Share – Revolution 2020 – Ingredients For A Savory Pot of Rebellion Gumbo – It Will End Up As An Economic Revolution Though It May Not Start That Way – 10 Key Ingredients For Today’s Boiling Pot Revolution

I am reposting this in today’s more intense racial and political climate. Perhaps with the coronavirus lockdowns, more people will view and understand this message.

We are now in the revolution, whether you accept it or not. It includes all of the usual ingredients but mixed to a different recipe.

Though I believe that the initial action will require taking matters to the streets, ultimately, if we do things right, we can make this an economic revolution. This is what it must become.

We can stop supporting any entity that supports racism, directly and covertly.

I believe that our power in dollars is greater than our power in voting. Everyone understands money: Nonprofits, Conservatives, The Government, Blacks, Liberal Whites, etc. …Especially those who flaunt compassion and Jesus.

We will have to take matters to the streets as I have, and like others, namely, Millenials are doing. But, if we pull this off correctly, the revolution will evolve into an economic war.

We must stop giving money to those entities that oppress or distort being “for the cause of Blacks”.

I believe that a Trump win will really ignite real revolution. This will catapult real change.

I have decided to not vote at all, or to vote for The Lobster to keep things moving and allow history to repeat itself again, but much more vibrantly.

I will explain why voting for The Lobster will trigger really change, in a messy, but quicker way, than what Democrats have been doing ineffectively for over 100 years.


I consider myself to be rather introspective. I spend a great deal of time analyzing life and Life Seasons daily. I’m constantly searching for a deeper meaning. Sometimes it gets me in trouble, particularly when helping people, thinking that my service is a calling when it ends up becoming a curse.

Obviously, as an African American, I have been doing a lot of self-soul-searching and searching the soul of America, and the world. …The Joe Biden way. I’ve examined myself, friends, family strangers, and “leaders” to draw my own conclusions. I also do quite a bit of research to support my conclusions. I compliment my understanding with my spirituality, fortified through regular prayer and meditation. It is the best that I can do. I may still not always obtain the truth, but at least I don’t take any dish served to me without interrogation.

In this post, I thoughtfully examine why we are in Revolution 2020, right now. I’ll get all introspective with it too.

I have listed all of the ingredients that I believe contribute to today’s outrage. Some of my findings are strictly opinionated. But most are supported by fact and commonly accepted morals and beliefs. Common sense enters the room too in this evaluation.

I find that the fixings that created such an unprecedented outrage around the world were the perfect components for creating the toxic soup in which we now boil.

The New Orleans in me led me to see this recipe for Revolution 2020 as a metaphor for the ingredients that go into the perfect pot of New Orleans Creole gumbo. I included a reliable recipe at the end of this post. Remember, I am a New Orleans River Rat. I grew up 2 blocks from the river Tchoupitoulas Street
Tchoupitoulas Pronunciation

Photo - Leftover Turkey Gumbo - Amy In The Kitchen
Photo – Leftover Turkey Gumbo – Amy In The Kitchen

Like gumbo, adding only the right ingredients, letting them stew for hours, makes it pop.

America and the rest of the world have been stewing too, in a boiling pot of disparity, racism, and disregard for humanity. Adding George Floyd’s killing to the pot of other ingredients is now making this rebellion gumbo boil over.

“Revolution 2020 is an appropriate name because it is in this year 2020 that the world’s vision of humanity will become crystal clear to everyone”. – Kevy

The one thing that most dividers thought would never happen, is now happening. We are coming together worldwide in protest of police brutality and killings of Blacks.

This rebellion is more powerful than any before because many people are infuriated not only by police abhorrent activities in their region but also by all forms of oppression and deception, experienced in nearly every aspect of living in freedom and equity.

Surely every region of the world can relate to the savagery of the cops involved in the George Floyd killing because they see it before their eyes daily on television and in social media. And they see it a lot because they are at home more often than ever, due to the coronavirus. Police violence is a common denominator for many people around the world because it happens everywhere. The world has many other George Floyds, as does America.

