Simply, Poetrimony! – My ‘Go-To’ For Encouragement – It’s My Word – (Poem + Testimony) – (Part Spirit + Part Life Seasons) – I Call It Poetrimony

It’s been a minute since I’ve posted on Seasons As Our Teacher. Well, it’s been maybe a few weeks. 

Well, like everyone else, I experience challenges, disappointments, opportunities, victories, and failures every day.  Let’s be real.  Look at the Season we’re in!  I was telling a good friend the other day that every week of my life could be a movie in itself.


I meet interesting people, encounter interesting situations, and try to always to look at them through a spiritual lens.  I find that when I look at people, places, and things through a spiritual lens, it makes it easier to discern.


Think about it, if you look at the person and look at their personality and the details of what they said, what you said, and what you did, it gets all complicated. But when I look at it as spirit, then you’re able to just decide if it’s a spirit that elevates or ignites you, or if it’s a spirit that doesn’t.  It’s just that simple.


I can apply the same thing to things such as addictions or cigarettes or eating disorders or whatever, or I can go through all of the analysis paralysis that I used to do.  Today, I simply say, Is it a good spirit or bad spirit? It makes life less complicated.

In my return, I decided to return to Poetrimony.  It is my go-to.  Often when I go to parks, I sit and write poetry or songs.

I started writing poetry actually about 20 years ago and. In my first poem; I can remember it clearly.  It was called Upside Down.  I was in a lot of pain at this time.  My poetry has been very therapeutic for me

I recommend that anyone who writes, actually I recommend that everyone writes, but I highly recommend that you date what you write.  Because I did that for about 20 years, and I can think about the things that were going on at the time that I wrote a particular poem or a particular story or narrative simply by looking at the date.

Photo – Randy Jacob – Unsplash

When I wrote this poem Upside Down, I was in pain, but at the same time that I was in pain, I had a lot of blessings before me that I was ignoring.  I could have turned that pain upside down. I remember the repeated stanza in that poem was:

I was looking from the upside-down.

I was putting the upside down

Only to realize that in this pain

My life would be turned around.

…The very first poem I wrote.  This was back in the year 2000 or early 2000.

Most of what I write, I just keep to myself. I have a lot of writings, songs and poems to share.

So, as I return from life’s road and seasons have been my teacher, I return with poetry, Poetrimony.  I have many, many stories to share behind these poems.  But I tend only to write about them when I feel in my spirit that I want to write and post them.  I feel that way today.

What I did below pick out some poems. They’re all random. There’s no hidden meaning or agenda. I won’t have the dates.  So, you won’t know exactly what was going on at that time. But I will give you a little glimpse into what occurred that motivated each poem. I return with Poetrimony.  Poetrimony kind of hard to say. Poetrimony is part poem, part testimony, part spirit, part life.

It embodies my journey on life’s road.  It embodies Seasons As My Teacher.

I’m back. And I hope you enjoy this post. Kevy

What Was Going On – And Then I smiled

I had been just been laid off.  I remember going to lunch with a close coworker.  We went to a special lunch.  We were running late.  I told her, We’d better hurry; I might get fired.  When I returned, I was called into an emergency meeting.  I as escorted to a meeting room, where there were already about 30 other employees.  An HR manager came in and said, First of all, this is not about you.  We appreciate your hard work and loyalty to the organization.  I don’t remember the rest.  They did not allow us back to our desks.  Someone in our department was packing our personal belongings.  We were escorted out.  Part of the severance package was five-star career marketing and job placement.  From there, I groomed myself professionally and was later hired by Equifax, and Oracle (formerly PeopleSoft).  I wrote this poem days later.

Photo – Etty -Fidele-Unsplash

And Then I smiled

Kevy Michaels

As I sat in a dark room, I was stunned not knowing how l had finally arrive at this crossroad in life

I was frozen, too afraid to move forward,

Yet, I was too curious to keep myself contained to one spot.

Then a gentle breeze tapped me on the shoulder

It soothed my fears, as it enfolded me.

Before I could anchor my feet to where I stood, the once blocked door began to hypnotize me with the brilliant light that it carefully unveiled.

Without any further question

I stepped through the doorway

As my chin embraced a path illuminated by a radiant sun.

Then the wind stole from me my one remaining excuse

It slammed shut the door that once impeded my courage to take that first step

I had to step into the Light.

For one last time, I looked over my shoulder

To the closed door that now restricted the darkness.

And to the rainbow haloed over the majestic mountain before me.

…Then to the sky.

