SHARE – The Entire Universe Has Been Alerted To The New Season – All Are Uncertain – But Seasons Are Our Teachers – What A Magnificent Time For Reflection & Reconnection! – 7 Ways & More To Prepare For This Season

This is a beautiful time.  Let me, Kevy Michaels, explain to you why I feel this way.

First of all, in this very moment every living creature on the planet, in the universe, and even the stars recognize that we are in a change of season.

This is not unusual, except for us.  We don’t normally recognize seasons, in the air, our minds, and spirits, as the animals, trees, and plants do because we are distracted.  Well, now we do.

Also, every last one of us is experiencing a certain degree of uncertainty about what the new season will bring.

Seasons As Our Teachers – This Is A Magnificent Season!

Photo – Victorien Ameline – Unsplash

Reflection – This is a wonderful time for reflection, for looking back on the days that have passed, looking back on the days of this year. It is the time to evaluate our successes, triumphs, failures, and lessons learned, and what we will take with us as you move forward into this new season.

Photo – Anaya Katlego – Unsplash

Introspection – It is a time for introspection, to go deeper, deeper in understanding, and in perceiving the information that’s fed to us. It is a time to go deeper into who you are.  It is time to become who you.  Because you were made perfectly without choice, just as all of nature was.  You are meant to be who you are.

Photo – Omar Lopez – Unsplash

Colorblind – It is a time to be Yes, I said colorblind.  It is time to not see color anymore.  Race is a man-made creation.  It is time to feel spirits instead.  It is time to admit to ourselves that there is good and bad energy in all races.  And, that those who straddle the middle line are the ones who we should be most concerned about for they’re in disguise of who they really are.

Intention – It is a time of It’s a time to identify our vision, to see our vision, to walk toward it, and embrace it.

Decision Making – It’s a time to make It’s time to decide, at this fork in the road, which way will we go, carrying the discernment, wisdom, lessons learned, triumphs, and failures with us.  It is time to decide which road will our spirit Lead us to take.

Photo – Podvalny – Unsplash

Detoxification – This is a time for detoxification, cleansing holistically. It’s the season for cleansing our mind, and spirit.  It’s a season to cleanse ourselves of negative energies in which we may immerse our lives.   We must also cleanse our diets lifestyles and relationships.

Spiritual Connection – It is the time to connect with the God. For it’s the spirit of God that controls the season to which we are uncertain.  Therefore, it is the time to connect with the Holy Spirit through prayer, meditation, connecting with the Earth, and, in quiet and silence.

Photo – Junior Moran – Unsplash

This is a most magnificent time.  And if we visualize it, and embrace it, we can heal many of our personal, and worldwide ills.  This is the only way to approach the unknown season before us because God is the only way.

This is why I believe that this is the most beautiful time and why I’m so grateful to God.

I will allow nothing to take me away from this vision.

Through the seasons that we have endured, we’ve gained wisdom and discernment from many perspectives of living in being.  And from that which we’ve endured, from successes, failures, and downfalls, we are welcomed into this new season with wisdom and newfound understanding, fortifying our spirits to carry us forward to our visions.

Seasons guide us.  The seasons are our teachers.  It was the seasons that taught us, through all of the seasons before the one that we are in the midst of.   Now it’s time to reflect on those lessons and to move forward into this unknown season carrying them.  Accepting that only God knows how things may unfold.

What a beautiful season we’re in. 

All seasons are our teachers.  Each season is our teacher.  And, for that I am grateful!  Kevy


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