Police violence runs rampant everywhere, from Hong Kong to Paris, to Venezuela, Europe, and Africa to the USA, and everywhere in between. Police violence is a universal issue, with Blacks/Africans being one of the most dishonored victims.

In this rebellion, we are beginning to see commonalities in our lack of access to Healthcare, Education, Entrepreneurship, Justice, and many other privileges. This is why I believe that this revolution will be bigger than it appears. After eradicating police violence, the same force of people has many other bones that need to be picked, in common.

This is Revolution 2020 because of very specific elements have come together all at the same time, creating the perfect rebellion storm. Because I am from New Orleans, I see the ingredients of Revolution 2020 as analogous to the ingredient in a good pot of New Orleans Creole gumbo.

How DC protesters are keeping up the momentum – BBC News – Jun 7, 2020 – BBC News

New Orleans Gumbo

Photo Creole File Gumbo-Jeffrey David Ehrenreich-Ph.D for Louisiana KitchenCultureMag
Photo – Creole File Gumbo-Jeffrey David Ehrenreich-Ph.D for Louisiana Kitchen Culture Mag

Gumbo is a significant aspect of New Orleans’ culture. Gumbo has its own subculture. We enjoy it on special occasions, and everyone knows of the family member or friend who prepares it exceptionally, “putting their foot in it.”

“Put your foot in” – Meaning that it is fantastic! Usually referring to a great meal. Sentence – Mom, you put your foot in that pot of gumbo! – Urban Dictionary – Stacia22 – August 12, 2008

Gumbo recipes call for specific ingredients, depending on the kind of gumbo that you are preparing. There are many varieties. Gumbo cooks are fussy about what they add to their recipe, and how they perform each step of the preparation process. Though the roux is the foundation of gumbo and many New Orleans dishes, there are even variations in how different people prepare it.

Whatever method is followed to prepare New Orleans Creole gumbo, the cook and the people who eat it swear by that recipe, with very specific ingredients, down to brand names.

I posted previously about my mother preparing gumbo in the following posts, Calling All New Orleanians – It Is Gumbo Season! – Filé Gumbo Is In The Air, Gumbo In The Air 1, and Gumbo In The Air 2. Review these posts to better understand gumbo and how to prepare it.

Rebellion Gumbo Recipe

I did some brainstorming and research to find the finest ingredients to prepare this Rebellion Gumbo. I wanted it to be like the dish being served today around the world, so I followed the recipe that many find so savory today. I know I like it. I had 9 servings last week at BLM marches.

After I brainstormed and checked with Chef Google, I did grassroots research to finalize my list of ingredients. I posed the question, Why you, Why now? to rally participants.

Here are the factors that I and protesting Millennials identify as the key ingredients that make this rebellion gumbo yummy for our revolutionary tummy.

The Perfect Rebellion Gumbo Recipe Ingredients

Photo - Shrimp, Crab And Okra Gumbo - Emeril's
Photo – Shrimp, Crab And Okra Gumbo – Emeril’s

One – Police Killing Blacks – More than 1,000 unarmed people died as a result of police harm between 2013 and 2019, according to data from Mapping Police Violence.Deaths From Police Harm Disproportionately Affect People of Color – U.S. News

Police: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO) – Jun 8, 2020 – Last Week Tonight

22 Years of Unarmed Black Men Killed by Police | Mashable – Nov 24, 2014 – Mashable Article

White police officer kills a black woman in her home in Fort Worth – Oct 13, 2019 – CBS Evening News
US police shoot and kill Black people at twice the rate of whites: Report – May 29, 2020 – Jazeera English

Photo - Seafood And Okra Gumbo -Southern Spicy Kitchen
Photo – Seafood And Okra Gumbo -Southern Spicy Kitchen

