Poetrimony – Celebrating Guest Blogger/Poet & Front-Line Worker Colorado Poet For Her Talents, Heart & Spirit – Show Love 2 Colorado Poet!

I am excited to feature COLORADO POET in this post, once again.

I regularly invite other bloggers to share their perspectives on any topic.  I invite you, right now.  We do not have to all agree but must be respectful of each other.

Colorado Poet answered, twice.  Kudos to you. 

I believe that we must regularly engage with each other, feature each other, as Colorado Poet and I do, if we are serious about healing as a civilization.

I am privileged to have a blogger like Colorado Poet who is sincerely open to sharing her talent in the interest of creating better relations, understanding each other, and for plain friendship.

Her brand appeals to me.  …A lot!  I searched her site and easily selected several poems that resonate with me.

I love how the brevity of her poems efficiently utilizes the writing landscape.  This is clearly not one of my strengths, as evidence by my lengthy posts that sometimes seem like novels.

She uses imagery quite effectively with her poems, identifying the picture’s location.  I can tell that she puts great effort into selecting the perfect picture.  So, with each poem, I included her chosen image for that poem.  I also included links to her site all over the place.  Check Colorado Poet out.

There is something even more impressive about Colorado Poet

She is on the frontline of our defense against the spread of the COVID19.  She is a blogger, creator,  and nurse.  She has a first-row seat on the suffering.  In my opinion, she is a warrior and mentor.  She sees the serious impact of the pandemic on some people nearly every day and takes it in stride.  I am not sure that I could handle such a concentrated dose of reality, especially on a daily.  She does.  That in itself shows her love and compassion which is obviously extraordinarily strong.

She responded to my post on the COVID19 vaccines, where I expressed apprehension about taking the vaccine in the post 15 Reasons Why No COVID19 Vaccine For This Black Man!  She has taken the vaccine without side effects but respects those (like me) who choose not to at this time.  I like that, agreeing to disagree without getting all shady with each other.  Please give her a big shoutout not only for her talent but for sharing her talents while working in a most intense environment.

Doing the type of front-line nursing work that Colorado Poet does, I am sure that often she has to wipe tears from her eyes and continue to fulfill God’s mission of serving others in desperation, knowing that she would be protected by her faith in the holy spirit.

Then after such rigorous and diligent effort, just as I do, she finds sanctity in her poetic creations.

Colorado Poet, speaking for myself and everyone who reads this post, We Love You!  Kevy

Poetrimony By Colorado Poet

InfluenceMar 31, 2020

I wonder how the influence

of all the words I’ve read

loops around to the synapses in my mind

and shapes my thoughts and actions

all those writers who spoke into my life

some from thousands of years ago

some from today, literally

but even modern thoughts come often from far away

the buzz of thinking humanity in expression

reaching out to each other

teaching reflection and perspective

in different cultures, far different circumstances

change the way I view the world today

*my bookcase, Denver*

GhostsJan 4, 2020

I thought that all my yesterdays would fade away

but I find they grow and fill the empty space when my mind is quiet

the child I was and the woman I became

live together in my mind

yesterdays visit my dreams

in the oddest times they pop into my mind

lingering as ghosts

some whom I love and some I confess I hate

I feel sure they will stay with me dancing on the edge of what is now

making me determined to cherish and keep those who are here

let ghosts sleep and the living love

*Charleston, SC*


The west is burning

the cool glades afire

the lakes fogged with ash

smoke slithering above the surface

the songs of animals silenced

the question of the future of the forests of our land

lies heavy with sadness on our western border

*on top of a ridge, somewhere in Montana*

Not limited Dec 12, 2019

I am only limited by

how much curiosity I bring

how much effort I make

my willingness to repeat a thing again and again

I believe that I can grow

that age will not define my ability to learn

that failure is just a word

that life is a puzzle that should be worked on

engaged with vigor


I want to be a hippie

I want to be a flower child

think only of the sun and stars

see flowers strewn in every frame

I want to feel only sunbeams

I want to hear the words of the wind

I want to say peace, peace, peace


let that mantra be enough

to carry me through the day

make all the ugly go away

I wasn’t born a hippie, though

while the beauty of a river heals my soul

it doesn’t last, alas

I find the old struggles of balancing love, kindness, mercy, and justice


*Salem, Oregon*

Stand and SpeakNov 27, 2019

I believe I must be true to my core beliefs

I must stand and speak in the face of pressure to capitulate

the world was never changed with silent arguments

Words must be said with confidence and courage

I must examine my motives to make sure it is not out of selfishness, anger or pride

be careful to speak my truth with kindness

But if I don’t stand strong in the face of your agenda

your wrong thinking

I will be swallowed up

truthApr 9, 2020

you are shrouded

quick walks out of the room

glances and short words of ascent

finding where you fit and pushing boundaries

it’s an age-old dance of growing up

I’ve danced it

I believe you will find peace

learn to give and receive love

open hands to the world

heart uncovered

*Salem, OR December 2019*

PossibilitiesJun 14, 2020

with life there is hope

there are options

tomorrow is always a new day

that comes with freedom, autonomy and power

not satisfied with the meaning of today

I can choose change, however small

I do not know how the ending of my story will be written

not despair but hope

not stagnancy but creation

*RHINO district Denver*

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  1. Thank you, Kevy! It is an honor to be featured on your blog! It is a privilege to have conversations and share ideas with such a talented, thoughtful, authentic writer as yourself.

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