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“God is said to have written Scripture and Nature.” – Wic

Kevy’s Comment

I am very excited to feature fellow blogger Wic, and giving him a grand showcasing.

Photo Of Wic

A few weeks ago, I found fellow bloggers with whom I connected in several ways, namely in perspective on life, love, and spirituality, just by reading their posts. I posted comments to several of their posts and asked their permission to feature them on my site.

Wic gave me permission a week ago, but I have been so busy that I had become drained and had to get away from computers, blogging, television, and all things media. Do you ever get that way as a blogger? I hope that Wic appreciates that I was not going to force introducing him to my followers. I just can’t do things normally. My friends from New Orleans says that I always have to “add cayenne” to everything I do.

As I mentioned in a post comment, I no longer hold on to old relationships that don’t vibe with who I am today just because of history or tradition. Many of those relationships were simply held together by kinship, religion, race, or class, but not by spiritual connection. None of these things have anything to do with my true spirit, my true essence, today.

Therefore, in these crucial times, I have abandoned many relationships, including family ones, that do not elevate my spirit. Instead, I find adventure in meeting new kindred spirits randomly, such as Wic’s.

“My God is a wild untamed God, who throws stars into space and sits with me, relaxed, and communes in the forest. How about yours.” – Wic

Photo – Max Lederer – Unsplash

In his post on finding God within nature, I was divinely moved. I was moved first for a personal reason. I have attracted many religious people in my life you attempt to convince me that their God is “the real one”. But I can’t seem to convince them that God exists in nature as well, arguably stronger.

In Wic’s post, he discusses how nature alone is enough to convince us all that God is real, without having to argue about his name, her name, or which scriptures mean.

Wic explains that God exists in nature is proof that he/she is a possession for us all, not exclusive to anyone or any group. Wic believes, as I do, that God speaks clearly to us in nature if you have a receptive spirit and a silent mind.

Photo – Tuva – Mathilde loland-Unsplash

I examined Wic’s BlogSpot closer. This is partly what took me so long to compose this post. I was delighted to find that we have several things in common beyond our spiritual vibe. We especially value self-time and serenity.

His blogging style is similar to mine. Of course, he is better at brevity (narrative real estate) than I am. His style is poetic and precise. But he loves quotes, music, and images. I listened to his playlist while writing this post and found some of my favorite artists listed. He exposed me to music that I enjoyed on the first listening. He appreciates the power of being alone, as I do.

I cannot express enough how powerful having access to the internet and bloggers like Wic is. I have never met him, but I know him from across the Atlantic. I feel him. And I believe that you will too since we are so similar in vibe, and you follow my posts.

For me, this justifies my paradigm of eliminating unlike-minded people and finding adventure in connection with others purely through vibration, spirit, and energy. Kevy

Call To Fellow Followers & Bloggers

Let’s create a like-minded community within our world community!

Let’s exchange posts to feature each other. We have a huge opportunity to connect with others around the world and bless and multiply Love through WordPress’s wonderful platform.

Do as I do. Change your paradigm on human connection, spiritual connection. Simply vibrate higher, and read each other’s energy, spirit, and vibe. Take a leap as I did. Feature a fellow blogger, a stranger, who doesn’t feel like one based on the sentiments that they express in their posts.

You know, I was thinking what a great idea it would be to have a period every so often to feature other like-minded bloggers? We could create our own community. In addition to featuring each other we could relieve some of the pressure of keeping content fresh and regular.

If you are receptive to this suggestion, comment on any of my prior post, or this one, and let me know. Alternatively, you may send an email request to

I could easily just hit the Share icon and share your posts. That approach is too impersonal for me. I would much rather do, as I am doing with Treasure Curry, review your website and write a post featuring your article, and featuring you.

Consider joining me. Kevy

Photo – Hannah Wright – Unsplash

Over the years I have come to realise that language can be so divisive. American’s have a yard, the British a garden. The Scots say “wee”, the English say “small”.

So, with the ultimate being or force. Many use “God”. More recently others have spoken of “Source” or the “Infinite”. One of my favourites is the Native Indian American, “The Great Spirit”. There are more words used but I’m sure you get the idea.