At that very moment, a velvety mist kissed the crown of my head.

I took just one confident step forward.

And then I smiled.

I smiled

What Was Going On – Already Been Told

At this time, I had a retail company. The name was Love Electra, Love Electrified! I had earned enough money as a systems consultant and started this company on vision, while still a traveling sr. systems analyst. We “Ignited Hearts, Not Bombs”. It was written after the Iraq War and during its political aftermath. Around this time, I began to feel that I might just have creative abilities. I had been known for and believed that I was only a good consultant and businessman, but never creative. I was a bit hippy oriented back then. I learned how to tie-dye, about screen screening, and the t-shirt & apparel industry.

Photo – Natalia- Unsplash

Already Been Told
Kevy Michaels

Every story has already been told
Every ending is already known

There’s no journey that hasn’t been traveled
And on this path, we are never alone

Everything we can see has been seen before
Even our tears have already been cried

Many have endured what lies before us
Rousing our belief
That we’ll make out simply fine

As imagined as rainbows ending in a pot of gold
And as sure as conquering all will never be enough

Satan will always meddle in our affairs
But will surely perish when we call his bluff

Every season has changed before
Just as nothing ever remains the same

Many bridges have been burned
But Faith, like rain, can douse those flames

Hopes have been hoped for through the years
The worst scars have healed and cleared

Life’s giving us what’s been offered before
And in every battle, victory is always near

…Always near

What Was Going On – All We Can Do Is Treat It

At this time, I was hurting over family matters involving solely caring for my mother, as my mother demanded me, and my siblings and cohorts plotted and persecuted me.

Photo – Jonathan – Rados – Unsplash

All We Can Do Is Treat It
Kevy Michaels

We all have
A Wound
That we wish
We could heal

Have a scar
As deep
Our memories extend

It’s not by chance
That We
Heal it

It’s by design
That our chances
To prevent it
Has passed
And are

It’s On Purpose
That We
Can’t heal
This sore

It either

Can do
Is treat it

It’s only therapy
…Is Love

Our Afflictions

One treatment
…It’s Love

This Cancer
Resting on our spirit
Exhausts our Ability
To be authentic

The World
…With God

We’re compelled to
Bear this Wound
Nurturing it
By Concealing it
Until it grows
…Deep Within

We victimize
We’re powerless
We just can’t heal it!
We can’t cure it!

Only Love…
Can relieve our

If we could only
Reverse time
…Undo Mistakes

If time would only
Turn backwards
We might better appreciate
That which is Gone

But Time
Has left us
And has moved on
What has left us
Is lost

The wound

Now we’re forced
To soothe the hurting
By living Lovingly

As we should have
Before the Wound

It is all as it is

It is all as
It should be

The Supremacy
In force
Through Life Seasons

What Was Going On – Cry Inside

At this time, I spent a great deal of time alone. I had endured through trials of illness, betrayal, a broken heart, defeat, victory, renewal, and spiritual transformation. Then I cried privately, more in gratitude than in pain.

Photo – Eleanor -Unsplash

Cry Inside
By Kevy Michaels

I smiled through trials
To my surroundings
I was like a sunflower though
Greeting the sun
But like my mother’s fading to spirit
I could not express my pain
Words would not reveal my heart
So instead I cried inside
I faked my strength
I couldn’t disappoint my ego
Like a prizefighter
I boasted until I believed my own words
But like a grieving lover
With no one to understand his loneliness
I remained bubbly with admirers
While all the time I was crying inside
I convinced them that I was brave
I owed God and everyone a good example
I gave my best poker face
While my wounds still bled
But a dear friend saw through me
She read my soul like a poem
She saw the teardrop stains on my face
And she asked me softly
Something which I still
Reflect on today
‘Why must you cry inside?’
Her glimpse into my soul was absolute
It revealed her spirit
So, I sat her down
I explained that my tears
Were finally tears of gratitude
But I acknowledged
That victories over many years of pain
Led me to such inner joy
So that I could cry today
Without apology

Photo – Hailey Reed – Unsplash

What Was Going On – Song In My Heart

I recently wrote this poem.  I have been praying for God to reveal to me my purpose.  The song is about my purpose, God’s will for me.  I have evolved to a higher vibration and know that I must do something with the fire that burns inside of me.  But I wait for God’s direction.  When I receive it, I will be prepared and fully equipped to please The Lord.  God will reveal my mission to me when he feels that the song has reached perfection.

