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I am back with a new post and this is a really important one.

This represents a new element to the Devirusize protocol.  “Devirusize” is a word I that invented in order categorize my suggestions for making your body optimally healthy.  On my blog, search the word “Devirusize” to find other related posts.

This element of optimal wellness is on Earthing or Grounding.  I am unsure, but I would imagine that Earthing’s distinction is that in addition to grounding, it includes hugging trees, sitting, or standing in water, or on rocks.  Grounding involves intimate contact with the ground, preferably while barefoot.

It has taken me quite some time to pull this post together because, as with all my posts, I include a lot of content.  And I research and dig into each subject, reviewing all of the included videos.  This process is not just a labor of love, because I become well-versed in many areas of living from doing so.

This grounding thing is amazing!  I want everybody to look into!  It doesn’t cost you anything and if you really get into it, even if you spend money on devices, you’ll find that it’s not extremely expensive compared to the benefit that you get from grounding.

First of all, I ground all the time.  I’ll do it today.  I am doing it frequently because I am expecting Colorado’s winter.  Believe it or not, it snowed here about two weeks ago.  Three days later, it was 85°.

This the post includes me recording myself while grounding, just to give you an idea of how I feel when I am grounding.  …To let you see what I am seeing.  In addition to my own video, I include other videos on grounding from experts, with supporting scientific evidence.  In fact, there’s US government research that says grounding helps with inflammation and cancer and all sorts of diseases and dis-ease.  It is unbelievable that enough people don’t know about grounding and practice it regularly!

In doing my research, I had to look up the definition of many new scientific terms to gain a better understanding of grounding.  Doing this research was rewarding!  All the pieces of the puzzle of how the body works, relative to electromagnetic frequency makes more sense now.

The foundation of grounding lies in looking at the body and health at an atomic and cellular level.  The grounding protocol considers the charge of atoms in our bodies that make our cells unhealthy, that causes inflammation, relative to the charge of atoms that exude from the Earth, which coincidentally makes our cells health, and therefore reduces inflammation.  Inflammation is at the root of all illnesses, physical and mental.

Our body’s atoms (ions) are positively charged due to electrical interference from devices, electric appliances, computers, lamps and anything that uses electricity.  It is also positively charged due to stress, bad eating habits, smoking, drug use, and generally having an unhealthy lifestyle.

The Earth releases negative ions.  This is absorbed into our bodies when we Ground or Earth.  The negative ions, as a result of Grounding, reduces inflammation, and retards the destruction of our cells, caused by positively charged ions.

Grounding has been described is taking a handful of antioxidants through our feet.  Taking antioxidants, but mouth, has the same effect on positively charged free radicals.

The result of both methods has profound health and aging benefits if practiced regularly.

Photo – Ralph Ravi – Unsplash

I recommended that you look at the selection of this post that defines a host of important scientific terms first.  The videos and the rest of the information that I present will become clearer if you understand these short definitions.  Here are some.

  • Our Circadian Rhythm has to do what our sleep pattern relative to the rotation of the
  • Free Radicals are not our friends. You hear about free radicals all the time but may not understand what they are.  Free Radicals are atoms that flow around in our blood, stealing oxygen from our cells.  They replicate and destroy them.  They are instrumental in causing disease and
  • Inflammation is our body’s response to some sort of attack. However, our inflammatory response can get out of whack where we become chronically inflamed though there’s nothing attacking us.  This is common with auto immune diseases, but can be caused generally by toxins, metals, poor diet, not getting enough sleep, and stress.
  • Antioxidants are the antidote to free radicals because they deliver enough oxygen to our cells and ultimately destroy free radicals, keeping our healthy cells healthy.  Grounding does the same thing by transmitting negative atoms (ions) into our bodies.
  • Mitochondria is a part of our cells that supplies its power. Free radicals attack our mitochondria.  Research has found an association between lack of mitochondria and migraine headaches.

Our bodies are both chemical and electrical.  In one of the videos below, a doctor suggest that we are more electrical beings than chemical ones.  Our brain triggers responses to different parts of the body, even for cell growth and immune defense through electrical impulses.  …Electrical impulses are involved in the release of chemicals in the body.

Photo – Natalie Lv – Unsplash

After doing my due diligence, I better understood why electrolytes, alkaline water, and antioxidants are so important.  It’s because they contain minerals that neutralize the positive bioelectric energy in our cells and or deliver oxygen to cells whose oxygen has been stolen by free radicals.

Our bodies basically carry a positive electrical charge which is not good for cell health, and the absence of disease.  We are positively charged for many reasons, but especially because of our constant exposure to electricity in cell phones, computer equipment, lights, and anything electrical that keeps us not grounded to the Earth’s negative ions.

  • Ions are just particles that contain an electrical charge. We need more negative ions.  We need more antioxidants too because they defeat free radicals.  Likewise, absorbing negative ions through Grounding is like taking a handful of antioxidant supplements.

As you review the rest of this post, try to remember these definitions.  I have included videos that explain them in more detail.  I highly recommend that you listen to the definition videos first and then come back to read the rest of this post this.

This is an extensive post that contains lots of information, so I understand if it takes a few days to review it entirely.  Maybe you can review it all this weekend?  I think it is well worth it.

I was most attracted to Grounding for its meditative effects.  I usually pray and meditate when I ground, therefore it is a very spiritual experience.  I knew that grounding had health benefits because I researched its benefits and precautions years ago.  I knew that it had a lot of scientific support as well.  But I never knew it the way that I know now, after having done weeks of research to pull this post together.

I’m hopeful that you will take Grounding very seriously.  Try it; practice it regularly.  During rainy and cold days, use grounding devices.  I’ve provided shopping websites below.

When I ground, pray, and meditate, I feel like I’ve died and like I’m connecting with God.  Meditation connects me with the spirit of God or with the vibration of God, and with the Earth.  Connecting with trees and nature is also spiritual because God flows through them without interruption or distraction.

Naturally, the Earth offers us negative ions, which in turn makes us healthier.  This healing gift is so powerful that, with a healthy lifestyle and following other health protocols, our mental, spiritual, and physical health can be transformed.