And then, for those who speak of God and predominantly refer to “He”. A male deity. In more recent times feminist theologians have strived to wrest God-language back and replaced “He” with “She” and affirm the feminine nature of God. After all, is not the perfection of males and females found in God?

I do not want to be limited by language or terminology, so I feel free to move between titles, even in the same paragraph. I know I am referring to the same, ultimate, entity, and do not wish to put readers off by using a term that is not one they are familiar with or would not use themselves. Please read in whatever enables you to best understand. Wic

Email From Wic About Reposting His Content


Hi. So, here’s a link to a post I wrote earlier this year when traveling. I reread it this morning and it still makes me smile so I’m happy to share it with you. I think it also fits with the flow of your blog. As I read some of your posts, I’m seeing some common thoughts and seekings. Thanks for the opportunity to share on your blog. I hope I have found a place where those of a like mind a spirit meet as you suggest. Wic

Photo – Joshua Earle -Unsplash

Well as I explained right back in my very first post, I am a seeker who hasn’t found what he is looking for. Some call me a restless soul but I am convinced there is more than I currently know and will remain restless until I find it. Enlightenment? So, I walk where others decline to travel in the hope of finding things others will not know. Crazy? Hey, we will not pass this way again so let’s determine to get the absolute best out of it.

I hope that my writings, other than occasionally being rather self-indulgent, help others to realise they have enormous potential to be more than they currently are. So many are like birds who don’t know they can fly. If my writing helps one soul fly, then maybe I will have a life well-lived? Wic.

Photo – Yahoo NewsNetflix – Pogues
What does Pogue life mean?

I asked Wic who was Pogue? It was mysterious to me. I did research on the word string “Pogue” and found what’s included below.  That was before I received his response by email.  – Kevy

After publishing this post, Wic sent an email with this response:

And your question, if you read the very first post you will get an idea of who Pogue is. It was Pogue who inspired the blog. If you read other posts there are further clues but mostly Pogue is a little bit of a mystery. A little mystery adds to the colour of life don’t you think? Sometimes spirituality has me guessing and searching but it’s a journey worth the making.

What Are Kooks and Pogues from “Outer Banks”? – Seventeen – Tamara Fuentes – April 19, 2020

Pogue is all fun and nothing not. “Pogue life is all fun and nothing not. You can worry about it after we’re done surfing. It’s going out and having fun and then when you come back to shore, you can deal with everything.” Rudy Pankow, who plays JJ, agreed saying that Pogues are able to look at things differently thanks to the way they live life. – Apr 19, 2020 Read More

Pogue – From Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

POG (Person Other than a Grunt) is American pejorative military slang for non-combat MOS (military occupational specialty) staff, and other rear-echelon or support units.[1] “Pogue” frequently applies to those who do not have to undergo the risk and stresses of combat as the combat arms positions does.

Due to having lost contact with its linguistic source, and possibly to avoid embarrassing civilians who might ask, the modern military vernacular has turned “pogue” into a retronym/backronym, e.g., Personnel Other than Grunts, Permanently On Garrison, Person On Ground with Unused Equipment, or Person Of Greater Use Elsewhere, the latter referring to mid-grade and senior military personnel who may have been trained/qualified/experienced as combat specialists (e.g., infantry, combat engineers, armor, special operations forces, fighter and bomber pilots, etc.), but who have been assigned to rear echelon staffs, especially senior command staffs. Read More

Photo – Ben White-Unsplash

Dear Pogue,

I thought I’d like to return to the ‘Revolution’ after the last few letters. Stoke the fires if you like. Keep it alive. Are you ready? Ok, take your seats, baseball cap on backward, sunglasses in position. Off we go.

It has been said that God wrote only two books, which is a bit of a bummer as one of them is an all-time best seller! You’d have thought there would have been room for a sequel.

Photo – Fran-Unsplash

Anyway, God is said to have written Scripture and Nature. From the midst of our road trip, I want to say, I think the more convincing story is found in nature. Little controversial, but then, how are we going to have a revolution without a little controversy.

