I Am Pissed! – To A Very High Level of Pisstivity

I’m pissed! I’m upset. I’m a bit angry. And I feel that I have every right to be.

I hope you can hear it in my voice. What I’m angry about is Black inequality and Black inequity. The way that Blacks have been treated in this country. It’s not fair. It’s not about morals. It’s not about God. It’s not about humanity. A

And this shit must stop. We must be made whole. We must honor our Constitution. We must honor God. We must honor humanity and Black people.

Most Black people piss me off. You should be angry like me. Some of you talk a good game and some of you even do things that appear to be helpful. But there are very few that are trying to uplift the spirits of our brothers and sisters, enable them to move forward. Most of your help is to make their poverty comfortable. Government cheese, food pantries, etc.

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But extraordinarily little effort to exerted toward building self-esteem, dealing with mental health issues, uplifting spirits, healing the body, or nutrition. …None of these things. Therefore, I’m comfortable with a Trump win. We need to be slapped upside the head a bit. We need to have no one to rely on but ourselves and God. We’ve been going to our oppressors, which includes Democrats for help, and they give us help and that help just maintains us in the spot that we’re in.

White liberals, many of you annoy me. You’re very deceptive, you’re more deceptive than the conservative racists. Because you get all the benefits that the conservative racists do. You get all the benefits that White privilege offers, yet deceptively.

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You say that “don’t see color, you don’t have a racist bone in your body”, but you fail to acknowledge the big equation, r the scale of your privilege relative our underprivilege. You don’t like racism, but just being White makes you feed institutionalized racism. You think that you do a good thing by voting, liking Black movies, rap music, and even just smiling. But none of those things do anything to uplift the spirits of Black folks. …Uplift our body, our mind.

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Give us a chance to build our communities. You gentrify our communities, so we don’t have communities anymore.

I’m pissed. You know, I think the tip of the iceberg was when I participated in the Martin Luther King memorial rally last week. It was to celebrate his I Have a Dream speech that was given fifty-seven years ago. The rally was on August 28, 2020, in Denver. It was planned for five thousand attendees. There were one hundred in attendance.

…Very telling. It basically says that the dream is no more. That folks just don’t care. And that’s why I’m pissed.

Do you care about humanity? Do you not have a racist bone in your body? Do you not see color? Do you believe in God? These are important questions that you need to answer with your inner self, not your outer self. Your outer self is the one smiling at me, but your inner self is telling you that you’re wrong.

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Image – NPR/Rober Wood Johnson Foundation/Harvard – YouTube

This shit must change! The people that worked on that rally, they worked so hard, they were so sincere and what we did not have in quantity we had and quality. The attendees were very loving. There was a lot of networking that was going on. But nonetheless our “White allies”, local media, social media, and Millennials, none really supported it. And it was very upsetting to me.

I recorded a large part of the event. And I will offer it to the public. But I’m letting you know that I am pissed, and that we should all be pissed. We must address Black inequity, period point blank, and Black inequality from a different paradigm. Voting, though it’s good and it’s our constitutional right that we should exercise is very1960s. I’ve been inside of state legislatures, I’ve contacted representatives, I understand I took my civics class. What is being presented to the public in terms of voting is not what really happens, lobbyists and corporations. Many are being fooled.

Run our government, run our election system, they’re writing the bills and giving it to the representatives, the representatives are paid low salaries sometimes I think in Colorado, less than 40000 a year.

So, they’re not really in it, they have other investments and other things that are going on, this bill, passing or not passing, doesn’t much affect them. So, a lobbyist writes it. They rarely read it. They vote on it. It gets passed. I’m sure this doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens enough in the times when it happens, it affects Black people.

You don’t even have to say Black people anymore. You can just say poor people. And that means Black people. Voting. Is very 1960s, the new paradigm is money spending power vote that way. Black people perpetuate their own demise. They spend money directly and indirectly in the very places that directly and indirectly caused their inequality. Truth, the truth is, so 1990s. Truth does not matter anymore. I’m beating you with truth now as you read this.