Song In My Heart
By Kevy Michaels

There’s a song
I sing it in my heart each day
I am working to perfect it for you

Only God and I have heard it so far
His spirit guides the melody
Each time I sing it to him
He seems more delighted

The day will come when it is time
To reveal my song
That’ll be
When God’s spirit in me
Says it’s complete

…Then I will sing it to you

But until then
I’ll continue
To sing it only to God
In my heart

Photo – Cristian Newman- Unsplash


What Was Going On – The Taste of My Tears

At this time, I knew that God was real.  I was caring for my mother with no assistance from family or senior care agencies.  I was exhausted from extensive travel between Texas & Louisiana, as I simultaneously cared for my mother in her home in New Orleans, and dismantled my home, business, and life in San Antonio, Texas.  I loss everything I worked for during this transition.  I gained my priceless spirit back, though.  God make a way for me and my mother when it seemed there was no way.  I accomplished things during this approximately four-year period that I could not have done physically or mentally.  It was God’s spirit in me that fueled me to move mountains.

The Taste of My Tears
By Kevy Michaels

On the day that I had nowhere to turn
Everyone had deserted me
It was like jumping confidently from a cliff
Only to find in mid-air
That a net was no longer there to catch me
I cried on that day
I cried tears of Helplessness
My tears tasted bitter
And with each drip
I was in more pain
It left stains on my face
For everyone to see what I was going through

On the day I was told that I would soon die
And doctors offered no cure
I was diminished from delusional greatness
To delusional worthlessness
I cried on that day
My tears were of Loneliness
My tears tasted salty
Each drip burned my skin
And made my face itch
Everyone knew that something was troubling me

On the day that I delivered all my burdens to God
He welcomed me without hesitation
Like a mother offering comfort to her child
I cried on that day too
But my tears were of Gratitude
I found peace in these tears
For I cried in honor of God’s mercy for me
Amazingly these tears tasted different than all others
They were sweet and enticing
Everyone could see my resulting glow

Since that day I welcome tears
My tears are in honor of the Lord
And how HE provides for me
…Funny how my tears have enlightened me
I was guided
When lost
When fearful
I was protected
When weak
I was strengthened
And through the taste of my tears
God has been truly revealed

Photo – Kartabya Aryal-Unsplash

What Was Going On – Transcend

At this time, I had successfully restored my mother’s health through meticulous love, spirit, and care.  By this time, I felt that God had given me incredible power, having dismantled my business and home in San Antonio, renovated my mother’s 150+-year-old 14 room home, and relocated us both to beautiful Denver, Colorado.  During the period that my mother me endured the commotion of sibling rivalry, we prayed and meditate together daily.  She did not meditate as much as I did.  I did it religiously, as I still do today.  We would go to novena mass in the early mornings in San Antonio & in New Orleans.  On top of that, I would transcend every morning, night, and during the day.

By Kevy Michaels

At the drop of a hat
I will close my eyes and
Transcend from my space

By the time, the brim
Touches the ground
I’ll be entranced
In a deep meditation

When it becomes
Level on the ground
So, will I be
…Caressed and healed
By the spirit
Of my creator

So, I pray
In this moment
That a million hats
Fall down from heaven

So that
With me
We may all be restored
Back to our true essence
…Our spiritual selves

Returned to
Our native vibration
Which has been rumpled

…Our spirits restored
So that we transcend
The world

So, I humbly pray
That even if
For but a moment

May a million
Hats fall down
From Heaven

Photo – Timothy Ayegbede – Unsplash

You’ve Encouraged Me
By Kevy Michaels

You’ve encouraged me, Lord
You’ve restored my vision
You’ve cleared the fog of uncertainty
Returned me to my mission

I was lured astray
Misdirected from your light
It was an ill personification of you
That distorted my sight

Naively I tried to prevent the
The veil from blocking you
From me
I was caught off guard
By those near to me

My mission was halted at first
All the hoped for
Had seemed to vanish
The outlook
Seemed bleak
I questioned
Whether I could move on

But you didn’t
You found me
…Wrapped in that veil

You brought Joy to me
This morning
You yanked it off
In the night
And relit my trail

I am encouraged furthermore
Now that I see light again
To the end of infinity
Obstacles which
Were impossible
Seem way too easy

With the clarity that I now have
You’ve assured me that
I will be fine
I know I’ll deliver
Victory to you
Seems I’m nearing
The finish line

I don’t regret that I allowed
Distraction to distort my life
It was by your design

Teaching me
To be more cautious
To never again
Be lured from your light

You’ve encouraged me, Lord


Do you keep a journal or write poetry to find solace, especially in the season we’re in today?

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