Shake Shizzo Up! – Blacks, Minorities, Liberals, Millenials – Vote For Howie Hawkins. Trump, Kanye, Or Not At All – I Am Not Crazy – 11 Good Reasons Why

This is a quick and short post by my standards. …Yeah, right.

I am working through technical issues on my main computer. but luckily have a backup. It has limited functionality, but it’ll work to convey this message:

Shake Shizzo Up – Don’t Be Taken For Granted – Blacks, Minorities, Liberals, Millenials – Vote For Trump, Kanye Or Not At All

I’ve learned to never say never.

I never would have imagined that I would skip my vote in a presidential election, or would vote for Howie Hawkins, The Lobster, or even Kanye West. Now, I am poised to do either as soon as my ballot arrives. I urge Blacks and Minorities especially to do the same. But I also encourage everyone to give Trump a second term. I will explain why later.

By doing so, shizzo may get crazy, but with Trump, we will know what we are dealing with and our efforts will not be deceptively taken for granted; we won’t be disillusioned in yet one more election.

It seems that for Americans to take Racial Inequity and Inequality seriously, they must be slapped upside theirs heads to become unstuck on Stupid.

When you really think about it, Dems, Liberals, Nonprofits, and fake prophets instigate fear, just as The Lobster does. They tell us that our lives depend on voting for Biden, that Democracy will end if The Lobster wins, Social Security will be cut, as well as, healthcare. Maybe they are correct, but so what?

What is of greater relevance to me as a Black man in America is that Black Inequity and Inequality is the lifeline (money line) for outdated Democratic policies, bandaid-applying nonprofits, and strategies that simply appear to heal Blacks, that really just helps “them” justify their existence.

These entities, along with lazy and ignorant Blacks, as well as, White Liberal (racists in disguise) need to feel the fire…the burn. This may be the only thing that gets them off of their ass from following the status quo that has undisputedly been ineffective.

They need their lifelines severed to make them listen to people’s concerns above their own self-interest, grants, foundation money, and comfortable White Privilege. Their problem and concerns must become the same as that of improverished, downtrodden Blacks.

A Trump win will deliver that. Shit will hit the fan, and maybe real revolution and change will occur.

White Liberal Democrats are in denial. They do little, are silent, or believe that Racism is about being nice to minorities. Fcuk being nice. Show us the money!

Coincidently, being this way does not cause them to change anything to secure their privelege, other than to smile at Black people, read Black theme books, watch Black movies, and learn to appreciate rap music. That’s not a costly price for their protection.

White Liberals, if they were sincere to our constitution, God, and their conscience would treat resolving Racism as if they are paying their own unpaid debt. They really are.

They must realize that their privilege today, perpetuates Black oppression. They are deceptive in their inaction and in just thinking and talking racism away, as though they are trying to appear like they are really doing something.

Sense must be knocked into their heads. Problems must knock on their doors. Trump will make that happen if reelected. I want this scenario more than for Biden to win.

Blacks tend to fall into two categories:

  1. Many think that they are letting Jesus handle things. That type of thinking is what has us F’ed up today! It is unfair to Jesus or God, depending on if you think they are different entities. They justify their laziness by making Jesus/God the answer to their inaction. I believe God expects us to use discernment, and judgment to make decisions and perform good deeds, sometimes radical, under His guidance and protection. They think they know God, but still have a lot to learn about their own lack of passion and inaction.
  2. Other Blacks profit from racism. Racism actually has an industry behind it, complete with funding, and grants supporting superficial efforts to address that which is never really addressed. Needless to say, racism never disappears, and they continue to get paid. They are generally paid by big corporate interests who don’t give two fucks about Black plight. They simply want the PR of saying they gave to a Black organization or nonprofits targeting Black plight. Often the “Black” organizations, just need to appear to be helpful, “to get paid”. This mess needs to be dismantled.

The irony of the matter is that most who keep us stuck on stupid are old farts like myself. We shouldn’t even have a dog in this hunt!

We will be dead in 10 – 20 years! Most political leaders at every level will be dead in 10 – 20 years, because, by and large, old people are running shit at the municipal, state and federal levels. Our old asses should follow the lead of Millenials. They are two-thirds of the population and must live in the mess that we allowed to fester.

We should let them lead the charge, but many liberals, black and white boomers, want to run the show when they have clearly already failed the test. Our outdated asses are simply squirrels, trying to get a nut.

We should let the young folks steer this ship. It is their turn. They are clearly showing us how to effect change quickly. Look at how police departments and funding is changing, and how racist statues are being removed.