The truth is, as we have been savagely denigrated. We have been savagely disregarded. We have been barbarically beaten, killed, lynched, and shot. That’s true, but no one really cares about this truth. No one was at that rally. That’s truth, but nothing has really changed.

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Image – NPR/Rober Wood Johnson Foundation/Harvard – YouTube

We’re at the bottom of every single perspective of standard of living that you can imagine. Shit must change.

I’m not racist. I don’t have a racist bone in my body. I love everybody because I know everybody is really a spirit. So, they have no color. Spirits have no color or no form.

I have many White friends. I have many White friends, and I equally bash. Blacks and Whites. There’s laziness on both sides. Some people say, oh, no, I’m not lazy because I’m doing things today, I’m doing things right now. But I’m talking about in the collective, how Blacks have not been made whole, over four hundred years. That’s lazy. If you can’t get shit accomplished in 400 years, you don’t want to.

A lot of Blacks are comfortable in their situations and, you know, they may even have a profession, a profession that helps people, but that’s a profession. Their spirits aren’t in what they do. They are getting paid.

I’ve been helping people for at least the last 10 years, never charging a cent. I’m doing it now.

This unsolved debt speaks to your morals, your humanity your faith, and belief in God. If you stand aside, you’re just a facade. We are amid a revolution. Many of you will be rudely awakened. And I don’t mean a violent revolution, though there may be violence. I don’t know if it will be violent. But I know in my spirit that shit must change and those who can change it, won’t, or they ignore it, or they smile. They won’t even speak up.

Their answer is reading Black books but live the White privilege to the hilt. Others, they put it all on this weight on Jesus. Now, I understand that in the Bible there may be many scriptures that talk about waiting on the Lord. But there are also scriptures that refute that as well.

Blacks need to do for themselves. The Lord helps those who help themselves, and we’re not doing that. We are too selfish in our community. Let’s admit to our own problems. Let’s admit that we have mental health issues, as well. Four hundred years under the foot of supremacy can cause some mental damage. It causes damage to the body, and damage to the spirit. And nobody fucking cares. I’m pissed. We need to do something about this. Or. It’ll do something to us.


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This cannot go on any longer because this revolution is a worldwide revolution. People who are oppressed are rising everywhere. Africans are even revolting against Africans. All races are revolting against, the antithesis of their race, but also against those in their own race who have no regard for human life and liberty.

Please think about what you’re doing, Many Whites want to know what they can do to uplift Black people. They can use their skills, network, can offer opportunities to build websites, teach technology, provide probing legal services, or help a striving entrepreneur learn how to manage their business. There are so many things you can do other than reading a goddamn book.

Why are you reading a book? Reality is before your eyes. There’s only one book you need to read. That’s the Bible (Quran, etc.). And if you must read another, read one on Black statistics.

Black people, oh, you pray, you give tithes, and can spit scriptures like you spit, spit. But what are you really doing? How are you really living? Are you really helping someone, not out of grant money, but out of your money?

Are you giving somebody your time? Freely. …Not on the job. Off the job? You’re not you’re not acting like this is serious. That’s why I want Trump to win. Because Trump is going to give us an austerity like we’ve never seen. Both the White folks that I’ve been speaking of and Black folks will suffer. Maybe a few will be motivated to effect some real change and to really contribute to Black equity and equality. Others, they’ll be left by the wayside.

I know that one paradigm that I will change is I will no longer try to convert anybody. I will not waste my time on people who are stuck in the mud, stuck in their own shit. That’s not going to happen. I’m going to work with a few like the organizations recently that I met. I call them three Black kings because three guys that I met after the rally have their organizations, Apprentice Peace, From the Heart Organization, and the Black Men’s Health Initiative.

