Spiritual Vs Religious – Oh Yea I’m Going There – Religious Drama – They Should Have Listened To Their Momma – 15+ Reasons Why I Question Religious Drama

If you have reviewed at least a few of my over 200 blog posts (and now podcasts) you would clearly know that I am not a big fan of organized religion.

Like many people, I have adopted the position of being spiritual, but not religious. At times, I despise religion. …Too much drama. I am amazingly comfortable with my position until I am changed in mind (through experience and research) and spirit (through God’s intervention).

In this post, I reveal 15+ reasons why I shy away from Religion and Religious Drama. Some of the most negative experiences that I’ve had were with Religious people. …Ones who judge about what I would call minor sins such as using profanity, eating pork, or being too proud, while they blatantly violate in worst ways.

As I am judged by them, I could think of a plethora of violations that they make, “In the name of Jesus/Allah”. I don’t tell them directly. I tell them in general through my creative, written, and media works. But I admit that it is a bit frustrating.

I try my best to stay clear of these types of people, though they seem to be drawn to me. I simply respect their beliefs (for them) but fully exercise my right to free will and thought. They spit on me with scripture, while I realize that the bible has 900 versions, and the Quran has 30. I consider that there are missing books, slavery’s influence, and man’s interpretation, depriving me of mine. I am not sure that they realize this.

I feel strongly that man can only teach you his interpretation. Furthermore, many religious people feel that they are a prophet and ordained by God. That in itself is an interpretation, theirs.

I view religion as being more of an outward display of belief systems, with a need to display those beliefs in the presence of others. …The more the merrier.

Also, there seems to be a need to out-scripture others. But religious people don’t always practice what they preach. Maybe many do, but not from my personal experiences.

To me, spirituality is more about establishing a personal oneness with God, through prayer and silent meditation. …From within. These practices are more befitting for me because it is more intimate, and a more personal connection, not tattered by someone telling me how to interpret, based on their understanding. I don’t require that sort of assistance. I can read and research well.

Religion is very structured with rules that religious rollers use to judge other’s behavior, but rarely their own. Spirituality is not governed as much by rules, but rather by the intention behind deeds, actions, or choices. If there were 100 biblical rules to follow in religion, in contrast, Spiritual intention and inner spirituality may foster many more than just 100, because they are followed instinctively and not as a discipline or judging mechanism.

This post is extensive. I admit that. In it, I cover Bible/Quran history, hypocrisy, religion vs. spirituality, Christianity relative to slavery, religious comedy, and of course, my experiences and formulated opinions. I include both sides but ask that you compliment what I was able to do in two days for you by commenting.

I included five recordings on how I view my spirituality, articles, as well as a plethora of videos, all categorized by playlists. It will take several days to interpret all that I am presenting. Take your time.

Again, please provide your comments. Kevy

Podcast On Religion vs. Spirituality

Religious Drama Intro
Religious Drama 1
Religious Drama 2
Religious Drama 3
Religious Drama 4

Religious Disclaimer

I am not a prophet, anyone special, or feel that God ordained me. I am simply stating what I believe. I “believe” that I have been granted this right, as well as the right to research and ask questions. With regard to anything, especially my beliefs, I just don’t consume everything that is fed to me.

Therefore, please consult with your God, Theravada, Mahayana, Vajrayana, Cantor, Cardinal, Clergy, Cleric, Dalai Lama, Father, Grand Mufti, Granthi, Guru, Imam, Minister, Monk, Monsignor, Mullah, Pastor, Patriarch, Priest, Rabbi, Reverend, Rinpoche, Roshi, Shaman, Sheikh, Archbishop, Ayatollah, Deacon, Bishop, Bhikkhu, or Brother to gain a better understanding, if needed. Do research as well. A good place to start is with the conflicts (unreconciled items) that I present below.

Remember, whatever you believe is correct, until Life’s Seasons calibrates your understanding.

Your belief, as is mine, is your own. No one knows more than you do about God. They may know of the contents of books, which are interpretations and translations of interpretations by many men, over hundreds of years. No one, including me, can prove that their faith and practice rituals, as it applies to you, is “the one”. Only you can do so. You do have a choice.

I see religion and spirituality like I see recovery and addiction. Some require the 12-step program, counseling, and even lockdown. Others do it on their own. The latter group does not require the strict discipline that the former group requires, but still achieves recovery. The former group usually requires more drastic intervention for having a more drastic addiction.

