SHARE – This Will Make U Feel Good – Even In Quarantine! – We Need That – DJ Cassidy’s Pass The Mic – BET Soul Train Edition

Yesterday, Black Entertainment Television’s (BET) Soul Train Pass the Mic series showed up on my YouTube feed. It is probably because I have liked and subscribed to the Soul Train channel videos when selecting ones for prior posts.

I have especially fond memories of Soul Train. As a teenager, I always wanted to be a Soul Train dancer. I was once a dancer on a local television dance show in New Orleans, called Get Down.

When I watched a few Pass the Mic episodes, it brought me back to happier days. It accentuated how much we have digressed. I needed the feel-good part.

DJ Cassidy, the host DJ, keeps the show energetic and vibrant. It is great to watch various R&B stars from the 1980s sing to their hit songs in their homes. Cassidy Zooms from his home, switching from one hit R&B song and legend, to the next. He interjects words that encourage and keeps the crowd going. It is a wonderful experience, given that many of us are locked in.

Cassidy was ingenious to come up with this idea. I can see many other applications, such as setting up Zoom meetings, passing the mic, on various current topics. …For me, controversial ones like Racism, Prescription Meds, Police Killings, Spirituality vs. Religion, etc.

Cassidy produced the initial shows himself, from his home, while in quarantine. An hour-long episode aired on BET, during Thanksgiving. I missed it! …. Damn, Damn, Damn!

DJ Cassidy at arrivals for Gabrielle”s Angel Foundation For Cancer Research Hosts Angel Ball 2015, Cipriani Wall Street, New York, NY October 19, 2015. Photo By: Abel Fermin

DJ dedicates each episode to the heroes, the front-line workers, who fight for health, freedom, and justice.

I love this! Thanks, BET, Soul Train, and the marvelous DJ Cassidy. Kevy


DJ Cassidy’s Pass The Mic: BET Soul Train Edition – Nov 30, 2020 – DJCASSIDY

Pass The Mic: Volume Three – Oct 15, 2020 – DJCASSIDY

Pass The Mic: Volume Two – Aug 6, 2020 – DJCASSIDY

Pass The Mic: Volume One – Jul 20, 2020– DJCASSIDY

THE JACKSON 5 – Soul Train 1972 (All Songs) – Jun 29, 2019 – Jackson 5 Things


DJ Cassidy Will ‘Pass the Mic’ Between Early ’80s R&B Legends as His All-Star Webcast Series Becomes a BET Special – By Chris Willman – Nov 19, 2020

DJ Cassidy’s popular “Pass the Mic” webcast series is going to TV on Thanksgiving weekend… and going totally ’80s. BET’s Nov. 29 broadcast of “The Soul Train Awards” will be immediately followed by a second prime-time special that will bring Cassidy’s all-star medleys, usually seen via Twitch and YouTube, to a network for the first time. And while the star DJ isn’t revealing any names yet, he is telling Variety that this edition of his mic-pass will bring together the leading lights of R&B from a decade that happens to be his favorite

Or maybe something more like just a half-decade, to get specific about it. “When I think about ‘Soul Train’ and the long legacy that spans decades,” he says, “I am immediately drawn into thinking about the 1980s. particularly the first half of the decade. The sounds of the R&B records that came out of the first half of the ’80s, the attitude and style and emotions of those records, all speak to the legacy of ‘Soul Train’ so powerfully, and I think those records exude the feeling of celebration. Read More

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    1. Thank you so much. I am working on my next post now. Creating videos to compliment takes more time.

      You are welcomed to share a post on my blog. Just let me know if you’re interested. Kevy

        1. ..Will do. Expect a post by late next week.

          I will feature you as I do with all guest bloggers.

          But if you have 3 for me to choose from, I’d like that better.

          It would be more authentic.


          1. Thank you, Kevy. I would suggest Empower our daughters from 10/31, Thoughts on religion from today 12/14 and Experience gathering from 10/5 or The positive role of negative emotions from 9/22. All the best and thank you!

            1. I reviewed a few of your posts. I like your poetry. My first thought is to make one of your poems into a video. I must review more. I may have to select a poem that is easy to visualize. I am a novice videographer but believe that I can do justice to the selected poem. Kevy

            2. Thank you, Kevy! My great apologies for not catching your comments earlier! I am a big fan of your work and it is a honor to have you visit my writing. All the best and I feel terrible I am just seeing this!

            3. Your post will be published tomorrow. I selected 5 poems that I will combine with a prior post where I featured your talent.

              I apologize, but I don’t have enough free time to create a video using your poetry as the story line. I am in intense on line course study.

              Warm Regards

            4. Thank you, Kevy, it’s a honor! I appreciate your amazing writing and ideas and always enjoy catching up on your blog. Best wishes on your online course!

            5. Thanks. I am working on your post now, but at the last minute, I decided not to use content from your prior feature given today’s tensions and sensitivities. Therefore, I will feature five of your poems and will search your blog for a couple more. I hope this is okay with you. Kevy

            6. Yes, whatever you think is best! It’s a difficult time in our country and the most important thing is coming together as Americans again. I feel honored with anything you choose:)

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