Today we climbed to two glaciers and walked around a lake that is renowned for its reflective qualities. On our walk we passed through forests lush with ferns and carpeted in moss so pristine we went out of our way to avoid stepping on it. Then we sat by the lake, looked, and listened, and, yes, the book spoke out. What was all about me was sufficient to convince me of God’s existence and presence. It was a living testimony to the Great Spirit’s nature, the gentle indulgence, the joyful creativity, the unlimited imagination and, somewhere in all this I thought that I heard a voice declaring: “I did this all for my pleasure. Here’s a good thing for you to enjoy”.

Yes, on my part it did require a quieting of my thoughts and spirit. I needed to come to a place where I was listening with all my senses for nature is a total experience.

Photo – Faye Cornish-Unsplash

Returning to the source is stillness, which is the way of nature. Each separate being in the universe returns to the common source for serenity. To replenish the soul. Which enables us to grow and flourish.

Photo – Samantha Sophia-Unsplash

Rhonda Redbirds – Cherokee

If I have a question, and I always have a question, why does man make things so difficult? Why do we form groups and declare that God’s revelation belongs exclusively to us? And, within our groups, we argue over the ‘right’ interpretation of our scriptures and form sub-groups.

Do you know how many groups exist within Christianity alone? It runs into thousands and each, no doubt, believes they have the best interpretation of scripture, that the Divine has spoken clearest to them.

Photo – Jawad -Unsplash

Do you suppose God tires of all this foolishness? The obstacles we have managed to place between us and her? There are so many unique paths to enlightenment. I guess you pay your money and take your choice.

But in nature the Great Spirit has allowed us no alternative text to choose from. Just a single playful, joyful, awesome telling of God’s character, being and desire to be with and amongst us. Nothing to argue about. No nuanced readings of what has been handed down to us. No interpretation upon interpretation. No holding our ‘God given’ text up against another’s ‘God given’ text and declaring there’s is false.

Photo – Wang Wei-Unsplash

“As much as nature remains wild and untamed despite men’s best (worst?) efforts, why do we want a tame God? One who speaks no more, has given the final revelation and can be held within our capacity to understand?” – John Muir

Pogue give me my God any day. Awesome and wild. Gentle and frightening. Throwing stars into space and yet seated, relaxed, next to me in the forest. Whispering: “Here’s a secret I haven’t told anyone yet. Here’s a good thing. Enjoy”.

Yours, seeking more wilderness, more God. Wic Read Original Post

Photo – Wic

Soul Food – By Wic – Posted on June 19, 2020

I was thinking about how much I had just enjoyed riding my motorbike in the sunshine. I rode through miles of countryside and even saw a kite hovering above the road. As I reflected, I said to myself: “This is Soul Food”, which may have been an expression that I had just invented, but hey, it so described what had just happened. If it didn’t exist before, move over Wikipedia.

But what is Soul Food and does one’s soul even need feeding? After all, you and I are agreed we are souls having a human experience, are we not? Yet the world is full of people who go seeking spiritual experiences. And it’s not just a bunch of people who attend a so-called “place of worship” on a designated day. They mostly get a religious experience which is a different thing altogether. And there are people who travel the world to seek the right teacher, the right school, the right group. But why?

The issue is that to flourish the soul needs feeding, but for the most part, we live in places where it is not the soul that receives attention but the ego. Everything is geared to feed the ego and it is that very thing that draws us away from our truest selves.

Photo – Johannes – Plenio-Unsplash

It is the ego that wants to declare “me” and “my” and “I” rather than acknowledging and rejoicing in our god nature, our soul nature which seeks to commune with and surrender to a higher source in order that the Divine, the Universe may flow through.

