News On Corona Or The So-Called Riots – Will Get U ‘Stuck On Stupid’ – Corona Isn’t Affecting That Many – Protests Are A Love Fest – 9 Inspiring Things I Observed At The Revolution That Media Hides

News Is Misleading Many

The news media can be deceptive, in general.  It has been for a long time and will continue, given its eternal conflict between truth, and beholding to advertisers and government regulations.

They are not thoroughly presenting the protest rallies as they are actually occurring.  They are demonizing protesters at worse, or are not revealing how united and caring participants are, at the very least.

Rodney King Weaved In With BLM Violent Protests And Looting Rock Cities On The West Coast TODAY_Moment
Photo NBC News – Rodney King Footage Weaved In With BLM ent Protests

Protesters are unlike they are being perceived by the media, The Lobster’s administration, and those who subscribe to their stories, without doing any investigation.  For example,  I’ve attended over 10 protest rallies in the past two weeks.  I shed tears of joy and was inspired every time I saw how warm, passionate, creative, and ingenious the mainly Millennial protesters are.

The same is being done with the coronavirus.  I am not implying that COVID19 is not dangerous.  It is certainly more dangerous to some, more than others.  That says more about those individuals’ health status and lifestyle more than it says about the danger of the virus itself.

But being exposed to the coronavirus is usually not fatal, though. 

I was exposed and tested positive for Corona and never experienced any symptoms.  I tested again recently, and the antibodies were not found, as if I never had it at all.  I am confused about the results and the accuracy of the tests now, but I am not living in fear, as evidenced by my vigorously attending protest rallies.  But I am intensifying my health and lifestyle regiments to ensure that my immunity is strong to endure exposure if it happens again.

The fact is coronavirus deaths are rare, even in the United States.  As of June 17, 2020, the US population is  330,934,545.  As of May 25, 2020, only 2.18 million have been affected, but not necessarily sick.  That’s just 0.658% (Less than 1%!) of the population affected.  This means that 99.34% of Americans are unaffected by the coronavirus.

Furthermore, less than 100,000 (99,346.55 people) in the US have died from coronavirus.  That sounds like a lot of people.

But only  0.30019 %  (1/3 of 1 %) Americans die from COVID19!  

This means that 99.9%  of Americans do not die from coronavirus!

Furthermore, only 0.658 % of Americans are infected with the coronavirus.

This means that 99.34 % of Americans are never affected by the coronavirus.  

Why are we freaking the FCUK out?

Here is a should-be compelling summary:

US Population Infected Deaths % Infected % of Deaths
330,934,545 2,180,000 99,346 0.658 % (less than 1%) 0.30019 % (less than 1%)


US Population Not Infected Living Not Infected  

% Living


330,934,545 328,754,498 330,835,152 99.34 % 99.9 %

Statistics provided by Statista.Com (Johns Hopkins University) &  The numbers may be off slightly only because the population number is current, and the coronavirus numbers are about 1 month old. 

You’d have to have very low regard for your health, faith, and lifestyle if you live in fear when 99.34% of Americans are unaffected by the coronavirus, and 99.9% do not die from Corona.Statistics provided by Statista.Com (Johns Hopkins University) &  The numbers may be off slightly only because the population number is current, and the coronavirus numbers are about 1 month old. 

Statista Coronavirus Deaths Per 100000
Photo – Statista Coronavirus Deaths Per 100000

Are you guilty of doing something wrong to conclude that God would not include you in the good numbers, but in the infected or death numbers?  Check yourself, before you wreck yourself.

Wise up folks.  Do not let the media pump fear into your veins.  They make money on keeping you glued to their slanted reports.  Follow a better approach:

  • Do your independent research
  • Change your lifestyle, change your health
  • Walk in the light of faith, just as you have been proclaiming prior to the coronavirus.

Also, attend the protest rallies for yourself to see if they are as they are being presented.  You will be pleasantly surprised and may shed tears of joy as I did.  Kevy.

It is very dangerous to be connected to the news by the umbilical cord.  If you are and take the reports at surface value, you will be deceived.

Many people are, so don’t feel bad.  Just change your ways. 