They’re working on body, mind, and Spirit. That’s what we should be doing, working on body, mind, and spirit, and lifting people up. That’s going to require action on both Whites and Blacks who are doing well and who are indifferent. That’s about the same thing. You’re indifferent because you’re doing well, you don’t give a damn about no one else. But remember, we’re on an equation, those who have less, for them to make to be made whole, those who have more are going to have to give up something.

They’re going to have to give up reparations. They’re going to have to give up through taxes. They’re going to have to give up time, labor, and intelligence. But they’re going to have to give up something. Because nothing from nothing is nothing. So, we need to get something from the other side. Remember that talk is cheap. Voting is 1990’s. Economics is the way we need to go. Truth doesn’t matter. That’s 1990s.

Truth is no longer important. How you communicate and convey your message., that’s what’s important. Whether it’s truth or not, the bottom line this year is trying to convince and motivate people to take a certain action, like purchase a new car, or purchase an iPhone. Well, maybe we should convey our messages in that way so that it’s sexy, so that it’s viral. So that social media explodes when they see our videos. And maybe we can compel some folks to change and leave.

The waste should be left in the toilet. Leave those types behind. Let’s not fall for the okeydokey anymore.

We’re talking about the future of civilization in this country. We’re talking about whether democracy will exist anymore. Please take it seriously. I’m pissed you should be, too. Kevy

My First Podcast on Anchor

I’m Pissed!


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This poll is the first among a series of reports that surveyed additional groups, including Latinos, Asian Americans, Native Americans, men, women, and LGBTQ adults, on their experiences with discrimination.

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9 thoughts on “I Am Pissed! – To A Very High Level of Pisstivity

    1. Genesis 15: 13 – 14
      13Then He said to Abram: “Know certainly that your descendants will be strangers in a land that is not theirs, and will serve them, and they will afflict them four hundred years. 14And also the nation whom they serve I will judge; afterward they shall come out with great possessions.

  1. You make some good points. Good reasons to be very upset. I do hope you can clarify this statement, however: ” You don’t like racism, but just being White makes you feed institutionalized racism.” That sounds like a racist statement in itself to me against white people. Maybe I misunderstand. I need to read your article a few times. A lot to digest.

    1. The machinery of racism requires that Whites are privileged and that Blacks are under privilege. Everyone cannot be privileged as things are.

      Whites continue to ‘do their thing’, live their lives comfortably, even if liberal without outrage over the inhumanity of systematic institutional racism against Blacks..

      Again, racism is systematic.

      Just being White and not being outraged supports the system’s machinery. US communities are largely segregated. They are due to historical racism.

      Whites, even Liberals, enjoy these privileges. Blacks suffer because Whites enjoy advantages. Blacks then fill the void of the other side of the equation/scale.

      Whites may not disadvantage Blacks intentionally. But they fully enjoy their privilege “to have a good quality of life” and as a result, Blacks don’t progress.

      Whites never consider, even liberals, that to make Blacks whole, and fill all the holes in Blacks’ quality of life, they may have to give up a lot….lower their standard of living to better that of Blacks.

      Whites can clearly juxtapose their standard and social issues with that of Blacks. The contrast is stark. But they are not outraged. Not actively trying to balance the scale. Many are just nice and go back to their separate and isolated quality lives.

      Look at Black slavery and Jim Crow as an accounting entry.

      Accounting entries must be balanced. Blacks are recorded as a debit to Assets on the Balance Sheet. The other side of the entry is a credit to Liabilities which represents a Debt.

      This is a debt that has yet to be paid. White American holds this debt and must credit its assets to relieve this debt. The debt has compounded 400 years of interest charges.

      The journal entry to relieve this debt must be paid with funds from the Asset side of the Balance Sheet. I hope this is understandable.

      Many Whites take racism and inequity personally. It is systematic and institutional though. Just being White just as being a downtrodden Black sustains this system and unrelieved liability. Thanks for asking me to clarify. Luv Kevy

      Podcast Response – https://anchor.fm/kevin-vidal/episodes/This-episode-education-those-who-may-think-that-my-statements-are-racist-ej5nal

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