The core of the Earth has a positive charge, which is not good for us.  But between the core and the surface are many minerals and decayed remains of plants, animals, and transcended ancestors, which emit highly negative ions.   They usurp the Earth’s core positive ions and turn the ions we get when grounding to negative ones.   Negative bioelectricity acts like antioxidants, making us healthier.

In a sense, the residue left by those creatures and loved ones who died before us gives us life simply by us standing barefoot on the direct ground.  Kevy

Photo – Darius Bashar – Unsplash

When I’m Grounding

It’s exceedingly difficult to explain how I feel when I ground.  It’s like trying to explain how meditation feels.  Better yet, it’s like trying to explain how God feels.  That’s how each of them feels.  It feels like the presence of God is one with me.  But when I ground, particularly near trees and nature, it’s like I’m in unison with God’s vibration, because all of the nature that surrounds is also connected to that same vibration, the same golden thread of divine spirit.  Grounding, meditation and prayer together bring total peace. I have no thoughts, no worries. It is a meditation and prayer for me, as well. I do both at the same time that I am grounding. It’s like God is there with me, speaking to me.

As I’ve said before, there’s an old cliche that says, ‘when you pray, you speak to God and when you meditate, God speaks to you’. It’s not an audible language though.  When God speaks to you, especially when you’re grounding and meditating in the nature, God is speaking in silence.

This is why it’s so difficult to explain how it feels.  But I try to encourage others to practice grounding, nonetheless.   I’ll write about the Spiritual Law of Pure Potentiality after this post.  The law basically says that everything that we require, everything that brings us total happiness, every dream that we aspire to attain, as well as our health desires is available in the field or vibration of pure potential. But accessing it requires communing with nature. It requires meditation, silence, and non-judgment.

And non-judgment goes further than you may think, because we should practice non-judgment even when we’re meditating.  If a thought does come into our mind, we should not judge it.  We shouldn’t become distracted by it.  That is the whole point of the state of mind we should be in when praying, meditation, or grounding.

Most of the people I try to turn on to grounding and meditation are not able to free themselves from distraction.  Being able to access the field pure potentiality requires an entire lifestyle change, which they are not willing to give up, even if it makes them healthier in body, mind, and spirit.

The religiously watch the news.  They eat unhealthy foods too often. I don’t put myself in a food prison, but generally speaking, I’m thinking of my body as a temple. I view every encounter as a spiritual experience.  Even with my disappointments, triumphs, and failures, I see them all as spiritual and they’re all spiritually seasonal.  Viewing life in this way gives me greater access to the field.

When I’m barefoot, the electromagnetic waves that come from the core of the earth comes into my body and heals me, at the cellular level.  Especially when I combine grounding with mediation and prayer, my spirit is being charged too.  Even if I didn’t do these things while grounding, my spirit gets charged while walking in nature.  That’s because all of nature is connected to God’s holy spirit, therefore so am I.

Photo – Shinta Kikuchi – Unsplash

Why Is Grounding So Good To Me

Though it’s been proven, grounding seems to be kept secret.  My opinion as to why that is?  Because it’s free healing therapy.   You can’t make money off of the simple technique of walking barefoot.

It’s been proven that it helps reduce inflammation, which is the foundation of all diseases and dis-eases, There can be inflammation in the brain as well as in the body.  It’s called neuro inflammation.

So, when you’re grounding, you’re getting from the earth what’s been proven to address nearly all things mental (and physical). That’s a major reason why it’s really important.

Now that people are being more open to admitting that they have mental challenges, they may try this natural treatment.  I feel that if you have mental challenges in today’s world, you’re normal.  Today’s times are not normal. If you know anyone who thinks everything is normal right now, they are the ones who have real problems. They’re on another planet, world, or vibration, not the one I’m talking about.  They’re not in the field of pure potentiality for sure.

Photo – Clint McKoy – Unsplash

Sorry to digress for a bit, but with grounding you’re absorbing healing frequency.  There’s a lot of studies into electromagnetic frequencies. I don’t mean to get too weird on you, but I have a device I’ve been using for 20 years called the Zapper.  It is tuned to specific electrical frequencies that call pathogens out into the blood so that white blood cells naturally attack them.

A lot of people are unaware but there’s a lot of studies even in the U.S., and that go way back in history on this phenomenon.   It is important to realize that we’re all electric and that we all have electrical processes going on in us. Electrical impulses are fired in our brains all the time.

That is why grounding has been reported to help with Alzheimer’s.  There are studies that prove this.  It helps with depression.  It reduces all inflammation. It helps with dementia. It helps with addiction, and many mental illness issues.  …even weight control.

Trust me now.  In the video I prepared, I’m going to ground and take you on the experience with me. I created these recordings of grounding over different periods.

I’m not going to tell you anymore about the next post on pure potentiality.  But I will say it makes sense to post these articles one after the other.  These two practices go together.

I do hope that you enjoy this and the next post.  And I hope that you do comment because we do need to discuss all things.

We need not be so shy about discussing wrong or right things.  We should discuss everything going on around us to learn more, and not be childish about it.  But distractions keep us away from such knowledge.

“That is one of the biggest conspiracies against humanity, distracting us from how blessed and great we are.

We’re distracted from direct access to God. We’re distracted by TV, by bad eating, by

Sorry to digress for a bit, but with grounding you’re absorbing healing frequency.  There’s a lot of studies into electromagnetic frequencies. I don’t mean to get too weird on you, but I have a device I’ve been using for 20 years called the Zapper.  It is tuned to specific electrical frequencies that call pathogens out into the blood so that white blood cells naturally attack them.

A lot of people are unaware but there’s a lot of studies even in the U.S., and that go way back in history on this phenomenon.   It is important to realize that we’re all electric and that we all have electrical processes going on in us. Electrical impulses are fired in our brains all the time.

That is why grounding has been reported to help with Alzheimer’s.  There are studies that prove this.  It helps with depression.  It reduces all inflammation. It helps with dementia. It helps with addiction, and many mental illness issues.  …even weight control.

Trust me now.  In the video I prepared, I’m going to ground and take you on the experience with me. I created these recordings of grounding over different periods.