Quotes From Wic’s BlogSpot

“The story you tell yourself about yourself will either lift you up or tear you down.” – Monique Honberg
“Let go of the old stories you tell yourself in order to make way for the new ones.” – Tamera Levittown
“Your soul is the essence of who you truly are, it is timeless, ageless and eternal.” – Muses From A Mystic
“The cry we hear deep in our hearts, comes from the wounded child within. Healing this inner child’s pain is the key to transforming anger, sadness and fear.” – Thich Nhat Hanh
“No, I do not want to discuss other people, your possession, money, entitlement. I want to talk about things spiritual, things filled with passion, things so few seem to understand. Where are those people?” – Wic

Songs To Pogue…What I’m Listening To Now

When I put my headphones on, I go to a different place. Some days it’s the music and some days it’s the lyrics that take me there.

Dear Pogue,

Here are the songs we’ve listened to that I’ve sent to you in case you lost any.

  1. Red Eye by Vance joy
  2. Flower by Amos Lee (I threw in Windows Rolled down for free!)
  3. I think I’ll call it morning by Gil Scott-Heron.
  4. Deep in love by Bonny Light Horseman.
  5. Saxon Street by Ezio
  6. Gary Jules singing Gone Daddy.
  7. Shot, Reverse Shot by Jack Johnson.
  8. It’s gonna get better by Sam Martin.
  9. The song is My Ever-Changing Moods by the Style Council.
  10. Lost without you by Freya Riding.
  11. Heaven, Where true love goes by Yusuf Islam.
  12. Dreamers by Jack Savoretti.
  13. Wavelength by Van Morrison.
  14. This Girl by The Kungs.
  15. The End of the Game by Sting.
  16. Callin Me Home by Barry McGuire.
  17. For You by Judie Tzuke
  18. Stay With Me Till Dawn by Judie Tzuke
  19. A track from the film, The Chef.
  20. Drop of Honey by Eric Kush.
  21. Jubel by Klingande.

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When a man discovers God in nature this is proof that he has already found God within his own heart.

NATURE TELLS US THAT ALLAH EXISTS! – May 1, 2020 – Merciful Servant

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Note: You may use Google Translate to copy and paste, then translate any posts on this website, to over 60 different languages.

Being cognizant of international visitors, I want to do all that I can to communicate wisdom globally for all.

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4 thoughts on “Give It Up For Guest Blogger Wic! – I Am Digging Wic – We Are Vibing Thru Blogging Across The Planet & Never Met! – Wic Believes In Seeking God In Nature & Not Only In “A Book” – I Can Go Along With That

  1. I am excited and intrigued because everything you’ve shared in the post is new to me, I’ve never heard of Pogue or the acronym. I will also check our Wic’s blog because it so resonates with me as a seeker willing to learn. I come from a Caribbean background where the church culture bleeds into every aspect of life. I’ve been slowly detaching myself from the culture. And I’ve been connecting with God in ways that are natural and true to myself. I’ve felt and heard God in nature, just me and the spirit without my phone and it felt so right. Kevy, I really appreciate how much effort you put into these posts. Take care 💕

    1. Treasure it is good to hear back from you.

      What resonated with me most with regard to Wic’s post was when he suggested that God has written two books and one is the Book of Nature.

      I feel God’s presence in nature as I regularly ground, meditate, and pray in Colorado parks, usually by trees.

      Wic’s message says to me that interpretation of the Bible/Quran/Etc, even if reading it yourself, requires another person’s interpretation. Even the written word is interpretation, then on top of your interpretation.

      However, reading the Book of Nature requires only you to read it, by feeling the message, experiencing it, and being immersed in it.

      Thanks again Treasure. Share another post when you are ready.

      Though other bloggers share their post, I don’t just click the share icon.

      I take great care in trying to make others’ posts special.


  2. I enjoyed this! Though I too, refer to God as “Spirit,” and do not subscribe to a religion, I’ve always been fascinated by the occult. In particular, I’ve been interested in Voodoo, Wicca, Ancient Kemetic practices because of how much they are in tune with nature. Moon worshipping, sun worshipping, different deities that represent nature.. it’s all quite fascinating to me. I think God is most certainly in nature and in us as humans. Spiritualism is quite the journey.

    1. Spirituality is a journey and everyone’s a unique one. I don’t judge those things that I know nothing about. Instead, I am receptive to occlut beliefs. I try not to judge at all but when I do, it’s generally related to personal experiences, not ‘just because’. Kevy

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