Trump will ignite the Millenials’ efforts, by being the jerk that he is, and perhaps will get others to join the Millenials, leaving deadbeats to surrender or die out.

As Trump said in the 2016 election, we can’t do worse.

We can’t. Oh no, “Yes We Can”! Democrats will continue to follow ineffective strategies that will leave Blacks, in the aggregate, where they have been for 100s of years, at the bottom. This happens over and over again. Are Blacks that stupid? “Yes we can”, but not me.

I’ve also learned that The Lord works in mysterious ways. I believe that The Lord wants us all to see the ignorance in Blacks repeatedly being taken for granted. He leads us to the waters, but he does not force us to drink from the well. He gave us free will to be as stupid as we want to be, until we learn. He doesn’t want us to be stuck on stupid, but honoring our freewill trumps that desire. I believe that The Lord wants us to make the right choices to gain equality, but we refuse to change the station on the dial in our minds.

I have learned on Life’s Road that often we think direct action is the only way. My discernment has shown me that taking opposing action can also solve problems, especially major ones, as is Racism.

I do not support Trump’s rhetoric or actions. But, I am tired of being disillusioned by Democrats! They are more deceptive. A Trump win will be the last call for the shiftless, stupid, and deniers of reality. If they don’t get it with a Trump win, the world just as well should end.

In a big way, Racism and injustice is what sustains their existence.

Without it, they would not have a trumpet to blow. The same applies to Blacks who shuffle delusional inequity and inequality workshop and seminar efforts simply “to get paid”, but not with an ounce of sincerity. Their goal outside of getting paid, is often to “appear” to address problems, but not really address them, or they may just severe their own lifeline.

There is a lot of money to be made in Ted Talks, TV appearances, commercials, speaking engagements, workshops, press interviews, and in social media, just talking that talk, while doing shizzo. The entire nonprofit industry is built around sustaining itself and its funding. The same applies to Democrats.

They simply have no incentive to meaningfully effect change on Racism. It would put them out of business.

So, check this out.

Today I sent emails to the Democratic Party and to the Biden campaign expressing my views. And, I am serious. Many other Blacks, Minorities, and Liberals are getting it, as well, though they too do not support Trumps’s policies and divisiveness.

But we feel that this divisiveness will send a clear message to Democrats, Disingenuous Blacks, and Silent White Liberals. This action may bring the heat to their asses, to be more effective. It will clearly say, “get off the pot or piss”. It will scare them into action. They need to be scared about their future as are the downtrodden people that they pretend to serve and support.

A second Trump administration won’t be as bad for Blacks, anyway.

We have learned to endure and survive at the bottom. We have been bottom feeders for 100s of years. Those who are not accustomed to hard times will have to do more than they have been, when they can no longer escape the radar, as they have over the years. Some may just crackup.


Besides, all will not be lost if Dems lose this election.

The elephant in the room is our economic power. Our economic power is greater than our voting power. Money facilitates A to B transactions. It is pretty straightforward. If you spend money, you receive a good or service

Voting is not as cut and dry. It is tainted, deceptive, and controlled by lobbyists, who salivate for more money. If you cast your vote, it is very unlikely that what you voted for will every come into fuision. Example: Racial Equity & Equality.

Money is understood by all, Liberals, Churches, Foundations, Nonprofits, Schools, Blacks, Whites, and all races. Money talks, Bullshit walks. After a Trump win, we could easily resort to an economic revolt. I plan to build and app for that phase.

As an African American, I will not vote or will vote for Donald Trump, expressly to shake shit up. I will encourage others to do the same. many more than you may be aware, are planning to do the same. Kevy

The remainder of this so-called “quick” post will be the content from communications on my making this decision. I’ve already sent this message to facade nonprofits, Racial Justice cover operations, and lackluster folks who are stuck on stupid, in the 1950s, and who do not believe that we are already in a revolution. Kevy

Joe Biden
Democratic presidential candidate former Vice President Joe Biden gestures while referencing President Donald Trump at a campaign event at the William “Hicks” Anderson Community Center in Wilmington, Del., Tuesday, July 28, 2020.(AP Photo/Andrew Harnik)

