SHARE – 10 Reasons Why Joe Biden Choosing Barack Obama As VP Would Be A Pimp-Ass Move – It’s Legal & Constitutional – Practical Too!

I am registered with Joe Biden’s campaign headquarters and therefore receive text messages and emails multiple times daily.

Today I realized that the messages and ads seem to flaunt Barack Obama more than in prior months. It makes sense. Though Barack is not running, “The Lobster” has made his campaign and administration about undoing Obama’s accomplishments and continually generates absurd conspiracies about him.

Obama was relatively low-key about “The Lobster’s” comments and only on occasion made public comments about him. But in recent commencement ceremonies and media appearances, Obama has been more vocal and critical, relative to “The Lobster’s” rhetoric.

It was clear that Barack would not stay out of this race for long. He laid low for a while but eventually heard duty calling and decided to step into the race to unify the Democratic party in hopes of securing the election. He is the person that nearly all party members view as the surrogate with the power to bring in the spirit of unity.

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A few months ago Barack put his superpowers on full display when he endorsed Joe Biden, and praised Bernie (and his Millennial followers). He brought harmony to troubled relationships among the other presidential candidates, getting them to all bow out of the race to unite the party.

Though the Democratic party has internal differences, they are not stronger than their desire to put “The Lobster” in a boiling pot of water, like New Orleans crawfish. This endorsement dug Obama further in the race to beat, ‘what’s his name’. Now he is in it to win it, whether as an official candidate, or Messiah. This race, either way, is between “The Lobster” and Barack Obama.

So why be so closeted about it? Go full force and direct in “The Lobster’s” face. He has been in Barack’s grill even before becoming president. Let’s intensify the contest, and energize our base. This would be a dope pimp-ass move on Biden’s part.

I realize that this sounds farfetched, but you must consider the times that we’re in.

These are crucial times for the direction of our country and freedom depend on the results of this race. As Biden says, this election is about the soul of the country. Considering how times have changed in the past four years, this move would not be unusual. Many thought that it was unusual and unlikely that thingamajig would become president. …See there?

It would also not be unusual because it is completely legal and constitutional.


A president can serve two “elected” terms max. But the VP position is not an “elected” position. The person who serves as Vice President is chosen by the Presidential candidate.

Furthermore, if Biden were elected President, and Barack Obama was chosen as the Vice President, there is a possibility that Barack could once again become president. With Barack Obama as VP, and Biden as president, if Biden should ever leave or resign from office, Barack would become president again. In this case, he would not be “elected”, therefore it would be legal and constitutional.


Whether you like it or not, even though Barack Obama is not running for office, this race boils down to pro-Obama versus anti-Obama.

Yesterday, I thought to myself, “Maybe Barack should be Biden’s VP pick.” He’ll be so heavily campaigning with Biden, and dodging a barrage of attacks anyway that he’d just as well serve on the other half of the presidential ticket.

I felt so strongly about it that I texted the Biden campaign about it. The text did not get rejected. In fact, I received a confirmation text back, but not a response. I won’t wait to see, though. I have also posted a petition for Barack Obama to be Joe Biden’s running mate.

Choosing A Female Candidate

I realize that many women, Black women, in particular, are pushing for a Black female VP, White women for a White female VP. I don’t think now is the time for several reasons:

  1. We are very crucial times and require a President and VP who have served effectively in the executive office before. There will be more work to undo than do. There won’t be time to learn on the job. No woman candidate specifically has this level of executive experience, except for perhaps Michelle Obama, my number two choice.
  2. Just as the world is racist, it is also sexist. Just as we want all races to be in harmony, but racism still runs rampant, we want women to be treated equally, but society does not reflect our desires. In short, the world may not be ready for a female VP. Maybe the world is, but the stakes are too high to take the risk. Barack Obama would be a more prudent choice.
  3. The first female VP or President must be set up to succeed. The next president, Biden included, just may not succeed. Things are really jacked-up in every aspect of living, including healthcare, economy, racial protests, immigration, taxes, college tuition, and the coronavirus. If the first woman VP or President fails under these conditions she will never be given consideration and it may limit the chances of another woman being elected to the executive branch. She will be used as a scapegoat
  4. I believe those female voters would be conciliatory just as Democrats were when Barack asked that they unite the party. I believe that pimp move number two should be the Biden commits early in the campaign to make fifty percent of his cabinet female. He might as well throw LGBT+ into that statement. The votes of all of these Lobster-bashed demographics need to be united too.
  5. Michelle won’t be slighted by this gangster move either. She will be right there with Barack and will carve out yet another niche, and will be instrumental in the success of the whole team. She will be the glue that keeps things moving.