The same applies to religion and spirituality. Those who may have committed more significant sins, and who “fell off” more significantly may require a more structured and disciplined spiritual practice. Both approaches work, but for different scenarios.

Therefore, I present my understanding and most personal feelings, along with questions and research. It is my hope that religion permits this. Kevy

My Spirituality

I’m a Christian-born, metaphysical, Rastafarian-inspired believer. I enjoy African spiritual principals and practices, as well. Most of what I learned about religion is what I was told as a child. I did not have the audacity to challenge religion as a child, so I just accepted what I was told. Now I am a grown man with wisdom, discernment, intelligence, and experience of religious betrayal and deceptions behind me.

Combining all of these disciplines and experiences makes me unbounded by how I experience God, and how he manifests in my life.

I don’t believe in all of the stories in the bible, but support most of its principals. I do not require a human image of God. I see God is pure spirit. The same applies to Jesus.

For those things that I do not understand, I ask questions, and do research, as I am doing with this post. I believe that this is allowed in all religions. If not, I have even greater disdain for organized, institutionalized religions. I am open to change, but life will teach me this, as it has to date. Man, who knows no more than I do, cannot change me simply by telling me. Kevy

Spirituality vs Religion – The No-Bullshit Guide To Spirituality – Jul 19, 2014 – Actualized.org


15+ Reasons Why I Shy Away From Religion

  1. Money is a common denominator in organized religion. They seek money through grants, tiding, and fundraising. Given that they get money tax-free, it seems that they are being blessed enough with this status, instead of constantly asking for more. The Mormon church requires that tiding is done in accordance with members’ tax returns. There are many reports of Baptist preachers living excessively and lavishly. Most religious people I’ve encountered (including family) are greedy, addicted-to-retail, material, and will drain you dry if you allow them to.
  2. Hypocrites – Most religious people that I have encountered are hypocrites. They do not walk as they talk. They say, “Do as I say, not as I do”. Or when confronted about sinning and sinners, they say that we are all sinners and Jesus died for their sins, or that they are “Washed in the blood of Jesus”. They tend to exhibit hyper-grace
  3. Personal experiences (Family and Friends) have clearly shown me that those who spit scriptures that proceeds their entrance are the ones whose deeds are in most violation of the bible.
  4. They worship God in a very one-dimensional way. They tend not to value or include the presence of God in their diet, lifestyles caring for their bodies or nature. They do not tend to see self-care or communing with the environment as spiritual. I do.
  5. Most religious people are bodacious about their religion, pushing it on you, without asking. They say, “You need Jesus”. How do they know what and who I need? Religion is showy, egocentric, and outward. Spirituality is an inward spirit and much quieter. I prefer quiet.
  6. Most religious people selectively pick scriptures from the bible, without proper context, interpretation, or mentioning parts of the bible that conflict with what they are suggesting. Because religion is rules-based, it is more likely to be judgment-oriented. Rules are meant to judge. The bible says not to judge. I interpret this as to not judge before judging yourself. Many theologians agree with this interpretation. They list the and preach vivaciously about the rules, but when they break them, they say God will forgive them since they accepted Jesus as their savior. Therefore, the rules appear strict but are very flexible when need be, when they are broken.
  7. Under Christianity alone, there are various ways to view God, his name, and his principals. But you dare not go to a church whereby you disagree. Not to worry, though. You can easily find another that believes as you do. The point is that many religions and churches demand that you see God as they do. They force you to select their God, in their chosen name
  8. Deepak Chopra talks about Object Reference versus Self-Referral. Religions are object-oriented. They interpret their faith through things outside of them. Spirituality is based on self-referral, seeking God within. Religious folks, therefore, seek approval, control, titles, material things, and therefore worry about what people think of them. Spiritual people see themselves as more of a spirit than flesh.
  9. Religions thrive on vulnerability. They catch you when you are weak and try to brainwash you into seeing God as they do, treating you as though you are ‘lost’, and they are ‘found’.
  10. Religious people tend to be elitist. Believing that only their religion is the real one, only their God is the real God, and only they know the godly “truth”. In contrast, many holy rollers have led the vilest lives prior to becoming holy, and while “in the Lord”.
  11. Religion is used in politics to divide citizens on political issues. Many evangelist support Trump. I don’t support him, though I suggested voting for him as a “wake up” strategy for people sleeping while talking and walking.
  12. Churches are segregated even today. I remember attending the Catholic church when I was a child where we were only allowed to sit in the back pews. It is not as segregated today, but there are distinctly white and black congregations of the same faith all over the US.
  13. Many religions support authority as if authority is God even if conflicts with the bible and the authority is evil. …Like Trump
  14. The bible is not flawless, nor is the Quran. Both have a multitude of versions and interpretations. There are many books eliminated from the bible, i.e., the books of Enoch. Before Christ (and the bible) humans existed in Africa and practiced spiritual rituals. When researched, you will find that their principals became the hallmarks of the Bible. Religion existed before the bible, before Jesus. The bible as we know it today did not exist during Jesus’ time. Some also believe that Jesus himself was anti-religious, hanging with wretches like me.
  15. Jesus is depicted as a White Jesus which seems geographically and historically incorrect. This has not been addressed directly. It makes it nearly impossible to worship this image, given the history of slavery.
  16. King James, who wrote the bible was obsessed with demons, devils, and vampires. He wrote the book The Bible of Demonology. He was also a very sinful man and a vile man.
  17. Unreconciled Beliefs:

    • Speaking in tongues, shouting, acting out, and instantaneous healings – I just don’t understand these practices and claims.
    • Science vs. Belief Without Science – Many religious people don’t believe in science (evolution) but in storybook creation. Christians believe in creation and that the Earth is only 6000 years old. They depict Adam and Eve as having belly buttons? I thought that they were created, not born.
    • There are just too many bibles…. too many versions of the same book that sole message is Love – Does it really take 900 versions of the bible and 30 versions of the Holy Quran to explain the concept of Love?
    • Because of the religious perspective of object referral (outside of them), most live in fear. The “Fear the Lord”. Why, if they are “living “right”
    • Historical Conflicts – Used in slavery, to the exclusion of Blacks
    • War and Killing in the name of religion – Many Christians own guns, especially the evangelical
    • Abortion is forbidden by many Christians, but they support the death penalty
    • Man’s interpretation and translations – Not always in agreement based on specific religions and versions of the holy book that they follow
    • Religion is Institutionalized vs. Spirituality is not – Why must our relationship rely on the church and a congregation of others. Is it just because the bible says so? Or is the related scripture being misinterpreted?
    • I know, and the Lord knows that I tide vigorously, in money, professional services, and labor. As a consultant, the services that I provide for free are worth thousands of dollars, though I ask for nothing. I do not go to church much, but when I do, I tide. I am not sure if the bible says that I must tide at the church I attend, and how much I should give the church exclusively. I feel that I tide every day by giving of myself and money (my money), not just on Sundays.

Religious Drama Case Studies Based On Personal Experience Relative to Scripture

Here are actual scenarios that I’ve experienced with friends and family (excluding names) that made me more suspicious about so-called religious people.