Sent To Biden Campaign, Fake Leaders & Nonprofits

August 25, 2020
Below is a note that I sent to the Biden campaign and the Democratic party today.
I encourage you and others to do the same. I will blog about it.
It is my hope now that “The Lobster” wins the presidential election. I will most likely vote for Howie Hawkins, Green Party.
I do not support his rhetoric or policies but believe that the injustice and austerity that he will cause will wake up lazy liberals and retool antiquated Black strategies.
I am sure that it will get ugly to affect change this way through an uprising, but I am certain that change will come quicker this way. It won’t take 50 years.
My assumption is based on changes being effected by Millennials who are 230 million strong. Non-active Racists and others stuck in the mud are only about 70 million strong and will die off, including me, in the coming years.
The strategy of Democrats is 100s of years old and has Blacks still at the bottom of virtually every standard of living, while Liberal Whites & have-no-clue disingenious Blacks are comfortable when they shouldn’t be. Their comfort lies on a foundation of material things, money, power, and grant funding. They don’t want to loose their shit! So what do they do? The sell their souls.
A Trump win will make them uncomfortable as they should be. It may make them act out of necessity. With obstacles in their own backyard, perhaps they will act, beyond just talk and reading books.
I have contacted a number of Black organizations, asking them to do the same.

Stats on Blacks speak for themselves.
Christianity speaks for itself. Actually, all religions do, but miscalibrated minds just won’t listen.
Liberals, religious organizations, nonprofits agency efforts are often fruitless.
Whether Blacks are treated with greater kindness or none at all, marginal, or non-measurable progress is made namely to the pleasure of receiving agency funds, doing nothing, and sustaining out-of-date strategies. Blacks don’t usually benefit in the aggregate from their policies.
America’s Black problem is like having a leaking ceiling, but only addressing it with buckets to catch the water, never thinking of fixing the roof. Eventually, such a roof will cave in. This is what will happen to America if we do not take immediate and measurable action to address racial inequity and inequality. This will not magically go away. Even if Trump applies military tactics, it will not go away.
Warriors are energized by threatens. Warriors will give their lives for their beliefs, and for the good of others.
Trump won’t directly things better for the disadvantaged. That, I understand.
But he will make it so much worse, that we will be forced to rise up as a means of survival. …Even the lazy, silent, and deceptive fcuks. Democrats, Nonprofits, Churches, and the like, will be put on bold notice.
Current ineffectiveness simply keeps things as they are, and privilege as it is, for Liberal Whites and many Black leaders too.
The problem is clearly not an only White problem. Many Blacks greet and perpetuate their own people’s demise.

Here is my note to the Biden campaign. I will distribute this message to many.

I am passionate and recognize “wooden nickels” when presented to me.
Warm Regards,

I’ve decided to vote for Howie Hawkins, Trump, Kanye, or not at all.
I am a Black lifetime Democrat, world-traveled, and well-educated.
Liberals perpetuate Black Inequality & Inequity. Your strategy is so 1950s.
I will post about this on my website, encouraging others to not vote or to not vote for Biden.
We are in a Revolutionary era. We are not in the Romper Room.
My actions or lack thereof with regard to voting will hopefully illuminate the Democratic error in ways. …the facade race-addressing agencies, workshops, delusional seminars, nonprofits, and social bandaids that keep Blacks down, but never really address the root of the problem, because doing so may eliminate our need for their existence, and their funding.
I believe that the result, though likely ugly, will affect changes quicker and more effectively.
White Liberals are what’s holding Blacks back and they simultaneously sustain liberal lackluster efforts. Blacks, in the name of Jesus, often ignore the abomination of human suffering, by acting as if Racism is a coffee table discussion.
It is not that kind of party.
I really hope that you wake up, but that hope is nearly gone. The practical alternative is to give Trump 4 more years.
Call me at 303.XXX.XXXX for detailed feedback. If not, please delete my contact info from your list.


11 Reasons Why I Say Vote For Trump Or Not At All

  • Many, including White Silencers, False Prophets, Foundations, Nonprofits, and Liberals in general must be awakened from their slumber. These folks only think about their own self-interest. That is their prerogative. But, let’s be clear, they, even the holy rollers, are not thinking about future generations, though they stand with one foot in the grave, and the other on a banana peel.
  • The Dems have been taking Blacks for granted much too long. They have moved the needle very little when you view demographic statistics, relative to the years that they have had to correct Blacks’ plight.