Photo - Amaury Gutierrez -wnhGU6ztzcE-unsplash
Photo – Amaury Gutierrez

Many of my friends are living in fear and anxiety because they are addicted to news.  They cannot disconnect from the news.  I know this because it constantly plays in the background when we are on the phone.  They call me daily anxious to share news about what was broadcasted as if my life depended on receiving the latest headlines.  They seem to have pride in being the first to share a news story.  I am a bit sick of it. 

I understand watching the local news periodically, like once a day for weather and traffic primarily, and for updates on health restrictions.  But I don’t’ subscribe to watching it much more.  I have not watched the news in its entirety or in most cases at all, for about 2 months.

I am too much a warrior for that.  I am an interrogator of information.  The news contains too much bullshit that I can’t stomach.  It can make me anxious as well if I allow it to.  But I don’t let that happen.  I ‘pull’ news information, as I desire.  It is not ‘pushed’ or fed to me.  I am too strong for that.

Besides, I worked for CNN for several years.  I did not work in broadcast, but in systems instead.  However, I did take organized tours, and self-initiated ones, and found that at CNN House, in London, where I once worked, broadcasted the news to different countries, differently.  The top stories, the perspective of the story, the length of the story, those chosen as interviewees, and whether a story was a headline for one audience but not for another was all manipulated to a degree.

I would later learn that CNN or any news network, with the exception of Fox News, was not the only one at fault.  Though they are guilty of being beholden to their advertisers, which can influence reports that may adversely affect those advertisers, the federal government (the FCC) has the authority to regulate and censor news reports.

Photo - Melanie Wasser-j8a-TEakg78-unsplash
Photo – Melanie Wasser

I am not a conspiracy theorist.  I am just analytical about life.  I don’t believe that all news is not credible.  Newscasters have many restrictions on being honest, though, when it may adversely affect their revenues.  News is a business.  And, doomsday is big business.

Sometimes it just may be due to programming time restrictions that do not allow them to reveal the whole story.  But in other instances, it is due to government national security and ‘false news’ restrictions, and their incurring potential fines.  The media stays on the safe side, more than bloggers and social media does.

I do receive news, but not daily national broadcast news.  I rarely watch the news on television.  I get most of my news from the internet.  I get most of my news from the more balanced and transparent news networks, but I ‘pull’ my information from the websites of broadcast news because I have total control over what I absorb into my psyche.

I don’t read all stories; I choose which ones I want to read.  In some stories, I only read the headlines.  I compliment my news intake by going to social media.  There I have more control as well because I choose which pages, friends, groups, and sources of information I want to receive.  Often I block and unfriend followers, friends, and content this does not resonate with me because it is tainted with misconception and discerption.

This method may not be perfect, but I am not living in fear, I’m not anxious, and I’m not attached to television news like a baby to a mother’s nipple.  I am not going around sharing misleading news with others as though I am commissioned by the networks to do so.

My past direct relationship with the news media helps to keep me grounded during the racial protests, pandemic, and Revolution.  I suggest that you try filtering the news that you intake in some way, as well.

It is not only a matter of personal choice and political persuasion.  It is a matter of mental and physical health too.  Stress, anxiety, and worry causes unhelpful chemicals to be released in the brain and the rest of the body.  It causes inflammation as well.

As they say, stress can kill you.  News media-related stress is easy to cure.  Turn off the news!  Kevy

Photo - Nadine Shaabana -s0uqGHl2DTg-unsplash
Photo – Nadine Shaabana

The Protests Are Love Fests

I am not sure why, but the media stories present the protests as a bunch of rebellious anarchists marching without a cause, without organization and realistic goals.   In the initial reports on protest rallies many peaceful protesters, exercising their constitutional rights were presented as thugs and rebels of Antifa.

They have toned down a bit now since the ‘movement’ is clearly now a Revolution.  The police department has toned its tactics down too.  In rallies as recent as yesterday and days prior, the police were rarely present.

In the early days, however, they were flexing their military muscle on us.  Government officials have changed their tone too.  There is rapid police reform, and defunding messages making it through the city, state, and federal legislatures.  The protests have led to progress.  Even corporations are backing and funding #BLACKLIVESMATTER.

