SHARE – In This Season We Must Meditate, Pray, Ground & Listen To Music That Inspires & Makes U Happy – Over 50 Playlists Of Go-To Happy Music! – Reggae, Gospel, African, Cuban, Latino, Jazz, Disco, House & More! – Music To Take Those Blues Away! – …Far Away!


I hope that most people who read my post don’t think that I’m full of rage and anger because I’m not.

I am simply a Black man who has been through a lot of trials, and who’s well-traveled, analytical, educated, and brave enough to speak my mind. I really don’t care if my reality has a dismal aspect. It is simply what I’ve experienced in my life, good, bad, and ugly.

Though many Black people don’t speak their true minds, I do my best to encourage them to speak their minds in response to my opinions, even if they disagree with me. I won’t shun them. Sometimes they do comment on my posts. Sometimes they do so in private. Many despise me because of my views as oppose to discussing why they feel differently. That their “monkey”, not mine. I will explain “The Monkey” in a future post.

But I am only sharing with you how I managed through The Revolution that we’re currently in. …And, through the trials that you may experience.

For one, I manage through practicing daily meditation. I’ve done so for about 30 years. I have posted on meditation, as well as on prayer, which too is a long-time daily practice of mine. I do grounding as well. All these things keep me at a higher vibration in spite of expressing frustrations with the things that I’ve experienced. …The things I experienced today. …The trials in which I’ve endured.

But this post is about music. Music is a big part of my life. I see it as the background theme music of every scene and mood in my daily life. …As if my life is video content. I use music to calibrate my mood and spirit whenever it requires calibration.

When I write posts, I play music. A lot of times I listen to Coltrane or to Miles Davis, or to Jazz in general. …Other times I listen to meditation music while I’m creating. But often I listen to meditation music while I’m in prayer and meditating, preparing to be creative. I also listen to dance music disco music. It’s the music that everybody dreads, but disco music is happy music is and nonconfrontational.

What I put together in this post is happy music. We need happy mood music to help us navigate through the revolution that we’re in. So, as I do with all my posts, I even did research on happy music.

I’ve gone the various sources, including Pandora, Spotify, iTunes Oprah, Cosmopolitan, Men’s Health. Lala, and various other sites. I see what they chose, and I listened to the songs and compiled a list of those that resonate with me.

Additionally, I added some of my own go-to tunes. It is fortunate that all of the world is influenced by Black music. But unfortunately, today a lot of the Millennials and younger are listening to Black rap music in which I don’t really embrace the messages that they convey.

Messages are really important to me. …What I take in. I try really hard to take in only positive messages, information, and news.

So, I share with you some of my go-to happy tunes. I’ve created a plethora of playlists. I created over 50 playlists to select from. You can listen to them continuously, but I apologize for any commercials that may interrupt the music. That’s how I am able to post it and you’re able to listen to it for free.

Please enjoy the music listed below. We need this. Let’s listen to happy music.

Comment on your favorite Happy songs and I will add them to my playlists. Make it a great day!


Photo – Charles – Etoroma – Unsplash

YouTube – Feel Good Music Playlist

Kevy’s Full Playlist

Photo – Helena Lopes -Unsplash
Upbeat Music – Happy Music Beats to Relax, Work, Study – Apr 22, 2020 – Happy Music

Wonderful Chill Out Music (Egypt & India Balance Mix) – Nov 30, 2011 – The Ceifa

Dreaming of Arabia: Oriental Lounge Music – Jan 11, 2017 – Buddha’s Lounge

Photo – Brian Lundquist -Unsplash
New! Christian Trap Mix 2017 [Disclaimer Advised] – Apr 22, 2017

Youssou N’Dour – Bercy Paris – LIVE HD – 2,052,586 views•Jun 24, 2014 – Zycopolis TV

Prince – 4EVER | Prince – Greatest Hits [Full Album] – Jun 12, 2020 – Prince

Cool Jazz – 30 Videos – Oct 29, 2020

UPLIFTING GOSPEL HOUSE MIX – Feb 26, 2014 – Raphael

Miles Davis ‎– Cookin’ At The Plugged Nickel (Full Album) – Dec 21, 2017 – All That Jazz Don Kaart