Musical Comercial Break

  • Allowing Trump to do his mess, will not be permanent and will ignite the climax of the revolution. Things may get messy as revolutions always do. However, revolts have historically, and currently, have expedited progress.
  • ‘Us’ Black People, we tend to fear the unknown and are skewed to believe that Satan’s gonna get us and only God can save us. We need to understand God better. Even Jesus had balls. He was a rebel. Besides, why put our laziness, fear, and greed-driven shit on God, anyway?
  • Trump may just do better for Blacks than Biden and Dems have. We have a long history with Dems….not a productive one, though. Trump is a narcissist. Winning with the Black vote may cause him to change course, just to be written favorably in history. Several political leaders, who were known racists, had a change of heart or felt guilt, and made radical (for them) changes in direction. Reagan made MLK day an official holiday. George Wallace changes coats or robes.
  • Trump is erratic. With him, there are unknowns, mostly bad, but some may perhaps be good. We know Dems well. They promise but don’t deliver. They are just like the Race (Just) Talk workshop that I invested passin and time in, that “Just Talked” but ignored dissenting views and took minimal action.

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  • Dems need a break to get their shit together. There is dissension in the party that must be settled. This bold move will enlighten differences and will give Dem Millenials the voice that they deserve for Today’s Times. I changed my party affiliation last year to Independent so that I could be as independent as I am. If Dems see our point during a revolution, maybe, maybe they will change their dial from the WSTUPD. I may even support them in the 2024 or 2028 election, but still, then, they will have to deserve my vote.
  • This is perhaps the most important point. Our greatest power lies in economics and what Blacks contribute to the economy. We could get far more mileage out of where and when we spend than our vote has ever given us. America is Capitalist, and Imperialist, along with Racist. Money talks. But we fail to realize this. Money will talk much louder than voting. Look at all the money being poured out to keep the greed machinery churning.
  • Blacks need to do more for themselves and stop depending so much on oppressors to have empathy. Not having programs, and legislation to keep us in bondage may cause us to build our own communities and self-sufficiency, as other minority groups have done. The current paradigm impedes this from happening.
  • Republicans are the party of Lincoln. Our entering into the Republican space can cause dissension and ultimately resolution from the inside out.
  • We must do more than just win the next election. We are trying to revolutionalize Equality and Equity in America, especially with regard to the Black plight. This will take time, battle, and balls most of all. Doing the opposite of what everyone expects will let the powers that be know that we are not beholden to Liberal Bullshit, or anyone’s bullshit. We know BS well. Why not get our BS from the Bullshitter in Charge. We will know what we will get with Trump. We will go through another cycle of disappointment with the Dems, like damn fools that we’ve been. Besides, Bullshit tastes the same, regardless of the source.

  • Videos

I apologize for the quality of this post.

I rushed to prepare it because my passion is so elevated at this time based on communications with imposter organizations, who appeared to be helpful, but who are actually stifling to real Black progress.

These agencies, churches, and foundations have strategies that dilute what little sincerely they may have once had. I address them front and center, not biting my tongue. When I see BS, I call it out, loudly.

I needed to post this content, as well as, several reposts today, while the sentiments were fresh. I am now in my 20th hour on overdrive today.

I am sure that this post has its share of errors. I will copyedit it later in the morning.

To be frank, my efforts are a true labor of love. I am paid by no one. Even the ads do not generate revenue or profit for me. I like it this way. I am not swayed by money as most are.

I began advocating on behalf of my elderly mother, against my money-thirsty family members, and agencies and doctors who saw her Medicare Benefits as a revenue-generating opportunity. I have only increased in my advocacy skills threefold since then. These early events were my training grounds for taking on greater injustices.

The fact of the matter is that in addition to producing content, I take tangible action to help people, in between breaks. I do not just talk. I walk the talk. I have for the past several years.

Last week I took a homeless person into my home to help him recover and rebuild his life. Also, last week I poised a friend in a troubled situation to begin a new life and job after she escaped abuse.

In the past weeks, I have prepared expungement documents, resumes, letters, applications, acted as a chauffeur to the elderly, an advocate, volunteered to move persons suffering from AIDS, and regularly volunteer at street ministry churches, and for many other persons and organizations.

Through my deeds, passion, and opinions, I feel that I am boldly following God’s will and will stand toe-to-toe much taller in his sight, than the many illusionists that plague ours and my standard of living and peace of mind.

I help many people. I have for years and will until I die.

I am a workhorse for change and for good. I expose those things that no one wants to talk about.

I am not complaining. I chose the road least traveled. I know that what I endure is par for the course that I’ve chosen.

I only apologize for poorer than normal quality because I am now exhausted and must get rest. I will spruce up this post later.

I am Kevy Michaels

You may use Google Translate to copy and paste, then translate any posts on this website, to over 60 different languages.

Being cognizant of international visitors, I want to do all that I can to communicate wisdom globally for all.