Two – Coronavirus Impact On Blacks – Nationally, African-American deaths from COVID-19 are significantly greater than would be expected based on their share of the population. In over four states, the rate is three or more times greater. – The Coronavirus Crisis – What Do Coronavirus Racial Disparities Look Like State By State? – NPR – The racial wound at the center of the coronavirus pandemic in the US continues to fester, with the latest data showing that African Americans have died from the disease at almost three times the rate of white people. – The Guardian

Oprah Winfrey Talks About Coronavirus Impact On Black America: ‘It’s Taking Us Out’ | TODAY – Apr 14, 2020
Why the coronavirus is hitting African Americans so hard | DW News – Apr 16, 2020 – DW News
Photo - Emeril's Country Gumbo - Emeril's
Photo – Emeril’s Country Gumbo – Emeril’s

Three – Coronavirus Idleness – There are over 30 million Americans who are unemployed. Over half are watching hours of TV each day. Many people have free time like they have never had in their life. I believe that this free time makes participating in protests easier and desirable. Let me explain why this ingredient is so important.

The media is having a field day in this crisis, as in every crisis, and is making a bundle. They are so successful because the free time has created a significant increase in viewership. I try to pull my friends away from day-long news binges but have given up. They are hooked on the news like junkies.

My mother Eunice used to say to me repeatedly as a child, “An idle mind stays in the devil’s workshop’. She was right again. Having no sense of purpose while unemployed or not in school, watching a bunch of television, and having limited human interaction, is a perfect combination of isolation to attract people to join with friends and family to do what we do, have relations. In this case, there was a free gathering at the local city hall, state capitol, or police station.

The George Floyd protest rescued many from the Coronavirus isolation and repeatedly watching igniting news reports.

I found attending the rallies was more like a love fest though it is presented to the public as rioting and looting. For a few days, I could not tear myself away. I networked, obtained new information, and made new friends while at the protest rallies. I will write about my experiences at the rallies soon. The protest rallies rescued many of us from isolation, loneliness, and anxiety.

‘Perfect storm’: Coronavirus lockdown, joblessness fuel longstanding grievances – POLITICS NEWS – NBC

The pandemic “has shined a spotlight on racial injustice in America in the most profound ways,” a law professor told NBC News.

With roughly 40 million people out of work in the U.S, and schools and activities shut down with a preceding three months that for many meant near-total lockdown of their lives in New York City and elsewhere, the protests have been able to gain incredible momentum, especially among young people. Read More

Coronavirus: how to cope with anxiety and self-isolation – Mar 19, 2020 – Guardian News
Photo - Duck and Andouille Gumbo - Cooking NY Times
Photo – Duck and Andouille Gumbo – Cooking NY Times

Four – Coronavirus Economic Impact – In my opinion, the Coronavirus, isolation, and 20 million unemployed Americans has elusively shown us how powerful we truly are. Some of us learned this by accident, though.

During stay-at-home and quarantine orders we damn-near stopped the Earth from spinning because we weren’t spending. We brought the economy to a halt thus revealing to woke Americans how much power we have over the economy.

We are so powerful that governments around the world had to give us stimulus money to keep the machinery going, certainly not to help ends meet as conveyed. Gasoline prices dropped to levels I’ve never seen before. Wildlife began to roam the Earth as God intended, and the CO2 emission levels could see the largest ever annual fall in 2020.

Now we know how powerful we are. Now we know that we are “the shit” now!

All Americans who band together can harness tremendous economic and political power. With this power, we can eradicate police killings, racism, control global warming, insist on healthcare-for-all, and tell The Lobster, “You’re fired!” Many unknowingly flexed this muscle. Wall Street investors and corporations recognized it loud and clear, though. I want us to someday flex this muscle more strategically. I believe this would be a perfect side dish to the gumbo.

I have maintained for years that oppression of humans, animals, and the Earth could be contained if we flexed our economic muscle more often. The economic impact of the coronavirus showed us power that we never knew or forgot that we had.

Imagine how 230 million Millennials could use economic power to shape their future world, imagine?