Now the news is explicitly stating that most protesters are peaceful, and just a handful are Antifa-violent.  But even changing its story is media a tactic.  News broadcasters often paint negative images, and reverse those images, after the damage has already been done, and many have already been brainwashed.

Well, I have participated in over 10 protest rallies as of today.  I was never violent, nor were the thousands of people around me.  We are very passionate and united.  The leaders’ speeches always advocated for peaceful protesting.  It was really a beautiful thing.

Photo - Joshua Reddekopp -vsywM-roPSE-unsplash
Photo – Joshua Reddekopp

The Protest was a love fest.  There are many wonderful, creative, and ingenious things that the Millennials are doing at the rallies, that go unreported.  The efforts that I witnessed and the video recording were so touching that I often cried with tears of joy as I interviewed these young humanitarian civil servants and observed the many services that they provided to attendees.

Here are some.  Examples include:

9 Inspiring Things I Observed From Participating In The Revolution

1.     Voter Registration


The rallies focused heavily on voting rights and exercising our voting rights in a way I have never seen in my lifetime.

Examples include:

  • QR Code to scan City State and Federal Officials, as well as, nonprofit and grassroots organizations.
  • Petitioners – There was an abundance of canvassers getting petitions for various ballot initiatives. They were generally from 18 – 25 and knew details about the bills well.
  • Due to the uproar new Colorado police reform legislation was quickly submitted, and passed the House already.
  • There were long lines of citizens standing in line to participate in City Council and State Legislature public meeting.
  • Protest organizers set up meetings with the Police department, governor’s office, and mayor’s office. They are in dialogue throughout the events.
2.     Artwork and Paintings


The Millennials are ‘hella’ creative!  They created an art gallery on the spot in from of the Colorado State Capital.  They encouraged everyone to participate in creating art.  Murals, artful graffiti, and chalk drawing surrounded the square.

Examples include:

3.     Live Performances


The talent was exceptional.  There are planned and unplanned performances.  I was excited to see the Brothers of Brass Band perform.  Some of the members are from New Orleans.  These young men are very talented and brought New Orleans to Denver.  The female and male rappers were on point.  The high school dances, marchers, and performers made me a proud participate.

Examples include:

4.     Supplies


Examples include:

  • Masks/Bandanas
  • Sanitizer
  • Gloves
  • Rain poncho
  • Glow Sticks
  • Earplugs
  • Chapstick
  • Tissue
  • Tear gas, pepper spray repellent
  • Wound care – Tampons
  • Candles
5.     Food & Drinks


When I attended the rallies I generally stayed for five to ten hours.  I had to eat while there.  There was a variety of food and snacks.  For the most part, everything was healthy.  I found that I ate healthier there than I would have normally.  The cost of the food and donations came from the pockets of the participants.  I spoke to a few of those who provided food, supplies, and services.  In every case, I was told that they pay for everything themselves because they wanted to help.  On certain days there were corporate sponsors distributing food, hot and cold.

Examples include:

  • Water to everyone, everywhere
  • Granola, Trail Mix
  • Fruit – Bananas, Apples, Oranges
  • Yogurt
  • Root Beer Floats
  • Spring Rolls with peanut sauce
  • Pizza
  • Chick-Fil-A Sandwiches
  • Gourmet sandwiches
  • Chips
  • Candy
  • Donuts and pastries
  • Cold drinks, Energy Drinks, Gatorade, and Coffee
  • Little kids with their families passing out cookies, ice cream and popsicles at random
6.     Legal Help


The protesters had received legal support from law firms and nonprofits.  They assured participants that if necessary, they would bail them out of jail, represent them, and pay parking tickets.

Examples include:

  • Lawyers phone were numbers were written on the arm in case wallet or purse was not accessible
  • Lawyers who volunteered to represent those arrested passed out contact information
  • Legal advocacy organizations represented with information stations, and as speakers
  • Nonprofit organizations offered to pay parking tickets
7.     Unity and Love

The events really were like picnics back in the 1970s.  A friend said it reminded him of the 1960s.  Everyone was loving and kind.  It seemed that every few minutes some stranger would come over for conversation, share information, and give away something.