I’m not going to tell you anymore about the next post on pure potentiality.  But I will say it makes sense to post these articles one after the other.  These two practices go together.

I do hope that you enjoy this and the next post.  And I hope that you do comment because we do need to discuss all things.

We need not be so shy about discussing wrong or right things.  We should discuss everything going on around us to learn more, and not be childish about it.  But distractions keep us away from such knowledge.

“That is one of the biggest conspiracies against humanity, distracting us from how blessed and great we are.” 

We’re distracted from direct access to God. We’re distracted by TV, by bad eating, by gossip, you name it.  We’re distracted from our greatness.  Don’t you be distracted from the blessed practice of grounding.  Kevy gossip, you name it.  We’re distracted from our greatness.  Don’t you be distracted from the blessed practice of grounding.  Kevy

Why I Must Ground

Medical Disclaimer

I am not a doctor.  I don’t pretend to be.  But I am informed through research and experience, and from that, I form an opinion which I convey.  You must lean on your own experiences, research, and understanding.  Also, it is important that you consult with your health practitioner before beginning any health, lifestyle, or nutrition regiment.

You must also believe in whatever protocol you choose to follow.  Belief is a huge aspect of healing that is often not considered.  Based on my experience, and research, no health regiment will work if you do not believe in it.

Please read our Medical Disclaimer if you have not already done so on prior posts.  Kevy

Definition Videos – What Is… Videos

Circadian Rhythm


Free Radicals

What Is A Free Radical? – Mar 12, 2018 – Skin Type Solutions


Inflammation – Inflammatory Response – What Is Inflammation In The Body? – Oct 4, 2016 – What’s Up Dude  Watch video


Understanding free radicals and antioxidants SIMPLY through animation – Aug 1, 2013 – Be Youthful  Watch Video


What are mitochondria? – May 9, 2016 – Welcome Trust Centre for Mitochondrial Research  Watch Video

Human Bioelectricity

Mapping the Human Biofield – Aug 24, 2016 – University of California Television (UCTV)  Watch Video


Electrolytes – What Are Electrolytes – Functions Of Electrolytes – Oct 31, 2016 – Whats Up Dude  Watch Video


IONS – CATION & ANION [ Aboody TV ] Chemistry – Apr 9, 2017 – Aboody TV

In this video, I will explain to you the two different types of ions Anions and Cations!

Hope you enjoy


Great video on Earthing / Grounding with Clint Ober and Dr. Christy Weston – Aug 3, 2012 – Groundology


  • We need the earth’s energy. It has major benefits to our body.
  • The human body is electrical first, chemical second.
  • When we ground our body is electrically stable.
  • In 1960 we invented plastics and started putting it on our shoes and in our homes (carpet). We began disconnecting from this natural ground source then.
  • Earthing stands out because it is amazingly simple. Simply walking barefoot or connecting at night with earthing devices also requires little effort.
  • Concept – When we are literally in touch with the earth, we absorb neutrons that neutralize the free radicals in our body that damage cells. Which reduces inflammation, pain, and stress.
  • It has a patent for reducing inflammation.
  • It helps to enhance circulation – move energy, more nutrition, more waste elimination.
  • Improves sleep. Sleep is optimized.  Reduces cortisol.  Improves the quality of life.
  • Boosts energy. Relieves pain, especially arthritis pain.
  • Mattresses plugged to the ground of the electric plug connects you to the earth, even in a high rise.
  • Earthing armbands are great for arthritis pain.
  • Reestablishing that connection gives our body what it really needs, those electrons. Reconnection to our own healing ability and the power of the earth.
  • Earthing/Grounding has been confirmed by over 10 years of research.
What is Grounding/Earthing? 5 Amazing Benefits of Grounding – Aug 24, 2019 – Keto Kamp

  • Science and research support the health benefits of grounding.
  • Grounding is also called vitamin G. Grounding is making contact with Mother Earth.  Mother Earth is endowed with electrons.  They are absorbed through your feet.  It is like taking a handful of antioxidants through your feet.

Reduces Inflammation

If you have high inflammation levels grounding is a must.  All disease is connected to inflammation.  Grounding puts a dent in all inflammation!

High inflammation is associated with heart disease, high blood pressure, weight gain, weight loss resistance.

It thins your blood and reduces inflammation in your blood.  It infuses you with negatively charged ions.

The earth is full of negative ions.  It is struck by lightning thousands of times every second.  So, it is electrically charged.  So, when you walk on the earth, you are negatively charging your body.

It Increases Cellular Energy

It practically pulls inflammation out of your body.

We are made up of trillions of cells.  Inside of our cells, there are mitochondria.  The power plant of your cells.  They contain ATP.  ATP is a lifeforce, our chi.  When you have low energy, you have low energy.

Grounding has been shown to increase our mitochondria, ATP, and our energy.

Grounding plus CoQ10 is a match made in cellular heaven.  Also, consider adding L-Carnitine Ribose.

If you ground and supplement with L-Carnitine Ribose and CoQu10 you will feel like a rock star.

Gets Rid of Migraines

This is because mitochondria disfunction has been associated with migraines.

Prevents Disease

Research suggests that lack of contact with the earth (Electron Deficiency Syndrome) is key to preventing disease.

Healthier Blood

Grounding thins your blood.  It takes about 80 minutes of grounding for your blood to be transformed through thinning it.

Three Ways to Practice Grounding

  • Walk barefoot on grass or sand about 15 mins a day, five days a week.
  • Wear leather shoes or grounding sandals.
  • Hug a tree. The tree is grounded.