Contact us at

7 thoughts on “Shake Shizzo Up! – Blacks, Minorities, Liberals, Millenials – Vote For Howie Hawkins. Trump, Kanye, Or Not At All – I Am Not Crazy – 11 Good Reasons Why

  1. Hi There, I am grateful for your expressions of concern and your analysis. I am a privileged white person and I see what you see. Although we might not agree on proposed solutions, I agree the democrats have systematically supported racism, maybe just more politely. They have created and maintained a system that puts a few at the top and keeps most of the rest living with insecurity, indignity, and unequal treatment under the law. There is a lot of excitement among liberal whites about a return to the pre-Trump era, but for most Americans, that’s just more of the same. And it’s getting worse. .I have tried to convince people in my circles that Biden will not change things and Trump is not an anomaly. The system — of which Biden is part and parcel — gave us Trump. Even my “anti-racist” friends have a hard time accepting that everything is rigged in favor of the few, probably because they are the few. I do have one major concern you don’t raise — that re-electing Trump will assure the world will be handed over to Russia, China and a bunch of two-bit right-wing dictators..Heaven help us. Keep up the good trouble.

    1. I don’t feel that the US will be overturned.

      What I feel in my spirit is that the revolution will get more intense.

      Things may get worse (really bad) but it inequities and the economy will recalibrate and be much different but better in about 5 years.

      The movement will turn to rebellious economically and will effect change more dynamically.

      It will rebel in communications too…media, social media, and creatively. They will make rebellion viral.

      Notice how all the big corporations are adding #BLM to there marketing. They are not stupid. The see the economic power if 230 million Millennials if they decide to stop spending or tarnish their image. …their revenues. They will be starving to become prosperous again.

      The Millennials will be running shit!

      Trump will just give the Revolution the inertia it needs to put things in full motion to effect real change. It will get White and Black Liberals off their azzes or get left behind.

      Thanks for commenting.

      May God bless us all.


  2. Well KM, Tubularsock has to agree that voting for either of these two idiots is a sad state of affairs but don’t be fooled that voting for either will change ANYTHING for Blacks, Whites, or even Colorless People!

    The system has been rigged so long that the population may bitch but revolution or even a “waking up” is pretty much out of the question.

    Either way it goes the corporations win and the worker slaves will rush back to slavery and thank the “Big Boys” for letting them be slave workers again so they can reach the American Dream.

    Cornel West sums it up for Tubularsock but even he is a bit too optimistic for Tubularsock.

    And thank you for your follow of Tubularsock, “. . . first hand coverage, second hand news.”

    Tubularsock finds your work most interesting and will be following you as well.


    1. The big elephant in the room is our spending power.

      If corporations are legal voting entities, then our dollars are votes too.

      Our spending dollars are more powerful than voting. Voting is 1990s.

      But I will vote Green Party Howie Hawkins.

      Voting will become more of an obsolete strategy for change more in the future. Kevy

      1. Kevy, Tubularsock couldn’t agree more. If citizens would start to understand that $=votes and that holding back $’s could refocus corporations ……. things could change for the better.

        Green’s are looking better by the minute for Tubularsock as well!

      2. What I clearly see and feel is that voting as a first weapon to effect change is so 1960s…it’s an obsolete approach. Voting is important but not of primary importance. Voting with $ should be the #1 weapon used to effect real change. Noticed how Gap, Starbucks, NBA, Nascar, and most corporations are now featuring in commercials that #BLM? That’s because black dollars and the dollars of those who support #BLM, matter.

        Truth is also so 1990’s. It’s a waste of time if the Truth is not “cool”. Defending Truth, religiously, morally, ideologically, etc. is obselete. What goes viral, what is “sexy”, what provkes emotions is far more powerful than Truth alone. Instead of defending truth, to effect change we must make the truth as “sexy” as Calvin Klein, Amazon, iPhone, or a holiday movie trailer commercials. It doesn’t mean that we lie. It just means that the Truth must be conveyed in a way that provokes emotions, and makes everyone want to be a part of it. Truth needs to be conveyed from a marketing, sales, social media, creative, and theatrical angle. …As if we are conveying the hottest new fab going. Kevy

      3. Agreed. Right on the money.

        Tubularsock can see it now.

        Trump in a tent sized Calvin Klein Levis and Biden in a Calvin Klein heavily starched shirt so he could erect.

        Now THAT would be “sexy” to generate votes!

        Oh, maybe that wasn’t exactly what you had in mind.


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