SHARE PLEASE! – Stevie Wonder’s Call To Action On TRUTH DECAY – To Biden, Harris & US – It’s Making Him Sick – Me Too! – January 18, 2021

This is a very short post that I just had to get out immediately. This is a calling.

I am moved by Stevie Wonder’s CALL TO ACTION yesterday, in honor of Dr. Martin Luther King, on January 18, 2021.

If you believe in God, Humanity, and Healing, you should be moved too.

We just cannot go on as we have. Whether you can spit scriptures or not, regardless of the “book” you read, the message is one word:


Tomorrow, or late today, I will post a tribute to Stevie Wonder. He is of God if a man ever was. In this post, I will celebrate his incredible talent, brilliance, and elevated vibration. Stevie is a prophet to me. Against, popularity, profit, or fame, I can see as he sees, and express that which I witness, when most see nothing there.

“I can see like Stevie Wonder.” – Kevy

I came back to this post after publishing it and corrected typos, that I did not previously notice.

I can write well, but I have flaws in many areas, including in writing.

I celebrate such “humaness“, and take pride in my admissions to these flaws. I find beauty, even in my imperfections.

I am glad that they are there for it keeps me striving to get closer to perfection, as I strive to get closer to the Lord.

Often I record video audio, and posts from a smartphone or smart device. That way, wherever I am, I can post.

The truth with this post is that I try to post in the wee hours of the morning. When I first awaken I am not always as attentive. This morning I was overly anxious to share this video because it was so moving and sincere.

Coincidentally, I have been also working on another Stevie Wonder music post. The original intent was to add this video to the music post. At the last minute, I decided to post the video right away, without reviewing it well.

His message needs to be heard.

TRUTH IS IN DECAY. I am working on a post and video on that topic too.

Since I published this post, several people have expressed Dissatisfaction, or worse, Silence.

That’s unconscionable.

Stevie Wonder talks about Love, Equality, Truth, Accountability, Courage, Reconciliation, and Healing in this video. …Nothing Hateful or Violent.

We should not have to be Courageous to speak Truth. It should be in everyday conversation.

It would be an abomination if I were to profess my Faith in God, while embracing Lies. Like Stevie, “no can do.”

…Poor souls who don’t get it or see it. They don’t realize that Love is crying out for itself. They cannot see as Stevie Wonder, a blind man, can. I can, though ~ Kevy

On Dr. Martin Luther King’s (MLK) birthday, Stevie Wonder was extraordinarily courageous. He spoke out about how Truth Decay pains him severely. He was courageous to put this message out asking the Biden/Harris administration to open a Truth Commission Investigation for Reconciliation & Healing. Remember, he won America the MLK Day.

He emphatically states that THIS IS THE ONLY PATH TO HEALING.
We love you Stevie for seeing what many cannot because they are not looking inwardly as you are. Be courageous like Stevie Wonder. He is blind; You are not.
I Can See Just Like Stevie Wonder. I am being Courageous For God, Dr. King & Humanity.


I will be posting about True Decay soon. Kevy

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Being cognizant of international visitors, I want to do all that I can to communicate wisdom globally for all.

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25 thoughts on “SHARE PLEASE! – Stevie Wonder’s Call To Action On TRUTH DECAY – To Biden, Harris & US – It’s Making Him Sick – Me Too! – January 18, 2021

    1. I feel such empathy for you not only because of your front-line work, but because of your committment to family, humanity, and sharing your spirit, through your creativity. Your job through this revolution will be easy…Be More Of U. Others will have a very tough time.

      I added the Truth Decay video to this post. Kevy

  1. So moved. He is right, we must speak and take action in our circles, not accept the injustice. Also, Kevy, I enjoy how you summarize this with your words to describe the impact and importance. I myself felt, as Stevie did, yesterday, on the occasion of remembering Dr. King, despair at where we are in our country around racism. A whole new intellectual war has begun to minimize racism by such as Candace Owens and Heather McDonald (in my mind). What was once done in restaurants, buses and schools is now done aimed at the hearts and minds of Americans with eloquent words used to diminish systemic racism and the marginalize the impact it still has on the black community. We must fight this evil and demolish these arguments with our voices for the soul of our country. Yesterday I mourned.

    1. I really appreciate you! I love you as my sister. This is not a race thing. This is a deceptive tactic to make others think that it is.

      It is more about God & Humanity.

      Truth Is In Decay. I will be writing about it soon. But Truth Decay is a real agenda. If we don’t stand up, we are headed to a more awful place.
      Love you Sis

      Until I create he post, watch this.

      1. That is exactly right, Kevy. The desecration of truth. Racism is one truth that is being minimized and rewritten. Thank you, Kevy, I get so sad about all this but I know that’s not the answer. The answer is do have a voice, have courage and do what’s right.

        1. We are meant to LOVE each other. This is why I can sincerly say that I Love You. That is our mission on Earth. Race is Satan’s invention….Man Made.

          All you must do is follow God’s will and LOVE. An be your true essensce.

          You are certainly exemplifying Love in your creativity, spirit, and on the front-line during COVID19. I Love U Sis. Kevy.

      2. First off Mate I hope and pray you’re well and Merry Christmas and New Years to you Kevy

        As you see I am of many hidden forms of expressionism be sure to also see lyrics I have laced as well.

        Thank you for the support

        luas dia I do thruas



          1. I am curious how did you come across my blog ?

            What made you decide to follow me ?

            Sure as you can see I am a lot more raw and full of venom.