Who Should Not Practice Grounding

  • Those on blood thinners. Use extreme caution in working with your doctor.
  • Note: Some people get worse before they get better.  But continue, stick & stay.  It is bound to pay.
Dr. James Oschman Discusses Earthing or Grounding – Jan 6, 2011 – Mercola

  • James Oschman – an expert
  • Clint Ober developed the idea of grounding people — we call it earthing now – connecting the body to the Earth.
  • Get health benefits by going back to what we did — what our ancestors did generations ago which was simply walking barefoot without shoes on the ground.
  • It doesn’t look like much is happening but, in the physics, and at the electronic level, there is quite a bit of magic that occurs. Largely because of the industrialization, wearing rubber sole shoes, and living in buildings now we’re really isolated from the earth’s benefits.
  • It turns out the skin is a good conductor. In any place that you connect the Earth to the skin works. It turns out that if you check various places there is one place that is especially good for connecting the body to the Earth and that’s on the ball of the foot: a point known to acupuncturists as Kidney 1 (K1). A well-known point that connects electrically — conductively connects to all of the acupuncture meridians and essentially connects to every nook and cranny of the body.
  • As you know, inflammation is one of the hottest areas in modern biomedicine. There are hundreds of thousands of papers correlating chronic inflammation with chronic diseases of all kinds. My curiosity is why? What is the connection? Why does inflammation, and how does inflammation correlate with every disease? — Alzheimer’s, kidney disease, diabetes, and so on and so on. Virtually every chronic disease — for example, with cancer, there are over 30,000 scientific studies reporting a correlation between cancer and inflammation. Why is that? What’s going on? What’s going on is now understandable from the kinds of results we’re seeing from studying earthing.
  • The only ones who wouldn’t benefit from grounding are those who are actually being grounded every day themselves because they live in Third World countries. But for those of us who live in industrialized societies, I think that it’s going to benefit virtually everyone. My understanding of this process, this magic that occurs when you’re grounded whether it’s walking barefoot or being connected electrically on K1 or sleeping on grounding sheets, is that there is this transfer of free electrons from the Earth into your body. And these free electrons are probably the ultimate and most potent antioxidants known to man. These antioxidants are responsible for the clinical observations that you’re noticing such as the change in the heart rate variability, the decrease in skin resistance, the decrease in inflammation, and all the associated consequences.
Clint Ober Demonstrates Earthing – Mar 22, 2012 – Mercola

  • Mercola and Clint Ober demonstrate the science behind grounding. Objective demonstration
  • Tools – Low voltage electronic meter – Under $ 10
  • EMF – Electro Magnetic Field
  • Shows that your body is like an antenna. The electric fields go through your body
  • Surgent will not operate on you unless you are grounded. Anyone that works with electronic parts, clips, must be grounded.
  • Goes back to the gasoline industry, fireworks, and dynamite factory because if you’re static spark, there will be an explosion. Huge amounts of money is spent on grounding to prevent destroying environments.
  • Low voltage electric field detector – Low voltage is best – in hardware stores – $ 6 – $ 10
  • Voltmeter – About $ 20 – Need a probe – Ground the voltmeter to the earth to get a standard measure. Get a ground rod, as well.
  • Electricians can go to the walls to identify where electric wires are.
  • The closer you are to an electronic device the more charge in your body.
  • The real problem – Lots of electronics in the bedroom. When they build your home, they run two by fours.  Electrician drills holes to run wiring and run wires to outlets and switches.  When the bed is against the wall and put your pillow on the headboard.
  • Unplug lamps, etc. The real problem is when you sleep at night you are within 6 inches of the electrical field.  About 2000 volts….20 times higher than it should be.
Dr Sinatra on Grounding – Aug 4, 2012 – Groundology

  • Some of the most radical ideas are the simplest. Grounding is a good example.   …putting your bare feet on the ground.  Soak up a lot of electrons.
  • The earth is negatively charged. Out body is full of free radicals from heavy metals, air pollution, trans fats.  Our body is being inundated in many ways.
  • The earliest and most primatal way for healing the body is putting our bare feet on the ground.
  • Grounding – You will feel really good. When on a vacation on the beach, people feel good because of grounding on the beach.  You are soaking up millions of electrons in the body, therefore you are detoxifying the body.
  • Grounding thins the blood.
  • Slushy blood is the cause of cancer, tumors, stroke, and heart attacks.
  • When you put your feet on the ground the free electrons, are interrupting free radicals. Causing the body to have a shift.  Experiments have shown that within two seconds of grounding, you get a change in skin conductance
  • From the cardio point of view, it improves heart rate variability, shifts the sympathetic nerves to the point of tranquility.
  • Grounding is the most primitive, cheapest, the easiest way to heal the body. Grounding will help the body to achieve an optimal state.
  • Benefits of Grounding! – Dec 9, 2019 – JO FITNESSACADEMY
  • Benefits of Grounding!
  • Grounding Neutralizes Free Radicals. Free radicals are generated through inflammation, infection, cell damage, trauma, stress, and toxic environments.
  • Grounding Improves Sleep, Pain Management, and Stress.
  • Grounding Improves Inflammation and Immunity
What is Grounding (Earthing)? with Deepak Chopra, M.D. – Sep 19, 2018 – Deepak Chopra Inner Space

  • Direct contact with the earth and direct contact with the tree, full of negative charge. Above ionosphere full of positive electrical charge
  • The center of the earth is positively charged, but before the surface, the earth has a lot of minerals. Which are negatively charged.  Negative ions are coming into the body and neutralizing positive ions in the body (free radical) which are caused by being in too many environments with a positive charge, lack of sleep, stress, jet lag, not being connected to the earth.
  • As a result, excess free radicals and positive ions build up in the body. But they are neutralized by grounding, resulting in resetting your bioelectrical rhythms.  Also, becoming one with the earth, and the ionosphere.
  • Because we were rubber shoes and are indoors all the time, our bodies are bioelectrically imbalanced. That results in inflammation which is the basis of many chronic illnesses.
  • One way to become healthier is to ground. The second way is to use electronic devices.  …Anything that connects you to the earth, even if 30 stories up.  You can still have a connection to the earth.
  • You will become aligned with the earth you become bioelectrically aligned with the earth’s field.
  • Because of the complexity of the earth rotating, relative to the sun, stars, moon, and entire universe, our circadian become reset.
The Earthing Movie: The Remarkable Science of Grounding (full documentary) – Nov 19, 2019 – Earthing

Share where you’re viewing the film from, how grounding (earthing) has helped you, and/or any questions in the comments below.

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What is Earthing? – Mar 27, 2013 – Earthing

Earthing is a fast-growing movement based upon the major discovery that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy is foundational for vibrant health.