Examples include:

  • Showing Homeless love by giving them food, supplies and a voice
  • Many family and friends sprung-up group efforts
  • Impromptu discussions with strangers
  • A picnic-like atmosphere where folks just hung around to meet, greet and discuss
  • Organizers asking attendees to meet and greet each other on the spot
  • Encouraging Blacks and White Allies to speak – Give them a mic – Happened often
  • Racial unity with the largest and most vocal participants not being Black
  • I made a few friendships for 4 consecutive days under a majestic pine tree
  • Everyone was discussing racism constructively
8.     Spirituality


Examples include:

  • Gospel music performances
  • Group Prayer
  • Scripture Reading and Sermons
  • Sikh, Hari Krishna, Christian religions represented
  • Religious literature handouts
9.     Networking


Examples include:

  • Organizations registering volunteers
  • Organizations enlisting new members
  • BLM did not organize all rallies. Several different organizations did, each taking a shift
  • Denver public schools and students from grade school to high school participated
  • New organizations formed after the protest started
  • Denver police marched with protesters
  • Hashtag heaven
  • Connecting Digitally – Social media follows and likes – New pages and groups

After attending over ten #BLACKLIVESMATTER5280 and related events, I was drained and overwhelmed emotionally.  I wanted to prepare this video and blog post but was stunned with intense thoughts about our future.

I concluded that The Future is not mine.  The future belongs to the Millennials.  They have to live in it.  Let them be.

I visualized this video before it was created, but I could not write or edit for two days.  It took about 16 hours to create the first draft.  I am not good at editing, yet.  It was full of mistakes, sloppy editing, audio issues, and glitches.

Today I spent another 6 hours re-editing the video.  I guess you could consider this The Remix.  I fixed most of the issues and added my own intentional glitches.

I am still learning videography thanks to community media (DCM, DOM, Colleagues, Google & YouTube).  Kevy

Our Protest Are Really Love Fests – The Remix – Kevy Michaels – June 17, 2020

Audio Content

My challenge for you is to try not to watch national news for as long as you can.  …A month or more.  And you’re going to see that you’re going to feel a whole lot better.

You’re going to find that friends, people around you, and family will regurgitate the news to you anyway. So you won’t miss out on anything. And as you go to the Internet, you’re going to see the headlines and most of the stuff that’s going on.  That will be enough.

But the most important thing is that you’re going to feel better. The news likely affects you negatively. In holistic healing, you have to watch every single thing that you bring, or you consume. Sometimes it’s not the fried food, toxic chemical, drug, not exercising, or other foods that are bad for you. It’s sometimes it’s not that. It’s about absorbing negativity. And that ends up having a physiological impact. Of course, I’m not a doctor, but I’m telling you this from my personal experience.

So I don’t know if it will work for you. It works for me, and my friends who watch the news regularly are going through the blues.  I am not.  Your belief system may be different. Your body may be different.

But I want you to know that it’s possible that it could work because here I am and it’s working for me. It’s worked for me for several years.

So I challenge you to try to do just that, cut down on the news media substantially.  Have discussions with friends, family, and advocacy organizations instead to get more credible information.  Do you own independent research.  And, I think you’re going to be pleasantly surprised at how much calmer you become from not subscribing to the news on a regular repeated basis. – Thank you. Kevy

Protesters sing “Lean on Me” at Asbury Park demonstration – Jun 1, 2020 –

Not all protests were violent: Downtown L.A. march peaceful on Sunday – Jun 1, 2020 – Los Angeles Times

20200606_162219_MomentI must wonder why this level of unity and love for humanity is not being reported?  I have never seen love amongst everyone like what I’ve seen at the rallies.  For me, I experienced an outpouring of love and support.  The closest experience is during the Mardi Gras season in New Orleans, 

The rallies finally gave the city of Denver, Colorado, my home city, true character.  I am very proud of Denver, Colorado.

