People Just Want To Live! – We Should Feel Compelled To Do More Than Just Talk & Pray Or Get Out Of Way – The XYZ Revolution Is Here!

Here it is, in May of 2020 and my mind is confused.

I’m an educated black man. I’m a well-versed black man, and I know the feelings that I have are not wise. On one hand, I’m beginning to hate white people. I know that doesn’t make sense because there’s good and bad in every race. But I’m really beginning to hate white superiority and white indifference.

This is the reason that my mind is confused. It’s because I’m feeling opposing emotions at the same time.

I appreciate what I saw yesterday, the day before, and perhaps today at peaceful rallies against police killings. The majority of the participants were White, as well as other non-Black races. And, we all got along well as we fought for a common good cause. These were primarily young people. They hate White privilege, often to the dismay of family and friends, and they’re White! They were impressive too. They were kind and sincere in their concern and loyalty to the movement.


I realize that there are Whites, Blacks, and all races who are outraged enough in this struggle to take some sort of action. But there are other White people who are not a bit enraged. So that implies to me that my race and my kind are not important enough to provoke them to take action. Some vote. Some pray. Some Tweet, some post, they talk about how awful the George Floyd killing was, but life goes on. They won’t act.

They won’t join any organizations. They won’t start any non-profits. They won’t attend workshops. They won’t attend these rallies. So it says they don’t care about my kind, Black people.

There’s a group within Black people, who are overly scared and obedient. Obedient to something, maybe religion, maybe status, maybe education, maybe they’re loyal to material things. I don’t know. They know what’s really going on. They’ve experienced racism. They’re black, they’ve had to. Yet, they’re not motivated enough to take any type of substantial action.

I’m pissed. I’ve watched one too many reports of police killings, disparities of black people in every single imaginable condition. And I’ve had enough. Having to watch so many videos and review so many articles, brought me to tears today, and yesterday. I need to do something!

I’m not a violent man. I never will be.

But I need to use my education and my communication abilities and other abilities to help young folks with our cause. But I also need to disconnect from those who are not concerned enough to do something whether Black, whether White.

Things must change and it needs to change in small degrees as well, to a large degree. In our circles, we need to make changes. I’m going to make some in mine. I will spend the extra time gained helping humanitarian causes, such as stopping police violence.

I’ll probably attend another rally; I’ll join with some organizations. I’ll communicate. I’ll make social media content. And I’m just going to keep trying to figure this thing out. But I’m not going to waste time as I have in the past.

That’s over. I’m tired.

Looking at my life closely, I’m seeing that some of the ones that perpetuate no action are right in my circle. They are doing nothing more than talking. That’s not enough. People like this come in every race, as well as the opposite of this behavior. They just can’t see how crucial times are now. They are the ones that have the greatest access to making change happen. But, they won’t. So why am I giving them my time?


Why am I wasting my time? Not anymore. I am confused. I’m a black man. I have dreams. I have desires. I have visions. I have things that I want to accomplish. But every time I walk out of that door, I continue to have this thought that White people don’t give a damn about us. I wear it like a badge.

I know that there are some that do. I can see that they’re mainly generation X, Y, and Zers. But the ones that I encounter on a day to day basis, they simply want to play nice with race, but do shit.

I’m tired of it.

I can’t allow myself just to sit back and do nothing like many of my Black brothers and sisters either.

It’s sad for all of them, but not for me. Though I’m not exactly affected by racism as much because I became educated, that doesn’t relinquish my responsibility to do something, to do more. Action to me is more than just words, prayers, visions. These things without works are bullshit.

Talk without walk is bullshit. We need action. Kevy

Keedron And Mama

Also, a friend introduced me to the Instagram post of Keedron Bryant. Keedron is only 12 years old. He is a very intelligent young man. He sings in the choir and has an angelic voice that will send vibrations through your spine. He and his formed a duo in response to George Floyd’s death. The song “I Just Want To Live” is the perfect combination of Keedron harmonic voice, his mother’s lyrics, and God’s inspiration.

I used Keedron Bryant’s vocals heavily in the I Just Want To Live song.

On a side thought, it is rather amazing how George Floyd, a simple man with a simple plan, a man likely disregarded by many. A man how had hardships but worked through them. …”A Silent Giant”. It is amazing how his death has changed the entire planet, likely forever. How amazing is it that plain ole George Floyd lives forever after all. Who would have imagined that a simple man like George would ignite a Gen X, Y, Z movement, rather Revolution!.


A friend in Costa Rica mentioned that even there they have rallies and marches on behalf of George Floyd. Costa Rica does not have many Black people but still showed compassion. To think that George Floyd did all of that, and likely much more.