Coronavirus outbreak: The economic impact explained – Mar 6, 2020 – Global News
Coronavirus: impact on Global Economy – BBC News – May 1, 2020
Photo - Creole Okra Gumbo - Honest Food
Photo – Creole Okra Gumbo – Honest Food

Five – The Condition of Black Social & Economic Well-Being – Leading indicators of social and economic well-being show that, on average, Black Americans face much more difficult circumstances than their White counterparts in the living standard indicators listed below. Source The Economic State of Black America – US Congress Joint Economic Committee

    1. Wealth – Median wealth held by Black families ($17,000) and White families ($171,000)—a ratio of 10 to one
    2. Homeownership – Much less than half (42%) of Black families own their homes, compared to almost three-quarters (73%) of White families.
    3. Life Expectancy – Black Americans have a life expectancy of 3.6 years lower than non-Hispanic White Americans.
    4. Incarceration – The incarceration rate for Black Americans is nearly six times the rate for White Americans.
    5. Secondary Education – Persistent segregation leads to large disparities in the quality of secondary education, leading to worse economic outcomes.
    6. Poverty – Black Americans are over twice as likely to live in poverty as White Americans. Black children are three times as likely to live in poverty as White children.
    7. Income – The typical Black households earns a fraction of White households—just 59 cents for every dollar. The gap between Black and White annual household incomes is about $29,000 per year.
    8. Unemployment – During the majority of the past 50 years, Black Americans have experienced unemployment rates that, were they experienced by the entire population, would be seen as recessionary.
    9. Economic Conditions – Despite significant economic progress over the past decades, Black Americans experience far worse economic conditions than Whites or the population as a whole.
Explained | Racial Wealth Gap | FULL EPISODE | Netflix – Apr 17, 2020 = Netflix
Tackling The Wealth Gap Between Black And White America | NBC News Now – Aug 16, 2019 – NBC News
A Look At Income Inequality In The United States | TIME – Feb 20, 2020 – TIME
Dr. Anthony Fauci on Health Disparities in African American Community – Apr 7, 2020 – C-SPAN
Photo – Creole Gumbo – Zatarain’s McCormick’s Recipe Shoot

Six – Slavery – Slavery is like the roux of this gumbo. The roux is what makes the gumbo gumbo.

The United States has never apologized for slavery, though Blacks suffer today, more than any other race, as a result of its existence in our shady history. The US knows well about reconciliation for it has reconciled and given reparations to Jews, Native Americans, and Japanese, but not to Blacks. Well, that’s not exactly true. Blacks were given reparations. In 1932, the US government left 399 black men with syphilis untreated in order to study the development of the disease. Ten million dollars’ worth of reparations was paid to the survivors of the study, their widows, and their offspring. They also received a guarantee of free lifetime medical care for the victims, their children, and spouses, which was added to the reparation sum. – Quartz

But Black have not received reparations for slavery, not even an apology for slavery or for rescinding the 40 acres and a mule offer, forcing Black farmer, business, and businesses to uproot, after Abraham Lincoln was assassinated.

Our white counterparts, both liberal and conservative, know about reconciliation because they are nice and even apologize for slavery. But they too won’t fight for reconciliation or human rights. They, like the government, want to just make nice and would prefer that Blacks ignore White privilege and their own inequities.

The United States of America, “a new nation, conceived in liberty and dedicated to the proposition that all men are created equal,” began as a slave society. What can rightly be called the “original sin”, Slavery has left an indelible imprint on our nation’s soul. And, we have never reconciled this issue. As a society, we seem to be dancing around resolving reconciliation, with shiny objects such as successful Black tokens, television celebrities, and interracial commercials, but not reconciliation, no reparations. Source An American Tragedy: The legacy of slavery lingers in our cities’ ghettos – Brookings

The Descendants of Slaves and Slave-Owners Meet Face-to-Face | The Oprah Winfrey Show | OWN – Jan 2, 2015
Slavery reparations bill debated in US House hearing – Jun 19, 2019 – Guardian News

