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Today I was feeling like I needed that Afrobeat

Afrobeats make me move my feet, where I can’t sit in my seat.

There is so much on my mind right now.  There so much on everybody’s mind. 

You can only imagine how much we must be filled with thoughts, having to research all the things we hear, constantly tuning into media and social media. 

The Truth can be shocking and a bit discouraging at times. 

This may be one reason why so many don’t dig deep to find facts.  Relying solely on media news and social media is the easy way out. 

The events and uncertainties in life are overwhelming right now. 

Sometimes I need Afrobeats TO ESCAPE IT ALL! 

Today is one of those times.  Kevy

Now, I can’t move to Afrobeats music the way South Africans do.  I don’t have it going on like that!  But I’m dancing in the spirit, and it’s almost impossible for me to think about the stresses or the distractions of life while I’m listening to that afrobeat. 

It’s something about that African drum.  That drumbeat connects to my heart and it takes me away from whatever negative state my spirit may wander to. 

Please enjoy a few mixes, tracks, videos, and information that I’ve selected so that you can feel that afrobeat too. 

Most is from South Africa.  I’ve been to South Africa, to Cape Town South Africa.  OMG!  It is so beautiful there. 

You hear all kinds of music in the streets that lift spirits.

Do not think that South Africa is primitive.  Not!  The only part of South Africa that’s somewhat primitive is in the shanty towns which apartheid caused.   What apartheid did to people there caused them to live in cardboard, and tin homes.

But nonetheless, they still have a community filled with the spirit of Love, dance, and good music.  I know.  I’ve been in those communities. 

When I feel That Afrobeat, I feel the spirit of Cape Town South Africa.

Please enjoy.  Kevy

Kevy Michaels Video

Visiting Cape Town, South Africa In 2000

The close of 2020 has many reflecting on good times in the past. 

The other day I browsed my photo collection and recalled one of my finest memories, my trip to Cape Town, South Africa, 20 years ago.  Cape Town is my favorite city.

In my opinion, it is the most beautiful city in the world.  Kevy

Music Videos

South African Dance
Sa Dance Gwara Gwara Compilation – Apr 17, 2016 – Tman Ostrong

Africans Around the World Doing the Black Panther Dance Challenge – Mar 11, 2018 – 2nacheki

Gqom Dances Part 2: School Kids Can Dance – Apr 4, 2019 – Bonga David Ngomfela

Masaka Kids Africana Dancing Jerusalem By Master KG [Feat. Nomcebo] – Nov 27, 2020 – Masaka Kids Afrikana

Jerusalem Dance Challenge, Fenomenos do Semba, Master KG [Feat. Nomcebo] – Sep 13, 2020 – Ritmo Latino TV

Masaka Kids Africana Dancing To Jerusalema By Master KG Feat Nomcebo & Burna Boy – Oct 24, 2020 – Masaka Kids Africana vlog

South African & Other African Music Videos
Corona (feat. DJ Tira, Worst Behaviour) – Oct 29, 2020 – Dlala Thukzin – Topic

DJ Tira Feat. Berita – Uyandazi (Official Music Video) – Jul 28, 2020 – Ezase Afro

Soa Mattrix, Soulful G Feat. Shaun 101 – Uthando (Official Music Video) – Soulful G

South African House Workout Mix GQOM | Dj Shinski [Master KG, Sho Madjozi, Maphorisa, Heavy K] – Aug 9, 2020 – Dj Shinski

Afrobeat ” Gwara vs Shaku Shaku vs House ” Video Mix —-D’Jyks – Mar 16, 2018 – D’Jyks

South African Beat Mixes
South African House Mix | 25 December 2020 | Mixed by DJ TKM – Dec 25, 2020 – TKM EXTRA

Amapiano | Gaba Cannal – Great I Am Album (Mixed By Khumozin)- Oct 2, 2020 – Khumo Mogorosi

Afro House Mix by JaBig (2017 South African Deep Soulful House Music Lounge Afrobeats Playlist) – Oct 2, 2017 – JaBig

Video Scenes of Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town, South Africa || Cinematic Drone Shots – Dec 6, 2018 Most Exciting Destinations

South African Townships By Drone – Ep 01 – Blikkiesdorp – Cape Town – Apr 24, 2015 – Antons Pix

South African Music – Part 1: An Introduction – Dec 15, 2013 – Ethnomusicology Explained!

Afrobeats: African music takes the world by storm | DW News Africa – Jul 26, 2020 – DW News

African music is exploding onto the world stage. Never before have African artists been in such demand, not just at home, but also in Europe and the US. But African musicians also face challenges, with one producer fearing “a new scramble for Africa”. In this edition, DW News Africa profiles Nigerian sensation Burna Boy and talk to top industry executives about their vision for the future.

Audio Playlists on Pandora

South African Club Hits – Playlist by Pandora African – 105 songs

The latest deep house, amapiano, kwaito and gqom to come out of South Africa. Updated Regularly.

Amapiano Hits List – Playlist by Pandora African – 90 songs

Take a dive into the world of Amapiano, a sound which has subtly taken shape over the last couple years and serves as a jazzier alternative to its musical counterparts in South Africa.

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