Video Premiere – Must Watch For An Alternative View On Police Killings Protest

Black People – All People Just Want To Live– Jun 1, 2020 – By Kevy Michaels

I prepared this video from footage on the murder of George Floyd and shooting extensive footage from 3 days of attending rallies and marches in his memory, and to fight to end police violence. The rallies footage was filmed in Denver, Colorado on my smartphone. Nah, iPhone users. I use an Android.

The video features Keedron Bryant, a new viral 12-year-old star, who sings a beautiful song, written by his mother, and inspired by God, in response to George Floyd’s death. Kevy Michaels

I Just Wanna Live – May 26, 2020 – Keedron Bryant

Keedron Bryant Reacts To Celebrity Praise For Powerful Song – May 29, 2020 – Access

Keedron Bryant has touched the hearts of millions around the world. The young singer and his mom Johnnetta spoke to Access Hollywood host Scott Evans via Zoom following the 12-year-old’s viral performance of the powerful song “I Just Want to Live” in response to George Floyd’s death. The mother-son duo admitted they were especially taken aback when Tina Lawson shared the video on her Instagram page. “Everybody, whether you’re a celebrity or not, I’m just happy it was received in such a manner,” Johnnetta said. “That’s what we wanted to do.” The pair also got a special surprise from gospel superstar Kirk Franklin, who popped into the chat to share his praise for Keedron’s beautiful message!

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22 thoughts on “People Just Want To Live! – We Should Feel Compelled To Do More Than Just Talk & Pray Or Get Out Of Way – The XYZ Revolution Is Here!

      1. I noticed other posts on your site that I would like to share. I must regroup though. I also have new posts of my own but have writers cramp now. ….Too many emotions. By tomorrow I’ll post new content. Warm Regards Kevy

  1. I totally agree with your amazing words. Until all people in our country, of every background, are outraged and ready to stand up publicly for the endemic racism and oppression the black community has experienced we cannot have the kind of needful change this country needs. I stand with you.

    1. I am not as optimistic or maybe I’m a bit more practical.

      I believe that many will be left behind because they just won’t change. We must accept that & stop wasting energy on them.

      We must instead unite across all races in unity with those who desire change. This group is the majority. It will be big and powerful enough to inact change. Warm Regards Kevy

      1. I totally agree with you. I also feel some despair that we must revisit this over and over. But what else can we do besides act and hope (and we must act, as you said, and not just talk)?
        My husband and children are taking action in our circles. We are sick of this.

      2. If you have a post to share, I’d wecome it. Especially on this topic.

        I have a White friend that I recently loss because she misinterpreted my comment about feeling ‘like I hate white people’ . I don’t really do but hate White privilege, racism, White inaction and indifference. She may have really been sensitive to her indifference through inaction.

        She just can’t imagine the intensity of the pain, anger, and confusuion that I, as a Black male, feels right now. She may never understand. But I have lived through racism all of my life and through my ancestor’s lives.

        The George Floyd killing, and hell, even Trump are minor sources of mine and other Blacks emotions. Our feelings today are boiling from 100s of years of pain. She doesn’t seem to understand that and takes my statement personally though it was not.

        We must be able to have dialog if we are to eradicate racism.

        If interested you are welcome to share your perspective in a post. Regards. Kevy

      3. It would be an absolute pleasure. I will tell you, Kevy, when I realized what you just expressed was when I went to Charleston last October with my husband (you can read my post on it). We suddenly were hit with the realization that the black community has been under the stain of slavery, oppressed, mired in hundreds of years of history. We honestly couldn’t even enjoy the trip we were so sad and heartbroken for a whole group of people right in our country living in a totally different America than us. I saw your comment about white people and I thought maybe I would feel the same in your shoes, the implicit allowing of endemic oppression, the lack of awareness. Anyhow, glad to collaborate. I’m working a bunch of hospital shifts in a row, but I promise as soon as I have a day off I work on it.
        All the best.

  2. Thank you for your words and truth. Keedron Bryant’s video is heart-breaking. I’m glad to have seen it, but I ache for him. I wish we could change the hearts and minds of all white people to not hate and fear people of color. I wish I knew how to do that on a broad scale, but meanwhile, I am trying to raise my children to not be part of the problem. Thank you for your words and insights.

    1. So nice to receive your comments and heartfelt desire. Things will change this time, certainly. I’ve attended rallies for the past 6 nights. The whites you wish to chane, won’t. They are locked into privilege.

      The whites that have already changed are the X, Y, Z’ers. This is clearly not a movement. It is a revolution. Warm Regards Kevy

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