  • Met an old coworker in Atlanta at a popular church. I hadn’t seen her since I left our common employer but remembered the battles she had with her supervisor. I asked her about her supervisor after she met and greeted everyone in church seemingly disingenuously, for show. She told me that, “I prayed her away”, and that she had gotten extremely sick and had to take medical leave with serious health issues.
  • A pastor with whom I volunteered. He embraced the #BLM movement and lost many of his White Christian donors for supporting Black humanity, equality, and equity. This pastor served mainly poor Blacks and Latinos with his services. I joined as a volunteer and got suspicious thinking that he preferred the optics of only White people serving the poor Black and Latino folks. I drew this conclusion because he seems to hesitate about accepting a volunteer that I suggested and made me feel that my playing exceptionally low inspiring music while we moved was not a happy gesture for the Black person being served. I had to explain to him that the African drum powers our hearts and that music is happiness for many of us.
  • My own siblings, who worship Jehovah, Jesus, Elohim, Yahweh, and other Gods, abandoned their mother when she asked that I care for her. They literally walked out and schemed collectively to ensure that I fail. I did not, though. My mother was resilient against them caring for her, though they undermined her services and all senior support that I could get for her. My mother transcended extremely disappointed (sad) about them. They did not visit her while she was in hospice dying. I am in the process of writing a film script about this story because it is so compelling and unbelievable. This was all done out of greed, power, jealousy, and pure evil.
  • As I mentioned, I volunteer extensively. I never ask for money, but would accept it, if offered. Many religious people whom I have served, never offering anything, often not even thanks. They also tend to be inconsiderate of my time, and never stop asking for me to give of myself, while never giving me the opportunity to receive anything from them. One such person suggested that I lend hundreds of dollars to them, and take them to an expensive restaurant, after they prayed over me, speaking in tongues. They seemed to use the theme of service for the Lord as a guilt-trip motivator. It got so overwhelming that I had to change my phone number.
  • My sister-in-law is another holy roller, with ministries, bible studies, heavily in church activities, and spiritual spit. She betrayed me and my mother. She participated along with others to undermine my authority to care for my mother and prevented her from securing senior services. She is twelve-faced. I refer to her as a snake with two heads. She pretended to be the only one supporting me, even praying with me, but behind the scenes, she conspired with the agency that refused services to my mother. When I found out, she said that she was going to inform me that she was working both sides of the fence, but the Lord told her to reveal this deception, only if asked. I asked; she told me. About a year after my mother’s transition, her daughter asked for a copy of my mother’s death certificate. I believe that it was to collect insurance from my mother’s death. I am not sure. But there were speculations in my family that she collected royally on my brother’s death, who worked for the CDC in a very high position. While he was in cancer treatment, she separated from him, leaving him to endure through cancer alone. Again, she collected royally after he transitioned.
  • I have never feared the coronavirus or any pandemic. The ones who are most fearful, and some damn-near losing their minds over it, are religious.
  • Most White Liberals and Blacks who are indifferent and not active in fighting the human atrocity that has been and still is afflicting on Blacks are religious.
  • Another sister is religious. She has been appointed a big title in a cult-religion (IDMR). She believes in an evil mean God. She seriously disrespected my mother and upset her by telling her that the Pope is the beast. She invited me an my mother to one of her cult’s services, where she embarrassed my elderly mother by telling the congregation all the ways she raised them spiritually was wrong. She asked my mother to stand, as she denigrated her. She was also regularly active in abandoning our mother in her 90s and sabotaging our ability to get care for her. She manufactured stories that put me and my mother’s safety and reputation in jeopardy, all in the name of Yahweh.
  • I have been judged recently by Christians about my occasional use of profanity. I cannot ever remember being profane towards God, but rather towards evil, hate, and indifference on humanitarian causes. Per their bible interpretation, they repeatedly point this sin out to me, while they basically violate sins 1 – 10+ of the points above (including judging) and have lived and still live a sinful life violating religious laws that I never have or will.
  • I recently helped someone who was homeless and alcoholic. I went out of my way to set him on the right path, opening up my home to him. After four days, he could no longer abstain from alcohol and went on a binge, drinking excessively, blowing over $ 1000 in two days, and disregarded all of what I did to help him. My time, labor, and money were a complete waste. He prayed to Allah every day, prior to his binge. Once sober, I confronted him about it. He told me that I should just trust that Allah would take care of me for being so supportive, without thanks or taking any responsibility.

Religion vs. Spirituality: What Is the Difference? – Adam Brady – August 04, 2020 – Deepak Chopra Wellness Center

  • Origins of Religions and Spirituality
  • Religion: Religions are most often based upon the lives, teachings, and beliefs of a historical or archetypal figure (e.g.,
  • Spirituality: By contrast, spirituality is more often based upon the practical application of the founder’s teachings. Spiritual aspirants heed the advice of Japanese poet Matsuo Basho, “Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the wise. Seek what they sought.”
  • The Lines Blur
  • Objective vs. Subjective Experience
  • Organized vs. Formless
  • Traditional vs. Evolutionary Approach
  • Exclusive vs. Inclusive
  • Belief vs. Spiritual Experience
  • Fear vs. Love

Read More

Deepak Chopra – Do Religions Complement or Contradict? – Jan 27, 2016 – Closer To Truth


Kevy’s Audio Insert – Sent To A Pastor Supporting Not Using Profanity With The Bible (NIV)

What The Bleep Does The Bible Say About Profanity? – BY PRESTON SPRINKLE – AUGUST 22, 2014

Are Bad Words Inherently Evil? – Clearing Up Misconceptions – Jeremy Ham – January 4, 2011


Words are not inherently evil. Originally, the language was perfect, as it was created by God. Sin has changed things since then. Sadly, words can be used by sinful people for sinful purposes. This is how many bad words we have today came about. As Christians, Scripture clearly states that we must always be careful about what we say and do. We must strive to use the tongue that God gave us for the purpose for which He originally created it.