The history of Colorado, as with most US states, is very racist and white-privileged.  The level of support I witnessed, mainly from White Millennials, should have been the story, not rioting and looting.  I am unsure why this was not the headline coming from the news media, but it wasn’t.

This is why I am taking the time to set the record start.  I present it straight with video proof, and interviews below.  I am doing this to counter the news media’s perspective, but I also am doing it for the sake of those who did not participate and remained at home anxiously worried, and in fear.

The video is for those who are inactive and silent, to show them what happens in the largest protest ever in history.  I want to dispel misleading and deceptive news reports, give more props to the Millennials, and touch your heart.

I am hopeful that this post may steal away a few from the White and Black Silence groups.  It is my hope that they will join the Revolution.  If not, they must be left behind, as has already happened to some friends and acquaintances.

I accept that some of those who are silent may be wary about being exposed to the Coronavirus, and may have a valid reason not to participate in the rallies.  But that is no excuse for doing nothing.

Photo – Kevy Michaels – June 14, 2020

Some of my friends have been cut loose because they do not want to engage in discussions on race.  I sent them a message yesterday bidding White Silence Friends a farewell for being so silent and inactive.  I attached a picture of me in an African print shirt.  Nearly each of them responded with comments about the colors in my shirt, but not about the attached message.  They don’t know what to say, they’re scared, or something.

On the other hand, the mainstream news has many ‘stuck on stupid’.  They regurgitate the daily news to me like a broken record.  I ask them to read my blog and other sources of information, but they cannot wean themselves off of getting that daily news hit, so they remain stuck.

Few participate in the rallies at all.  The ones that do, do so marginally, symbolically.  They will be left behind too if they remain ‘stuck on stupid’.

To my knowledge, none of these groups of these “scary cats” are taking any action outside of the rallies.  Even with social distancing and quarantining, there are countless opportunities to get involved via Zoom, Social Media, Workshops, Donations, Petition Sign, and just having meaningful discussions.  They do none of these things, while Millennials and my old ass are on the front line.  They must be left behind to their own devices.

Revolution 2020 should have a very distinct difference from the movements of the past.  Revolution 2020 should focus on the quality of participants, not on quantity.  The change will be more obtainable with the smaller, but more passionate and cohesive group, than reaching out to dead weight in an attempt to gain greater numbers.

Note: You may use Google Translate to copy and paste, then translate any posts on this website, to over 60 different languages.

Being cognizant of international visitors, I want to do all that I can to communicate wisdom globally for all.

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11 thoughts on “News On Corona Or The So-Called Riots – Will Get U ‘Stuck On Stupid’ – Corona Isn’t Affecting That Many – Protests Are A Love Fest – 9 Inspiring Things I Observed At The Revolution That Media Hides

  1. Thank you for the information about the protests and their loving and peaceful nature. My gut told me this even when the news didn’t. You don’t fight hate with hate, you fight hate with love.

    Your posts are like ten in one! There’s a lot to absorb. Thank you.

  2. Andrew Uhlenhopp

    Hey Kevy! Thanks for all your posts; yours is a unique voice & perspective that’s good to hear/read. You’re spot-on in saying that coronavirus deaths are rare. One thing I feel the need to point out is that it’s even more rare than the numbers you posted above; the figures you used are inaccurate. To wit, 2.18 million (COVID-19 infections in the U.S.) of 330,934,545 (the entire U.S. population) is not 6.58%: it is 0.658% — LESS than one per cent! (If 6.58% of the U.S. population were infected, that’d be almost 22 million people! Ten times the amount that actually have tested positive!) Similarly, the other figures you stated are off by wide margins. (E.g., extrapolating from the number above, 99.342% of the U.S. population has NOT been infected! Not just 93.4%!) You may want to go back and adjust the post; your case is made even more strongly when using the correct percentage readings.

    1. I realized that the numbers are off as I did research.

      The number affected is consistently low though.

      I concluded that the variances are due to different methods of counting and different as of dates.

      Even after I wrote this post I heard yet another set of numbers on NPR.

      But all still remain highly in favor of being unlikely to be affected by Coronavirus. But why are the fact so disconnected from reporting?

      I appreciate you brother. Luv Kevy.