The actor Danny Glover, writers Ta-Nehisi Coates and Coleman Hughes, as well as Senator Cory Booker, were among the witness at a congressional hearing on the original sin of the US – the enslavement of 4 million Africans and their descendants – and what can be done to atone for it via reparations

POINT TAKEN | One Word or Less: Reparations to Black Americans? | PBS – May 9, 2016
Photo - Crawfish and Shrimp Gumbo Recipe - Louisiana Travel
Photo – Crawfish and Shrimp Gumbo Recipe – Louisiana Travel

Seven – “The Lobster” Is Racist – There are various gumbo recipes. The most popular ones, Filé and Okra gumbo contain shrimp and crabs, but never lobster.

In addition to a con artist, liar, bigot, and asshole, “The Lobster” is the brainwasher-in-chief, and he’s good at it. He manipulates words, truth, and his image strategically. He seems to encourage a racial war, as do many white racist nationalists. Folks are simply tired of his shit. On the other side, they are becoming more outwardly aggressive.

Many Blacks, like myself, feel that we are headed towards civil war because we are continually downtrodden without recourse. This shit must stop. If it takes a war to permanently eradicate racism, so be it. At least we will get it done. Progress often manifests after war and conflict.

Politics has failed us, White Boomers have failed us, the Democratic Party has failed us, and the “The Lobster” is boiling a big pot of water into which his ass will stew. He will stew into a hybrid gumbo whereby the shrimp and crab are substituted for lobster.

Former WH Aide Says Trump Wants a ‘Race War’ – Aug 19, 2018 – AP Archive
Trump Defends His Racist Tweets | The Daily ShowThe Daily Show with Trevor Noah
Donald Trump Wants A Race War – May 29, 2020 – Frank Schaeffer’s Road Trip – Donald Trump Wants A Race War
Photo - Me oh my oh, File Gumbo - Chef Dr. Mike
Photo – Me oh my oh, File Gumbo – Chef Dr. Mike

Eight – People Are Fed Up – We are tired of the bullshit we’ve been receiving from elites, government officials, religious leaders, and nationalists/racists, while the quality of life degrades for the masses and the “1%’ ers” and Whites, in general, live comfortably. People are tired of this shit. The strategies and techniques of the past have been overplayed and have worked marginally.

Based on conversations I’ve had with White Millennial protestors; they do not want the stain of racism on their future. They can see the equities and unfairness clearer simply because they have more Black friends and mates than their Liberal Boomer counterparts.

Do today’s global protests have anything in common? – BBC News – November 2019

In recent weeks, mass protests have broken out in countries from Lebanon to Spain to Chile and Bolivia. All are different – with distinct causes, methods, and goals – but there are some common themes that connect them. While thousands of miles apart, protests have begun for similar reasons in several countries, and some have taken inspiration from each other on how to organize and advance their goals. Here’s a look at the issues at stake – and what binds many of those taking to the streets.

‘People are fed up and exhausted,’ DA Rollins says – Jun 1, 2020 – WCVB Channel 5 Boston

Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins says minority communities are fed up and exhausted.

“The People of the United States Are Fed Up” – Jun 1, 2020 – News Clickin
Michael “Killer Mike” Render | Real Time with Bill Maher (HBO) – Jun 5, 2020 – Real Time with Bill Maher

Nine – Racism is alive and well – It is both front and center, and also in the closet. Both Liberals & Conservatives keep racism alive from different angles.

Conservatives act as though racism is not systemic or even a real thing. Liberals acknowledge it, but don’t take action against it other than voting for Democratic candidates who ultimately don’t change things, and sometimes make them worse.

There is a common chord between Conservatives and Liberals with regard to racism, though. Neither group will relinquish the privilege that they enjoy in taxes, finances, assets, and various standard-of-living areas, even if they profess to believe in God and human rights.