The list of bad words will change with time. In this world, the sin of humans will not change. Therefore, rather than focusing on the words, let us focus on the reason and purpose for why we are saying things. I do believe that avoiding the commonly known “bad” words is important so that we may avoid being a stumbling block to fellow believers. However, this is only a small subset of what we should be doing. Are we saying things for the purpose of edifying and encouraging others? Or are we saying things out of anger and spite? Read More

Why Christianity Keeps Producing Hypocrites – December 11, 2018, By Neil Carter

But the Christian faith, in particular, raises hypocrisy to an art form. It takes what’s already a problem for everyone and intensifies it. Ask anyone who regularly interacts with those who believe they “follow Jesus” (however their group defines that) and they will tell you it’s a consistent pattern. I’ve never felt more condemnation for my mistakes than I’ve felt from those Christians who have done the exact same things I’ve done. Read More

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Original Song – Religious Drama

Religious Drama

By Kevy Michaels

September 7, 2020

©Copyright 2020

When will we

Loose our evil ways?

When will we go back

To the golden days?

When will

‘I love you’ end

In a period

Not with a comma?

When will

Holy rollers

Stop causing

So much



Life would be so much


Without Religious dogma

…And all that Drama

They should have listened

To their momma

Confusion is their dharma

Don’t believe in Karma

Just in stirring a

Pot of Drama

Stirring up

All that Drama

…A pot of Religious Drama

When will teachers

Really teach?

When will preachers

Do more

Than just preach?

It seems the world’s

Gone crazy

Spitting scriptures

On a daily

They won’t

Wrap me

In their


I live my life

Much calmer


Religious Drama


They should have listened

To their momma

Confusion is their dharma

Don’t believe in Karma

Life would be so much


Without Religious dogma

…And all that Drama

Just in stirring a

Pot of Drama

Stirring up

All that Drama

…A pot of Religious Drama

When will they

Love themselves?

When will we share love

With everyone else

Don’t know when

That might happen

So, I’ll just

Keep on steppin

Staying away from


So, I can be much


Away from Religious Drama

…A pot of Religious Drama


They say they’re

On a mission


Flip the script

On Religion

I’ll just keep

shining my light

…And don’t mean

Just at night

And I’ll be much


Without all

Their Drama

Their pot of

Religious Drama


Just Like

Mary says


In a different way

She wants no

No Drama

It’s time to end

This Drama

I Stay clear of

Their dogma

I stay away from

Religious Drama

Question: Are you Religious or Spiritual? Explain

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Being cognizant of international visitors, I want to do all that I can to communicate wisdom globally for all.

2 thoughts on “Spiritual Vs Religious – Oh Yea I’m Going There – Religious Drama – They Should Have Listened To Their Momma – 15+ Reasons Why I Question Religious Drama

  1. Thank you for sharing so much here about organized religion vs. spirituality. I understand this journey of yours better than I would have at your age, now that I have had my own awakenings. I am glad for you that you look at others truthfully but also humble yourself before the God we seek and our own human weaknesses and failings. This is the struggle– to judge is not wrong as long as we are also in the “crosshairs” of our judgement, but that is, as you say, where so many religious people lose their way and lose The Way. Mea Culpa. The path is narrow, which is one true thing the Bible does try to warn us about, but we do get help along the way. Thank you for helping others as you meditate on so many Big Ideas and may you find both expected and unexpected help along the path in your own daily journey towards God and wholeness. Shalom, Jane

    1. Thanks for your comments, Jane. I am comfortable saying things that may be perceived as wrong and ‘lost’ to many people, namely religious people. Being so open and passionate about my beliefs vindicates that it is what I truly believe. I am unaffected by how I am perceived. I do not feel that opposing views are necessarily wrong either. We are all right based on where we are on our spiritual path, complemented by our experiences on life’s road. What is true is what we believe, until those beliefs are molded and/or changed by Life’s Seasons.

      I am not Muslim. I am not sure how Christain I am. I wish I did not have to choose. But I love you and respect you because you believe, even if different than I do. I can tell you that my personal experiences with practicing Muslims has been more favorable than with Christians. My perception is that Muslim believers are more passionate and discipline in their efforts to please Allah. Shalom. Kevy

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