | Blind Auditions | The Voice UK 2021 – Jan 2, 2021 – The Voice UK

Stevie Wonder Shares His Most Asked Questions | Friday Night With Jonathan Ross – May 30, 2020 – Friday Night With Jonathan Ross

“Sometimes, I feel I am really blessed to be blind because I probably would not last a minute if I were able to see things.” – Stevie Wonder

Educational Information

How Blind People Actually See the World – 481,348 views – BRIGHT SIDE – Published on Mar 6, 2018

Most people imagine that what the blind see is complete blackness. But it’s not that “black-and-white”, so to say. There are different degrees and causes of blindness that affect what blind people can see.

Being Blind: Perception VS. Reality – 78,822 views – Molly Burke – Published on Jan 3, 2017

Brain-Sight: Can Touch Allow Us to “See” Better Than Sight? – October 30, 2017 – Kenneth Wesson

Making Sense of the World, Several Senses at a Time – Sensory crosstalk helps us navigate the world – By Lena Groeger – February 28, 2012

Which of the following procedures do you think would produce the most accurate representation of an object: tracing the object; looking at the object while drawing it; or, with your eyes closed, touching and feeling the object and then drawing it, without having ever seen it? Most educators and parents would insist that the range in the quality of the three renditions would match the order in which they are presented. Read More

When one experiences Transformation, as I have, they will experience the virtues of Inspiration, Hopefulness, Spirituality, Determination, Patience, Creativity, Healing, Prayer & Meditation, Self-Love, Communion With Nature, and Courage. – Kevy Michaels

Stevie Wonder’s Biography

Stevie Wonder was born premature, and lost his sight as an infant, while in an incubator for an extended period. As a result, he was kept indoors, as a child. The radio and musical instruments become his best friends. He was self-taught.

By age 9 he was proficient with piano and other instruments. By age 13 he had his first No. 1 hit, Fingertips, on the Motown label. Stevie has remained successful from the 1960s until today, with a career that spans over 40 years!

“I feel thankful to God, first and foremost, allowing me to enjoy this ‘smell the roses’ kind of thing.” – Stevie Wonder

He is regarded worldwide as a music icon. But he is also regarded as an activist, and propagator of Love and World Peace. He was instrumental in getting President Ronald Reagan to approve MLK Day as a national holiday, and campaigned and sang Signed, Sealed, Delivered at Obama campaign events.  Just recently, he called for a Truth Commission on injustices against African Americans in the hope that uncovering Truth would lead to Reconciliation and Healing.

What impresses me most about Stevie Wonder, however, is his consistent theme of Love and Peace in his songs. At a point in his career, he stood up to gain complete control over his creativity. This milestone led to the creations of masterpieces such as Music of my Mind, Songs in the Key of Life, Talking Book, Innervisions, and Journey Through The Secret Life of Plants, where he describes plants and nature that he has never seen before. No one had been so profound in their messaging, making Love & Peace ‘cool’, and marketable in the music industry. God bless you, Stevie!

Considering that Stevie is blind, his accomplishments and talents are simply amazing, or so it seems. However, science, according to Kenneth Wesson, of Brain World, and most scientists in the area, say that we don’t really see with our eyes. We actually see with cells in the brain.


Stevie Wonder on Monday (Jan. 18) posted an emotional open letter to Martin Luther King, Jr. in which he said he was using the holiday to call on the Biden-Harris Administration to launch a truth commission on inequality in America.

“Without truth, we cannot have accountability,” Wonder says. “Without accountability, we cannot have forgiveness. Without forgiveness, we cannot heal.”  Read More

“You would not believe the lack of progress. It makes me physically sick.” – Stevie Wonder

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