Arrested For Being Black: Racism In America’s Justice System | AJ+ – Jun 16, 2019
Central Park Karen And Killer Cops | Andrew Schulz – May 30, 2020

What up people. Tragic week in America as we are reminded that racism is still alive and well. Amy Cooper needs all the smoke for her despicable actions in Central Park and we need to take a look at ourselves and see how we can stop the next George Floyd murder from happening. INDULGE!

Flag of Treason – Jun 10, 2020 – The Lincoln Project
Photo - Cajun Crawfish Gumbo - Pinterest
Photo – Cajun Crawfish Gumbo – Pinterest

Ten – White Privilege & White Silence – In the midst of the suffering and pain of Blacks and other minorities around the world, Whites that could be effective in eradicating racism and police violence are enjoying White privilege instead.

Some are upfront and express their conservative positions, while others are more acquiescent. But they both have White privilege in common, and inaction.

Many Whites see the plight of Blacks as not their problem. Liberals, especially believe they can live comfortably in their homogeneous worlds, be kind to Blacks, and nothing more. Many are going on with life as usual, in a highly usual and inhumane era for Blacks.

White Privilege & White Silence affords unresponsive whites the escape of ignoring the Black race problem and not taking any action. Their escape is that they are uncomfortable. End of story. How White of them to put their comfortability before Blacks’?

White silence on social media: Why not saying anything is actually saying a lot – BY CHRISTINA CAPATIDES – JUNE 3, 2020 / 8:37 PM / CBS NEWS

“I’m not even necessarily saying that I need you to post. But at the bare minimum, a friend would reach out to another friend. ‘How are you doing during this time? I’ll admit that I’ve been silent. I’ll admit that I’ve ignored some of the issues that you face as a black person. But I want you to know that I’m your friend and I see you and I hear you.’ I am paying attention to friends that aren’t doing that.”

I am paying closer attention to those ‘friends’ too. I just want to make sure that they are not savoring in the best of both worlds, appearing empathetic, but not really walking as they talk.

Think about it. Indifferent and non-vocal Whites get the benefit of not getting their feelings hurt by not engaging in trying to resolve racism, while secretly enjoying the benefits of racism and institutionalized oppression.

Well now their goose is cooked, if they don’t act. The cat is out of the bag. White Privilege & White Silence is a significant perpetrator of institutionalized racism and police violence. We all know what they now know; that they enable. It is Whites’ time to see racism against Blacks as their problem too. It is clearly their problem now. Let’s see if they act. I am not confident that most, beyond a few, will.

History has many instances of the White Silence strategy. We should have learned from these instances by now. I say let’s stop wasting energy trying to convert them. Most are not convertible. They must be left behind if they continue to cunningly disguise their own contribution to racism.

Instead, we should “preach to the choir”. We should instead organize, galvanize and strengthen those already on board, like White & Black Millennials, until they too fizzle out. We should aim for quality versus quantity. Having a bunch of Whites’ support means nothing if they are inactive. It’s like dead weight.

Their prayer without works is dead as a doornail.

White silence on social media not going unnoticed – Jun 3, 2020 – CBS News

With cities across America burning and black communities in pain, many white people have continued posting selfies and pictures of food on social media as if nothing is wrong — and it is not going unnoticed. Here’s why experts say not saying anything is actually saying a lot.

White silence can be deafening for racial equality – Jun 1, 2020 – CBS 8 San Diego
Broadway’s Jelani Alladin explains why white silence is so painful – Jun 3, 2020 – CBS News

We are in the perfect tsunami for Revolution 2020! Now we know all the ingredients necessary to prepare the perfect Rebellion Gumbo. The pot is boiling and overflowing.

The wound of slavery, a wound that is 400 hundred years old, has been reopened and scrubbed with a sponge soaked in alcohol and salt. Black people are really hurting emotionally. Things that we buried have resurfaced. We are angry, sad, and appreciative of the movement, all at the same time. But we are scorching hot like a pot of New Orleans Creole Gumbo.

