Black People – U Sustain Racism 2! – Change Requires More Than Just Talk, Posting, Scriptures & Sitting On UR Azz – Do Sumthin Now!

Today (actually yesterday) was one of my usual days.

I went to Washington Park. I jogged. I was very proud of myself because I ran 7.51 miles, about two and a half months after being exposed to the Coronavirus. I feel like I’m living my truth. I’m actually living and experiencing what I claim about Coronavirus, Health, and Devirusizing. I had no problems. I actually ran an 8:24 mile, which for a 60-year-old man.

But what was different on this day is, obviously my having thoughts on the coronavirus, and recent police killings and police brutality against blacks.  I’m a black male, so I’m sort of like enemy number one to the world.

20200529_124418I noticed a bunch of policemen in the park and I wondered, what are they doing? They were handing out something. I didn’t know what they were handing out. Later found out they offering Denver Police Department stickers.  I guess they were doing like a little PR or something in light of their reputation.

On this run, two things became clearer to me.  I had a few epiphanies on this day and I want to share them with you, especially after attending the George Floyd protest march and rally in Denver, Colorado, USA.

For one, I realized that in a post a couple of days ago, where I basically said liberal white people were perpetuating racism, I was not totally correct.

Well, I do believe that inactive liberal whites have the greatest access to privilege whites that goes unused because of fear. But I must correct parts of that statement.  There is a nuanced clarifying caveat to this statement.

“A riot is the language of the unheard.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

I believe that older liberal whites sustain racism because they are not active in protest, speaking before councils, and legislatures.  Young whites convinced me that they will carry the torch that their parents, relatives, and older acquaintances won’t,

Secondly, the day also revealed that Black people contribute to racism as well.  This statement is nuanced too, but I will explain what I mean in this post.

I am now exhausted.  I decided to prepare a video for this post.  It is pretty provocative.

It highlights my day, my epiphany, and provides raw footage that I shot with my smartphone at the protest rally.  I am exhausted now because I was so moved that I wrote this post and prepared the video without ever sleeping last night.

I am pretty driven, but I was anxious to document this moving experience.   It will explain the two revelations that clarified my understanding.  I hope that you watch it in its entirety.

Black People

20200529_133716Black people you’re perpetuating racism, religious black people, and lazy black people you are perpetuating racism. There was not much black representation at the protest for Black Lives, yesterday.

“If you want to make peace, you don’t talk to your friends. You talk to your enemies.” – Moshe Dayan

It seems that many African Americans are resting on young people, who are not of the black race, for their passion, compassion, and the risks that they take on their behalf.

You’re watching events on TV and talking about the incidents, just talking. You’re telling each other about it.  You’re tweeting about it. You’re posting about it. But you’re not doing shit about it.  You are not doing anything substantial to impact racial discrimination or police killings.  Some do not vote.

You’re being lazy. You’re perpetuating racism yourself. You’re just resting on the laurels of being a victim and rely on others to come to your aid without actually doing much of anything yourself.  The young people are doing that for you.

We should be able to take a bit of a risk  I came up with ideas that would be helpful to combatting police killings and racism.

If these young people had the discipline,  management, organizing, and communication skills that older season people have, we could work together to strengthen their infrastructure and make them more impactful.

So black people, this is for you.

First of all, you know, I have an issue with people who are religious, but not spiritual.  Religious Black people who are preaching and spitting scriptures, that they’re not living by, if you’re not out there in the heat with those young people and trying to do something, you are contradicting ‘the word’. 

I see today as a very crucial time. I see these young people going out there risking it all for a cause that’s not their own directly. But they have the discernment to see that this is not a race issue at all, but rather a human issue.

“I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.” – Martin Luther King, Jr.

20200529_124440I  stand corrected on indicating that liberal whites alone, are at the threshold of healing our racial scars.  They are not.  They how this responsibility but young white people are really showing them up,. Young people are showing up very impressively. From what I see, call it as I see it.  I invite anyone to challenge me even in a comment, a post, video, or in whatever form.

And, from my perspective black religious people are failing us, as are lazy black people who just post, talk, and watch the news are failing us, but don’t do much more.

Older people, in general, are failing us and young folks who are not directly affected and who have their whole future ahead of them are out there serving, without fear.

“Laundry is the only thing that should be separated by color.” – Author Unknown

When you see all of the video footage that I show and the interviews that I conduct you’ll see what I mean. And you may be ashamed of yourself, but you don’t have to. You can live in your world of laziness and talking, but don’t come around me. Just keep it moving when you see me.

The young kids out who are actually passionate about humanity and about igniting change, that’s my family.

And I don’t care what color they are.  Kevy


Just A Regular Day In Denver Colorado USA 05292020 – Created By Kevin Michaels – 34:08 Minutes

Just a regular day in Denver, Colorado, USA – May 29, 02020  …Well not exactly. I took my regular jog, but after that is was not regular. I attended the Denver Colorado USA George Floyd protest rally and march. I was very impressed to see so many young people show with such passion and compassion. Not enough Blacks participated in this Black cause. I wish that had been different. I dedicate this video to the Generation X, Y, and Z of Denver. Kevy Michaels

Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes-Wake Up Everybody – Dec 15, 2010 – Boblet233

Wake Up Everybody – Brandy, Mary J. Blige, Missy Elliott, Wyclef Jean, Ashanti (Official Video) – Apr 13, 2020 

Wake Up Everybody Instrumental – Dec 1, 2013 – christian cruz



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3 thoughts on “Black People – U Sustain Racism 2! – Change Requires More Than Just Talk, Posting, Scriptures & Sitting On UR Azz – Do Sumthin Now!

  1. Isaac

    Good job, so amazed of whats going on, we had a march Here too, and no the many black did not participate. I had a debate on this subject about human rigths wirh students, and then felt very bad we still have racism inour World.

  2. Isaac

    Good job, so amazed at whats going on, we had a march Here too, and no the many blacks did not participate. I had a debate on this subject about human rights with students, snd the felt very bad we still have racism in our World.

    1. Thanks for your response. The problem is never on just onesided. Everybody plays a part, but yesterday the white young people who march brought me to tears. Check out the video if you have time. Warm Regards, Kevy

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