Poetrimony – Seasons Are In The Air – I’m Melancholy – Marley, MJ, Ms. Bey, Lil Wayne & Others – Know What I’m Feeling In This Moment

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Today I woke up feeling melancholy again, with Seasons on my mind. 

Seasons are always on my mind.  The theme of this blog is Seasons As Our Teacher.  I gained discernment about Seasons from nature.  God’s breath rests comfortably within nature.  Therefore, I spend time in nature to gain God’s understanding.  In a sense, when nature speaks to me, God is speaking to me.

This post is another mashup.  I love doing mashups because they reveal how eclectic and complex, I’ve become.  But my complexity is not of my own doing.  I am complex because of complex times and experiences.  We’re in a complex Season.

We are in a revolution whether you recognize it or deny it.  We are in the midst of the New World Order and must adapt to the Season, just as nature does.

This post features poems related to Seasons and the melancholy spirit that I feel in this moment.  To accentuate my spirit, I’ve selected original poems, and songs from popular artists, who feel or have felt this same sentiment.

My song choices are also eclectic, spanning across eras, years, and perspectives.  These songs were artistically composed when these artists likely felt as I do today.  Kevy

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Kevy’s Poetrimony



By Kevy Michaels




Winds of Change

From Darkness to Light

Sickness to Health

From Rejoicing

…To Pain

No one

Can stop

This gravitational pull

Those who try to fight it

Are Headstrong


Senseless fools

Nothing is constant

Even rock changes

When repeatedly kissed

By waves from

The seashore

Whether Unwilling



The power of

The Yin and Yang

Will ultimately


I’m learning by

Observing leaves


As they fall from Trees

Learning how to stand naked

Revealing scares

With the audacity to



I’m Reflecting

The spirit of the sun

That serves as

…My eternal source of light

…I’m echoing the moon’s




In the dark of the night

I’m Weathering

Through cycles

Like the sand fox

Endures the sun

Knowing that

This winter will be harsh

Knowing that



Forever come

I trust the Moon


And God

They assure me

That Spring

Will always


Photo – Tim King – Unsplash

Feeling Melancholy

Kevy Michaels

Today I’m’ feeling Melancholy

And I want to Write about it

Thoughts torture me inside

I got to release the passion within me

I’m feeling Grateful too

I want to Sing about it

But my throat is sore

My vocal cords are hurting

From shouting in vain

I need smoothing soon

I’m feeling Lost and vulnerable

And I want to Cry about it

But the water won’t come down

It just rests on my eyes

Blurring my vision

This blindfold has got to go

And what’s worse

I’m feeling both emotions

At the same time

Which feeling will prevail?

Which will have its way with me


I just don’t know

I’m indifferent at this moment

That’s why I am melancholy

About it

But tomorrow I’ll

Be happy again


…Every day is a

…Clean slate

When I sleep tonight

It will be as

If I’ve died

When I awaken

I’ll be born again


So, for now…

I’ll just write

Until I sleep

And God rescues me

From these melancholy blues

Photo – Nong Vang – Unsplash

Already Been Told

Kevy Michaels

Every story has already been told

Every ending is already known

There’s no journey that hasn’t been traveled

And on this path, we are never alone

Everything we can see has been seen before

Even our tears have already been cried

Many have endured what lies before us

Rousing our belief

That we’ll make out just fine

As imagined as rainbows ending in a pot of gold

And as sure as conquering all will never be enough

Satan’s schemes will always exist in our lives

But will surely perish when we call his bluff

Every season has changed before

Just as nothing ever remains the same

Many bridges have been burned

But Faith, like rain, can douse those flames

Hopes have been hoped for through the years

The worst scars have healed and cleared

Life’s giving us what’s been offered before

And in every battle, victory is always near

Photo – Kevy Michaels

Like A Tree

Kevy Michaels

I want to be Like a Tree

Grounded to the soil

Nurtured by the Sun


Because God has chosen my Station

I want to be non-resistant

Bendable, but only when necessary

Seasonally losing everything that defines my Identity

But always returning to a greater Exquisite Magnificence

I want to be welcoming to all who find refuge

In my Tranquility

…Like I do

With trees

…Always standing firm

Even through ferocious storms

And when I can’t endure

Fighting the Battle any longer

I want to surrender

But do so gracefully

Like a tree

Not without planting a seed first

So that my spirit lingers until time ends

Thank You, God

For giving me the Tree

Thanks for showing me

Just how you want me to be


I want to be like a Tree

Photo – Aaron Burden – Unsplash

30 ° Sunshine

Kevy Michaels

All by myself

Strolling on top of the world

God decided to shine a spotlight

On my exalted existence

My life is Surreal

…. Awakened to Joyous living

Surrounded by nature’s 3D beauty

And even from thousands of feet

Above the valley

I am firmly grounded

Blanketed in 30°

Colorado Sunshine

…I’m Smiling inside

Because I am grateful

That God’s light led me

This close to heaven

While I’m still here

On Earth

Music Videos –  My Melancholy YouTube Playlist – 18 Videos

I selected this eclectic list of music videos that are both appropriate for my melancholy and passionate mood.  It reflects the messages that I attempt to convey, and that more artistic artists already have.   Big props to all of the wonderful artists.  I hope that you listen carefully, and you too may hear.  Kevy

Kevy’s Top Videos From The Above YouTube Playlist


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