Discover the benefit of Earthing in this informative animation.

EARTHING (GROUNDING) How I Fixed My Sleep Apnea & MORE!!! – Aug 1, 2018 – Tyrone Magnus

Full Grounding & Earthing Video Playlist


Photo – Hu Nh T N H U – Unsplash

 A Brief (and Certainly Incomplete) History of Earthing – Earthing Institute

Information about the healing power of the Earth, as applied throughout history by different cultures, is challenging to find. Our knowledge of what they knew can best be described as scant. Some dedicated anthropological detective work would likely turn up some fascinating evidence of Earth healing.

Physical contact with the ground was an ordinary way of life in past times. People walked barefoot or used animal hides (leather) for footwear or bedding. These practices allowed the transference of the Earth’s energy into the body.

What is clear is that a law of Nature is at play here: a built-in healing asset of Nature: the electric charge of the Earth.   Something timeless. It is logical to think that countless healers and sages were aware of specific benefits and therapeutic effects.

We can look at the long history of Chinese knowledge and find a reference to Qi (pronounced chee), a central principle, regarded as the energy or natural force that fills the universe.  Heaven Qi is made up of the forces that heavenly bodies exert on the Earth, such as sunshine, moonlight, and the moon’s effect on the tides. Earth Qi, influenced and controlled by Heaven Qi, is made up of lines and patterns of energy, as well as the Earth’s magnetic field and the heat concealed underground. And within the Earth Qi, individuals, animals, and plants have their own Qi field. All-natural things, in this concept, grow and are influenced by the natural cycles of Heaven Qi and Earth Qi.

Earth Qi is absorbed, without our thinking about it, when we walk barefoot, which may explain why it’s so relaxing to walk without shoes and why exercises geared toward strengthening the body and relaxing the mind (yoga, tai chi, and qigong, for instance) are often practiced without footwear.  Read More

Photo – Christopher Sardegna- Unsplash

What Is Earthing? – Benefits Earthing Has Been Shown To Help With – Barefoot Healing

Years of extensive research have shown that connecting to the Earth’s natural energy, by walking barefoot on grass, sand, dirt or rock can diminish chronic pain, fatigue, and other ailments that plague so many people today.  This connection is referred to as Earthing or Grounding.

To put it briefly, when your bare feet or skin comes in contact with the earth, free electrons are taken up into the body.  These electrons could be referred to as nature’s biggest antioxidants and help neutralize damaging excess free radicals that can lead to inflammation and disease in the body.  Read More

  • Defuse the cause of inflammation and improve or eliminate the symptoms of many inflammation-related disorders. Inflammation – Physical and Neuro
  • Reduce or eliminate chronic pain
  • Improve Sleep and promote a deeper sleep
  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Lower stress and promote calmness in the body by cooling down the nervous system and stress hormones
  • Normalize the body’s biological rhythms
  • Thin the blood and improve blood pressure and flow
  • Relieve muscle tension and headaches
  • Lessen hormonal and menstrual symptoms
  • Dramatically speeds healing time and can help prevent bedsores
  • Reduce or eliminate jet lag
  • Protect the body against potentially health disturbing environmental electromagnetic fields (EMFs)
  • Accelerate recovery from intense athletic activity
  • Relieves Pain
  • Relieves Depression, Irritability, and Anxiety
  • Helps Alzheimer’s
  • Low Energy
  • Increases Libido
  • Helps to regulate Appetite
  • Strengthens the Immune System
  • Helps Adrenal Fatigue
Photo – Cristian Newman – Unsplash
What Is Spiritual Grounding? – By Michelle Beltran, Michelle Beltran is a psychic medium and life coach. – April 24, 2020

Men and women who perform energy work see spiritual grounding as the attempt to connect to the earth in various ways to bring mental and physical balance, which leads to spiritual well-being. If you have never performed any type of energy work, you might be surprised at how effective it can be. These are not […]  Read More

Photo – Bady Abbas – Unsplash
The Effects Of Grounding (Earthing) On Inflammation – March 24, 2015

The effects of grounding (earthing) on inflammation, the immune response, wound healing, and prevention and treatment of chronic inflammatory and autoimmune diseases – James L Oschman, Gaétan Chevalier, and Richard Brown – US National Library of Medicine – National Institutes of Health


Accumulating experiences and research on earthing, or grounding, point to the emergence of a simple, natural, and accessible health strategy against chronic inflammation, warranting the serious attention of clinicians and researchers. The living matrix (or ground regulation or tissue tensegrity-matrix system), the very fabric of the body, appears to serve as one of our primary antioxidant defense systems. As this report explains, it is a system requiring occasional recharging by conductive contact with the Earth’s surface – the “battery” for all planetary life – to be optimally effective.  Read More

Disruption Of Circadian Rhythms Affects Both Brain And Body, Mouse Study Finds – October 28, 2009 – Society for Neuroscience – Science Daily


A new study has found that chronic disruption of one of the most basic circadian (daily) rhythms — the day/night cycle — leads to weight gain, impulsivity, slower thinking, and other physiological and behavioral changes in mice, similar to those observed in people who experience shift work or jet lag.  Read More

High Voltage – Our Bodies Are Full Of Electricity That Could Help Us Fight Cancer – May 30, 2019 – Quartz By David Levin – Biologist – 08.10.2018

Could cancer be reversed by controlling the bioelectric conversations among cells? In 2013, Levin’s group showed that they could prevent or reverse some tumors in tadpoles by using drugs to target their bioelectric signaling. The same drugs could turn cancer on and off at a distance, by treating the environment, not the cells themselves. In 2016 they restored normal bioelectric signaling in frog tadpoles with tumors. These had grown, spread and formed their own blood supply, until Levin added new, light-activated ion channels with gene therapy. That caused the cells to stop uncontrollably dividing—in fact, they reverted to a healthy state after the tumors had already formed. The cells inside them simply stopped being cancer cells.

Electrolytes – Medical Author: Melissa Conrad Stöppler, MD Medical Editor: William C. Shiel Jr., MD, FACP, FACR

What are electrolytes?