Young Whites are applauded at how clearly unfair Blacks have historically been treated and are being treated today. They get it and are enraged to protest. Young people of all ethnicities over the world are just as infuriated.

In recent weeks, mass protests have broken out in countries from Lebanon to Spain to Chile and Bolivia. All are different – with distinct causes, methods, and goals – but there are some common themes that connect them.

While thousands of miles apart, protests have begun for similar reasons in several countries. Some have gotten inspiration from each other on how to organize and advance their goals.

The list of ingredients that charm the masses to take it to the streets like a mad dash for a hot bowl of gumbo is the same list that separates us from those who just say look and say “uh, uh, uh.”

They must be left behind if we are to make the world better for Blacks, and for all people. – Kevy

More Stuff

George Floyd death: Why US protests are so powerful this time – By Helier Cheung
BBC News, Washington DC – 8 June 2020

Thousands of Americans are taking to the streets to protest about racism – many for the first time in their lives. Why has this particular tragedy-stricken such a chord? Read More


Of all the dishes in the realm of Louisiana cooking, gumbo is the most famous and, very likely, the most popular. Gumbo crosses all class barriers, appearing on the tables of the poor as well as the wealthy. Although ingredients might vary greatly from one cook to the next, and from one part of the state to another, a steaming bowl of fragrant gumbo is one of life’s cherished pleasures, emblematic of Louisiana as chili is of Texas.
Read More

Ingredients for Rebellion Gumbo
  1. Police Killings of Blacks
  2. Coronavirus Impact On Blacks
  3. Coronavirus Idleness
  4. Coronavirus Economic Impact
  5. Condition Black Social & Economic Well-Being
  6. Black Slavery
  7. “The Lobster”
  8. People Are Fed Up
  9. Racism is alive and well
  10. White Privilege & White Silence

Ingredients for Creole Filé Gumbo

  1. 1¼ pounds seasoning ham
  2. 1¼ pounds smoked sausage
  3. 1½ pounds chicken pieces
  4. ½ pound hot sausage
  5. 1½ pounds peeled shrimp
  6. 6 to 8 gumbo crabs
  7. 1 dozen oysters
  8. 2 cups chopped onion
  9. ¼ cup chopped garlic
  10. 3 green onions, chopped
  11. ½ green bell pepper, chopped
  12. 2 teaspoons thyme leaves
  13. 5 bay leaves
  14. ⅔ cup of vegetable oil
  15. Filé powder
  16. salt and pepper
  17. hot cooked rice, for serving

Gumbo Recipe

How to make New Orleans Gumbo – Mar 2, 2015 – Carlie Andrews

Charlie, Native of New Orleans (BORN AND RAISED) demonstrates in GREAT detail on how to make a delicious and rich Gumbo. This Gumbo has Shrimp, Crabs, Smoked Sausage, Hot Sausage, Gizzards and it even has OKRA in it. In this video, I will take you step-by-step. From making the roux to making your stocks to chopping up all of your seasonings and meat, to cleaning and preparing your seafood, to frying and searing your smoked sausage and hot sausage, to frying out the slime in your okra, to making the actual gumbo, cooking times, etc.

This is the Ultimate Gumbo video everyone. DON’T BE FOOLED BY IMITATORS. I am home to where Gumbo was born LOUISIANA. I grew up watching my family make Gumbo. I even worked at a restaurant that makes Gumbo. I really worked hard to make this video possible! I hope you all will be willing to give this a try!

Note: You may use Google Translate to copy and paste, then translate any posts on this website, to over 60 different languages.

Being cognizant of international visitors, I want to do all that I can to communicate wisdom globally for all.

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  1. Your in-depth analysis and digging into the deep, long, wide problems of racism in America is stunning — and I mean that in both senses of the word. I have been thinking along some of these lines as well — I fear that the apex is almost reached in our country and that we may, unless changes occur in radical and swift ways, make the French Revolution look like a children’s tea party. You did make me miss making gumbo, though. Thanks for the great recipes to contemplate making when it cools down a bit.

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