            I do have one I will share check it out see if fits your mould

            This is a segment I did called the The Kryptonite of Lies ( HERO)

            After reading it ask yourself Mate do you see yourself as the Hero or Villain …why or why not?


            1. I search blogs all the time. I found our vibes to be compatible. I address topics that others tend to avoid. You seem to do the save. ColoradoPoet too. I can see, as many may not, good intentions in our work. I will read the post. Regards Kevy

            2. Very true my writing is more than just form of understanding it is a way helped express things I need to.

              Without having to water down for the sake of emotional responses, to me in my view facts and logic should never be outweighed by emotional responses and base as highest pinnacle …how something makes others feel, it doesn’t make it magically vanished because you want it to.

              I will warn you Kevy in my blog there some sections of segments that are very horrendous and mortifying but raw and very surreal. So out of respect anything you see called My Story is too much for you I respect that, It is a lot to take in for people.

              This is what I call The Clay of Life feel free to share it as well.


            3. Alex, the rawer the better. I do not wish to offend, but at the same time, I realize that raw truth can be hard for most, but so what. I never aim to convince or convert. I am more interested in preaching to the choir. Networking with like minds in spirit, even if their perspective is different. I still invite you to select a post so that I may feature you, or you can allow me to select one. Warm Regards, Kevy

            4. I like how your straight up I respect that did you have one in mind?

              If so just let me know or Krytonite of Lies ( Hero ) is very good.

              The world we know and see right now is not meant for wolves but consume by acts of cowardice sheep.

              I say this why don’t you pick one and I will pick the lyrics I would like to share that I laced.



            5. I love this…NETWORKING WITH LIKE MINDS. Especially now as truths are silenced and the corruption and take down of our country more accelerated and blatant…people of like minds NEED to network and need to do it on the few platforms that remain uncensored.
              NOW more than ever! THIS IS THE TIME FOR TRUTH!
              I will be doing all on my part to be the maverick like Stevie was! IT IS ALL ABOUT LOVE…AND ONLY LOVE.
              The only thing our politicians do is create an deeper INTENTIONAL divide.

              My one question…does Stevie actually think Biden & Harris are going to do something to help minorities?? Or start TRUTH COMMISSION?
              There’s a HUGE irony in that!
              Love what I see scrolling your posts!!! Glad you found me.
              Taking a hiatus from writing as the massive paradigm shift does it work on me and God moves deeper & deeper into my heart.
              I can’t be a MLK….but I can be a Mark Twain of our era. Speaking up and out on a MASSIVE platform about what Stevie speaks TRUTH & GOD.
              ONE LOVE!

            6. Right!
              My imperfections have taught me just HOW REAL & POWERFUL GOD CAN WORK IN OUR HEARTS & SOULS. The piece of humanity THEY are trying…and have been very successful removing…UNTIL NOW!!! As I’ve matured I have put one thing on my bucket list…to be a significant part of a SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION!!!! It’s in the works!! I was only an infant then…but MLK’S words live on in my heart! Grabbed his autobiography as I wrote my book THE ADVOCATE … and a few other strong powerful influencers of our REAL history…to give me the strength to do the deep work and get on paper what I did.

              Lol…stuff just pouring out of me this morning.
              Peace brother.

            7. It is very admirable that you recognize that we are in the midst of a Spiritual Revolution. We are. Also, The New World Order is now. Truth is in decay.

              At this stage in my life, I am closer to meeting God, than to a banker. I must express truth, as I understand it. I am a self-acknowledged messenger and will not allow money, power, hate, or ignorance to muffle my message. You should do the same Denise. Kevy

            8. WOW!! Your words…I AM A SELF-ACKNOWLEDGED MESSENGER…really struck me!!!
              The title for my 2nd book is The MESSENGER…my youngest son’s childhood story … gets to the truth about the indoctrination of our public schools where I had been taking notes up until when the pandemic as an eye inside our public school system.
              I’ve had people tell me thst for a long time…You’re my messenger. Lol. No…I’m God’s messenger bringing specific people specific messages…especially when I worked as a critical care nurse.
              Not sure your age Kevy…but I’ve been living outside the matrix for a couple decades now. Dirt poor bc my children were/are my priority … then getting God’s Truth out.
              Raised my sons NOT to be the PREDICTED PROGRAMMED WHITE MALE. They … all 3 and my daughter.. are strong compassionate and aware.
              As a young child in small town Minnesota…I have always despised the ignorance and arrogance I see in many. Now I see what it has created.

              Emailing you soon! Excited about our dialogue!

            9. I am 61 years young.

              That is significant especially when I recently attempted to re-enter the corporate matrix. I then realized that I am too wise, with too many years of experience, to hide who I am and how I feel. My Freedom is priceless.

              You are a Messenger, surely. We all are. We send messages through our deeds, virtues, and through the spirit that exudes from us.

              You and I simply take this calling very seriously, by sharing our writings and seeking like-minded spirits, in addition to how we live.

              We are all Messengers. We are all Gifted. I am. You are. There is nothing egotistical or narcissistic about making this firm proclamation. It is actually a proclamation of Faith in God.

              God has bestowed us all with Gifts & the responsibility to propogate The Good News. Luv. Kevy

            10. We all have a dark side.

              I believe that it is intentional for it gives us a purpose, keeping us striving to acknowledge it, and rise above it. We never achieve total defeat of our inner demons, though. That is imtentional too, less we would become complacent.

              I am not a villian or hero.

              ‘Being Me’ is enough to keep me busy, for I am learning new things about who I am, through daily encounters with who I’m not.

              The dichotomy of each encounter reveals another layer of myself. Kevy

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