    2. I will check my numbers and update them accordingly. It seems that I am off a decimal point.

      I have been exhausting myself writing, recording, and attending rallies.

      I worked on this post and video for 3 intense days. I think I see where I am mistaken. Thanks

      The corrections will make getting COVID19 even less likely.

      I will correct the numbers this morning.

      Warm Regards. Kevy.

    3. Andrew Uhlenhopp – Thanks Brother!

      I corrected the numbers.

      It bothered me so I woke up 3:30 am to correct them. I appreciate you.

      Now I am even more convinced that something fishy is going on with regard to how the media has everyone strickened. Luv Kevy

      1. Andrew

        You’re welcome! Thank YOU for being a person who can listen & hear when an error gets pointed out.

        I doubt that something fishy is going on with how the media has everyone stricken, though. I think the media is just doing what the media does: hyping to overblown proportions any news that has implications beyond 24 hours. And, in reaction, people are doing what people do: react to fear with worry and panic. Of course people are frightened: it’s a global pandemic. And fear is a great protector. But it is a detrimental and even destructive creator. That’s where people go awry; they don’t realize that it’s okay to sit with fear; they don’t see that they don’t need to identify with fear; they don’t know that it’s possible to have fear and make decisions not based in fear; they are mindless instead of mindful. I have fear about the pandemic, and I make decisions with heightened prudence, not with worried panic.

        I think to ascribe nefarious intent to a monolithic presence like “The Media” is to give power to an entity that doesn’t actually have agency. Sure, there’s the overriding m.o. to make people think they’re lives are not good enough unless they watch this thing or read this article or buy that product, but that’s the nature of capitalism & consumerism, not the intention of the vessel that carries those false proposals.

        I’d like to hear your thoughts on all of this whenever you want to respond, if you want to. I know you’re really busy already communicating your thoughts without getting back to people individually. Keep on keepin’ on!

        1. I still believe that the media doesn’t operate to the best of the viewers’ interest. It is not due to conspiracy. It’s about money. Fear is more profitable than calm and harmony.
          Fear is ego-based in my opinion. I believe we fear when we ourselves do not have an answer, solution, or protection. It is ego-based because the ego believes that it has to control every outcome.
          With regard to race relations and coronavirus, no one knows what the future holds. The ego does not like to take a backseat and must in the midst of such uncertainty. The ego likes to be in the driver’s seat, but must adhere to simply being a passenger.
          I agree that a certain amount of fear is helpful, but not overwhelming fear. That is very damaging. I have friends who are so fearful that they haven left the house in months and are glued to television news. They have nightmares, anxiety, and are quite dismal.
          In my opinion, when there is fear to that degree, there is little faith. I find comfort in uncertainty, adventure even. I place my trust in God, as I understand, and therefore not in my ego. I do not bear responsibility for resolving the future. I, instead, simply trust God, the universe.
          In doing so, I am more conscious of every decision, encounter and thought because I want to ensure that my deeds and actions please The One in whom I depend and place my faith. I do not control the future. God does.
          Therefore I do not have to fear today’s hateful or infectious climate. That is God’s job, not mine. My job is to be Discerned, to Trust and Believe, but not to resolve. I must be prudent in my choices, and that is where a little fear (or rather Awareness) helps. But to be stricken with Fear is a very bad thing.
          The media’s prime objective is to make money. We agree. But I do believe that being beholden to money, means that you are controlled by your money sources or those who can damage your money stream. …by your advertisers and government regulation. Those entities have opinions. So therefore the news media will reflect, and will not conflict with those opinions.
          Over time the media shapes the viewers’ minds. They can also invent the news by the stories they feature and how they present them.
          The greatest example is how Blacks have been negatively portrayed in news stories over several years. Now being Black-friendly is ‘a thing’. The reports and advertising are taking suit and therefore will viewers, to some degree. Many corporations are beginning to support #BLACKLIVESMATTER because they have the power of 230 Millennials supporting the movement.
          These corporations are advertisers and will influence the way that the media reports th Racial Revolution.
          I do appreciate this dialogue. Let’s do it more often. If you have a post to share, please let me know.

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