Robert Owens Boiler Room Dj Set – Oct 29, 2013 – Boiler Room

Photo – Brian Lundquist -Unsplash2
Top Songs 2020 The Marley’s Mix Bob, Rita, Julian, Damian, Ziggy, Skip, Ky-mani & Stephen – Jan 15, 2020 – RCD MUSIC

“Thank You” (A Gospel House Mix) by DJ Spivey – Sep 13, 2020 – DJ Spivey

The Praise Mixdown-Week Ending 071215 – Jul 16, 2015 – RareGem Productions

Total Jackson Family Mix by Brazz Ankh – Oct 25, 2020 – Brazz Ankh

3 Hour Reiki Healing Music: Meditation Music, Calming Music, Soothing Music, Relaxing Music – Nov 30, 2015 – Yellow Brick Cinema – Relaxing Music

Photo – Peter Conlan-Unsplash

Kevy’s Happy Music Pandora Playlists

Today’s Afrobeats Radio Thumbs Up – Playlist Kevy Michaels – 26 songs –
Coltrane – Playlist by Kevy Michaels – 119 songs

Youssou N’dor The Vibe’s Good! – Playlist by Kevy Michaels – 56 songs

Your Funk Soundtrack – Playlist by Kevy Michaels – 25 songs

Buddha Bar For Creativity – Playlist by Kevy Michaels – 145 songs

Old School R&B Chill – Playlist by Kevy Michaels – 40 songs

Trap Gospel – Playlist by Kevy Michaels – 11 songs

That Feeling – Playlist by Kevy Michaels – 27 songs

Spiritual Reggae – Playlist by Kevy Michaels – 33 songs

Africando – Playlist by Kevy Michaels – 28 song

EW&F – Playlist by Kevy Michaels – 46 songs

Tekno: A-Z – Playlist by Pandora African – 22 songs

Happy Music – Playlist by Legacy – 83 songs

Jonathan McReynolds Radio Thumbs Up – Playlist by Kevy Michaels – 34 songs

Todd Dulaney Radio Thumbs Up – Playlist by Kevy Michaels – 29 songs

Marley Family Thumbs Up Playlist – Playlist by Kevy Michaels – 75 songs

Ol’ Dirty Bastard Radio Thumbs Up – Playlist by Kevy Michaels – 9 songs

Seal Sealed With Love – Playlist by Kevy Michaels – 141 songs

80s Popular Songs – Playlist by Legacy – 47 songs

70s Classic Soul – Playlist by Ume – 47 songs

80s Popular African Songs – Playlist by Legacy – 47 songs

Gospel Uplift – Playlist by SOZO Playlists – 78 songs

Prince Royce: A-Z – Playlist by Pandora Latin – 21 songs

Salsa & Bachata Hits – Playlist by CASA MUSICAL – 30 songs

Photo – Nicolas -Villalobos – Unsplash

Internet Playlists

It’s Time To Smile, Here Are 75 Happy Songs That Will Make You Feel Great – JUNE 27, 2020
Top 65 Happy Songs That Will Make You Smile Playlist
20 Happy Songs to Play When You Just Want to Feel Good – Cue James Brown – By Michelle Darrisaw – Mar 20, 2019
35 Happy Songs That’ll Instantly Boost Your Mood – If you’re not dancing by the end of this list, you might wanna…get your ears checked – By LAURA HANRAHAN – MAY 26, 2020

Photo – Prateek – Gautam – Unsplash

Pandora Music

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*Pandora is available in the US Only.

Photo – Brian Lundquist -Unsplash3

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    Hi Kevy very impressed by your playlist posts : bookmarked haha and… thank you to have chosen my Jackson mix! Take Care and keep writing 🙂

  2. Great selection of tunes. I think you’ll keep me going all week with these😎🎶🎷thanks for taking the time to put together such a great resource.

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