Picture of a woman is drinking electrolytes drink

Potassium, sodium, and calcium are electrolytes, or salts that help conduct electric current in the body.

Chemically, electrolytes are substances that become ions in solution and acquire the capacity to conduct electricity. Electrolytes are present in the human body, and the balance of the electrolytes in our bodies is essential for normal function of our cells and our organs.

Controlling electric signals in the body could help it heal – By David Levin 08.10.2018

Tiny charges inside human cells spur development of an embryo’s form and structure. In a Q&A, Michael Levin talks about using those sparks to fix birth defects, control cancer and regrow tissues.

In the early nineteenth century, the nature of electricity remained a mystery to scientists. Experiments from the era showed that a spark could make dead frogs’ muscles twitch, or even set human corpses into convulsions — supernatural fodder that may have inspired Mary Shelley’s famed novel, Frankenstein. More than 200 years later, all the ways that electricity acts in the human body still aren’t completely understood. It is clear, however, that electric signals play a major role in the body’s early development.

Scientists like Michael Levin of Tufts University have discovered that cellular charges control how and where a structure forms in a developing embryo. Even more surprising, he’s found that it’s possible to manipulate bodily forms just by changing the voltage patterns of its cells.  Read More

Why You Need Ionic Minerals – Trace Minerals

What are minerals anyway? Minerals are nothing more than elements—the very same elements that grace the periodic table inside a high school chemistry textbook like chromium, magnesium, iron, zinc, and so on. They are the elements that comprise the entire universe, this earth, and everything on it, including you.

Your body is truly a masterpiece formed from these same elements. As such, it is important to constantly replenish your body with the elements it expends on a daily basis.

Chemical and electrical processes are occurring within your body at every moment. These processes can only function correctly if the proper balance of minerals is continually being supplied to your system. Iron for your blood, sulfur for your muscles, calcium for your bones, and an aggregation of many other elements in balanced trace amounts help to ensure the proper function of your body.  Read More

Communication Between Nerve Cells – By Silvia Helena Cardoso, PhD


All of our sensations, feelings, thoughts,  motor and emotional responses, learning and memory, the actions of psychoactive drugs, the causes of mental disorders, and any other function or dysfunction of the human brain cannot be understood without the knowledge about the fascinating process of communication between nerve cells (neurons). Neurons must continuously gather information about the internal state of the organism and its external environment, evaluate this information, and coordinate activities appropriate to the situation and to the person’s current needs.

How neurons process this information?

This essentially happens by means of the nerve impulse.  A nerve impulse is the transmission of a coded signal from a given stimulus along the membrane of the neuron, starting in the point where it was applied. Nerve impulses can pass from one cell to another, thus creating a chain of information within a network of neurons.

Two types of phenomena are involved in processing the nerve impulse: electrical and chemical. Electrical events propagate a signal within a neuron, and chemical processes transmit the signal from one neuron to another or to a muscle cell. The chemical process of interaction between neurons and between neurons and effector cells occur at the end of the axon, in a structure called a synapse. Touching very close against the dendrite of another cell (but without material continuity between both cells), the axon releases chemical substances called neurotransmitters, which attach themselves to chemical receptors in the membrane of the following neuron and promote excitatory or inhibitory changes in its membrane.  Read More

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Photo – Max Bender – Unsplash

Grounding for Eunice

Kevy Michaels

I needed her healing touch

The touch that

Dissolved the lumps on my neck

That once protruded like popcorn

Under my skin

I need her Ivory Soap

And Johnson’s Baby Powder


Prayers prayed over me

…With passion

…I longed for her prophecy

I needed her

In this moment

To soothe me

…Reassure me

To Heal me

But she had returned

To the fertile soil

She had been enriching it

For years now

So, I took a barefoot

Walk on the Earth

…To find her

The dirt embraced

My every step

Like clay

In clasped hands

Blades of grass

Hugged my soles

Like a mother to an infant

With charged polarity

Pulsating Rhythms

Were Attuned

To my heartbeat

Barefoot walking

On Clouds of Energy

As reliable as my mother

Massaging my back

But instead

The wise bark of an

Old Magnolia tree

Did it this time

I felt a hint

Of her spirit

Infused with those

Of Ancestors

Animated by the Mother of


My mother’s spirit caressed me

And then a slight whiff of baby powder

Tickled my nose for but a second

As if to let me know

That she was right there with me

I just smiled


I sat there

Absorbing the ground

For a little while longer

Tomando tierra para Eunice

Kevy Michaels

Necesitaba su toque sanador

El toque que

Disolvió los bultos en mi cuello

Que una vez sobresalió como palomitas de maíz

Bajo mi piel

Necesito su jabón de marfil

Y talco de bebé de Johnson


Las oraciones rezaron por mí

…Con pasión

… anhelaba su profecía

La necesitaba

En este momento

Para calmarme


Para curarme

Pero ella había vuelto

Al suelo fértil

Ella lo había enriquecido

Por años ahora

Entonces, tomé un descalzo

Caminar sobre la tierra

… Para encontrarla

La tierra abrazada

Mi cada paso

Como arcilla

En manos juntas

Hojas de hierba

Abrazó mis plantas

Como una madre a un infante

Con polaridad cargada

Ritmos pulsantes

Estaban sintonizados

Al latido de mi corazón

Caminar descalzo

En nubes de energía

Tan confiable como mi madre

Masajeando mi espalda

Pero en vez

El ladrido sabio de un

Viejo árbol de magnolia

Lo hice esta vez

Sentí una pista

De su espíritu

Infundido con esos

De antepasados

Animado por la Madre de


El espíritu de mi madre me acariciaba

Y luego una ligera bocanada de talco de bebé

Me hizo cosquillas en la nariz por un segundo

Como para avisarme

Que ella estaba ahí conmigo

Solo sonreí


Me senté allí

Absorbiendo el suelo

Por un rato más

Roses in Morning Sun

By Kevy Michaels

Quiet footsteps

Crushing stems, leaves

And acorns

Attention crushed too

Sound is overshadowed

By my Intention

In a rare zone

Where neither empty nor full

Thankful for the new day

As it is

Overwhelming all other thoughts

Before they are imagined into existence

Sun’s reigning supreme

In the freshness of morning solitude

Beauty surrounds me

All surrenders to Light

Flowers are smiling

It is obvious

By how they pose for passers-by

Trees bow in exquisite Grace

Branches nearly touching the ground

Captivated by Roses for a moment

Red, white, and pink

Adorning the park’s Colonial garden

Bringing tears of joy

…And grief to my eyes

My mother joins me

But as an angel

As I reflect on how my Eunice

Loved her roses

She would start new bushes from stems

And years later brag

On ‘raising’ them from a twig.