10 Reasons Why Biden Picking Obama As VP (Barack, Not Michelle) Would Be A Pimp Move

  1. The constitution prevents him from being “elected” to the Presidential or VP offices. But Vice Presidents are not “elected” but rather are selected by the Presidential candidate. Therefore Barack Obama can be on the ticket. The constitution restricts serving more than two terms as president, but there are no restrictions on serving as VP. It’s actually happened more than once in history. You didn’t know? Look it up! As VP Barack would make history again, by being the first Black president to serve two terms in the executive branch, in addition to becoming the first Black president.
  2. Obama could serve as President for a retiring President Biden if needed. …Again, that would not be an “elected” office under this scenario. If Obama becomes President he could have a strong female VP (# 2) poised to run for President after his term. Then that female candidate could take the baton after Biden’s and Barack’s grace.
  3. This pimp-ass move would make the election even more about talent, experience, and popularity. While most Americans already feel “The Lobster” lacks these qualities, the contrast between the opposing candidates would be astounding! The election will become more exciting.
  4. It would show that Obama is not only a superhero. It would show that he has the virtue of humility by proudly taking the second set and not the first. This would be the perfect compliment to Biden’s “Soul of the Nation” theme that seems to be resonating well.
  5. Even if this move is fought in court, just the idea of Obama returning to the executive branch would generate excitement. Voter registrations would increase like fireworks shooting to the heavens. The world would be ignited like when the wicked witch was dead in the Wizard of Oz.
  6. As an OG plan B move, Joe Biden would be wise to still have an outstanding female VP vetted and ready if necessary.
  7. Barack Obama would debate Mike Pence and be able to further probe where he’s really coming from, questioning if he is homophobic, racist, and why he couldn’t say the words “Black Lives Matter” when interrogated.
  8. Joe Biden and Barack Obama are a marriage made in heaven. They genuinely like and respect each other. They are partners and work as a team efficiently. They complement each other. Joe Biden admits to how Barack compliments him. They would be able to not only reverse “The Lobsters” reckless actions, but they would be able to correct the mistakes they made while in office for two terms. Recent polls show Biden with a huge lead in every area questioned, except on the question about who would be better for the economy. “The Lobster” beats Biden in this category. Obama fared well with the economy actually doing better than Lobster Thermador though he brags that he has created the best economy ever. At the very least he rode in on Obama’s coattail. See below

Obamas Economy

9. With a Joe Biden/Barack Obama ticket there is a stronger chance of Democrats controlling both the House and Senate.

10. Even if not selected, when Biden wins, Obama will likely be shot-calling behind the scenes. Biden needs to flaunt his direct connect with Obama more often.

Vice President Of The United States – From Wikipedia, The Free Encyclopedia

The term of office for both the vice president and the president is four years.
While the Twenty-Second Amendment sets a limit on the number of times an individual can be elected to the presidency (two),[58] there is no such limitation on the office of vice president, meaning an eligible person could hold the office as long as voters continued to vote for electors who in turn would re-elect the person to the office; one could even serve under different presidents.
This has happened twice:
George Clinton (1805–1812) served under both Thomas Jefferson and James Madison; and John C. Calhoun (1825–1832) served under John Quincy Adams and Andrew Jackson.[18]
Additionally, neither the Constitution’s eligibility provisions nor the Twenty-second Amendment’s presidential term limit explicitly disqualifies a twice-elected president from serving as vice president.
As of the 2020 election cycle, however, no former president has tested the amendment’s legal restrictions or meaning by running for the vice presidency.

Michelle Obama for VP in 2020? – Apr 23, 2020 – CNN

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Barack Obama’s challenge: Being the unifier he can believe in – By Dan Merica, CNN

People close to Obama, like longtime adviser Valerie Jarrett, believe that even with voters who have qualms with certain aspects of the Obama legacy, the former president is a powerful force.

“He enjoyed support from a broad spectrum of the Democratic Party, both the progressive and moderate wings, as well as independents and Republicans,” said Jarrett, who acknowledged that winning over skeptical liberals and conservatives won’t be solely Obama’s job. Read More

From ‘shotgun wedding’ to political romance: How Obama picked Biden for vice president – April 15, 2020

Biden has made clear that, like Obama, he’s looking for someone who will be a governing partner, not just a political asset — a criterion that, if he sticks with it, will be a strong determining factor in which person he picks.

“You’ve got to be able to turn and say to your vice president, ‘This is your responsibility.’” he said during one primary campaign event. Because the job of the president “is too big anymore for any one man or woman.” Read More

Biden has talked with Obama about possible vice presidential pick – March 22, 2020 – Marianna Sotomayor and Tim Stelloh – NBC News

Biden told Georgia donors his nominee would have to be prepared to step into the top job immediately. Speaking to over 70 Georgia donors on a fundraising call, Biden said he and Obama recently agreed that his vice presidential nominee must have the political experience to step in as president if he were unable to serve.

“The most important thing — and I’ve actually talked to Barack about this — the most important thing is that there has to be someone who, the day after they’re picked, is prepared to be president of the United States of America if something happened,” Biden said.

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5 thoughts on “SHARE – 10 Reasons Why Joe Biden Choosing Barack Obama As VP Would Be A Pimp-Ass Move – It’s Legal & Constitutional – Practical Too!

  1. That would be amazing if Obama could do a come back….I didn’t realise this was possible, as I don’t know much about how American politics works, as I am from New Zealand where parliament is run differently. Obama is such an inspiring figure, I really hope it happens!

  2. Well, it’s a lovely idea—and as someone who has been watching old videos of Obama (his White House Correspondents dinner speeches are fantastic), I miss him terribly. But as I’ve told a fellow blogger who keeps saying Michelle should be the VP pick, I would LOVE that, but it ain’t gonna happen. Both Obamas have made very clear their convictions that they’ve moved on to the next chapters in their lives.

    I think you’re underestimating the power of the women’s vote—especially black women and white suburban women. And I and all my white female friends are hoping Biden picks a black woman VP. As to experience, there’s no way to prepare for this mammoth job. Strength of character, intelligence, compassion, and the willingness to surround oneself with knowledgeable advisors and to ask them the right questions are most essential.

    I really feel that as horrible as things are and as huge as the challenges are ahead, if we just get past trump in November we might be heading toward a truly progressive and positive period.

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