I raised new roses for her

When she could no longer

Planting them around her home

So that she could discover new ones

As she stood with her walker in delight

…Peeping on the side of her

Historic gallery home

The moment of tears

Then quickly leave

Eunice returns to paradise

New Joyous visions create new smiles

…And encouraging looks to the sky,

…Invites the presence of many angels

Who lead me to a matrix

Of Pansies and Petunias

In Orange, Lemon, and Blue Frost

Surrounded by Pigeon Purple Cabbage

Such decorative garden trimmings

Conspiring to lift me even higher

And it worked

Then to a mound of Lavender

With brilliant flower blossoms

Vibrant like fireworks!

Exciting a swarm of bees

Who suspend themselves as graceful as ballerinas

…The bees are profoundly Grateful indeed

…Just as I am

To savor in such brief moments

Of Joy

Rosas en el sol de la mañana

Por Kevy Michaels

Pasos silenciosos

Triturar tallos, hojas

Y bellotas

Atención aplastada también

El sonido se eclipsa

Por mi intencion

En una zona rara

Donde ni vacío ni lleno

Agradecido por el nuevo día

Como están las cosas

Abrumador de todos los demás pensamientos

Antes de que se imaginen en existencia

El sol reina supremo

En la frescura de la soledad matutina

La belleza me rodea

Todos se rinden a la luz

Las flores están sonriendo

Es obvio

Por cómo posan para los transeúntes

Los árboles se inclinan con exquisita gracia

Ramas casi tocando el suelo

Cautivado por Roses por un momento

Rojo, blanco y rosa

Adornando el jardín colonial del parque

Trayendo lágrimas de alegría

… Y dolor a mis ojos

Mi madre se une a mi

Pero como un angel

Mientras reflexiono sobre cómo mi Eunice

Amaba sus rosas

Ella comenzaría nuevos arbustos a partir de tallos

Y años después presumir

Sobre “levantarlos” de una ramita.

Levanté nuevas rosas para ella

Cuando ella ya no pudo

Plantándolos alrededor de su casa

Para que pudiera descubrir nuevos

Mientras estaba de pie con su andador encantada

… Espiando a su lado

Casa de la galería histórica

El momento de las lágrimas

Entonces vete rápidamente

Eunice vuelve al paraíso

Nuevas visiones gozosas crean nuevas sonrisas

… Y miradas alentadoras al cielo,

… Invita la presencia de muchos ángeles

Que me lleva a una matriz

De pensamientos y petunias

En naranja, limón y azul escarcha

Rodeado de repollo morado paloma

Tales adornos de jardín decorativos

Conspirando para elevarme aún más alto

Y funcionó

Luego a un montículo de lavanda

Con flores brillantes

¡Vibrante como los fuegos artificiales!

Emocionando a un enjambre de abejas

Que se suspenden graciosos como bailarinas

… Las abejas están realmente agradecidas

…Tal como soy

Para saborear en momentos tan breves

De alegría

Mother Nature

By Kevy Michaels

My mind was challenged

Just the other day

So, I took a scenic drive

To Cherry Creek Park

To reflect and to work it all out

I was greeted by Canadian geese

Upon my arrival

They anxiously approached me

They lovingly greeted me

I felt the warmth

Of the arms of

Mother Nature

Caressing my spirit!

Like no one ever has

The geese squawked in appreciation

For the bits of banana, I gave them

Showing such humility and authenticity

Like no one has ever shown me

When the treats were gone

They gracefully returned to eating grass

Without complaint

Unlike how I’d ever been

Squirrels were playfully animated

Excited by the simplicity

Of a pinecone falling from a tree

As if

Acorns had fallen from heaven

…Tossing a mere pinecone

Kept them joyful!

Trees in the background were barren

From enduring the winter

But they still stood erect in pride

Though they had no leaves

Or flowers to adorn them

They patiently waited

For spring to come

It painfully reminded me

How ungratefully

Shameful I once was

When hiding

To conceal my wounds

The winds frolicked with tree branches

Swaying back and forth

Like they were doing

An exercise routine

Bending only when necessary

After awhile

They just stood firm again

Firmer than I’ve ever stood

…Even in gentle winds


My mind became consumed

With and Epiphany!

I reflected on my mother Eunice

Her virtues were just like Nature’s!

Did nature reveal her secrets to my dear mother?

She too was gracious and welcoming

Her gratitude was like that of the geese

Even when she was not adorned

As cherry blossoms in the springtime

She held her head high

In tattered clothing,

With 9 of us clinging to her side

She stood in the eye of many storms

Never bowing down

But bending only to endure it

…And she always did

She found happiness

In the simplicity of what she had

…Never focusing on what she didn’t

But I want to know

Did nature reveal these secrets to her?

Is it their connection to the same Most High God?

Was I led here day?

…To ponder these questions?

If I was,

They were never answered

I’m not sure if they will ever be

While I am in flesh

What’s most important

Is that when I drove away

From this sacred spot

My mind

Was no longer troubled

I was confident

Like Mother Nature

…And like my mother

…Standing firm

…Standing patiently

…Bending only out of necessity

…Until Spring

Knowing that

It’s always comes

Madre naturaleza

Por Kevy Michaels

Mi mente fue desafiada

Justo el otro día

Entonces, tomé un paseo panorámico

Hacia Cherry Creek Park

Para reflexionar y resolverlo todo

Fui recibido por gansos canadienses

A mi llegada

Se me acercaron ansiosos

Me saludaron amorosamente

Sentí el calor

De los brazos de

Madre naturaleza

¡Acariciando mi espíritu!

Como nunca nadie lo ha hecho

Los gansos graznaron en agradecimiento

Por los trozos de plátano les di

Mostrando tanta humildad y autenticidad

Como nunca nadie me ha mostrado

Cuando las golosinas se fueron

Regresaron graciosamente a comer hierba

Sin quejarse

A diferencia de como había sido

Las ardillas estaban animadas juguetonamente

Emocionado por la sencillez

De una piña que cae de un árbol

Como si

Bellotas habían caído del cielo

… Lanzando una simple piña

¡Los mantuvo alegres!

Los árboles en el fondo estaban estériles

De soportar el invierno

Pero todavía estaban erguidos de orgullo

Aunque no tuvieran hojas

O flores para adornarlas

Esperaron pacientemente

Para que venga la primavera

Dolorosamente me recordó

Que ingrato

Vergonzoso que una vez fui

Al esconderse

Para ocultar mis heridas

Los vientos retozaban con las ramas de los árboles

Balanceándose de un lado a otro

Como ellos estaban haciendo

Una rutina de ejercicios

Doblar solo cuando sea necesario

Después de un tiempo

Ellos simplemente se mantuvieron firmes de nuevo

Más firme de lo que nunca he estado

… Incluso con vientos suaves


Mi mente se consumió

¡Con y Epifanía!

Reflexioné sobre mi madre eunice

¡Sus virtudes eran como las de la naturaleza!

¿La naturaleza le reveló sus secretos a mi querida madre?

Ella también fue amable y acogedora

Su gratitud era como la de los gansos

Incluso cuando no estaba adornada

Como flores de cerezo en primavera

Ella mantuvo su cabeza en alto

Con ropa hecha jirones

Con 9 de nosotros aferrándonos a su lado

Ella estuvo en el ojo de muchas tormentas

Nunca inclinándose

Pero inclinándome solo para soportarlo

… Y ella siempre lo hizo

Ella encontró la felicidad

En la sencillez de lo que tenía

… Nunca enfocarse en lo que ella no

Pero yo quiero saber

¿La naturaleza le reveló estos secretos?

¿Es su conexión t o el mismo Dios Altísimo?

¿Me llevaron aquí el día?

… ¿Para reflexionar sobre estas preguntas?

Si yo fuera,

Nunca fueron respondidos

No estoy seguro si alguna vez lo serán

Mientras estoy en carne

Que es mas importante

Es que cuando me fui

De este lugar sagrado

Mi mente

Ya no estaba preocupado

Estaba seguro

Como la madre naturaleza

… y como mi madre

… Manteniéndose firme

… De pie pacientemente

… Doblar solo por necesidad

… Hasta la primavera

Sabiendo que

Es siempre viene

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11 thoughts on “Devirusize – Take Off Your Shoes! – You Should Hit The Ground After Reading This Post! – It Will Give U Access To Calm, Healing & Love – When U Need It Most – Practice Grounding & Earthing

  1. I’ve always loved going barefoot, even while growing up in So. AZ. In colder climates it is a little more challenging, but touching the earth feels so good!

    Thanks for following my blog. I hope you enjoy it.

    I read your “about” part and was touched by your experience attempting to care for your Mother. At this time of my life, my son has left me (4 times now, gone for almost 14 years now), with no response to my reaching out, so I finally am leaving it up to him. I have a grandson I’ve never met. My relatives have turned against me. I have met so many people who have estranged family, siblings who have turned against each other over a will. I am looking forward to the new timeline, a release and freedom from the dark who have controlled this planet and created such a toxic place that leads people to turn against each other, rather than knowing and experiencing the Oneness that is the truth.

    Sending on comfort and support for you! Shine on!


    1. It is really sad how families and friends can be so ugly and turn against each other, usually for an object (money, material things, etc.) or power.
      My family was cruel to me and my mother. They had many allies to drink their wicked Kool aide. It caused unbelievable pressure on me when solely caring for my mother. I was chronically stressed, and physically got extremely ill. I thought I would die before my 96-year-old mother did. All the while, my mother was defiantly only trusting me. They hated that.
      I’ve realized through this experience and similar ones that I must deal with people, and in life in general following a new paradigm. I must no longer stay affixed to those around me, because we are bound by artificial ties…. Bloodline, Race, Class, Neighborhood, Etc.
      I must erase those fake links that illude me into thinking we are on the same vibration. Many times, it’s like trying to mix oil with water. These connections no longer matter.
      Spirit is all that matters. Everyone has a Spirit that they cannot manipulate as they do with words and even actions. I read energy and spirits instead. The line that divide us all is the line between Good vs Evil.
      I no longer try to convince Evildoers of their deeds. They know exactly what they do. I no longer try to convert others. Most people will never change. They are what they are.
      I now leave those on the wrong vibration for me, behind. And I feel no regret about doing so. There are so many good people out there waiting to be found and who are looking for ‘good vibe folks’. I keep my life adventurous this way, discovering beauty in the new Spirits that I encounter, outside of the fake boundaries that kept me in bondage.
      We are in a very crucial season. We have no time to waste energy uselessly.
      As Bob Marley says:
      There’s a natural mystic
      Blowing through the air
      If you listen carefully now you will hear
      This could be the first trumpet
      Might as well be the last
      Many more will have to suffer
      Many more will have to die
      Don’t ask me why
      Needless to say, I left my family behind. I only have a spiritual family…Divine spirits that I may meet from time to time, as well as those who survived the cut.
      What my family did to me, and my mother was Evil squared. It was unexplainable and inexcusable. I have also left all people behind that fell on the wrong side of the line of Good vs. Evil.
      Through meditation, nature-connection, and prayer, I can sense Spirits now. I call it Reading The Wind.
      Thanks for your heartfelt comments. I appreciate you. I thank God for you. Regards, Kevy

  2. The Wild Pomegranate//Abi

    Earthing and grounding is vitally important for our health, as is balancing our electrolytes. Mother nature is very therapeutic.

  3. Grounding truly helps us connect to the earth and environment. Balancing our homeostasis state, raising our vibration and aligning us to source. It’s sad that we drifted too far from this truth.

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